New Comics for 02.29.2012 thought ‘The Artist’ was easily the best film of the year

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

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This week Ron Richards has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question(s): Did you watch The Academy Awards? What did you think? Were you in a pool? How did you do? This year’s winner of the Official iFanboy Staff Academy Awards Pool was Ron Richards with an impressive 19 out of 24. (He beat me by 2!)


  1. I should have never voted for Malick to take best Director. Stupid voting with my heart.

  2. I never watch or follow the awards, but I was happy to hear that The Artist won best picture. I really enjoyed it.

  3. wow… its a pretty lousy week for comics 🙁

  4. Man, 5th weeks suck. Just Spaceman for me, maybe Prophet if my shop has any left.

    BQ: I did not watch the awards, but followed the results on some blogs. I took 2nd in my office pool BY ONE POINT! I went 11 for 16, but had I picked Hugo to win more of the technical categories I would have DOMINATED! Oh well. 😉

  5. BQ: I did not watch. I watched Walking Dead instead & one of the season 2 episodes of Fringe which I’m working my way through.

  6. Xenoholics guys! Give it a shot.

  7. God I hate these fifth weeks! Nothing to get but FF….but my rule is never to buy comics if I only have one in my pullbin for the week. Sadly nothing else out interest me so no comics for me this week. (Please hold your tears)

    BQ: Of course I watched it! It was much, MUCH better then last year’s by MILES. Crystal wasn’t great but I’ll take him over Hathaway and Franco any day of the week. It was a bit of an obvious night though with no real surprises. Except that Streep winning for Best Actress but is it that shocking? I mean she is a great actress, probably the best in our generation. The only other award that ‘shocked’ me was Girl With the Dragon Tattoo winning for Best Editing….So sure The Artist was going to get that.

    Although I feel bad for the Sound Editors/Mixers for Transformers cause doing those films must be a huge pain in the ass to edit.

  8. Oh wow this is going to be a GREAT week and probably a nail biting POTW for me sooo many great titles all coming out at once.

    Walking Dead
    Justice League
    The Ultimates
    Ultimate X-Men
    Batman Beyond Unlimited (going to give this a shot)

    Stoked is an understatement.

  9. Great week for comics, despite only one New52 book.

    I’m getting:
    PIGS #6

    And my two favourite books at the moment:
    SPACEMAN #4 (OF 9)
    THE SHADE #5 (OF 12)

    It’s started at 2:30 am over here, so didn’t watch it zzzzz. Saw the Bafta’s two weeks ago and The Artist won a lot there too. Haven’t seen that film yet, but its on my to see list.

  10. WALKING DEAD #94
    SPACEMAN #4 (OF 9)

    BQ not a fan of fake people kissing each others asses so I did not watch, but I did enjoy watching Walking Dead, East Bound and Down , and Life is too short instead.

  11. -Scalped #56: THE most consistently good ongoing of the past five years, bar none, hands down. Final story arc begins here. I’m equally excited and depressed to have typed that sentence out.

    -Amazing Spider-Man #680: Dan Slott isn’t even writing this, its Chris Yost. It feels like an appetizer for the big event, “Ends of the Earth”, but its a fun concept(Spidey/Human Torch team-up in SPAAAAAACE), its got a great art team, and although Yost aint Slott, he aint no slouch either.

    -Ultimates #7: Honestly, feel a little “meh” about this series now that Hickman is leaving. It felt like he was building up to something big with this book, and now he’s gone to do…whatever after AvX. Well, I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts, and appreciate Ribic’s full pencils again.

    -Venom 13.4: Been hot and cold with this event, but Remender is writing this one, so I’m feeling warm!

  12. Justice League #6 is the only comic I’m buying this week.

    BQ: I loved The Artist and was very happy to see it win. I scored an abysmal 9 right in picking for our Oscar pool. I didn’t go with Hugo on the the technicals, which killed me.

  13. Looks like Ron & I tied with 19. Those shockers in the Editing and Actress categories really messed up my ballot. Proud to say I went 3-for-3 on the shorts categories though! Really a disappointing year in the Picture field though; if I had to rank my top 5 films, usually most of them are nominated. This year, though, the lack of nominations for Shame, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Young Adult, etc. hurt my interest somewhat. Plus, after being there live last year, watching from home is a little less exciting.

  14. Not a bad week.


    BG: Watched it on and off, being surprised by little but delighted by much. However, I did learn a valuable lesson: Don’t follow Twitter during the Oscars! Too many people bitching about the Artist winning.

