New Comics for 12.12.2012 is cautiously optimistic

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

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This week Josh Flanagan has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question(s): Are you going to see The Hobbit? Are you excited? Terrified? Going to see it in 48 fps? 


  1. First of all, I’m excited to see The Hobbit. And yes, in 48 fps!

    BATGIRL #15
    BATMAN #15

  3. The Hobbit should be good. Though… baffling how a 250 page children’s book became 3 movies just like a very similar 1000 page Nordic epic. A bit much, in my opinion.

    • My understanding is that they included a bunch of stuff from the Silmarilion and Tolkien’s other stories and notes to pad out the total length. But I’m bummed I have to wait two years fro Bard the Bowman and the Battle of Five Armies.

    • Actually Bard the Bowman is in the second film. There’s already a picture released of him and Legolas for some reason. I suspect the third film will mostly take place with the journey back again.

  4. Light week. Looking forward to Batman and TWD.

    BQ: Yeah, I’ll see it. “Excited” is the wrong word for me, but I’m certainly not terrified. I really like the original trilogy (weird), but I have a feeling there will be less of my tastes satisfied with the second course. We’ll see though. I’m looking forward to it. And yeah, I’ll check out this 48fps nonsense, mostly out of curiosity. Maybe I’ll even go for the IMAX and the 9 minutes of Trek 2. All these things plus a Superman trailer make for a well balanced nerd meal.

  5. Not gonna see it. The series just doesn’t speak to me at all. I remember seeing a Hobbit cartoon back in junior high right before a Doonsbury cartoon, didn’t care for it at all.

  6. Should we eagerly anticipate a Special Edition Podcast for The Hobbit?

  7. Amazing Spider-man 699.1 is out isn’t it? It was on CBR with a preview as coming out this week. Also it said in the previous issue that it would be out this week.

  8. Good week:
    BATMAN #15

    BQ: Forgot it was on this week, but will probably see it during the holidays in IMAX 3D 48fps.

  9. Thank fuck, only four books this week. The last month and a half has been fucking murder on my wallet. Think I’ll give Avengers Arena a try, as I love watching young people die horribly. That’s just my thing.

    BQ: Sure am! feeling really kind of blas√© about it, but I’m still seeing it in 48 fps and 3D because I’m very curious to see how it turned out. So really I’m paying 13 bucks to see a movie for technical and production interests and not for the story. Weird.

    • @ tomistommy – while appreciating your doubts, I think your listed reasons for seeing this film, are totally valid. Whilst I’m pre-disposed as utterly despising 3D, I will give this 48 fps version a go. I am no luddite, I just dislike crap. I’m happy to give Peter Jackson the benefit of the doubt. It’s the very least that the director of ‘Bad Taste’ deserves.

    • Weekly roll call :- Batgirl #15, Batman #15, Batman & Robin #15, Demon Knights #15, Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E #15, Change #1, Point of Impact #3.

      Following the news over the weekend regarding the disgraceful ‘firing’ of Gail Simone, I am feeling rather lacklustre when it comes to D.C.’s solicitations. They really have fucked up, this time.

  10. Most excited about Dark Horse’s THE CREEP this week.

    BQ: I’ll wait a week or two, but I’m looking forward to the Hobbit!

  11. Batman
    Fantastic Four

    BQ: I have my tickets for IMAX 24fps at midnight. Second viewing will be in 48 fps. I am curious a out the new format, but I want to see the film “regular” first.

