More DC Titles with Swamp Thing, Frankenstein, Animal Man, and More.

This morning, on EW’s Shelf Life, DC announced their next wave of titles, all having to do with their supernatural, and formerly Vertigo based characters, like the recently revived Swamp Thing and John Constantine. It’s a good list, and has me pretty excited.

Swamp Thing #1 – Written by Scott Snyder, with art by Yanick Paquette, and fill ins from Francesco Francavilla.


Animal Man #1 – Written by Jeff Lemire, with Travel Foreman on art.


Justice League Dark #1 – Written by Peter Milligan, art by Mikel Janin. This is a team up of DC’s magic based heroes like John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Shade the Changing Man, and Madame Xanadu.


Demon Knights #1 – Written by Paul Cornell, and described as superheroing in medieval times.


Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1 – Written by Jeff Lemire, with art by Alberto Ponticelli, and making Frankenstein into an action hero working for the government, or Super Human Advanced Defense Executive.



Resurrection Man #1 – Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, with art by Fernando Gagnino, featuring a cult character who wakes up with new powers every time he’s killed.


I, Vampire #1 – Written by Josh Fialkov, with art by Andrea Sorrentino, it’s a story about Andrew Bennett, a vampire, who might have to kill all the other vampires to save humanity. Vampire on vampire action!


Voodoo #1 – Written by Ron Marz, with art by Sami Basri, it’s Voodoo from Wildcats! She was one of my favorites from that book. Exciting!


Make sure to check out our Definitive Guide to the DC Reboot to keep track of all the new titles.


  1. Geez I had no interest in Swamp Thing, Animal Man, or Frankenstein but if they are written by scott snyder and jeff lemiere with the addition they will be rebooting at 1 for easy access I might have to pick up all three in addition to the 15 other books I will probably be getting from DC. The wallet hurts sooo bad.

  2. Most exciting group of announcements yet.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see next week when they release September Solicts, which books will be on going and which will be mini series.

    Nice to see Snyder “branching” out in the DCU some more.

  4. Wow, I’ll probably be trying/getting all those books.  Ok, now, I’m getting a lil’ more excited about all this reboot nonsense. 

  5. Huh, finally some intriguing semi-new stuff. I’d check out all of these, at least. 

  6. best day of announcement so far, BY A LONG SHOT! im excited for every single one of these titles and i’ll buy all of them. This is how you win my $ DC: interesting concepts with fresh new writers!

  7. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I will gladly pick up each of these. Most inspired choices yet. 

  8. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Reasonable speculation given context clues, not inside info: If Paul Cornell’s Demon Knights book involves Etrigan, it will be my new favorite book. 

  9. Shit, I’m literally going to buy every single one of these books. The only one I’m shakey about is Justice League Dark because Peter Milligan is hit or miss with me, but the premise sounds fantastic. Here’s hoping we get Fun Weird Milligan on this one.

    Naturally, I’m most excited about Frankenstein: Agent Of SHADE. His Seven Soldiers mini was by far the best of the bunch, and since reading it, I’ve been dying for an ongoing. The fact that Jeff Lemire is writing this only makes me more excited. 

  10. Justice League Dark sounds like where it’s at. Yes, that is what I am looking for.

  11. Swamp Thing and Animal Man sound good. That JLA Dark thing could be really interesting…actually they all sound good. Might get all of them. 

  12. Yup, this is the first set where I want every series.

  13. I got excited with this reboot. I thought I was going to be able to drop some books. Now it looks like I’m going to be picking mire up. Damn You DC!!! :p

  14. If Milligan is writing the Justice League Dark title, this does not bode well for the idea that Vertigo Constantine will be completely unrelated to the DC Constantine.

  15. Is there any chance Demon Knights could have at least a vague relationship to the Atomic Knights?  Giant dogs at least?

  16. asically, I could not be happier with these creative teams and concepts here. This is the first round of announcements that has me uniformly excited.

    Swamp Thing only holds mild interest for me, but I have a lot of affection for the character thanks to the Moore, Veitch, and Diggle runs. And Scott Snyder is brilliant on anything he does. An easy, guaranteed buy for me.

    Animal Man holds a similar place in my heart thanks to the Morrison and Milligan runs on the title, and I really think Jeff Lemire is perfectly and uniquely qualified to handle that character. He’s got a strong grasp of family dynamics (Essex County) and he’s good at the sci fi world building stuff (Superboy, Ultra the Multi Alien, Sweet Tooth).

