New Comics for 09.21.2011 is happy for Coach Taylor

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

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This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What do you think of last night’s Emmy winners?


  1. The Emmys were last night? Wow. Pulse of pop-culture, that’s where I’m at.

  2. HUGE week for me. Plus you have Severed #2, which didn’t come out last week so now it’s coming out this week. Oy.

    Batman #1, Birds of Prey #1, Daredevil #3 DCU Presents #1, Green Lantern Corps #1, Nightwing #1, Red Wing #3, and Severed #2

    BQ: Nothing really bothered me about the Emmys this year in terms of winners. Modern Family is a very good show and it’s nice to see it practically sweep this year. But other, non-award moments bugged the shit out of me:

    1) The EmmyTops, or whatever that musical thingy was called, was a joke. They clearly had no room for these talented actors so they put them in a lame skit throughout the night. Joel McHale deserves a lot better.

    2) The IN MEMORIUM moment was brutal. The song was a weird choice and once again the performance seemed to overshadow the actual people we’re trying to make tribute too. Award shows seem to be disrespecting the dead lately.

    3) Community wasn’t up for anything. That is all.

    • agree with number 3 100%, but like the song and the group who sang it (Canadian Biased).

      Didn’t mind the emmytones at first, but weren’t used often.

      the comdey section was the best, the Jimmys fight was great as was oustanding female lead, all the girls rushing to the stage was awesome!

    • You might want to call your shop and make sure they’re getting Severed #2 because it did come out last week.

    • Gotta gree, the Emmytones were painful. Everyone in my house screamed horrible things at the TV when they sang.

      Didn’t enjoy Jane Lynch (don’t think she’s funny at all), glad Glee got snubbed (I’m a hater, I admit it).

      I didn’t realize so many people died this year that have been part of my entertainment life. Seeing Andy Whitfield was really sad – he was so alive and strong on Spartacus it was hard to believe he died 18 months after diagnosis.

      Too much Modern Family. It’s funny, but it’s not the only comedy on the air.

  3. BQ: Maurice LaMarche for Voice-Over Performance! So well deserved, stemming all the way back to pretty much every good saturday morning cartoon in from the 80’s…

  4. B.Q. Emmy’s = yawn.

  5. Looking forward to Batman and Wonder Woman, i have a hunch Supergirl might surprise, and am pretty confident Captain Atom will be a train wreck…sigh.
    B.Q. What’s an Emmy?

  6. I’ve got 18 freaking books this week! My wallet is screaming for September to end!!!!!!!!

  7. Another insane DC week….DC presents and Cloak and Dagger.

    BQ…Emmys. No Thanks…….Sunday Night Football was where it was at.

  8. batman obviously, then ww, red hood and glc

  9. is it sad that i was totally itching to do my pull list last night round midnight?

  10. Morning Glories vol. 2 and Chew vol. 3

    BQ: Happy to see Dinklage win for GoT. The Modern Family love fest got old. Community and Parks and Rec are both much better shows if you ask me.

  11. Short week for me, Batman, Nightwing & Wonder Woman #1s, i’ll flip through Blue Beetle & Red Hood at the store. may catch up on a couple of books from the last few weeks.

  12. This week im looking forward to Batman the most and will also be grabbing DCU presents, Daredevil, X-men Schism and also Severed since my LCS did not get it last week for whatever reason.

  13. Also i missed the Emmys the epicness of the football game Phily vs Atlanta was on last night

  14. 16 books with Dark Horse Presents on the fringe (its good but I don’t know if I can do 15 and a 7.99 book)

  15. What, no listing for Bomb Queen VII #1 of 4 ?

  16. DareDevil & Batman! cant wait both books should be awesome.

    BQ: Not into telling people how great they are, the ratings tell who has the best show(s) and thats why I was watching Breaking Bad last night, only 3 eps left and man it has been so good.

  17. The DC gods have blessed me with alight week:

    BATMAN #1
    RED WING #3 (OF 4)

    Plus Severed #2 from last week, since my shop didn’t get it. I really plan to hold to these DC titles and add no more this week. Nightwing better be excellent or it’s getting cut, too.

    • Forgot BQ: Seemed like a popularity contest for the most part. WAY too much Modern Family, but some folks that deserved awards did win.

  18. So many books!!!! I won’t bother listing the DC books. As thanks to this site and other comic podcasts, I feel the need to read all the new 52, so as to have an opinion and be in on the discussion. But as for other non-DC books coming out this week that I’m looking forward too:

    Daredevil (Marcos Martin!!!)
    Young Avengers Children’s Crusade
    X-Men Schism
    Cloak & Dagger Spider-Island

    BQ: I didn’t watch the Emmy’s, as they are usually one of the worst awards shows out there in terms of deserving winners. The same people win year in and year out. Emmy voters in most cases only have to watch ONE episode of a show to vote, which is ridiculous. It’s just not my thing.

