iFanbase Halloween 2009 Pictures Are HERE!

Halloween has come and gone – but at least we have pictures!

The iFanbase came out strong again this year with some great costumes.  Thanks to everybody that submitted their pictures.  There are a lot of great ones this year.  Fortunately for me, this isn’t a costume contest, because I have no idea how I would ever pick a winner.

So – have a look see at the 2nd annual iFanboy Costume Extravaganza!

PS – If your name or costume is incorrect or misspelled, don’t blame me.  Blame Conor.

Scroll on through and enjoy.

Alan Garner (gregbmarcus)

American Dream & Captain America (rayclark)

Batgirl (JJ) & Wonder Woman (KG) – stuclach‘s daughters

Batman (Xavier) – dollylama75‘s son

Black Canary (WonderAli)

Black Lantern Billy Mays (Eddie) & Reverend Harry Powell (AMuldowney)

Boba Fett (Wolfdog)

Broc Samson (AWorks‘ friend Jon Bell)

Captain America (cubman987)

Captain America (Burgertime)

Captain America (exile), Robin (Stacie) & Silver Mist (Angelyn)

Casey Jones (comicBOOKchris)

Chris-R (comicBOOKchris)

Clark Kent (mrmister)

Clark Kent (OttoBott) & ???

Dead (TheDudeVonDoom)

Deadpool (Jeff)

2nd From Left: Demolition’s Expert (CalebTheTimeTraveler)

Dharma Initiative Worker (csvaccaro)

Dharma Initiative Worker (jannaeh), Dorothy (Milena) & Dharma Initiative Worker (atomeve)

Doctor Nightmare (CalebTheTimeTraveler)

Doctor Who (Doctor2Geeks)

Dread Pirate Roberts (stuclach)

The Duke of Ypsilanti (Byron) & Magnum, PI (Jstump)

Gaius Baltar (chasekanaszka)

Gangsta (cenquist‘s lady friend)

Gangster (JeffR)

Gentleman Vampire (EJ), Vampiress (Melissa) & Grandma (Herself)

Green Lantern 2814.5 (Dylan) – James’ son

Happy Punisher (Meredith)

Hellboy (amircat)

Ho from Progressive (Sara) vs. Erin from Esurance

Indiana Jones (Brad)

Hobo (Jurassicalien)

Jambi (uuuhyeah)

Justice League (Jordan)

Kitty Pryde (RX)

Lady Captain America (Voo) & Black Canary (Erin)

Luke (Lewis), Leia, Stormtrooper & Jawa

Minstrel (bansidhewail)

The Penguin (Richard)

Quailman & Dr. Horrible (EbonPinion)

Queen & King of Hearts (TheDudeAbides)

Ramona Flowers (Cooper‘s Girlfriend)

Scott Pilgrim (Cooper)

Scott Pilgrim (Doctor2Geeks), Ramona Flowers, Stephen Stills (Hawkeye) & Kim Pine

Shaun (AMcCarson)

Shaun (Eyun) & Halloween Clown (Jennie)

Sora (jediaxle)

The Spirit (AWorks)

Superman (Jacob) – micahmyers‘ son

Sweeney Todd (cenquist)

Thug Life Jesus & Raphael (Steven)

Ventriloquist Dummy (TimmyWood)

Zatanna (marandalee)

Zombie? (Jor)

Zombie? (Pompster)

Fantastic work!  I hope that everybody got lots of candy – or other treats on Halloween.  Thanks for sending in the pics.

And let’s not forget the iFanboy staff!

Mechano the Robot Clown aka The Hulk (Ron)

Magnum PI (Patrick the Intern), Bob Ross (Conor) & Waldo (Johnny Johnny)

Paul Kinsey (Paul)

Superman (Sonia’s brother Sam) & Supergirl (Sonia)

Cabaret DJ (Mike)

Snow White (iFanboy Booth Babe Susie)

Lobster (Josephine the Intern)

Now if those didn’t inspire you to start thinking about next year…I don’t know what will!?!?!

How many days until Christmas?


  1. Nice work everyone! Some of the kids are uber-cute, and what is cooler than Boba Fett playing guitar? Nothing, that’s what.