    Justice League Dark, despite the crappy name, is basically everything I could hope for. One of the best writers around coupled with two of my favorite DC/Vertigo characters (Shade and Constantine) and probably a couple of other fun magic characters.

    Demon Knights sounds interesting, and sounds like an opportunity to mix up Jason Blood and Ystina the Shining KNight and what not. And that is an interesting concept, one that I’d be at least interested in looking at…but then Paul Cornell is writing it, so it’s a guaranteed dynamite book.

    And then Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE is basically an idea I’ve been begging for them to use since Morrison came up with it (well, I was hoping for Seven Soldiers: Agents of Shade, but still) and I am inestimably excited about seeing it.

    Basically…100% awesome here.

  17. Wow these are the types of creative teams i’ve been waiting for for this dc reboot! I’ll be picking up all of these titles. Snyder, Milligan, Lemire, Cornell that is areally strong group of writers! 

  18. Also, is anyone else worried that the “mining” of their (mostly) Vertigo writers is a sign that they are shutting down the line?

  19. JLD. I’m in. Constantine on a team? Awesome.

  20. No, just that they understand what makes those characters work is not going to be brought to the table by J T Krul and Eric Wallace.

  21. I was one of the few that REALLY loved Matt Wagner’s Madame Xanadu series.  I am pretty excited for JL: Dark.

  22. @HailScott  I was wondering about as well. But then originally Vertigo seemed to be for their non Comic Code books. In the abscence of the Code, I can see sense in moving some titles over (or back, in Swampy’s case) to the DC imprint. If Vertigo continues, it might make sense for it to exclusively house titles that exist outside the DCU.

  23. I will be buying all of these, digitally, on a Wednesday.  Awesome.

  24. These announcements are really getting better and better by the day.  If this continues with the rest of the 52 titles, and each lives up to its potential, this really could be the dawn of a new age.

  25. Man, I’m getting pretty excited now. 3 of those are definites.

  26. Cornell surfaces! And not writing Doomsdays!

    The “big” books have not moved the needle for me, but these oddballs in the corners are really sounding intriguing. I’m down for a taste, especially if I can do it just by clicking a button in my house when the mood strikes. 

  27. I think this batch is the one that, so far, is least likely to appeal to the non comic reader.

  28. @Jimski  Agreed, the big books have been rather bland but all the little books are not at all what i expected. Constantine and Deadman on a team book is something i never thought i would see at DC. A new nightwing series though seems like business as usual.

  29. Holy Smokes! I am so excited about this news I had to register and post something. My first digital download was Nonplayer but It may just be a regular thing to do now.

  30. @nudebuddha  Yea I agree and it’s a shame because the creative teams on these books are some of the best we’ve had so far.

  31. @HailScott  –or you could see it as they are giving those creators more mainstream work, so that its financially viable for them to still do their Vertigo stuff. As someone who does lots of freelance, staying busy and securing longer term gigs is always a good thing

  32. @bgavino  Yup. I’m not big on most of the characters, but Lemire and Snyder bring me in.

  33. @nudebuddha  Yea same here.

  34. Don’t know anything about Swamp Thing really, but will defo be picking that up since it’ll be written by Snyder. He also just mentioned in a tweet the main artist will be Paquette and that Francavilla will be the artist on special fill-in issues. Awesome team for sure!

  35. Well, they definitely put their A-game into Semi-Vertigo here.

  36. Holy crap, yes. THIS is what i’ve been waiting for. I actually want ALL of these, dammit. I agree with Paul — most inspired choices yet.

  37. I bet Josh can’t wait to see Jim Lee’s new costume for Constantine. Lot’s of pockets for cigarettes strapped to his thighs.

  38. Yes please! All of these are going on my pull list.

  39. though  will say: “Justice League Dark” is a terrible name, even if I understand the reason for using the JL brand. I have faith in Milligan — hopefully it’ll be one of those things where it’s a joke between the characters, or they never refer to themselves that way.

  40. Wow!

    Other then Justice League Dark I am going to buy every single one of these. Hell, I had a feeling Snyder was going to write Swamp Thing. Not sure why I had that feeling, but I did. This is great! 

