New Comics for 04/19/2010 Will Arrive in the UK… Eventually

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, David, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, and Matt.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What's your favorite movie in the last year, and what's your favorite movie at least 25 years old?


  1. Kickass, and starwars

  2. I sure hope the volcano doesn’t start making demands; it’s essentially holding us all hostage right now over here. Thankfully, I’m not picking up anything new this week.

    BQ: Inglourious Basterds and Ghostbusters.

  3.  This is the GL issue i’ve been waiting for ever since i finished BN #8. Also can’t wait for Amazing Spider-Man


    BQ: in the last year it’s Inglourious Basterds. 25 years old or over it’s a tie between Ghostbusters and Jaws.

  4. It’s a DC kind of week….

    Azrael, Brave and the Bold, Green Lantern, and Joe the Barbarian.

    BQ: Last year? Inglourious Basterds. At least 25? Too tough to say.

  5. Spider-Man – both Amazing and Ultimate

    Green Lantern

    Joe the Barbarian

    Ultimate Avengers


    BQ – District 9 and Empire Strikes Back

  6. In the last year – Up

    At least 25 years old – Empire Strikes Back

  7. Not cool guys, not cool joking about that! 🙂 I wont get my comics till the next week. I was really looking forward Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Green Lantern. But have to wait till the next week.

  8. My Pull List


    BQ: The Road (2009); Pulp Fiction (1985-2010);

  9. Didn’t Ron have it last week too. Who is he paying off to get double duty? Or is taskmaster Conor forcing him to? Don’t let him boss you around Ron. Go for his knees.

  10. Spider, GL, Joe the Barbarian, the Ultimate books, GL, Power Girl, and a few more for me this week

    Star Trek and Empire Strikes Back

  11. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    BQ: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, It’s a Wonderful Life 

  12. Nice assortment this week – The Guild, GL, Spider Man, the two big Ultimate books, a goofy Captain America one-shot, American Vampire, Paul Dini Streets of Gotham, Hellblazer, Power Girl, Battlefields, Lapham doing crazy zombies (Crossed). Probably most looking forward to American Vampire – I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue.

    BQ: Inglourious Basterds for ’09; so many for 25 or older, but I’d have to say Jaws, but The Toxic Avenger, Caddyshack or Dawn of the Dead can always move to the top spot depending on my mood.

  13. My movie "Kick-Ass" in which I star is my favorite movie of the last year.  Last 25 years would be Spider-Man.  Ron has the pick again?

  14. Amazing Spider-Man #628, Fall Of Hulks Savage She-Hulks #2, Power Girl #11, Siege Spider-Man #1, X-Factor #204, and X-Men Legacy #235!

    BQ:  Last year: "Inglorious Basterds" At least 25 years: (my favorite move of all time) "The Empire Strikes Back"

  15. Ron worked his magic so that he can have the pick twice in a row! I predict Firestar #1 will be his PotW;)

    BQ: Star Trek and ESB

  16. Decent week for me

    Streets Of Gotham #11, Blackest Night Directors Cut, Dark Tower Battle Of Jericho Hill #5, Green Lantern #53, Justice League Of America #44, Superman Batman #71

    BQ: Excellent question. However it’s next to impossible for me to answer since film is the only obsession that outweighs my love of comics. Off the top of my head I’d say The Road or Inglorious Basterds for this year. Part two is even harder. It’s either Ghostbusters, Raiders of the lost Ark (even Indy 4 couldn’t kill my Indy Love), or Empire Strikes Back. Maybe Cuckoo’s Nest. See what I mean. I shouldn’t have even tried.

  17. Not that it much matters since, well, I’m in the UK, but I’ve got Green Lantern, both Spiderman books, and, well, that’s it.

    BQ: Star Trek and I guess Star Wars, although I reserve the right to chance my mind if I find out something else is 25 years old 

  18. I’ve got the pick. That’s fixed.

  19. Good to see the cosmic titles are still coming out.


    BQ:  Baghead (just caught it this year, think it’s new enough).  25 years+: Seven Samurai.

