iFanbase Halloween Pictures Are HERE!

Halloween is over. BOO!!!  Holiday music has started. YAY!!!  Okay — maybe some people aren’t that excited about the Christmas music — but let me tell you something you can be excited about. The great costume pics sent in by the iFanbase this past week.

I’ve got my personal favorite. I won’t mention which one — but I will say that it creeps me out a little that the picture was taken in the kids section of a library.

Anyhoo, enough gabbing — have a look at the creativity and start planning for next year!

In no particular order (actually they’re alphabetical by costume name)… here are some Halloween costume pictures for everyone’s enjoyment.

*Note – If you don’t see your picture or I’ve misspelled your name or messed up your costume name, etc. — please let me know. I’ll get it straightened out (I hope).


Baby – Gobo


Black Widow – marandalee


Batman, Robin and Joker – Lewis (and kids)


Captain Hammer – CAM


Catwoman – WonderAli


Clark Kent – mikegraham6


Clark Kent and Wonder Woman – tehdave and Carla


Dr. Doom – mikegraham6‘s coworker


Dr. Horrible – csvaccaro


Dr. Horrible – WonderAli‘s husband


Dracula (Gary Oldman) – Eyun


Elementary School Picture Day – Rofo
This one requires explanation:
So my costume was a little high-concept. The costume was “Elementary School Picture Day,” and basically had three classy removable backgrounds (laser, nature, and portrait) which were mounted behind me. In addition to rotating my background throughout the night, I took polaroids of other costume party goers in front of the background of their choice, and then stuck them to the back of my costume to collect a giant class picture.


Hellboy – Bean6344


Hitman and…um…Strongbad? – (no screen name given)


Joker – Astyak


Joker – Cainam


Joker (and baby Supes and Spidey) – D


Joker – sithlord23


Ned Flanders – brandmed


Plastic Man – wolf


Rorschach – Cooper


SamMacBastard – (no screen name given)


Scarecrow – misterckent


Super Family – target242


Ultimate Nick Fury, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Captain America – Doski (and friends)


Vic Colfari as Bobby – stuclach

Fantastic work!  I hope that everybody got lots of candy – or other treats on Halloween.  Thanks for sending in the pics.

And let’s not forget the iFanboy staff!


Ron Draper (Don Draper’s less successful cousin from New Jersey) – Ron Richards
with Clark Kent – graphic novelist Matt Silady


The Hulk – Jim Mroczkowski

Glam Rocker – Mike Romo

Black Queen – Sonia Harris


iFan-o-lantern carved by Paul Montgomery

Finally I’ll just say — to all of our Hindu, Jain and Sikh readers — I hope you had a bright Diwali. To all of our British friends — I hope that you had an explosive Guy Fawkes Day. To all Americans — happy election day… or happy no more campaign commercials day. To others with holiday’s that I don’t know about — I hope they were great! 

Do you hear those sleigh bells ringing — jing-jing-jing-a-ling-ling?



  1. Jimski Smash!


  2. blast! forgot to send mine in!

     great pics everyone

  3. Ron Draper! I laughed so hard.

  4. Isn’t it fun to be a geek? 

  5. @gordon – I always do all my kicking/sabotaging at the local library.  Where else would you do it?  Actually, we have a great kids program at our library (they also have a great comics/GN section) and they invited the kids to dress up (my girls were a pair of dice) and I decided to get in on the act.

    I was attempting to dress up as Mike D’s character from Sabotage, but when it all came together I was actually playing Adrock’s role.


  6. @Wolf – How many rolls of quarters did you have in your pants (12, 15, more) or is it one of those snakes from the tanks behind you?

  7. That pumpkin took about 2 hours longer than I’d wanted it to.  Came out pretty dope though if I do say so myself.  


  8. @marandalee – Seconded!

    Everyone looks fantastic! Thanks for putting this together, Gordon, it must have taken ages but it’s worth it.

    God, I love this site!

  9. Plastic Man’s package is burned onto my eyes.

  10. "To do the green face makeup or not to do the green face makeup? Eh… close enough."

    God, I wish I could find the photo of me as ’89 Joker. A lot of care and feeding went into that Halloween.

    I was just thinking the other week at the costume shop, "No Hellboy outfits?… yeah, I guess that would be a pain in the ass." But Bean makes it happen!

  11. Eyun, that was damned well done.

  12. Yes Wolf….uh I know your suppose to be plastic man and all (and it’s a great costume btw) but ah….even DC doesnt go that far with the stretching….

  13. Isn’t that Six Pack with Hitman?

  14. Cheers, Josh. Truth be know it was a bloody nightmare to wear, couldn’t see for my life with the glasses and wig. And I had to mascara my moustache as apparently I’m not manly enough to have one that’s visible by itself! But the cane alone made it worthwhile.