  41. Well I will definently give all of these a try.

  42. Constantine on a team?  I am pretty skeptical, but I will check out the book nonetheless as I love me some JC.

  43. Hey guys, Scott Snyder said that the artists for Swamp Thing is Paquette. But also, he’s got fill in issues by Franceso Francavilla! God I love this man…

  44. Anyone think of Thunderbolts when they see JL Dark? Just a thought.

    Great batch of announcements from DC. This is what I was hoping from the reboot. It’s really going to be on Snyder, Lemire, Winnick, and Cornell to be the pillars for the foundation of the new DCU. These writers have built up enough good will that I will at least consider purchasing every book they write.

    I’m way too excited for Swamp Thing, and Snyder especially if we get Francavilla on a semi-regular basis. Lemire’s Animal Man sounds amazing; JL Dark is at least intriguing, and it’s nice to see DC find a place for Madame Xanadu; and the wildcard is Frankenstein, which could be awesome. So much untapped potential, and here’s hoping the creators can really hit it out of the park.

  45. Well, Paquette has been aping the style of Adam Hughes and Kevin Knowlan for years, maybe it’s time for a Bernie Wrightson/John Totleben spin now?

  46. JL Dark kinda intrigues me, i always loved the DC magic side of things, much more so than marvels for some reason

  47. Awesome! None of announcements had really caught my attention up till this point but I’ll definitely be picking up Swamp Thing and Animal Man.

  48.  Written by Scott Snyder, with art by Yanick Paquette, and fill ins from Francesco Francavilla.  


  49. With this announcement, I am more than “on board” with the renumbering. Justice League Dark is very exciting.

  50. @PaulMontgomery  Ooh-ooh!  Etrigan, Merlin and Morgan LeFay!  Yes!  I’d buy that.

  51. There’s more announcements on DC’s website! A lot of magic books coming out…

  52. OK, now I’m excited!!!!

  53. WOW-Swamp Thing and Animal Man both being written by my two favorite writers,,This is very exciting news..Cant wait

  54. I like Peter Milligan, but I think it would have been cool to see Cullen Bunn on Justice League Dark. I loved his Sorcerer Kings arc in Superman/Batman.

  55. Wow I am excited. And now I am wondering about the fate of Xombi.

  56. Now I know you guys like Ron Marz, just like Lemire and Snyder. But ron would point out that isn’t a big name….right?

  57. RESURrECTION MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  58. The only thing that has me worried about these reboots is I have not heard anything about the future of Xombie. Its one of my favorite books next to American Vampire and Sweet Tooth I really really hope it dosen’t get cancelled.


  60. @RoiVampire  Seconded!!

  61. Voodoo, huh? I wonder if they’ll change her origin. They might not even bother, and just go with something like that weird Alan Moore mini way back when (which got collected a couple years ago alongside the WildCATS/Spawn crossover and some other random Moore Wildstorm stories). I’m intrigued, at least.

  62. yay Voodoo

  63. These are definitely interesting.  Snyder on Swamp Thing I think is the only logical choice.  I’ll probably try out a good chunk of these.  Sadly though, I think we’re starting to learn about the stuff that probably will have the hardest time on the market and the most likely to go before their time.  Here’s hoping a bunch of these catch on and stick around.


  65. oh HELL yes! RESURRECTION MAN was a GREAT underrated series from DC. Stoked to have it back. And I seems to recall liking an Alan Moore (or some other writer I like) mini-series with Voodoo from Wildstorm. Interesting to see them repopulate the DCU with the Wildstorm characters integrated. I like it.And Fialkov on an I, Vampire update?

    Okay… today’s announcements… whew!… yes, this is MY corner of the DCU for sure. 

  66. aside from Swamp Thing I couldn’t care less about any of these books.  I was initially excited for the relaunch but it’s looking worse everyday.

  67. OH SHIT! The folding of the WildC.A.Ts into the DC Universe begins!

  68. I want a Shadow Cabinet book!!!!!! You here me DC…SHADOW CABINET!!! If we are getting Voodoo, i want Shadow Cabinet drawn by JP Leon!!!!!!!!!!! ‘Nuff said.

  69. The more I’m looking at this, the more I might buy all of these.

  70. So Frankenstein is DC’s version of Hellboy? I’ve never been terribly interested in Swamp Thing, buy Yanick will make it look pretty. Animal Man looks….scary. Cornell on Demon is a winner, going to check that out.

