Meet Jim Lee’s Larger JLA Ensemble

Comic industry news unfurls from some curious places. In this case, the promo art for an SDCC exclusive drink glass reveals the wider ensemble of Geoff Johns' and Jim Lee's Justice League of America. DC Women Kicking Ass spotted the image on Toon Tumbler's Facebook page this weekend. Here's a look: 

At center, we have the main team. Aquaman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Flash (Barry Allen) and Cyborg. 

On the left, Deadman, The Atom, Flashpoint's Element Woman, and Firestorm. 

On the right, Green Arrow, Hawkman, a mystery female character, and Mera. 

Geoff Johns revealed on Twitter that various guesses to the identity of that character at the 4 o'clock position have all been incorrect. She's not blonde, so it's not Black Canary or Power Girl. So we're either looking at a redhead or someone with silver or white hair. 

Any guesses? 


  1. awesome

  2. Dove in a different costume.

  3. The announcement of this line up has made me reconsider my decision in not picking up the book. It’s pretty  damn good, But I would have liked more characters that don’t have their own books so they could get a little page time too.

  4. People give Jim Lee a hard time about the new costumes, but I kind of like them. Especially the Wonder Woman costume; she looks just as attractive, and more likely to kick your ass, than in the old one.

  5. Maybe the mystery character is deathstorkes daughter

  6. that mystery character looks like Zealot to me

  7. Oh it could be zealot

  8. the only costume i really don’t care for is GL and even that might look better in a different pose maybe

  9. I don’t know how much longer I can handle not yet having these new titles.  Its driving me insane. 

  10. I love the new costume redesigns (even supermans). However I never had a big attachment to DC in the past. This will be my first large scale purchasing of anything DC

  11. Do we know she’s not Black Canary or do we just know she’s not a blonde? Because, technically, Dinah’s not a blonde.

  12. Mera is looking rather Witchbladian.

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Someone guessed Miranda Shrieve from the Frankenstein book, which made total sense with the costume and overall appearance, but she’s blonde. Hmm..

  14. Yeah, I’m going with the crowd on this one. Mystery character is Zealot.

  15. Those are some high pumps…

  16. Nobodys making a big deal about the fact that supes red speedos have gone, it took over 70 years.

  17. I dig all these choices, but it just doesn’t feel like the Justice League without Martian Manhunter.  Deadman’s on two teams, why not Mr. J’onzz?

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @WonderAli  That’s a very good point. That said Johns noted that no one’s correctly guess the character’s identity yet. And I think Black Canary was the first guess. 

  19. Having Zealot on the team would be cool, having a Wildstorm character on the team would definitely make more sense in this new DC world.

  20. I am putting a vote in for Amethyst, Princess of Gem World. 

    Stranger things have happened…

  21. Either that or Jenny Sparks…

  22. This looks Fantastic- I think some of the coloring in some previous images was a bit too 90’s retro
    These designs are great- They are all super hero- with a design that looks functional too.(for this line of work)

    Nicely done. 

  23. I don’t think it’s Zealot, but I don’t have much reason to think that other than she seems to have a mole above her upper lip and Zealot doesn’t seem to have ever had one.

  24. Maybe the secret character is


  25. That’d be cool if it was Zealot. It would also make sense since they are integrating the Wildstorm Universe into the DC Universe. 

  26. Doesn’t Superman look young?

  27. Superman’s looks like armor.

  28. My money’s on Zealot

  29. It looks better than how it looks on the Perez cover.

  30. Gotta be Zealot. Deadman a JLAer though? Seems unnecessary. So does Mera. And Cyborg looks like crap.

  31. @keith7198  that’s the first thing i noticed! when i look at him, i think superboy, not superman?

  32. Check out all of the V-belts.

  33. I want this as my wallpaper badly! too bad it’s piss poor resolution

  34. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I feel like Cyborg and his fans could’ve survived his getting a more substantial redesign. 

  35. Just scrolled through a group of White Haired DC characters, the only one that seems to look like that picture is some person named Star that showed up in a handful of Robin issues.

    That said, she seems pretty freaking unlikely 🙂

  36. How long do we give DC before ‘Cyborg is big enough to be a JLA-er’ ends?

    I’m not saying he can’t be as big as Superman or Batman, but it seems like they’re banking on Cyborg being the big new thing for the line…..Which I don’t see working at all unless they are hoping fans of the cartoon ‘Teen Titans’ will buy this immediately. 

  37. Now with sixty percent more armor-seam lines. I like the costumes fine other than that.

  38. @flakbait  It also looks like Batman and Superman buy their costumes from the same shop.  They have matching armor seams.  Guess Superman doesn’t wear his costume under his clothes anymore?  There is no way you wouldn’t notice Clark Kent had pulled his shirt, tie and suit over a complete suit of body armor…

  39. Looks like I got me a new desktop wallpaper.  Glad to see Ollie on the team.

  40. Im not a big fan of the costume changes. i’m happy they aren’t THAT different, but it still reminds me of the 90s.

  41. Tiny bit bummed that J’onn isn’t in there, but other than that: AW YEAH!

  42. @RapidEyeMovement  – I’m with you, I would have loved Martian Manhunter, but he is on Storm Watch, so it’s cool.

