New Comics for 12.14.2011’s antics have the mayor breathing down my neck again!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

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This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you were going to be a fictional cop, which fictional cop would you want as your partner?


  1. BQ: Robocop, definitely.

  2. I had this problem last week. When I click on the link in here or the comics tab I get the message “Sorry, no Articles matched your criteria.”

  3. Corrigan and my “partna” would be myself, as the Spectre! I’d also have schizophrenia…. if I could choose.

  4. If anyone likes amazing WWII stories they’ll get Garth Ennis’ Battlefields Volume 1 TPB.

    • Agreed – these were excellent stories. 9 issues and 248 pages for $24.99 (or less depending on where you buy it) is quite the deal.

  5. BQ: Judge Dredd all the way!

    • It seems like other Judges that hang with Dredd almost always get killed and get killed quick. Unless theyre female. So good luck! I suspect youre going to die from a sniper round to the head.. ha..

    • and Yes the Judge helmets must be for fashion cause they never stop even a single round…. similar to stormtrooper armor.. its useless .. may as well run around naked.

  6. Nothing else in comics gets me as Xcited as Uncanny XForce!
    BQ: John Mcclane!

  7. Lawman of the future, Judge Dredd. Granted, he’s old stoney face not much of a sense of humor, but he’s watch yo back.

    Savage Dragon would be the best answer, he’s such a good dude. But then again he’s not a cop right now, or half the time.

  8. BQ: well, Axe Cop obviously.

  9. William R. Somerset.

    But I’m not Mills.

  10. I guess it depends on what kind of cop I was. If I was going to be a realistic, detective, then Frank Pembelton. Or Gene Hunt from Life on Mars.

  11. Short week for me..

    Batwoman #4
    Demon Knights #4
    Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE #4
    Severed #5(of 7)
    Superboy #4

    Plan to to pick-up back issues of OMAC #4 & 5 (Kirby) and the original Night Force #1-3

    Bonus Question: Sergeant Pluck from The Third Policeman. If you love talking about bicycles, you are in luck!

  12. Wait hold on, Sara Pezzini (Witchblade), she’s the key answer for numerous key reasons.

    Oh right comics, this week I’m all about Batgirl, Snake Eyes, Witchblade, etc, and I’ll catch up on Uncanny X-Force sometime.

  13. Batwoman
    Batgirl (last issue for me)
    Frankenstein AoS
    Demon Knights
    American Vampire (giving this 1950s arc a try)

  14. BQ: Cash. But not Tango!

  15. I’m really excited about all the books I’m picking up this week. Curious to see how Samurai’s Blood will wrap up. That book has been a really exciting read with amazing art. Highly recommended!

    BQ: Debra Morgan (from Dexter).

  16. The Shade, Severed, Batwoman, Witch Doctor tp. Gonna be a good week.

    BQ: I’d have to go with Gordon.

  17. BQ: Jo Lupo from Eureka

  18. Avengers: X-Sanction #1, Batman and Robin #4, Carnage U.S.A. #1, Green Lantern #4, Orchid #3, Superboy #4, Uncanny X-Force #18, & The Walking Dead #92.

    BQ: Agent Luke Hobbs (Dwanyne Johnson from Fast Five).

  19. Bat woman, batman ad robin, batgirl, green lantern, demon knights, avengers: x-sanction.

    Martin Riggs

  20. Frankenstein Agent of Shade, Green Lantern, Ressurection Man, Severed, and Uncanny X-Force

    BQ: Mcnulty from the wire obviously

  21. Green Lantern
    Demon Knights
    Batman & Robin
    Frankenstein agent of Shade
    Walking Dead
    Suicide Squad

    Q-Toss up between Dirty Harry or John McClane

    • McClane is the one I should have picked, but all of Dirty Harrya partners get killed. I just pictured Riggs saving Murtaghs ass thru four films and figured “thats the guy I would want”.

  22. Good week of the Lady-Bat variety.

    BQ – Jimmy McNulty.

  23. An interesting week…looks like I’m getting a much anticipated conclusion (Uncanny X-Force), something to tickle my big-budget popcorn flick bone (Avengers: X-Sanction), something featuring a pet character who I like alot (Magneto: Not A Hero), and some other perennial favs (Batgirl, Avengers Academy, Green Lantern)

    BQ: Inspector Tequila from Hard Boiled. Yeah, he can be a bit hot tempered, but I want THAT GUY on my side during a shoot-out.

  24. Batwoman, Demon Knights, Frankenstein Agent of SHADE, Superboy, SHIELD, Stand: Night Will Come, Uncanny X-Force

  25. S.H.I.E.L.D., Unwritten, and Uncanny X-Force.

    BQ- Toss up between John McClane and Jim Gordon.

  26. BQ: Either Jack Slater (Last Action Hero) or John Kimble (Kindergarten Cop)

  27. 5 book week wich is good.

    BQ: Axe Cop. I mean it’s a cop with an axe.

  28. BQ: Bobcat Goldthwait because he is hilarious

  29. Demon Knights, Superboy, X-Force, JIM and X-Sanction for me.

    BQ: Hmm… Two-Gun Kid?

    PIGS #4
    SEVERED #5 (OF 7)
    THE SHADE #3 (OF 12)

    BQ: AXE COP!