  71. Even though the digital announcement wasn’t for us die-hards’ sake, this is what excites me about it. A few months in, if Swamp Thing & Animal Man are getting good reviews &/or sound interesting, I can go pick em up for cheaper, without having to worry about the availability of all the issues.

    Or maybe I’ll break down & still buy print-issues. But the choice is appreciated.

  72. This is awesome and all. I love these characters, but I totally would have put Paul Cornell on Swamp Thing.

  73. Okay, based on the cover, I see little similarity between the old House of Mystery run and this new I, Vampire, but I’m still going to have to check it out because I have a lot of affection for that old series.

  74. HOLY CRAP! My wallet now hates you DC. These writer/artist parrings are amazing! I’ve been wanting VERTIGO to have a line of books this strong. VooDoo and Vampire seem missable, but everything else sounds fantastic! But couldn’t Justice League Dark have been called Shadowpact or Justice League Magic? Or Justice League After Dark? Or Justice League Midnight? Or Justice League: The Witching Hour? Or Justice League: The Unexpected?

  75. So…is anyone else suddenly fearing a Vertigo switch to trades/novels only?  Seems like many of their mainstays are suddenly being shifted to DC books.

    In a related note: John Constantine in a Justice League book?  I’m gonna have to be a skeptical jerk about that one.

  76. These are awesome.  It looks like we’re going to get some more British themed comics from Cornell, which is great.  The only one that I don’t find too interesting, based on the premise, is the vampire book.  Otherwise, count me in on these bad boys.

  77. Also, Francavilla on Swamp Thing is brilliant.  I can’t wait to see his art for that character.

  78. @themanagement  I’m figuring they’ll never actually refer to themselve as that… or if they do, only a bad inside joke. 😉

    Although, this does remind me of that anniversary issue of Hellblazer, I think during the Jenkins run, where Phil Jimenez guest pencils a story where JC is a super-hero in red tights called “Hellblazer.” Hysterical.

  79. Or maybe I was wrong about the art. Only pic I could find online is this:


  80. Better page of JC as a super-hero:

    (I swear there was another bit that Jimenez drew, but maybe I’m just going crazy. Either way, this is hysterical.)

  81. Is that Zatanna in Justice League Dark?  It kinda looks like it even though she wasn’t in the named lineup.  I know one is Madame Xanadu, but I bet the other is Zatanna with pants.  Since, you know, ladies are wearing pants this year.

  82. @themanagement  
    Vertigo hasn’t announced a new ongoing in about two years. Vertigo is dead.

  83. Best group so far. I nearly pissed myself in excitment thinking about Cornell on a book with Etrigan. Finally something in this DC reboot that makes me want to buy a comic.

  84. Finally! Creators I will buy!

  85. Ah-ha! Finally found the Jimenez version of Hellblazer. It was from a Books of Magic Annual by Millar:  (okay, done with the links now. Also the first image was actually from a Morrison Doom Patrol issue. My memory is faaaaading.)

  86. @NawidA  Huh.  I guess American Vampire, iZombie and Sweet Tooth don’t count?

  87. This is probably the most intresting bunch yet. Snyder and Paquette on Swamp Thing sounds great, and really excited to see Francavilla on another book. I might check out Animal Man since I like Travel Foreman’s art, and while i like Cornell, I have zero intrest in Etrigan, so will not be picking up demon knights. I might also check out Voodo because of Sami Basri.

  88. I know I’ll be Forever Alone with this one: but I truly am a Resurrection Man fan and so glad to see it back AND being worked on by the original team that created him.  Excellent news!

  89. Ok, now DC’s got my excited. I love that books like these can be in the DCU. Still, I hope this doesn’t slow Vertigo up.

  90. Excellent I always welcome anything new and Swamp Thing.

  91. @gobo: I concur. The Sami Basri Voodoo looks awesome. Swamp Thing, JLD, Frankenstein and Resurrection Man all look cool, too.

  92. Looking good. I’ll read anything by Snyder and Cornell, and try the others too.

    Is Voodoo the first Wildstorm character mentioned in these announcements? I expect more will be coming. That could be a good thing.

