iFanbase Halloween 2010 Pictures Are HERE!

Halloween 2010 has come and gone – but we've got the pictures to remember it!

The iFanbase came out strong again this year with some great costumes. Thanks to everybody that submitted their pictures – there are a lot of great ones this year! So without further adieu, enjoy the 3rd Annual iFanboy Halloween Costume Extravaganza!

PS – If your name or costume is incorrect or misspelled, send me an e-mail.


Abraham Lincoln (Minion)


Alan Garner (JesTr)


Batgirl (Marandalee)


Batman (Rich)


Batman (son of punkd2000)


Batman (aerobill) & Robin


Batman (Anthony) & The Flash


Black Canary (Marandalee)


Black Lantern (SinMuse)


Black Lantern Elvis (Damon) & Friend


Black Lantern Marilyn Monroe (Andy)


Bleez (KameraKase)


Blues Brother (Rustyautoparts)

"I put this together an hour before the party somehow."


Booba Fett (Christina)

"Took two weeks to build my costume this year! Progress pics can be found on my tumblr, here and here."


Businessman Jason Voorhees (Jurassicalien)


Captain America (Infectiousfunk)

Protecting Little Red Riding Hood from Bigby.


Captain America (Sean)

"I wasn't going to go out this year… then, while out with a friend at a costume store I saw a Captain America shield… 24 hours, a trip to the surplus and fabric store, and a LOT of hot glue gunning later… Captain "Childhood Fantasy Complete" America was born!"


Captain America (Pyynk) & A victim from THE BIRDS

"So I’ve got a pretty hard rule for Halloween costumes. No supers. I do that for cons and don’t do any spooky stuff or monsters — that all get’s saved for Halloween. This year I was all set to revisit my Invisible Man costume, when everything associated with it fell apart. Fail! So with five minutes to get out of the house instead of the Invisible Man, behold Captain America…kind of. Bars are too hot for shields and cowls!"


Charlie Brown (BC1), Lucy, and Baby Charlie Brown


Chase Stein (scarletalchemist)

"This year, turns out I was a little too excited about the Runaways movie now that it's stalled."


Che Guevara (Mykey)


Clark Kent (dukealoops)

"This pic is for my senior picture for high school. I know this isn't important. But its funny"


Clark Kent (Ipitythefool), The Flash (Josh), & Robin (Noel)


The Coon (comicBOOKchris)


Crossbones (viperseatlotus) & Sin

"My wife is a trooper! She supports my nerdiness and puts up with my costume ideas!"


Daphne (JJ, daughter of stuclach)


Darkwing Duck (ChrisGo)


The 11th Doctor Who (whatupderek)


Dr. Doom (oscarsouth)

"Performing with [The Beta Space] live."


Dr. McNinja (Glenn)


Dr. Strange (ResurrectionFlan)

"Original Ditko [version]!"


GOB (stuclach)


Green Lantern (WheelHands)


Green Lantern (micahmyers) & Superboy


Green Lantern (Jake, son of Alfred)


Green Lantern (mikegraham6) & Wonder Woman (Maja)


Green Lantern (PlaidHappiness) vs. The Red Hood (TJ)


Green Lantern (kaydawg25)


Hellboy (Spiffy) & Liz


Hulk Fail (Shane)


Hunter S. Thompson (xebix)


Tom "Iceman" Kazansky (son of John) & Dorothy


Iron Man (Roberto)


Jellyfish (GA)

The dress lights up!


Krusty the Clown (Eric) & Supergirl


Madea (kaydawg25)


Nick Fury (Rchapoteau)


Optimus Prime (Dylan, son of Alfred)


Petticoat Pirates (Led by sabrinabellydancer)

"Petticoat Pirates crew on the Star of India"


Pirana Plant & Super Mario Bros Box (Jason)


Poison Ivy (Anthony's girlfriend)


Princess Peach (KG, daughter of stuclach)


Professor Pyg (Jared)


The Punisher (pppiquer)


Ramona Flowers (Crash0810)


The Riddler (RapidEyeMovement)


The RIddler (Brad) & Poison Ivy (Kim)


Robin (PaleRiderOfDoom) & Batman (Harrison)

"The idea that I be Robin to his Batman was his."