    That said, I am VERY pleased to see that they chose to acknowledge Friday Night Lights. Pretty awesome to see Coach and the writing get the win. Would’ve been nice to see Mrs. Coach get noticed as well. But that was more than I expected. Also cool to see Jon Hamm get his due for Mad Men. He’s been great every year. But just always came in 2nd to the brilliance of Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad. Nice of AMC to schedule it so Cranston wasn’t eligible this year.

    One disappointing result, Steve Carrell didn’t get the going out recognition award for Michael Scott that he deserved. His entire time as the character, he never got a win. The show hasn’t been nearly what it once was in seasons past. But it still was a hell of a lot better than that crap Big Bang Theory and Jim Parsons who didn’t need his 2nd win. This is the typical case of the Emmy’s recognizing the lowest common denominator, as they most often do. Blah.

    • Holy crap. I think I just had a brain aneurysm. In the same paragraph praising Coach for getting the big lead actor win, I also said Hamm won. Haha. Shows I didn’t watch the show. I saw a picture of Hamm all smiling with the Mad Men cast, and somehow that made me think he’d finally won. Didn’t realize until just after hitting submit that of course he couldn’t have if Chandler did, as they were in the same category. Like I said, didn’t actually watch the show. Still very happy to see FNL get it’s due. Great show that went terribly under-watched.

      (When are we getting that damn edit feature?!!!! :P)

    • One other Emmy related comment. No love to Parks & Recreation whatsoever? Emmy’s do not know funny. BY FAR, the best comedy on tv. I guess that is unless you’re one of the people who prefer the comedic styling of Mike & Molly and Big Bang Theory. Which in that case…um…just continue enjoying the things you do. Tons of people love those Transformers movies, right? 😉

  19. it’s been so long since i’ve been able to go to the shop. guess you can’t go wrong w/ any of the DC #1’s.

    BQ: unless Rosario Dawson is winning something, i don’t care:)

  20. AVENGERS #17
    BATMAN #1
    RED WING #3 (OF 4)
    WITCH DOCTOR #3 (OF 4)
    X-MEN SCHISM #4 (OF 5)

    Yay comics! Maybe I should get on the unread stack that’s just been piling up…

    BQ: What’s an Emmy?

  21. Near Death, Turtles, Wonder Woman, Batman and Northlanders! Think it is going to be a good week.

    BQ: Never watch award shows.

  22. Looks like it’s just the Chew trade for me this week. However, if any New 52 books get talked up sufficiently, I’ll probably pick them up digitally. So make sure you’re talking them up!

  23. Captain America and Bucky, Chew and Fables for sure. I know Batman will be good but I’m more interested in seeing if Nightwing will be any good. The early days of Dixon and McDaniel in his first series was incredible. Doubt the new series will compare, but here’s hoping.

  24. I’m broke as a joke this week. I was gonna wait til next Wed. to get my books. But there’s just too much good stuff comin out. And I can’t be outta the loop. Damnit! The cash drawer at work is lookin pretty tasty.

    I’m a fan of Modern Family, so I’m glad they swept.

    I am NOT a fan of the Big Bang Theory, so I’m NOT glad Parsons won (plus he annoys the hell outta me everytime he comes on Late Late).

    Peter Dinklage is a brilliant actor, and deserved every bit of that.

    And I know FNL has a serious following, but Jon Hamm gets my vote until he stops doing television.

    Fourth year in a row, baby! Best show on television.

  25. Can someone please explain to me why only a tiny bit of DC’s new 52 is actually new?! I mean Green Lantern was just a continue! I’m lost.

    • Actually, it’s the complete opposite. Batman and GL are the only books with very few changes. Almost everything else has been anybody’s guess.

    • Simple… As the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” What worked for them creatively and commercially (sales-wise) they did little-to-no changes. Everything else was rebooted.

    • Also, I imagine that Geoff Johns is high enough on the food chain to veto any requests to streamline/reboot his books . . .

  26. Batman, Nightwing and Wonder Woman for me. Maybe GL Corps but I don’t know yet.

    BQ: I love that Coach Taylor won for FNL. The show really showed how it is growing up and playing football here in Texas. Coach Taylor really felt like all the football coaches I’ve ever known so I think he deserved the award. I know people get tired of seeing the Daily Show win and I’ll admit as much as I love the show I’d like to see the Colbert Report or Conan get the Emmy sometime.