  93. This is the best line-up so far (compared to the previous days announcements)

  94. Ok, now DC is finally getting me interested. More of the same creators but at least moving in some new directions. Still my jaded soul wonders how long any of these titles is likely to last.

  95. @ctrosejr  
    Have any of them been announced in the past two years?

  96. Love the fact pretty much everybody is united in excitment for Swamp Thing and Animal Man haha.

    Detective and Sweet Tooth are my two favourite comics at the moment. Swamp Thing and Animal Man are two of my favourite characters.

    Perfect. Nice one DC, NICE ONE.

    I love Cornell too… but I’m afraid I have no idea who Etrigan is. Better get on Wiki… anybody give me some good reading points?

  97. @Phosphene  
    Why read up? It’s a #1.

  98. After being quite enthusiastic about the first few announcements, I have to say – this group of new comics leaves me a bit cold.  The only thing that looks somewhat interesting is the new Justice League Dark title.

  99. @iSteve  I guess it goes to show you that the diversification is starting to kick in. The first few announcements left me mostly cold. This batch was the first that really fired me up for the relaunch. I think DC knows not everything is for everyone, but I’m glad to see them trying to move out of the straight-up spandex set. And I’m glad to see a bunch of folks in this thread who are wired like me. 🙂 Hope that equates to SALES, though. We shall see.

  100. Wow I am really excited for almost all of these. Animal man, Ressurection Man, Deadman in Dark!, Frankenstein, and Animal man! The only two I am sure I will pass on are Vampire and Voodoo

  101. With the three new titles and all the covers the only one I might pass up is I, Vampire.  I’ll probably still give it a shot though.  I never knew I wanted a Voodoo comic until they stuck Ron Marz and Sami Basri on it!  And boy of boy does JL Dark look awesome.  This is an exciting page.

  102. shade the changing man are you kidding me ,that was one of my favorite old books.snyder and lemire i would follow anywhere.i agree with the posts above me ,finally i group of books i am exited for

  103. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DC knows what they’re doing! After seeing this, I now think that this relaunch may be the best move DCs ever done.  I’m just happy that I finally got a job, cause I’d go crazy if I missed out on this. 

    Now they just need Neil Gaiman on The Endless
    Alan Moore on The Minutemen
    Brendan McCarthy on Doom Patrol
    David Lapham on Gotham Crime
    Jaime Hernandez on DC Romance
    Mike Allred on Challengers of the Unknown 
    Garth Ennis on The Joker
    Warren Ellis on Adam Strange
    Frank Miller on The Question
    and JM Dematteis on Martian Manhunter

  104. @wallythegreenmonster  I hope you are right about that, but I have a bad feeling about it. 

  105. I just read the first hardcover of Alan Moore’s  Swamp Thing yesterday and immedietly ordered the next two volumes and am going insane waiting for them.  That being said, I wasn’t excited when I saw the cover to the new series.  That is until I saw that it’s being written by Scott Snyder with Yanick Paquette and Francesco Francavilla on the art duties.  If you told me that Swamp Thing would be the book I’d be most excited for in this whole relaunch I’d have said you were crazy, but that’s the way it’s looking! I can’t wait.

  106. I’m down for Swamp Thing, Justice League Dark, Frankenstien, Demon Knights and Resurrection Man. Altough, DC is already getting enough of my money.

  107. Some of these sound interesting but I’m still going to wait for reviews, all the concepts sound hit or miss but the creative teams sound promising so I will wait and see …

  108. Swamp Thing and Ressurection Man interest me. The rest…. meh

  109. @manwithoutbeer  nice list, never gonna happen but can’t blame you for putting it out there lol

    why not Chris Ware on the Atom (Ray Palmer) (20 pages of self-pity and reflections on the inevitability of being betrayed by loved ones. And being old, outmoded and past it. Also lots of really tiny figures and text)?


  110. I’m pretty excited by these lineups. Especially by the seeming evidence that Wildstorm will be DC where they can get top talent more consistently… in theory, anyway.

  111. wow. I’m on these titles like white on rice.

  112. VOODOO!!!!!!
    Ressurection Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Finally, some titles in the DC reboot that I’m excited about – Snyder on Swamp Thing, Fialkov, Frankenstein & Etrigan.

  114. Resurrection man should fight Solomon Grundy.

    In every issue. 

  115. @Cormac  

    Haha. Brilliant idea. 