Robocop (JFernandes)


Rorschach (Pompster)


Rorschach (sirkidd2003)


Sandman (daccampo)


Scott Pilgrim (uuuhyeah)

"My primary costume was the Supergrover [see below] but since I had two parties to go to on the last two weekends and the helmet wasn't going to come in until the last minute I scraped together a Scott Pilgrim for the earlier party. Thus I was able to live out two Halloween costume dreams (comic book character & superhero) all in one year."


Scott Pilgrim (moron) vs. Roxy Rocket


Sherlock Holmes (Tom)


Soccer Player (Jesse, wife of stuclach)


Speed Racer (zacharyxbinks)


Spider-Man (Jordan) & Deadpool


The Spirit (Andy)

"I started as Doctor Who. Didn't go to well at the office and I felt as if I'd called it in. Then, I remembered….The Spirit."


Super Baby (son of punkd2000)


Super Grover (uuuhyeah)


Supergirl (Eliza, daughter of Alfred)


Sweeney Todd (cenquist)


Thomas Magnum (Mochi, Jessica's dog)

"It made me laugh. I hope you in also enjoy my dog's humilation."


Tony Stark (ED209AF)


The Tooth Fairy (kaydawg25)


Tuxedo Mask (ajmortys)


Velma (powerdaughter, daughter of powerdad)


Venus (bansidhewail)

"From Agents of Atlas!"


Wolverine (RX)


Wolverine (EgonSpengler)


Wolverine (Jonathan)


Woman (JedeyeSniv)

"Not scary or nerdy, I just went as a woman. The classy option."


Wonder Woman (Bridget)


Zatanna (lexid523)


Zombie (Brian)


Zombie (son of Gabriel)


Fantastic work, everyone! Thanks for sending in the pictures! I hope that everybody got lots of candy… or other treats on Halloween.


Before we go, let's not forget the iFanboy staff! (Despite reports, some of us like to have fun too.)


Vince Colletta (Ron) with Mr. Fantastic (James Sime) & Invisible Woman (Kirsten Baldock)


Super Elvis (Conor)

"What if Kal-El's ship didn't crash land in Smallville… but instead came down in Tupelo, MS?"


Ed Brubaker (Paul)


Zombie Wonder Woman (Molly)


Leonard Velvet, Rocker from Hell (Mike)


Ramona Flowers (Ali)


Garden Gnome (Josephine the Intern)


Green Lantern (Patrick the Intern)

"Torn between will power and greed!"


Victoria Beckham (Adrienne from Graphic.ly)


Gilbert Lowe (Will from Graphic.ly) & Lewis Skolnick


Greek Woman (Audrey from Graphic.ly)

"I dressed Greek, my husband dressed Roman, we were Greco-Roman."


Now if those didn't inspire you to start thinking about next year…we don't know what will!


  1. I must brag:
    1) My kids are cuter than your kids.
    2) My wife is hotter than your wife. 

    Also, David Accampo nailed it.  Well done, sir.

    SuperElvis is genius.  

    That is a very good Victoria Beckham. 

    I want Leonard Velvet’s autograph.

    Ali is somehow even cuter when dressed as Ramona Flowers.

    Paul’s costume makes me want to ask him to bring back Gotham Central. 

    Ron looks like he had a lot of fun. 

  2. Thanks for putting this together.

  3. Great costumes this year guys.  My wife and I were going to participate this year, but we bailed on the party we got invited to because my wife wasn’t feeling good, and the party was being thrown by her friends…which means I didn’t want to go by myself.  There’s always next year…!

  4. Lotta great stuff here, iFanbase! So many good costumes. Nobody does Halloween like us nerds! Here are my top 5 favs:

    1. KameraKase’s Bleez – You looked awesome, girl! Nice design. Very original.

    2. Damon’s Black Lantern Elvis – You worked hard on that, dude. It shows. Nice idea and great execution.

    3. Marandalee’s Black Canary – Hello, pretty bird.

    4. Jared’s Professor Pyg – Simple but effective. Great idea, man!

    5. JFernandes’ Robocop – Lookin’s good, dude! "I’d buy that [costume] for a dollar."

    Everyone looked fantastic. Goddamn do I love this holiday! Hope everyone had fun. Thanks for doin this, Conor. Happy Belated Halloween!