  15. BQ:

    The artist blah. A french guy beats Clooney for best actor in a movie that is black & white with very few words. WTH!
    The Decendants was a great film. I only watched the last 5 categories because I watched the Walking Dead & Comic Book Men instead.


  16. I agree with those who have 5th week blues. I see nothing I want to try 🙁

    • Yeah, it really seems like this 5th week caught the publishers by surprise. I see a lot of ongoing series that are wrapping up their current arcs and several miniseries in the home stretch. Neither of which feel like an ideal time to sample a new book.

      I’m hoping the Don’t Miss podcast and/or the Light Week feature put something else on my radar.

    • This would be an ideal time for a one-shot of some kind. I just don’t really want to try anything new as I know next month Saga and Hell Yeah start, and my budget doesn’t need another new series.

  17. Just Justice League, FF & Orc Stain (if my shop gets any copies), was thinking of trying a couple of other books, but i really should save some dosh for next week which is a motherf***er of a big week for me.

  18. Justice League #6, Amazing Spider-Man #680, FF #15, Moon Knight #10

    Solid week, probably looking forward to Spider-Man the most. I’ve been kind of lukewarm on Fantastic Four/FF as of late, not really feeling this arc. I think the ideas in Hickman’s run are much better than the actual execution. I’m on the bubble with that title(s). Moon Knight has been pretty good, although I would love for us to get an answer on why he suddenly has Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America as imaginary friends before bendis’ run is over. But I doubt that’s gonna happen. Justice League has been fun. not something that blows me away, but i am enjoying it quite a bit.

    BQ: Every year i watch the Oscars and every year I say “Why am i watching this?” The only award I cared about was best original screenplay, which I wanted Woody Allen to win, and I was happy he did. But didn’t care about any of the other categories. Although I bet my father a quarter The Artist would win best picture against his pick of Hugo, so that was cool. (Quarter bets are a running joke in my family.)

  19. Looks like Jim Lee got the sixth issue of JL in under the wire. Congrats, I guess.

  20. I knew The Artist was going to win but my pick for Best Picture was The Descendants. It was the most heartfelt of the nominees.

  21. I watched the Oscars and they were much better than last years though I thought the movies nominated last year were much stronger than this years. I would have rather The Descendants or Hugo had won best picture, but I really liked The Artist as well so I’m not going to complain about it.

  22. Descendants said so much about people and family and grief and life without beating you over the head with a single damn thing. I’m sure The Artist was great, but Descendants was perfect.

  23. I was really hoping this would be a small week for my finances, but 2 books? Wow.

  24. FF and Hellraiser. That’s it.

    I always watch the Oscars. I follow all the precursors, which kinda makes the ceremony predictable for the most part. The only real surprises that caught me were Streep winning over Davis and Girl w Dragon Tattoo winning editing over Artist and Hugo (and rightfully so!). With those two races, plus bombing on the shorts and missing a few other techs, I only pulled 16/24.

  25. New Comics for 02.29.2012 clearly didn’t see “Drive” or “We Need to Talk About Kevin.”

  26. Amazing Spider-Man 680, Steed & Mrs. Peel 2, Venom 13.4

    BQ: I did. Much better than last year. I have an annual Oscar costume party and this year I went as The Iron Lady. Also known as: red party dress and an Iron Man mask. (I thought it was funny…)


  28. Damn, my fifth week is bigger than I thought it would be.

    FF #15
    GREEN WAKE #10
    PIGS #6
    SPACEMAN #4 (OF 9)
    T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS VOL 2 #4 (OF 6)
    THE SHADE #5 (OF 12)
    THE TWELVE #10 (OF 12)

    BQ: I wasn’t super passionate about any of the nominees this year, so I only casually watched the Oscars, taking a break to watch the DVR’d Walking Dead episode. Not at all surprised The Artist cleaned up. I’ve wanted to see it, but I can’t find anyone I know who wanted to (not even my wife), so I missed it. This year I didn’t see ANY of the Best Picture nominees, so I really didn’t care.

  29. Another 6 book week for me, and it’s all winners. I can deal with that. Kind of amazed to see Orc Stain is coming out!

    BQ: The Oscars can suck it. If you can’t bother to nominate Drive for anything, you don’t deserve my attention.

    • They threw DRIVE a consolation nom for sound, which is almost more insulting. A full out snub would have been better so the Academy could get NO credit for noticing that film.

      They also completely ignored SHAME, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN, MELANCHOLIA, TAKE SHELTER, 50/50, YOUNG ADULT, MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE… yeah business as usual.

    • Absolutely correct

  30. This is the first week a book I worked on comes out, I’m very excited!

    Granted it was only some flatting for Batman Beyond (I’m not actually credited), but it’s something!

