iFanbase Halloween 2011 Pictures Are HERE!

Halloween 2011 has come and gone – but we’ve got the pictures to remember it!

The iFanbase came out strong again this year with some great costumes. Thanks to everybody that submitted their pictures – there are a lot of great ones this year! So without further adieu, enjoy the 4th Annual iFanboy Halloween Costume Extravaganza!

PS – If your name or costume is incorrect or misspelled, send me an e-mail.

NOTE: If you are in the northeast and your Halloween got postponed until today, you can still send in pictures and I’ll get them added over the weekend.


80s Zombie (stuclach‘s wife, Jessie)


Artemis & Green Arrow


Bane (whitespyder9)


Batgirl (RX) & The pumpkin she carved


Batman (Dave Graham), The Joker (Hunter Bauer), & Batgirl (Kate Bauer)


Batman (mikegraham6) & Silk Spectre


Black Jack (Joecom)


Captain America


Cassidy (timvargulish)


Charles Manson (manwithoutbeer)


Conan the Librarian (stuclach)


Dex-Starr (zombiemoses)


The Doctor (daflash00)


The (Tenth) Doctor (CammyKnoxville)


Dr. Frankenstein (Pyynk), Frankenstein’s Monster, & The Wolfman


Early Theodore Roosevelt (BenBugenig)


Family Toy Story (jasonhart)


Fat Thor (Jonthan Rich) & The Comic Book Guy (Evan Smith)


Femme Fury (LadyTartan)


Firestar (Daria) and Ms. Lion


Flint (CP)


Green Lantern (JeffR)


Green Lantern (Bill English) and Lil’ Green Lantern (Xander)


Green Lantern (AmirCat) and the Green Lantern Corps


Han Solo (CUBMAN987)


Han Solo in Carbonite




Hobo Captain America, The Homeless Avenger (Anville)


Hobocop (JFernandes)


Howard the Duck (radiojejune)


J. Jonah Jameson (markish)


Jason Aaron (Gavin)


Jesse Custer (GhostFactory) and Gus


Laguna Blue (stuclach‘s daughter)


Lichtenstein Lady (Moneypenny)


Lioness (stuclach‘s daughter)


Little Red Riding Hood & The Witch (ThatReenaGirl)


Magnum, P.I. (Evangelion11)


Marty McFly (michaelsalas) & Doc Brown (Melanie)


M.O.D.O.G. (bean63‘s dog, Udo Dirkschneider Douglas)


Mr. Incredible (Art1318‘s son)


Phil and Claire Dunphy as Clive Bixby and Julianna (tomdpimp)


Poison Ivy (Kira)


Professor Pyg (ed209AF)


Rick Grimes (Skeets)


Rorschach (LastDays)


Sexy Alan Moore (Maggie)


Spider-Man Occupying Wall Street (Ian Benson)


Stay Puft Marshmellow Man (Lewis)


Superbaby (Emilio)


Superboy (Mario Rivera) & Alan from Jurassic Park (Dave Lasso)


Superman (IronBobby)


The Crow (PsychoJudgeDredd)


The Joker & Catwoman (Nuckolhead)


The Joker (Vernasaur) & Harley Quinn (HeroGirl00)


Thor (Lilly)


Thor (oopsxlandmine‘s daughter, Rowyn)


Thor (Finn) & Captain America (Henry)


Tobias Funke & Heisenberg AKA Walter White (gregbmarcus)


Wolverine (Woody1201), Green Lantern (Amber), & Bananaman (Graham)




Before we go, let’s not forget the iFanboy staff! (Some of us like to have fun too.)