  5. Paul as brubaker = classic

  6. @KameraKase

    Great Bleez! 

  7. Man, still waiting for my friend’s pics of me as Barry Allen. Great costumes everyone!

  8. @comicbookchris BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THE COOON!!!! PERFECT!! I literally fell out when I saw that one!!! 

    @WheelHands totally flattered that I made a top 5!! thank you!

     I’m not trying to be biased or anything, but I really can’t imagine anything cuter than that baby intern Josephine…  

  9. OH and P Money – pretty frakkin sweet, man. well done. 

  10. Paul wins!

  11. The baseball hat transformation into Darkwing Duck is genius.

     Ron, if you were Vince Colleta, shouldn’t you have been holding an eraser? 

  12. Paul wins

  13. Brilliant!

  14. Love that zombie kid. 

  15. ComicbookChris and Daccampo are the best user costumes.

    But Paul’s ‘Brubaker’ easily is the best of the bunch. It’s like looking in a mirror. 

  16. Paul nailed it.

  17. Paul=Winner

  18. Does @DorkAvenger’s comment actually contain a copy of the submit button?  That’s a pretty impressive glitch.
  19. Loving that Darkwing Duck & Robocop.

  20. @Stuclach: It’s not a glitch.  It’s the anti-life equation, it just took awhile to get here.  We’re fucked.

    Unrelated: your playful posturing aside, wonderful family, Stuclach.

    Finally, these were all great but Paul sent my head to my desk laughing.  One more Halloween in a big wig for Conor and I’m going to start making fetish accusations. 

  21. First, thanks for the positive comments about The Coon costume here and elsewhere, and especially from Marandalee with her amazing Black Canary get up! It’s quite impressive.

    I love this annual feature, it really showcases the great creative and geeky costumes on a broad scale. Notice that there are alot of Batman related costumes this year?

  22. @AMuldowney – Submit to Darkseid.

  23. Rats! Now I am sorry I did not send in a pic of my son, who was a kick-ass Robin (it was one of those ridiculous costumes that has built in muscles). Great job, everyone! I can’t pick a favorite, but I did laugh out loud when I got to Hulk Fail.

  24. Magnum PI dog wins it for me.  And the kid who insisted he be Batman and his dad be Robin.

  25. I also liked Magnum P.U.P.P.Y. Madea was pretty funny too. 

  26. So Ron was dressed as himself basically. As for Conor’s Elvis, when did he become a woman?

  27. Vince Colletta? that’s a deep burn. a deep nerdy burn 

     I have to say ComicbookChris dress as the Coon takes the cake, Very funny.  

    Paul as a Brubaker gets an honorary mention too  

  28. Great job everybody – however, Paul as Brubaker = big win.

  29. Wouldnt a more accurate coletta be holding an eraser?

  30. i’m pissed that somebody beat me to the Golden Age Sandman!

  31. I would like to publicly announce my intentions of asking Marandalee to accompany me to Red Lobster, with Black Lantern Marylin Monroe being my backup.

  32. @Abstract And carrying white out?

  33. Best one was Paul as Ed Brubaker

  34. I assume that Robocop was homemade. Pretty impressive. I always wanted to build something like that, but I can’t even fold a paper airplane properly so that’ll never happen.

  35. RX made a very cute Wolverine.

    Also Stuchlach you look the spitting image of this one guy who annoys me on campus, you- nawh. No way. Gotta be a coincidence.  =p

  36. @Mangaman – We don’t have a law school, so it must be someone else. (I am pretty annoying, though.)

  37. Yay, I wasn’t too late!  (even though I was).  Everyone looks great– especially stuclach. (It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN!)

  38. Next year I’m going to show my costume.

     My favourite costumes were: Paul as Brubaker, Comicbookchris as The Coon, the Black Lantern Elvis and Bleez.