    Speaking of fictional cops though, who remembers this show?

  31. Lookin forward to hawken #2 really like trumans art it brings me back to my childhood reading eclipse comics also it’s the only black an white title I’m reading and it’s a western so it’s def something different from what I usually read. BQ: Ponch

  32. Heck, I buy about everything.

    What am I looking forward to the most?

    Walking Dead #92- I’ve been buying 2 issues of each WD issue since I started buying around issue #10.
    Journey Into Mystery #632- Marvel’s best comic.
    Batwoman #4
    The Shade #3

  33. Yay, new Walking Dead trade, JIM and Uncanny X-Force!

    BQ: Mother fuckin’ Axel Foley.

  34. I’m too excited by this bonus question to form a coherent answer! ………….Josh Hartnet from Hollywood Homicide….damn…I screwed that one up…..

  35. BQ.. Serpico … hmmm.. but i guess he’d probably get me killed. Axel was my first choice.. Riggs was up there.. Come to think of it.. all my favs would probably get me killed inside the first week.
    Most looking forward to Xsanction and Locke and Key… I dont know how everyone isnt reading Locke and Key… its gorgeousness and brilliance combined!

  36. Judge Anderson!

  37. I have only been into comics for about 2 or 3 years. I had never bought an event before Crap Itself. I felt like I wasted a lot of money. I thought Schism and Spider Island were okay. But it seems to me, event books are usually mediocre at best. We just get sucked into buying, because our favorite titles are tied-in. What are people’s opinions about just dropping all related titles to Avengers v X-men come April? Maybe pick them up after after the event. After all, we could probably read a summary of the important story points online if needed. Or do people think, Avengers v X-men will be good?

    • There’s really no way to tell in advance if it will be good. If you are getting a book, I would keep getting it, and don’t buy anything that’s a tie-in that you don’t ordinarily buy unless you are really intrigued by the event.

    • I usually stick with my regular titles, avoid the events, and read the public library’s copy when it comes out in trade. Saves time, money and frustration.

      That said, AvX looks like it may be pretty good.

  38. Green Lantern, Frankenstein, X-Force, The Shade.

    BQ: Joe Friday. I’m all about the facts.

  39. Only comic for me this week is Batman & Robin, but I;m also picking up that nightly news Hardcover, so my $3 week turned into a $40 week. *SIGH*

    BQ: Kate Becket from castle, because I want my partner to be a smoking hot chick who likes comics!

  40. BQ: Jeff Smax from top ten.

  41. Buffy and Frankenstein and Uncanny X-Force.

    BQ: Rick Hunter. Trabajos para mí !

  42. Batgirl
    Batman and Robin
    Demon Knights
    Green Lantern
    Suicide Squad
    The Shade

    Pretty amazing week.

    BQ: Gotta got with Matt O’Dare!

  43. Short, but good week for me as usual.

    Batman and Robin, Journey Into Mystery, Severed, and SHIELD.

    BQ: Robocop….Or how about ‘Fat Man’ from ‘Jake and the Fat Man’?….I practically look like him at this point….I’m sad now..

  44. Looking forward to The Ray and jumping on to Avengers Academy. Suicid Squad and Batgirl are close to getting dropped. And in a zombie-trance, I’ll grab X-Sanction.

    Definitely Kindergarten Cop. He covers for you on sick days.

  45. BQ= Officer Tom Hanson…………oh yes, I went there.

  46. BQ :Dept Trudy Wiegel from Reno 911…Top o the heap for me is JIM and Frankenstein although its an awesome week all around

  47. BQ: Munch maybe. Not McNulty, though. How about K-9?

  48. Back on form, a nice healthy stack this week. Some Bat-goodness from DC, that Nightly News super-awesome HC, Severed and all sorts of others…

    BQ: Maybe the Bunk, greatest natural po-lice to grace the small screen. Mind you, I always liked Scheider in The French Connection, so maybe I’d go 70s.

  49. I’m getting stuff this week… But all I care about is Uncanny X-Force. I can’t remember the last time I had this much anticipation for an issue. Fuck on.

    BQ: Yes! Dark Angel Saga’s Conclusion! … Uh… wait. What was the question?

  50. Journey into Mystery, Batwoman & Frankenstein, (and since I am a sucker for Christmas specials probably the Marvel Holiday One-Shot)

    BQ: Sgt. Nicholas Angel (Hot Fuzz) without a doubt.

  51. Sherlock Holmes count a real police?

  52. BQ: On my side i’d want Merkel from Batman year one. Now if you’re asking about my fictional police station ; Axe cop, Robo Cop, and Judge Dredd for the swat team. Gordon as the commisioner. Chief O’Hara from batman (1960’s show). Dirty Harry and Rick Deckard (blade runner) as the detectives/ inspectors. Finally, Sgt. Nicholas Angel and Renae Montoya as beat cops. I don’t know much about police but i kinda slapped this together in a few minutes so, please add in suggestions for who should be bumped up or added. Hey, this was fun!

  53. “Only” 4 books this week
    Batwoman # 4
    Batgirl # 4
    X-Sanction # 4
    X-Force # 18

    BQ: Mike Lawry and Marcus Burnett.

  54. Screech’s robot from “Saved by the Bell”, I know he isn’t technically a cop, but that’s just a matter of programming.