New Superman (Conor Kilpatrick)


Pee Wee Herman (Gordon the Intern)


Robot (Josephine the Intern)


Day of the Dead… Enthusiasts? (Patrick the Intern)


Pan (Mike Romo)


Black Widow (Molly McIsaac)


Pyramid Head (Josh Richardson)


The Wasp (Ali Colluccio)



  1. M.O.D.O.G. wins.

  2. Spectacular costumes all around. I deeply regret not getting a chance to try out my idea. Next year… Next year…

  3. Bwahahahaha M.O.D.O.G.! That shit is brilliant!

  4. ‘Doctor Who’ excuse me?
    I think you’ll find the character is called ‘The Doctor’ the series is called ‘Doctor Who’.
    It’s funny because it didn’t seem like that long ago I was reading a rant on iFanboy about how much someone hated people calling Batgirl Batwoman, well you’ve done one worse 😛

  5. That Hellboy is great!

  6. The Jason Aaron costume made me chuckle.

    Also Gordon makes a shockingly good Pee Wee Herman.

  7. M.O.D.O.G. has my vote! Almost made me spit-out my coffee!

  8. Ours kinda loses it’s punch out of context. Technically speaking we are….

    Doctor Disco and the Disco Monsters!

    Imagine a world, where Doctor Frankenstein (Pyynk), The Wolf Man, and The Frankenstein Monster appear in 1977 Brooklyn…

  9. Female Thor WINS!! Nice job oopsxlandmine!! Whos says the boys get to have all the fun.

  10. oh man that hellboy costume is great!

  11. Ouch, dat Red Riding Hood/Witch. Conan The Librarian made me laugh more than it should have.

  12. My daughters called me “big muscle Jesus.”

    There are a lot of awesome costumes (and awesome people) on this page.

  13. This is my favorite feature every year. Great work everyone.

    Thanks for the kind words on M.O.D.O.G. Udo actually kept it on for about 20 seconds before he kicked it off. Keeping him still long enough to take the picture was harder than building the get up.


  14. The catwoman pumpkin was brilliant.

  15. MODOG and little girl thor win. Can we stop with the green lantern shirts though? It’s just too easy,this coming from someone who has the rings and a shirt as well.

  16. M.O.D.O.G. !!!!! ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!

  17. molly’s black widow looks better than the movie.

  18. Some of you people are pretty sexy. All of you look lime you had a great time. Good on you. Back to my trogliditic lair.

  19. Yes

  20. hellboy and black widow are the best.

  21. move over scarlet johanson their a new hot black widow. sounds patronising seriously looks great.

    Conan the Librarian
    and baby thor look great.

  22. the ladies of ifanboy are looking good and that hellboy looked cool.hope all had fun

  23. Hmm, not slutty enough. That’s not the Halloween spirit.

    nah, just kidding. there’s some good stuff there. i wish we had this in Australia but we just have 5 day long cricket matches instead

    • A land without Halloween? That may be the first thing I’ve ever heard about Australia that doesn’t make me wanna live there.

      Next year you should just send in some pictures of cricket matches for shits and giggles. Conor would post it.

    • @edward Why not just do it anyway? Start a trend and turn Australia into a Halloween celebrating country. October 31st is always gonna be there.

    • well, the first tuesday of November is the Melbourne Cup in Australia. It’s a huge horse race. Lots of drinking and fancy dress (i.e, short dresses). It’s a little less kid friendly than Halloween.

      For example, traditionally, you are required to lock your children in the car in the parking lot next to the race course while you enjoy the event.

    • Halloween’s starting to get a little bigger in Australia, at least around where I live. Still nowhere near as big as America and other countries obviously but we got quite a few trick-or-treaters this year. I don’t see it ever being as big over hear though.

  24. Some awesome ones! Lil Thor Girl, M.O.D.O.G, Sexy Alan Moore (!?), Black Widow, etc.

    Happy to see a fellow panhandler in Hobocop!

  25. All of these are great, especially the baby Green Lantern, but that is a brilliant Hellboy costume. It’s kinda silly but the way it’s designed totally makes sense.

  26. The Hellboy is probably my favorite.

    The Occupy WS Spidey and Gordon the Intern have to be the funniest.

    • I was in a very long line at a bar yesterday waiting for service. I saw an attractive girl next to me and said “1% have all the drinks” – obviously, it didn’t work but i thought it was a great attempt

  27. M.O.D.O.G. wins for me along with the little girl Thor. She looks just like Chris Giarruso’s drawing of Mini Thor.

  28. Black Widow, Catwoman w/ Joker & Conner Superman have their A+ game on.


    Honorable mention for Rick Grimes

  29. Hi Hellboy here! Just wanted to say thanks for the great comments. I had a lot of fun making it. There are some great costumes on here. Mini Thor, Black Widow, M.O.D.O.G., and Han in Carbonite (that takes balls to wear all night). My friend Darren’s Captain America is also amazing. He made everything including the helmet!

