• As Doctor Octopus’ schemes take shape, MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE returns with a Vengenace!

• Will he be able to resist the siren song of blissful bloodsucking or will Spider-Man sling him straight back into the slammer?

• Your first look at next month’s all-new Morbius ongoing series.

Story by Dan Slott & Joe Keatinge
Art by Valentine Delandro & Marco Checchetto
Cover by Stefano Caselli

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. Pretty much just buying this to have to full run. Can’t wait to read 700 but i’m pretty sure this is just going to kick off the new morbius series (yawn).

  2. Since Morbius is likely to have a big part in what happens in 700, this feels like a more crucial point one issue than most. So I’m looking at it like I’m getting another issue for one dollar less than normal. Of course, I could be wrong. Wait a minute, this is the internet, of course I’m Right!

  3. I jumped on with the start of this arc and have been loving it! Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  4. I’m torn on picking up the new Morbius title….I’ll definetly be getting this so hopefully it will give me a good sense on whether I should pick up the new book or not. I’m also curious to see how much this actually ties into what is going on in ASM right now, when they did a similar thing to kick start the new Venom title it really didn’t have much to do with the current story in ASM.

    • Well it was what I thought it was, just a set up for the new Morbius ongoing. It was pretty good though, I think I’ll at least give the new series a shot. If you don’t have an interest in Morbius or you’re not a Spider-man collector there is no reason to pick this issue up.

  5. Jumping off the many Spider titles this month.

    I think subscription customers are getting this Point One issue.

    Need to catch up on about dozen or so issues of ASM.

    Sounds like the perfect Christmas present to myself.

  6. This should have been Morbius 0 instead of Amazing 699.1

    • Without yet having read it, I tend to agree. I’ve never been a Morbius fan and am only getting this to complete my recent run of ASM. After 700, I’ll be down to only 3 marvel titles and Spidey isn’t one of them.

      Is it odd that for every DC/Marvel title I’ve dropped, A new MUCH more enjoyable Image title has popped up to take its place?

  7. skipping …

    screw your terrible marketing idea Marvel.1

  8. This seems to be taking a beating in the ratings because it’s a Morbius story rather than an ASM story. The story itself though is really good. If you want to learn about the Spidey villain in a good story, pick it up. If not, don’t.

    • I totally agree with your comment. There is nothing wrong with this book, it’s simply not a ASM story. But I think that Morbius will be all over ASM #700.

  9. I really liked this issue. I have always like Morbius even backed to the Midnight Son days. And will be picking up the new series. But yeah, this should have been called Morbius #0.

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