  116. Travel Foreman? That’s a name.

  117. Justice League Dark is a definite.  I will probably try swamp thing.  The rest…who knows, they are neither here nor there for me.

  118. All these look interesting, except perhaps for I Vampire. I have zero interest in Vampires – except maybe for Buffy which is my second favourite TV show ever.

  119. Ron Martz and DnA!!   Sold. Will be getting those books.

  120. I agree this is the best announcement so far. So much serious potential here. Personally, I’ll only be buying half of them: Swamp Thing, JLD (weird), Animal Man, and Frankenstein. But still, some really exciting stuff here.

  121. I think this batch is the MOST likely to appeal to non comic readers.   Even factoring in superhero blockbusters, there’s way more fantasy and horror fans out there than spandex and cape fans.  But only IF they get some mainstream hype for the line.  If Superman and Batman get all the press, these will be hit or miss.

  122. @Tad  Oh agreed. Frankenstein is an instantly recognizable name, and making him “secret agent Frankenstein” could easily be an appealing mashup for the mainstream. Swamp Thing already has some pop culture cachet, and ANYthing vampire seems like it would be easy to position for the True Blood or Twilight demos. I could see Resurrection Man as a cheesy SyFy pilot, so that’s an easy enough property to pitch to the mainstream. And medieval heroes being launched in a time when Game of Thrones is on TV? Yeah, that could work.

    It seems very smart to me to push these away from the standard spandex. I just hope the series are given enough autonomy to really build insular storylines while still being in the DCU sandbox. That’s gonna be the best way to make sure a curious non-reader not only checks these out but also sticks around.

  123. DC titles have steadily fallen from my pull list in the last two years, but these Vertigo-esquetitles will almost all be getting at least the first arc of each added.

  124. @manwithoutbeer  Sign me up for Warren Ellis’ Adam Strange!

  125. I think out of all the new titles, i’m mostly excited about Animal Man. I would also be all about a new Question series. They should nab David Liss to write it.

  126. Justice League Dark may be the most exciting title announcment so far & I’m willing to bet that it will still be around in 12 months time. Maybe I Vampire & Voodoo too, but the rest?

  127. A lot of good ones here.  I wouldn’t have thought I’d want to read Frankestein but after reading the Flashpoint issue I’m totally on board. 

  128. I’ll give Swamp Thing a try, since I happen to like Snyder and what he’s doing with AMERICAN VAMPIRE.  The Frankenstein book might be fun, and the JL-Dark book has potential, although I wish DC was going to give Shadowpact another chance.  It’s nice to see Resurrrection Man given a …um resurrection, since I enjoyed the original run and Dan Abnett is one of my current favorite writers. To be honest these are about the only books of the 52 announced that hold interest for me.  I gave up on all the DCU super-hero titles late last year don’t feel a need to pick up another reboot.  Only the returning ALL-STAR WESTERN is going to be put on my ‘pull list’ sight on seen, as I’m a sucker for westerns in general and Jonah Hex in particular.

  129. I think DC is very brave for putting out more than just one or two non-standard superhero books. This batch of titles reminds me a lot of what was on the stands in the 70s; maybe those phone book sized Showcase trades featuring the lesser known characters have been selling better than I thought. There’s no way I’m going to be able to afford everything I want but it’s great to see such a diverse group of titles to choose from. Marvel should take notice (along with lowering their prices…but alas, that’s a discussion for another day)…

  130. Just getting into Swamp Thing and Hellblazer. I can’t wait for Justice League Dark and Swamp Thing. Might pick up Animal Man and some other stuff, but JLD is the book I’m looking to get. I only hope John Constantine will be written well, it seems to me he can easily be messed up. Haven’t read any of Milligian’s run, so I don’t know if he can write Hellblazer… Still very exicted. 

    Also, side question, but is his name Constantine pronounced een or line. I think it is line. 

  131. This may be a dumb question but I thought Voodoo was an Image character same for Grifter

  132. @Walter  She and Grifter were characters in a book published by Image under the Wildstorm banner. Then Wildstorm moved to DC and now they are integrated into the new DCU. There are no “Image characters” as everything that Image publishes is creator owned.

  133. Thanks for clarifying that for me, I just in the last 2 months got back into collecting comics and I did not realize that Wildstorm had become a DC title.