  30. M.O.D.O.G. win the internet.

  31. These are awesome! I forgot to take a picture and send in my version of Rick Grimes. I was able to find an airsoft chrome .357 magnum with 6″ barrel, looks just like Rick’s. So much fun. 🙂

  32. I love when I family dresses together.

    Bane is good.

    Thor (Lilly) huge kudos for that beard.

    Hellboy super creative.

  33. All I can say is that this brought a big smile to my face. Some cool people having fun.

  34. Little girl Thors and sexy Alan Moore are kind of genius. I want my own M.O.D.O.G., he’s so cute. Molly’s Black Widow is hella sexy and Ali’s Wasp is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. However, when i was scrolling by the Superboy costume I thought “Oh, kid in a black Superman shirt. Why isn’t there anyone in costume…Oh. Right” Which totally proves that a t-shirt and jeans while okay in real life, makes an awful (though practical) superhero costume.

  35. Dammit spaced on sending pictures again this year! (I was Godric from True Blood)

    Molly’s Black Widow, Hellboy and Bane are some of my favorites. Also Sexy Alan Moore is really messing my mind up O____o

  36. Seriously! Those are both awesome costumes!

  37. Totally forgot to send mine in! I went as a Hobo Hipster (oxymoron?) Flash. Here’s a picture:


  38. omfg! it’s finally in! thanks iFanboy!

  39. @bean63’s dog is both restless AND wild.

  40. awww, I love M.O.D.O.G, I wish we celebrated halloween properly in England, all your costumes look so good.

  41. Ok, top three hands down:

    1. Bane–Dude looks like Bane should look. Nice job!
    2. Hellboy–Holy cow, very original. I like it!
    3. Spider-Man–Only because of the “Iron Man is the 1%” sign. That made me LOL.

  42. Grooooovy, HoboCop is my fav, genius!

  43. top three: modog, hellboy & bane. some great kid costumes too. also molly & ali, yowza:)

  44. Everyone looked fantastic!, a massive round of applause for all the awesome costumes here from me! 😀

    As a side note; I was immensely pleased that about five people got my costume at the party I went to so I’m chalking this Halloween up as a success!

  45. BANE IS REAL!! Looked awesome.


  47. Sexy Alan Moore and Spidy Occupying Wall Street are amazing!

  48. Oh man, I should have sent in my daughter’s picture. This year she went as Sherlock Holmes.

  49. Nice photos from all.

  50. Unf, that Bane is well fit!

  51. I can’t think of anything that isn’t inappropriate/creepy to say about the ladies, so I’ll jsut say good job.

  52. I can’t think of anything that isn’t inappropriate/creepy to say about the ladies, so I’ll just say good job.

  53. OMG I just figured out how to spam!

  54. Great costumes! Gave me some ideas for next year. It was close but the best costume has to be M.O.D.O.G..

  55. One Halloween years ago, I went as Charles Manson and my date went as Sharon Tate. Some people had NO sense of humor about it.

    • Probably because it’s not all that funny. I personally wouldn’t be offended by it but c’mon man. The girl was gutted like a pig and from what I understand the monsters tore her unborn child from her belly. Not exactly a chuckle inducing costume.

    • Oops, never mind. They didn’t rip the baby out of her. They only stabbed her about 16 times or so. My bad.

  56. Yeah! Thanks for posting my photo.

  57. Great stuff, thanks for sharing, some of those kids photos are adorable.

  58. Thanks for all the positive comments about my costume, you guys! I wish I would have gotten a full body but I was in a huge rush to get out the door. I also hated my arm “bullets” – I made them out of dowels and they were breaking all night. At least I know what to do to make it better next time!

    M.O.D.O.G. made me laugh so hard I cried. Best thing ever.