    Apologies for my costume, I spent weeks preparing it and it still turned out, um, not that great. Emma (my girlfriend)’s turned out better I think.

    Happy Halloween! I have an idea for next year already.

  2. Wow! Everyone looks great! Man I love Halloween. It always gives people the excuse to dress up like a whorish version of something, I’m lookin’ at you Black Lantern Billy Mays!

     Also, that kid in the Lobster outfit was outstanding. The first thing I thought of after looking at that picture was of that part of the movie Rain Man where Dustin Hoffman is yelling "HOT WATER BURN BABY!!"  

  3. Great job guys.

  4. I think what you are doing to Josephine qualifies as child abuse. I’m calling protective services. 

    Wow!  Nice work.  Some of you went above and beyond.  Jambi is particularly impressive. 

    Mike Romo terrifies me. 

  5. Impressive.

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only person who thought about doing a Billie Mays Black Lantern.

  7. 2 things…


    1.  Conner as Bob Ross is Frickin hilarious!  I LOVE it!


    2.  iFanboy "booth babe" Susie… Meow!  

     (Question though… you guys never have a booth at cons, yet you have booth babes? 🙂 ) 


    the Tiki 

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Must commend cenquist on his spectacular Sweeney Todd costume. One of my all time favorite characters and excellent detail on the costume and makeup. 

    @Cooper – The Scott Pilgrim caption boxes are a great idea. Really cool.  

    @csvaccaro – Namaste. 

    @marandalee – etsamaN 

  9. Black Lantern Billy Mays is awesome beyond words.


  10. I always imagined Paul dressed that way.

  11. I can’t wait till next year.  Great costumes, everybody.

  12. I’d like to point out that yes that is a zombie outfit.

  13. What costume isn’t made better with Hulk Hands?

    Fabulous costumes all around, I’m a big fan of the Scud-like Deadpool.

    @paulmontgomery – Now that’s a look that wears 365.  The Tim Gunn in me says a pair of hulk hands would make that ascot pop.  Carry on!

  14. Wow, great job everyone!  All of them were great.  I really enjoyed Green Lantern 2814.5 Dylan, easily the cutest green lantern of all time (move over Hal)  

    Seriously, great costumes all around. 

  15. Man seeing all these makes me want to step up my game big time. It’s just to easy to be the hobo

  16. Awesome, everyone. I like all the Scott Pilgrim costumes, and the freakin’ movie isn’t even out yet.

    I always imagined that’s how Conor’s hair would look if he grew it in.

    @Ron –  Wow. Just wow – probably the most obscure costume I’ve seen like, ever. Good job.

    Again, great jobs all around.

  17. Great stuff everyone! I’m especially happy to see not one, but TWO Black Canaries, both really well done!

    Conor, did you grow that beard just for your Bob Ross costume? Dont feel any shame, so did I. Im hoping you were able to do the soft Bob Ross voice!

    Oh and one more thing…I fucking love that Brock Sampson! The fact that you were able to get that mid air pose with that murderous look on his face makes it even more great. Good stuff! I love Halloween!

  18. I should also mention that the second costume of me, Chris-R, is a character from the awesomely bad movie, The Room

  19. I just CACKLED at Paul’s costume.  And Ron’s.  Great job, all!

    I was too chicken to post my own picture, but it should be known that I threw a laywer She-Hulk costume together at the last minute.  It wasn’t easy being green.

  20. @fuzzytypewriter Thanks, the hair alone took me an hour to do.

  21. All great costumes, a lot of them were really creative.

    Two things thought about the staff pictures:

    A) I will now have that image of Mike Romo burned into my brain.

    B) I kinda feel bad for the new ibaby with Josephine. It’s a creative costume but with her crying; kinda adds more of a sad image there. lol

  22. @thefreakytiki – we had booth babes in San Diego, 2008.  However, each one (we had 7 total) got busted for not being at their actual "booth."  We of course had no actual "booth" – so we refrained from using them this year…

    @EJ, @stuclach – it’s OK – I had taken the pot off the stove so the water wasn’t too hot.

    @TheNextChampion – She had just woken up for her nap and needed to eat.  Had I been smarter – I would have fed her then dressed her up.  Instead she just cried for a few minutes.  Live and learn.