  20. They can’t ship the comics around from the West coast of America, through Alaska, over the Russian Fed, speeding it across Eastern and Western Europe cheekily into the UK through our wonderful neighbours, the French!?


    Let’s see some of that Dunkirk spirit, chaps. 

    BQ: Star Trek (Inglorious Basterds was three poor stories rolled into one big missed opportunity) and The Godfather pt. II. 

  21. So this week marks my one year anniversary of joining iFanboy! During that time I’ve had some great comic discussions, met and talked to some great people, and all in all have experienced more fun relating to my favorite hobby than I have before joining. So thanks to all the staff and members here, you guys all rock.

    I’m also going to cannonball into the cosmic Marvel world, as I’m going to be picking up the single issues for Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova for the first time. I have a few of the trades, though I haven’t completely caugt up yet.But you know what? Screw it! I want to jump in! I’m also looking forward to the end of the Hercules mini, as the last issue was great, and was in fact my POTW when it came out. Oh yeah, and X-Factor is coming out, which is always the shit.


    BQ: My favorite movie of the last year was definitely Black Dynamite. A very well-done and loving parody of blaxsploitation, and an extremely funny movie in it’s own right.

    In the last 25 years, I’ve seen some amazing and poignant films, and it’s tough to say which is the best. At the end of the day, though, I have to say The Toxic Avenger. I consider it an icon of independent filmmaking, and when watching it at a young age, it kick-started my love for cult films and horror, as well.

  22. Amazing Spider-Man #628
    American Vampire #2
    Green Lantern #53
    Guardians of the Galaxy #25
    Joe the Barbarian #4
    Marvelous Land of Oz #5
    Nova #36
    Siege Spider-Man #1
    Ultimate Comics Avengers #6
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9
    X-Factor #204
    X-Men Legacy #235
    X-Men Pixie Strikes Back #3

    Absolute GL

    Y: The Last Man HC vol. 3


    Lovely Bones and Chinatown

  23. Crazy Heart and Jaws.

  24. Well at least an extra week to wait for me. Boo Hoo

  25. I’m from England but still:

    Ultimate Spider Man,

    American Vampire

    And a couple of hardcovers,

    BQ: Kick-Ass and ROCKY!!!!! 😀 probably my favourite movie ever 

  26. Batman Streets Of Gotham #11
    Green Lantern (Brightest Day) #53
    Hellblazer #266
    Joe The Barbarian #4 (OF 8)


    BQ: 09 I guess Star Trek is the one i’ve seen more than once, 25+ The Outlaw Josey Wales.

  27. Amazing Spider-Man, Battlefields, Power Girl, and Supergirl. I’m going to try to jump back onto Nova, and I am also eagerly awaiting the newest Invincible hardcover.

  28. Stupid volcanic ash…y’know I pay my taxes…what the hell do they spend them on?  Where are the giant cloud blowing windmills??  The oversized set of bellows on the cliffs of Dover, designed specifically for thwarting big volcano clouds?  It’s not the most exciting week, but I would have had Cliff Chiang on Brave and the Bold, new Hercules, Rasl vol 2 and SMT Vol 8.  Sure millions of people are stranded throughout the world, that’s important too…but dammit…we need to be heard!!!

    BQ:  The one thing I feel I can participate in….Up In The Air, and for 25 years+ it would be Jaws or All The President’s Men

  29. 11 books this week: Most looking forward to ASM, American Vampire, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

    BQ: Up in the Air, last 25 years (Back to the Future)

  30. A solid week for me this week.  Looking forward to ASM, GL, and is that…oh yes, that’s Cliff Chiang drawing the Brave and the Bold….well, that certainly tops my list.

    BQ: Star Trek was probably the best movie I saw in the last year, although District 9 is certainly up there.  Last 25 years: The Magnificent Seven (arguably, the greatest western ever.) 

  31. Can’t seem to pull any IDW books. Anyone else having this problem?

  32. super light week

  33. Big week for me..  Amazing, Brave and the Bold, Green Lantern, Guardians of the Galaxy, Joe the Barbarian, Power Girl, Ultimate Comics Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man, X-Men Legacy and more!