    • Smart move you’re doing the exact same as me.
      I’m seeing it 2D 24FPS first and 3D 48FPS second. That way if the 3D and high framerate improve the experience then I’ll get something extra out of it the second time round but if they spoil it then my original viewing won’t be ruined.
      I’ll always have problems with the current state of 3D, mostly stemming from the fact it doesn’t look like the way our eyes normally process 3D*, it looks like an optical illusion (which it is) and the glasses darken the screen a significant amount.
      I’m also worried about the lies circulating that 48FPS will “fix” the problems with 3D, like headaches** and the decreased brightness, that’s simply not true.
      I’ve shot several things in 50FPS myself and personally don’t like the look but I’ll give Jackson a chance to change my mind.
      *My mum’s an optician and apparently, although we have two eyes, the way our brain processes the information is closer to a 2D image, we know how far things are apart but we aren’t constantly aware of the depth between objects, which is what 3D films do by “tricking” the eyes into thinking they’re seeing two images.
      **The “headaches” some people get comes from the depth of field in films, our eyes naturally have an autofocus built in (put your hand right in front of your face if you don’t believe me). So when your eyes see a 3D film, your eyes try and focus on the background and can’t which can lead to headaches.
      /mini essay over

  12. Smallest week in recent memory for my, means i get to try a couple of interesting books, but it does also mean that next week is going to completely break my wallet in half.

    Conan the Barbarian
    Frankenstein AoS

    The Crow: skinning the wolves
    Sherlock Holmes: the liverpool demon

    BQ: yes, but not til after the weekend, i’ll have to check to see if my theater has the bells & whistles version.

  13. Light week for me. Going to try Cable and X-Force, Avengers Arena, and Winter Soldier #13. I’ll check out The Hobbit, but I’m not particularly excited about it.

  14. Getting Batman, Batman and Robin, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Amazing Spider-Man and the Grendel Omnibus.

    I see Iron Man #4 is listed, but shouldn’t it be Iron Man #3? There have only been two issues so far, right!

    BQ: god no. I have zero desire to sit through that movie.

  15. Really light week so I might pick up the new journey into mystery trade. Also finally dropping batman and robin, hasn’t been doing it for me since the first arc ended (which I loved and bought the hardcover of)

  16. Batman, Fantastic Four, and Cable and X-Force. Also eyeing that Fear Agent collection, I love Remender’s Marvel stuff, it’s just a matter of finding some money for it.

    This feels like the lightest week I’ve had in months, on such a light week is there anyway Batman doesn’t get at least 95% of the community pick’s of the week this week? Lol.

  17. Got twelve on my list and I’ve been enjoying Death of the Family. Also adding volume 3 of Deadman to my list. I really enjoy those older issues.

    As for the Hobbit? I can’t say it’s any big deal to me. But I have a feeling Peter Jackson will be okay even if I don’t go.

  18. Just Batman, Walking Dead, and both Before Watchmens (don’t ask me why).

    BQ: Maybe Peter Jackson will give me a new hope about the prequel/trilogy.
    Disclaimer: accidental Star Wars slip

  19. Batman
    Batman and Robin

    BQ: Yes and definitely excited to watch it. Probably not seeing it in 48fps and I don’t want too. I hate how it looks and there is a reason why film is 24fps.

    • That’s a good point. While I’m all for directors having more choice as to what their film looks like I disagree with everyone who says higher frame rate is “better” or “the future”.
      24FPS give films a stylized look which is different to real life, the point of films is NOT to be “as real as possible” which a lot of people seem to forget, if that was the case we wouldn’t have background music or color grading and we’d all be shooting things in the style of Dogme95. I’m not saying that film movement isn’t valid but I don’t think all films should be going for that level of “realism”.
      48FPS is a style and personally I’ve yet to see anything in this style that impresses me but I’m open to having something change my mind.
      2D 24FPS first for me.

  20. Only Avengers Assemble and Dark Avengers for me this week.

  21. Avengers Arena #1
    Batman #15
    Cable & X-Force #1
    Fantastic Four #2
    Scarlet Spider #12
    The Amazing Spider-Man #699.1

    BQ: Excited. I will be more nervous when the other two come out because 1 book doesn’t equal 3 movies.

  22. Batman
    GL Corps
    Scarlet Spider
    Peter Cannon Thunderbolt
    Sherlock Holmes
    and a few I’m forgetting.
    BQ: I’ll wait for blu ray

  23. BATMAN #15
    IRON MAN #4
    THE CREEP #4

    Im droping megaman

    BQ> Hell yeah, IMAX 3D 48 fps (if available…), so excited!