  23. @RX
    Marry me?

    If not, I’ll settle for Black Lantern Billy Mays.

  24. I love the Progressive and Esurance commercial girls.  That’s pretty funny.  I think my mom’s bf has a pretty sizeable crush on both of them, I’ll have to forward that to him.

  25. Josephine the Lobster is awesome!

  26. nice work, everyone! Yeah, sorry about the mental image, it was a Cabaret/Vaudeville bus…Sonia thought I was actually working it as Zatanna, bit Marandalee did a lot better than I did…

     yay, iFanbase!!!

  27. @Gordon: ahhh.  I am used to the madcap "rogue moving" iFanboy I see at NYCC.  But I still say… M-E-O-W!!!


     the Tiki 

  28. CURSES!  I didn’t get my costume picture in on time.  Ah well.

    Great Job everyone!  I went as "The most interesting Cam in the world"

    Got to say "I may not always drink beer but when I do I drink Dos Equis" and "Stay thirsty my friends" A lot.

    Also had to drink a lot of Dos Equis…

  29. @gordon – Well, as long as it wasn’t boiling…

  30. @gordon – You know I’m scared of shellfish right? Damn that’s a frightening image. Not as scary as clown-hulk-Ron Richards, but then again, nothing is that disturbing.

    @mikeromo – You make a lovely Zatanna, what are you trying to pretend it was some vaudeville nonsense for?

  31. @captbastrd Sorry dude, my heart belongs to Bob Ross.  Your icon is seriously close to making me reconsider though!

  32. Awesome costumes everyone.

    Sadly Halloween hadn’t really kicked in here in Australia when I was a kid (all those years ago) so it’s never been big among my group of friends. I do still like dressing in costume. The people at work look at me funny though. 

  33. kinda bummed that the picture of my boy ddn’t get used, but i guess there was limitted number of pics that could be posted. everybody else looks great.

  34. @micahmyers: Did you sent it to gordon@ifanboy.com by Wednesday? As far as I know every picture that was sent by the deadline was used.

  35. Regarding that last one, all I can say is, TAKE THAT ANNE GEDES!

  36. Great costumes everybody, wish we could have a halloween ifanboy party.  Everybody in my group threw down this year with awesome costumes and everywhere we went was pretty lame costume wise.   

  37. Conor how upset where you when you saw Danny T from TRS did Bob Ross too.  What are the odds?

  38. @Jediaxle: Not upset at all — we laughed about it over e-mail. It was a pretty funny coincidence.

  39. I dressed up as Gertrude from Runaways, even had a Velosaraptor, but I forgot to get a picture for it. Next year though, just you wait.

  40. @conner i sent mine on saturday night

  41. @micahmyers: Resend it straight to me and I’ll get it added.

  42. !@#$% I didn’t get mine in ontime.  Me and my bro were Night Owl and Rorshach.

     No Josh?

  43. @conor thanks! Jake is very excited to see his picture on the internet.

  44.  I had a pretty good jack knight starman costume, but I don’t want a picture of me on the internet. 🙂

  45. Ha ha ha ha, and here I thought my Clark Kent costume was a really fresh, original idea. At least my costume morphed into "recession Clark Kent" by the end of the night, stooped over a cheap beer at a dive looking all "nobody reads the paper any more, I work so hard, and FOR WHAT?!" 


    Oh and that Shadowcat costume kicks all kinds of ass.

  46. The Jambi one is awesome.

  47. So many great costumes! Nice work everybody!

  48. I don’t know why I waited so long to look at these, but damn, they made me smile. You guys rock.

     I didn’t dress up this year ’cause I had a wedding to go to, but next year…!


  49. Applause

  50. that deadpool costume really accentuates… I mean cool costumes everyone B)

  51. @Jediaxle-amazing Sora costume.  Must have taken a long time to make, but it looks fantastic

  52. @Sonia – Is that a refurbished card catalog behind you? Because that is awesome.

    Oh, and we all take a good bunch of photos, don’t we, people?

  53. I love the kid Green Lantern, so colorful but detailed. Clearly the parent had more fun then the child there. lol

  54. Aw how come mine didn’t get posted 🙁

  55. @cubman987 – did you send it?  I don’t seem to have it.  Send it again to gordon@ifanboy.com or conor@ifanboy.com

  56. @gordon

    Yeah I sent on Saturday, I’ll try again.