     In the last year: Star Trek! with Inglourious Basterds as a close second

    In the last 25 years: John Carpenter’s Halloween 

  34. 14 books…nothing I’m too excited about…..prob will be Spider-man or Power Girl for POTW.

     BQ:  Last 25 years – Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail….

    Last Year – Inglorious Basterds was favorite movie of last year…Kick-ass my fav so far this year.

  35. Lots of fun stuff this week.

    BQ: I hate being part of the crowd but yeah, I think Inglourous Basterds from this last year and Annie Hall from at least 25 years ago.

  36. No comics for me. But that’s okay, since Heavy Ink has a massive trade shipment in (Mysterious the Unfathomable and the first 2 volumes of Scott Pilgrim).

    BQ: Either Up! or Moon for 2009. Over 25 is probably….Jaws. Or Empire Strikes Back.

  37. BQ: 500 days of Summer and Blue Velvet

  38. Ultimate Spiderman and the Echo trade.
    BQ: inglorious basterds, and Dr. Strangelove or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

  39. 15 books? Not a bad week. I’m most looking forward to Nova, Ult Spidey and Power-Girl.  (moment of silence for PG…………thank you)


    BQ: Movie in the last year… while Kick-Ass was great, it feels too soon to say I loved it.  The contenders.. Up, Star Trek and 500 days of Summer.. of those, I think 500 days of summer was probably my favorite with Up being an incredibly close second.

    Favorite movie that’s at least 25 years old? Raiders of the Lost Ark beats out ESB by a nose. 



  40. BQ: District 9 and The Searchers

  41. Bum, I didn’t even think about my comics being delayed.. arse!

    Anyway, a slim week with just Green Lantern, Amazing Spidey and Brave and the Bold.

    BQ: Star Wars 

  42. Can’t wait for the new Echo TPB and Spider-Man. I never thought it would happen but Spider-Man is now my favorite floppy.

    BQ – So far this year’s movie is Kick-Ass. Past 25 years, hard to say. The first Superman movie.

  43. Mainly just Green Lantern, Ultimate Avengers, and Marvelous Land of Oz

    BQ: Last year Up in the Air for sure, last 25 years is tough. Honestly maybe Seven. Absolutely love that movie.

  44. Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and The Royal Tenenbaums

  45. Good week for DC fans

    BQ: of last year; The Hurt Locker. Past 25 years, my favorite film of all time; Blade Runner.

  46. Yeah, yeah. there some comics this week, whatever.

    Recently i watched a this movie from Sweden called Let The Right One In which was really excellent And a french horror film called Martyrs, Both were really good. They stayed with me for a long time after watching them. Has anyone seen eitehr of these?

    The last 25 years? Proberly Good Fellas, Pulp Fiction or The Godfather 2

  47. A Nice Good Week for Me: Amazing Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hellblazer, and Power Girl.

    BQ: I dont know if this came out in the last year but I would have to say "Moon" or "Trick R Treat". The last twenty five…The Incredibles or Total Recall.

  48. Thread got lost somewhere. It’s a movie that’s at least 25 years old, not in the last 25 years.

  49. Heard great things about Let The Right One In.

    I like horror movies, so I might check that French film.

  50. Small week. Less than $8. 


    In the last year? I’m going to shorten to 2010 only and say Kick Ass. Because that is easy.

    25 years? Dr. Strangelove, maybe. 

  51. Just Green Lantern, Ultimate Avengers and Power Girl for me

    BQ: last year-Hurt Locker, at least 25 years old-Yojimbo

  52. Dark Tower Battle Of Jericho Hill #5 (OF 5)
    Green Lantern #53
    Joe The Barbarian #4 (OF 8)
    Justice League Of America #44
    Power Girl #11 

    BQ: The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  53. Power Girl 11

    Amazing spider-man 628

    Green lantern 53

    Ultimate Comics Spider-man 9

    Spirit 1

    Thinks its gonning to be a good week.