  24. I will be picking up Batman, Batman and Robin, batgirl, and the Fantastic Four. Unfortunately I will also be picking up Iron Man (because I forgot to tell my comic book shopkeep to take it off my pull list). I was also thinking about pulling Deathstroke as well, Seeing as it has a new Creative team and all ( plus I saw a preview for the return of the Teen Titans TV show, which put me into the mood for a good Slade story).

    BQ: I definitely want to see The Hobbit. Not sure if I want to see it with such a high frame rate though, I’m scared it will make the movie look lame. sadly I cannot go to the midnight showing but I hope to see it sometime before Christmas. I know a lot of people are complaining about the fact that this is 1 book being split into 3 movies, but I think they are forgetting about the fact that these movies will incorporate stories and story elements from other Tolkien books. How all of it will be strung together is the crux of my apprehension.

  25. Small old week for me so I’m trying Avengers Assemble, otherwise Batman, The Massive & Clone!

    BQ- Fuck no, I hate that kinda stuff!

    BATMAN #15

    I’d also pick up BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #Whatever but I’m away from my regular store and it’s already been ordered there.

  27. No comics for me this week, but I am more excited for The Hobbit than I was for The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Not both combined though, not that much. The Lord of the Rings was huge when I was at school.

  28. The Amazing Spider-Man #699.1
    Batman #15
    Dan The Unharmable #8
    Frankenstein, Agent Of S.H.A.D.E. #15
    Ferals TP Vol 1

    BQ: As I work in a cinema and get to see films for free, I’m getting my complete fill of Middle Earth.

  29. Batman
    Batman & Robin
    Before Watchmen Rorshach
    Before Watchmen Dr Manhattan
    ASM 699.1
    Criminal Macabre: Final Night
    It Girl and the Atomics

    On the fence with Avengers Arena and Cable & X-Force, probably go digital on both,AA 1st then wait til Cable & Friends drops a buck.

    Fear Agent HC
    Walking Dead vol.4 omnibus

    BQ: I live The Hobbit and after taking my daughter to see Rise of the Guardians last week and seeing some really cool promo displays for the Hobbit I will definitely see it with excitement but don’t know if I’m gonna go to my local theatre which is solid or wait a few til the crowds die down for the IMAX, the IMAX experience is much better when your not waiting forever and can sit right in the middle, it’s like having that huge screen and sound all to yourself once its been out a few and it’s not packed, did that with a cpl big movies for a 2nd viewing and enjoyed them much more the 2nd time around.

  30. Picking up Batman, Batman and Robin, Amazing 699.1, Scarlet Spider, Fantastic Four, and the Before Watchmen books

    BQ: Super excited to see the Hobbit Friday! I don’t think I’m seeing it in 48 fps because I’m not sure the theater I’m going to can play it like that.

  31. Looks like there’s some books coming out this week that I’ll read in January. Sweet.

    BQ – oh hell yeah! But maybe I’ll go see Skyfall this weekend and The Hobbit next week or over X-mas break.

  32. One of the few weeks where I’m not getting any comics this week. Which is good, since I’ll be able to take care of Christmas shopping.

    BQ: Yes, I’m pretty pumped to see it. I’m a little worried since the film is being split into three films. I’m fine with Peter Jackson putting in references that tie into Lord of the Rings, but I just hope it doesn’t take away from main story of the Bilbo and rest of the Dwarves.

  33. 6 books = light week for me. Whew.
    BQ: I’ll be seeing it but at the moment my “Wait & See” hat is wedged firmly on my head.

  34. Light week for me. Looking forward to Conan and Frank the most. I’ve been enjoying the Iron Man story a lot but the art is wearing me out faster than expected. I love Gillen but I’ll probably be dropping it soon. The $4 books with double shipping are destroying my wallet.


    BQ: Pass.

  35. Artifacts #23
    Batman #15
    Conan the Barbarian #11
    Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child Vol 1
    and, apparently, Monsters, Inc. #1 comes out this, not last week

    BQ: Nope, gonna wait for the DVD, thank you.