  57. oh shoot. i forgot to submit my pic. may be next time. the lobster was crying. T_T

  58. @JeffR Well spotted mate! Yes, I got it from a library that was going digital. I put the big red wheels on it myself. I’ve still got all the cards in the "S" drawer, hehe.

  59. @TheNextChampion – yeah, Green Lantern Dylan is my kid. He was rally excited and asked to be Green Lantern, but quickly grew very tired of having his picture taken.  i can’t blame him, I hate being photographed as well.  He did have fun the rest of the night though. Only one candy giver knew who he was.  What is wrong with my neighborhood?! 

    Anyway, this all made me think of something and I don’t know where else to say it so here goes.  i don"t really have any friends who read comics, and I know I dont have much of a (or any) presence in the forums and comments (mostly because I get my comics once a month at the end of the month {DCBS Rocks, by the way}), but the iFanbase, i feel, is really my only other comic reading friend.  And a great bunc y’all all.  Thanks folks.

  60. @RX Any girl that dresses up as Kitty Pryde is okay in my book. Probably my favorite. And out of all of the versions I’ve seen, its probably the best. You even have a star of david necklace.

  61. Batman (Xavier) looks just like Abed from the Halloween epsidoe of Community. Props to amircat and rocking Boba, too.


    P.S. Don’t be offended by me giving the bird; the Black Lantern ring really only fits on my middle fingers.

  62. Phew

    Glad I’m not the only person who dressed as Doctor Nightmare this year. I was worried.


  63. Black Lanter Billy Mays ftw. Saw a regulare Billy Mays this year, but this far surpasses that.

    Wow Quailman is making a comeback. Saw 3 this year, and havent seen any in years past, its great.

    Lobster Josephine defeats ladybug Josephine.

  64. All of them are great, but the Brock Samson one might be my fave.

  65. Took me a sec, but I just got TheDudeVonDoom’s costume. (This will explain it hilariously: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1918194)

  66. @rx
    What if I grow a large afro and calmly instruct people how to paint?

  67. Nicely done everyone.  All the costumes were really rockin’!

  68. I was told we were just submitting new staff photos…

  69. Is it just me or does Ventriloquist Dummy (TimmyWood) look like Sweet Tooth!!


  70. Hello WonderAli as Black Canary!!!  My fave costume by far… (yes everyone I’m very shallow). 😉


    Actually I LOVE the Lobster costume/bucket on the baby that is freaking brilliant (I also like Csvaccaro’s Dharma jumpsuit!)!!!!


  72. Wow! Everyone looks great, the iFanbase does us proud again!

    @PaulMontgomery – Few people rock a cravat & pipe like you did just there, sir!

  73. deadpool jeff should try Kick-ass for next halloween.

  74. Very good. My favourite is that guy as Deadpool. And, my oh my, Sonia’s brother is quite the looker!

  75. @Garrett Isn’t he the best!? All night people were poking his chest to see if it was real. He really should stand like Superman all the time.

  76. @PaulMontgomery You can’t go as yourself for halloween!

    I think my favorites were Kitty Pryde and The Justice League. That Justice League was pretty epic. 

  77. wow, black lantern Billy Mayes. Epic.

  78. @conor the Bob Ross costume is brilliant(could have only been made better by a Black Lantern ring) 


  80. Ok, that first picture is Nomad with little Bucky, right?  That’s a nice touch.

  81. My mistake, I guess it was the guy from the Hangover.  If it was Nomad and Bucky, Bucky would have been in a harness on his back, and there would have definitely been a trenchcoat and more yellow to the costume. 


    By the way, I burst out laughing when I saw the Bob Ross costume.  Nicely done.

  82. @mansuper I do kind of look like Sweet Tooth without the antlers.

  83. @rx:  GREAT KITTY PRIDE OUTFIT….REALLY NAILED IT. A friend of mine was her also but her’s was pretty poor so, but really great job on the costume rx.

  84. hi!!! i ttly <3 the ramona flowers bag!!! do u know if she'll sell it 2 me!?! or tell me where she got it!!! ^-^