  54. Looking forward to Crossed Family Values.


    1.  I want to say Kick-Ass, but i’ll give it some distance and say Inglourious Basterds.

    2. Since we’re a few months shy of Back to the Future’s 25th Birthday, I’ll go with The Empire Strikes Back.

  55. DV8! Brian Wood! Brian-FUCKING-Wood! Get it!

    BQ: Last year… Fantastic Mr. Fox  (thanks @stuclach for reminding me). Moon was great too.

    25 years: Clockwork Orange/2001: A Space Odyssey/The French Connection. 

  56. Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Third Man.

  57. Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead.

  58. Star Trek and Airplane!

  59. Good to see alot of people calling my movie "Kick-Ass" their favorite movie of this year!

    I predict Josh will pick: Green Lantern #53.  That’s 9% of his pulled books.  My 2nd guess would have been Hellblazer #266.  Tough to say this week.  Though I have predicted the last 3 out of 4 picks correctly within a 10% guess.  Hope to make it 4 out of 5!

  60. @amircat Pulp Fiction was released in ’94 

  61. 3 books for me: Amazing Spider-Man, X-Factor and JLA.

    BQ: Star Trek and Seven Samurai 

  62. Oh at least 25 years old! Okay that means…

    Still to hard to decide.

  63. Last Year:  UP

     25 years:  RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK

  64. Just Streets Of Gotham, American Vampire, and Green Lantern for me.

    Watchmen was my favorite movie from last year.

    Evil Dead is more than 25 years old, right?  Well then that’s my damn answer.

  65. 2009: Star Trek

    1985: Ladyhawke

    I know it didn’t have to be exactly twenty five years ago, but that it made it easier to choose. 🙂

    As for this weeks books, I’m most excited for Doomwar 3, X-Men Legacy 235 and Torch 7.


  66. The answer is the same: Apocalypse Now. I saw it for the first time last year and it’s 25 years old.

  67. B.Q.: Moon and the Fountain.

  68. BQ: Let the Right One In and Taxi Driver

  69. ASM for me this week. Might also check out American Vampire.

    BQ: District 9 (But Up and How to Train Your Dragon are close) and Empire Strikes Back.

  70. Awww, I had a snarky comment all ready because I thought it said favorite movie of the last 25 years…

    BQ: District 9 and either Breakfast Club or Back to the Future. Both are exactly 25 years old, so I lucked out.

  71. Kick-Ass and Blazing Saddles

  72. Definitely:
    American Vampire #2
    The Brave and the Bold #33
    The Dark Tower: The Battle of Jericho Hill #5
    Joe the Barbarian #4

    Blackest Night: Director’s Cut
    Captain America: Who Won’t Wield the Shield

    BQ: Inglourious Basterds; The Breakfast Club

  73. Cliff chiang on Brave and the Bold!

    Hell yeah!


    BQ: Moon from 2009. Classic would be 2001 or Vertigo.

  74. Definitely Power Girl, Justice League of America, Joe the Barbarian and X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back for me. Maybe Green Lantern and/or Hellblazer.

    BQ: You know, I’m really not a big movie guy. The last movie I saw was probably Watchmen so I’ll go with that for my favorite movie in the last year if it counts, since I liked it enough to see it in the theater 2 or 3 times. At least 25 years old? Does Showgirls count? That’s my all time favorite movie of all time ever. But I guess it came out in 1995 so that’s only 15 years old, shit. So it would have to be something that came out before 1985. Hmmm… Well, I saw a really trippy Japanese horror flick from 1977 called Hausu a couple weeks ago and that was pretty cool. It felt like I was on drugs while I was watching it (PS I was also on drugs while I was watching it.) and it managed to keep my attention the whole way through even though I have a pretty short attention span which is one of the main reasons I’m not really a big movie guy. So I guess I’ll just go with that for right now.

  75. I’m really looking forward to DV8 #1.

    As for movies, this past year it’s a toss up between How to Train your Dragon (shocking me more than anyone, it was seriously fantastic) and A Serious Man (which took a few days for me to recover from and figure out exactly what I had just seen).

    Over 25 years ago: this was an insanely rough question until I remembered.