  31. Very light week this week.

    BQ: Didn’t watch the Oscars.

  32. Only 4 books this week: Batman Beyond Unlimited, Shade, FF, and JLA.
    BQ: Yeah I watched it! Thought it was much better than last years. I had made some guesses with my family and friends, and I only missed about 5 of them. Most were technical ones other than the best actor and actress in a lead role. Was extremely happy to hear Midnight in Paris won for Best Original Screenplay!

  33. Orc Stain 7 better not be a lie.

  34. Definitely:
    Justice League
    Amazing Spider-Man
    Avengers (though I may drop this soon)
    New Avengers (another possible drop)
    Angel & Faith

    TMNT: Donatello

    Pretty Slow week.

  35. Just Justice League for me.

    I’m trade waiting/insta-buying Walking Dead and Scalped (the single best series of the last decade) so I’m always tempted to pick up the issues on light weeks like this one.

  36. Freaking hate 5th week. So it’s Justice League and Amazing Spider-man. Never read any Amazing before but the new “Ends of the Earth” thing looks pretty cool so I’ll jump on now.

    BQ: Nah man, it’s all about the Walking Dead.

  37. Only JL & Shade for me – glad for the break.
    BQ: Didn’t watch because I was working, not surprised by the results. Would have liked to see Hugo get more love…..

  38. I don’t pay any attention to the Academy Awards until the next day. Typically some result piques my interest like seeing the best picture winner was something called “The Artists.” I’d never even heard of it. Looking over the list I haven’t seen any of the nominees. I guess I don’t go to the movies anymore.

    It is cool to see Bret McKenzie won for best song, even though there was only one other guy.

    Definitely a quiet week for comics. I’m only pulling 3 issues.

  39. (Just praying enough ppl buy THE SHADE so it makes it to a full 12 issues!)

    BQ: I watched the Oscars, yes, and won my family’s pool by only getting 16 correct! Yay for BionicMe! I thought the show itself was decent enough. I still love Billy Crystal, and seeing as how I didn’t think last year was a great year for film, the show pretty much reflected that. I am bummed that Viola Davis didn’t win. And I hated that only two songs were nom’d for Best Song; if you’ve never heard Chris Cornell’s “The Keeper” from last year’s film “Machine Gun Preacher,” do yourself a favor and check it out, it is WAY better than the Muppet song OR the Angry Birds Rio song.

  40. The Artist was anything but “easily the best film of the year”. Arguments can be made for “A Seperation”, “Hugo”, “The Descendants”, “Drive” and “The Tree of Life” that are completely valid.

  41. BQ: I did watch the Oscars this year and it was A LOT better than last years. No Anne Hathaway or any attempts to sell the show for a young audience. I really liked the performances by the circus performers and Billy Crystal was pretty funny.

    Even though I hadn’t seen some of the films, I did manage to get 9 out of 24, which isn’t great, but I did beat both of my parents (Mom got 5 out of 24, while Dad got 6 out of 24). Plus, having beaten them, I got a free lunch as a prize. Seeing some of the clips from the films really made me miss I had seen some of the films nominated (The Artist especially).

  42. This week has lots of books that I am perpetually considering cutting but then end up being quite satisfied after reading each issue, plus Scalped, which I wish would come out every week!

    I watched the Oscars and thought it was fun. I thought Billy Crystal did a great job, though I seem to be in the minority. I like the hokiness and how he embraces it, which just seems to balance out the immense seriousness that most of the other folks display.

    I also think that The Artist was easily the best film of the year. I see lots of love for Drive here, which I understand. It was a fun movie and it’s not every year that an action/crime thriller makes the bold move of having a protagonist with blatant Asperger’s syndrome.

  43. Light week for me.

    Probably pick up a trade to fill out the budget.

    (Says the guy with the Avengers Avatar.)

  45. Moon Knight #10 looks like the only thing I’ll be picking up this week.
    I, too, am hoping for an interesting “Don’t Miss” and/or “Light week, try…” feature.

  46. Scalped, The Unwritten, and The Twelve for me.

    BQ: Watched the awards with my sister and some friends. It was fun getting together and watching it, but Billy Crystal seemed off his game. And I still need to see The Artist! Tree of Life was probably my favorite this year, but I knew there was no way it’d win. Plus, you can’t really complain after you’ve won the Palme D’or.

  47. Light week for me. But my wallet will be happy. Lookin’ forward to Invincible and Walking Dead.

    BQ: I will always love Queen Meryl, but I was really rooting for Rooney Mara. Her performance in that film was the best I’d seen all year. Other than that disappointment, I thought this year was a welcome return to form.