  27. My pull list = ree-donkulus. Is it bad that I’m kinda hoping some of these DC books aren’t good? I can’t keep up pull lists like this because there is absolutely nothing else I’m willing to drop at the moment. Anyways, excited for all the DCU books plus some Marvel titles that will be excellent. This’ll be a good week for comics. I just hope I have a chance to read them all in a timely fashion.

    BQ: I barely watch any TV, so the Emmy’s are not on my radar. I thought that one actress in that one dress was hot though…

  28. Ugh, 9 books! This is a killer week for me. And I’m even looking forward to 8 of them a lot (dropping Avengers.)

    BQ: I was pretty happy with most of the winners. I don’t watch a lot of the shows nominated, but it seemed the winners deserved it, for the most part. Glad Mad Men got the win again!

  29. Another massive week for me, like 25 books or something, damn new dc and marvel event stuff. I’m really looking forward to a couple of weeks from now when i can go through my list and cut some stuff, after having checked out all the first month of dc’s new books and a few other things wrap up. If i can get back to even 10 books or under a week i’ll be a very happy man. That being said there’s so many good books coming out this week i don’t know what i’d drop from this weeks stuff.

    BQ; Didn’t watch the emmys, pretty sure i wouldnt have missed much.

  30. I’m looking forward to Supergirl and Wonder Woman the most.

    I plan to do some major edits to my pull list after the 28th. Is anyone else thinking the same thing?

    BQ: Mad Men!

  31. I watched the History channel’s Ice Road Truckers instead of the Emmys.


  32. Huge week for me. Looking forward to Nightwing, GLC and the Colossus/Juggy throw down.

    BQ: Only watched the Emmys until the football game kicked off. That was long enough to see Jim Parsons win, which was the only award I cared about. I think he’s awesome as Sheldon Cooper. By that point, even if I was still interested in the other awards, those lame singing segments would have made me turn it off.

  33. Any week there’s a new Matt Wagner Zorro issue, means that there’s at least one comic in my stack that I’m excited about . . .

    Over at the new DCU, I am most excited about Synder’s Batman. So far, we’ve only really seen him do Dick as Batman, so it’ll be interesting to see how different the feel of his Bruce will be. Catwoman is the #1 that rooting for the most simply on the basis of the character; I’m really hoping that she gets a great series again. I plan on getting Blue Beetle as well. I’ve been on the fence about Wonder Woman, but will probably pick it up. Might get Nightwing and Supergirl out of curiousity to see their new directions.

    As for Marvel, I’ll be picking up the new Captain America. Iron Man is on my pull list, but may need to wait a week due to budget limitations . . .

    BQ: Still puzzling over how Mad Men could win best drama without winning any other major award. Still, it is a great show, even if season four was not quite up to standards . . . Meanwhile, I should just resign myself to the rather low odds of John Noble ever even getting nominated for an Emmy, right . . ?

  34. Just returned from the LCS. I arrived at 12:15, and they open at 11:00. I got the last issue of Nightwing off the shelf (I get to be the prick this week!). Luckily I had a sub list, because Batman and Wonder Woman were sold out (but in my folder). Red Hood was also sold out when I got there (probably would have gotten it if they had it). So that’s 4 big DC books sold out at that shop. A few DCU Presents, Catwoman and GL Corps left, but not many. Plenty of Birds of Prey, Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Legion, etc.

    I also got the last copy of Witch Doctor #3. Severed #2 came in this week, but Red Wing #3 did not – Diamond says next week.

    • Sounds like your shop severely under-ordered. Sell outs have not been an issue in my area, thankfully. I have been able to get every book that I have wanted. If one store didn’t have it, another one nearby did.

    • I was talking to the owner, and he said a LOT of people added pulls that they did not anticipate, which cut into the amount available on the shelf. But I do think he under ordered to a degree. Wasn’t DC is allowing returns on all the #1’s? If so, there’s no excuse for under-ordering.

    • I don’t know the details, but I believe most (if not all) the titles were returnable. In the shop owner’s defense, I don’t think anyone anticipated that demand was going to be this high. After seeing the sales on Justice League and the first week, I know a lot of stores attempted to adjust their orders upward. Who knows, maybe WW, Batman and Red Hood all sold out at the distribution level. I think I heard somewhere (probably Word Balloon) that DC was going back to print on all of the Week 1 issues. (I think that’s right.) I would imagine Weeks 2 & 3 were equally strong.

  35. I feel bad for Josh. 29 issues this week! I can feel his tiredness coming through the interwebs.