    For the first time since 1927, the most-complete cut of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis will be released. Opening May 7 in New York City, and coming out on Bluray later this year, this was literally (used correctly) the most exciting film news I heard in my life.

  76. Wait, Cliff Chiang is drawing that Ladies’ Night issue of Brave & The Bold with Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Batgirl? Well shit, throw that one on the pile as well. It might give me a good idea of how JMS handles Wonder Woman too, which will help me decide whether I want to check out his upcoming run.

  77. Kick -Ass and Goodfellas

  78. Damn, never even thought about not getting my comics.

    Stupid volcano

  79. Damn you Iceland!!!! Can’t you keep your Volcanoes under control?!

    I’ve placed my order but I can quite easily see the next two weeks being a comic free zone in the UK. 🙁

  80. Oh and Sherlock Holmes (don’t know why I liked it, I just did!)

    and Star Wars

  81. Brave and the Bold, Joe the Barbarian, American Vampire, X-Factor

    BQ: In the last year – Nine (the animated not the girly one); Over 25 years old: Seven Samurai by Kurosawa 

  82. one week without comics?, don’t hold your breath. News changing by the minute, last I heard was there were fresh ash clouds heading south and a possibility of neighbouring volcano going off aswell. Last time this happened in the 1800s it lasted 2 years. We might be looking at ‘shipping’ being the operative word!!  Answer: Put head in comic box and start praying.

    Movie over 25 years old: Wargames ( with that big computer called WOPR) What did that stand for again?

  83. Favorite Film of 2009: Inglorious Basterds

    Favorite Film of All Time (which happens to be over 25 years old) A Clockwork Orange 

  84. @Edward and @ScorpionMasada – Loved Let The Right One In – really should the vampire movie everyone is fawning over, not this Twilight crap. Nice ending – love the pool scene. Hearing there is a Hollywood remake, though, scares the Hell out of me.

    Maryters is divisive – you’re either going to love it or really hate it. Too many weird turns. That being said, good violence, creepy atmosphere and some genuine scares are all you can really ask for in a horror flick. 

  85. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Dan – Not just an American film remake (Let Me In). There’s also going to be a comic. 

  86. Thanks for the vote of confidence, dan – hope you like #2 – let me know!

  87. (# 2 of American Vampire…)

  88. Spidey, Power Girl, Crossed, and The Guild will be at the top of my stack this week.

    BQ: Recent: Watchmen. 25+ years old: Videodrome.

  89. @Paul – A comic I can handle. Just hoping Hollywood doesn’t go too, well, Hollywood with the remake. But if it drives people to the original, then all the better.

  90. @Dan: I just finished the book of Let the Right One In. Vey similar to the movie however certain pieces of information are left out of the film which mean the auidence interprets the film stroy totally differently. The very last scene of the film takes on whole new meaning. 

    For example, Eli isn’t actually a girl but a eunuch which is weird.


  91. @edward  There’s pleanty of weird to go around in that book.

  92. Does anybody in the US wish to adopt me for a few weeks?

     Tom? Sonia?

  93. @Mart: Sonia doesn’t work here anymore.

  94. Yeah, so don’t call here any more looking for her!

  95. @Conor, oops, yeah, I did see her elsewhere – just assumed she was still here, but hidden in a crowd scene!

  96. Oh phew, FP Edinburgh says we get the comics next Thursday – double the fun!

  97. Just Spoke to FP Glasgow and they said double dunt next week. I’m not bothered about all the people stranded abroad, and the navy rescuing people. But now this volcano has just pissed me right off. I want to stick my big toe up it’s magma filled Arse. And not in a sexy way.

     Movies: Zombieland (maybe Kickass, time will tell) and Definately The Searchers.

  98. ‘Double dunt’ –  is that good, Robert? Sorry, am sadly English!

  99. Two lots in one week, dunt Scottish for hit. i.e. "It’s broken." "Just give it a wee dunt!" *dunt* "Oh good that’s it fixed now."

  100. Thanks! Shame we’re in oppo cities, I’d buy you a coffee for that!

  101. No comics this week. i’m going to have fight and beat another volcano, aren’t i?