    Can we make this an annual thing?

  15. Not to be misogynistic, but Black Widow is hot!!! Great job, marandalee.

    On the flip side, uhhh, Plastic Man? While you should be proud, ummm, that’s a little too much, and I think we all know to which I’m referring.

    Ron Draper? AWESOME!!!

    Great job, Gordon. 

  16. Hasn’t that been Wolf’s profile picture for a while now? Considering all the attention he gets, from the guys alone(!), i’d guess he wears it every halloween.

    nice to have a face to put to some of the posters i’ve seen so often here at I Fanboy, including Eyun (is that your hair?), stuclach (who apparently has a thing for moustaches), CAM (my pick!), tehdave (clark kent, the other popular costume this year:), etc.

    Hubba hubba to the ladies! God, I love Halloween.

    @Rofo – freaky, man. I love it!

    @Jimski – You are the real deal.

    @Romo – You rock!

    @RonRichards – you can take the man out of the geek, but you can’t take the geek out of ‘the’ man. You rock, as well.

    @josh – One of the funnest night of the year and of course you’re nowhere to be found.  

    Superb piece of work, Paper.

  17. @FACE – "The moustache makes the man." – Me (or possibly someone else)

  18. @FACE – I wish that was my hair… actually I don’t, it was really annoying!

    @stuclach – Your moustache makes me wish for a proper one of my own. Great job, sir!

  19. Wow, Plastic Man’s junk is just….well…your eyes just gravitate towards it!!!  Impressive.

    Black Widow was nice stufff.

    Captain Hammer…flippin’ sweet

    Doc Doom was…well it was done in 5 minutes.

    Mike Silady!!  He works at Isotope!  I woulda gone, but had plans already with the wife 🙁

    I am so going to do something awesome next year, I guarantee!!

  20. Flanders rules.

  21. LOL.  that is all.


  23. Great costumes.  I loved Rofo’s.  That’s a great party costume.

  24. I said it on Twitter, but I’ll say it here too.

    Please disregard the disturbing stain on my crotch, I was tending bar (and drinking), and making martini’s with those gloves was really spilly.

    Nice work everyone! 

    No Pics of Josh or Conor’s costumes?

  25. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Sithlord23’s Joker puts a smile on my face (and a shiver down my spine).

  26. Black Widow over Catwoman… seriously?!

    *just kidding* great job everyone!

  27. @CAM – Josh didn’t dress up and I was a casual vampire who tossed out his fangs when they interfered with his drinking.  No picture was taken in the fang period.

  28. Oh my, Plasticman sure looks like he’s packing some heat!!

  29. @Conor, ah that’s too bad.  I’m telling you, you would’ve made a great Colonel Saul Tigh.  Drinking would’ve been PART of the costume.


  30. School Picture made me lol a little.

  31. Not comfortable enough to even comment about PM

  32. Plasticman is some next level Halloween costuming.

  33. Well, if I didn’t already love Sonia enough because of her articles and accent, that Black Queen costume puts it over the top!

  34. I can’t stand it!  I know you planned it! 
    I’m  tellin’ y’all it’s SABOTAGE!

    Wow, there are some great costumes in there.  Great thought (Rofo, I cracked up) and effort (Bean.. and well, lots) went into them.  I also love seeing Dad’s getting to dress up with their kids.  That is so cool to have themed costumes for everyone to wear. 

    How about an iFanboy costume contest next year?     


  35. Wonderful photos, great job to everyone who is pictured!

    @Rofo – Those lasers are bringing me back. Kudos my man. 

  36. I deliberately poked out my own eyes after seeing the Plastic Man costume.  I just finished watching "You Don’t Mess with the Zohan" and exposure to too much man-shapes drove me mad.*

    *Which I regret doing because they tell me Sonia looked nice.  Plus, I can no longer work or drive.

  37. Looking at the Plastic Man my initial thought was "If he had styled his hair better that would be a perfect costume". Now that I’ve gone through the comments I have realized there are certainly other things that could be fixed. Unless your Wolf. He probably doesn’t think that needs fixing.

  38. Besides the obvious stand-outs (marandalee & Sonia — woah), my favourites are Ned Flanders, Rorschach & Nurse Joker.

    Funniest Pose Award goes to Mike Romo.

    Best Accidental Pimp Outfit goes to Eyun.

  39. Plastic Man will give me nightmares

  40. thats a hilarious plastic man

  41. Sonia, your articles on guys you want to get it on with in comics now makes a lot of sense!

  42. My costume is actually of Henchman 21 from ‘The Venture Bros.’.  I just figured I had the ample frame plus thats my favorite cartoon.

  43. haha, lets just say that red breifs with "sculpted pouch" turns out to be the man-quivalent of the wonder bra, lifts and displays.