    @mmyoung  – Yes, I like WW’s new costume.

    I love Jim Lee, but I hope the book looks better than this. It looks great, but something feels off …

  43. They all look so young. Hopefully Supes never goes through a mullet phase again.

  44. SWEET

  45. Secret character? Ms. Klanbaid from The Intimates

  46. @Fvckstick  Maybe that’s because Jim Lee OWNED the 90’s.

  47. So with the red and blue on either side…are we going to have a JLA “Red” and “Blue” teams, not unlike 90s X-Men?

    Also, Hawkman is cooler than Cyborg.

  48. maybe it’s ICE?

  49. Looks awesome. I’m really excited for this book. I too lament the absence of J’onn, but I’m really glad to see Ollie back on the team. He belongs there. I’m hoping one of the positives of the relaunch is a return to greatness for GA. But we still have Krul on the title, so ya never know.

    As for the mysterious woman’s ID, ya got me. I would’ve suggested all of the various theories here, so if all those are still wrong, I got nothin. Lookin forward to finding out though.

    Also; Ray Palmer! Woo Hoo!

  50. looks awesome!!!!!

  51. Zealot

  52. I don’t know who Zealot is, but I think it could be Jenny Sparks. 

  53. I think that Jenny Sparks is the best guess so far. There’s always the chance that it could be a new character.

  54. Uh…. Maybe that mystery lady is just a shape shifting J’onn J’onzz? Well I wish it was, anyway. But the art looks fantastic. I quite like the WW redesign.

  55. @Thursday  – what are Hawkman’s powers? Does he even need the wings? I think Cyborg is slightly cooler.

  56. Apart from how everyone looks like a robot/cyborg the costumes look quite nice – also nice to get a first actual look at a much Superman, sporting a very trendy haircut.

    Batman looks like he’s wearing some black Iron Man chest knock off though

  57. Superman’s costume just seems mediocore.  Its hard to live up to the original and i think this redesign falls a bit short.  i dont like the rigid armor look at all.  its weird.  this logo seems different from the orignal one they showed so i have no idea what they are actually going for.

  58. At least he remembered to draw a ring on GL this time.

  59. Jenny Quantum is appearing in Cornell’s Stormwatch, if I’m not mistaken, so I don’t think that’ll be Jenny Sparks (Also: Sparks was the ‘Spirit of the 20th Century’ — so using her instead of Quantum would be very ironic for DC’s grand 21st century update ;D ).

  60. Paul- Agreed

    The guy in a big robot suit is a little played out-
    It would have been more interesting to play with the merging of man and machine that a cyborg is
    make it true scifi-less obvious distinction between organic and tech

    Something like super sentinel in x-men or even iron man’s recessive armor- something different not just Bigger.


  61. shinny boots. i like the fins on aqua-man but where ate the bolts on flash’s? over all, ok i guess. it’s Jim Lee for sure

  62. i think my main whatever with the designs is they all look like the same guy made them which just kinda throws me.

  63. sweet! Ray Palmer is still around!

  64. Nice, I think it could be a decent book, but with the costumes being overly detailed it looks somewhat unnecessary. Detail just for detail sake. Like Flash’s boots, the line work seems random. Plus I’m not a fan of Superman’s new look, I’m not sure if its armor. The way Jim Lee and George Perez draw it looks like armor, and why would Superman need armor? He’s invulnerable. Plus its got a jumpsuit feel, like a 70’s henchman for a bond villain. It could have been rethought a little more.

  65. Yeah, these costumes aren’t going to age well

  66. Cyborg looks so stupid. I’m with Paul. The character could have standed a MUCH bigger revamp.

  67. Not a fan of the movie inspired high-collar Green Lanern.  I like Superman’s costume, though it’s weird that he’s still wearing his undies on the outside, but they’re blue now and the red instead of gold belt.  Lots of detail in those costumes.  Look at the boots!  Amazing.

  68. I think the costumes are kinda cool at first glance, but the more I look at ’em the more I realize it’s just the differences… I agree with the statement about detail for the sake of detail. There’s something about the minimalism of the classic super-hero costume that gets lost in the update. I think there are probably ways to update without overcomplicating… I don’t think this is it. Though I do like WW’s costume more than the previous version.

    Still, I just can’t get THESE out of my head:

  69. Love the new Wonder Woman look. The Superman one is growing on me. SO weird to see him with his underwear on the INSIDE of his pants.

    Or is he maybe going……COMMANDO????

    I have no idea who the mystery woman is. Maybe a new character?  

  70. I wonder if the blue and red colors in which the characters are framed is just a design choice or could have something to do with the color spectrum of GL.

    I still think the girl could be Miranda Shrieve even though the scar is missing.  

  71. @thepowerout  it’s the new rebooted superman, they are de-aging him to be in his 20s. Just like in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Superman is being completely rebooted again from square one. The past 70+ years of his continuity never happened. Enjoy! 

  72. Colour scheme reminds me of voltron covers a little bit. It’s pretty cool. And as for everyone being young, if this is the start of the jla, (i guess a replacement for jla year one maybe?) then it’s not so bad, and then they’re a little older in the regular books.

  73. Out of all the Jim Lee new costumes the JLA’s look is the best, and yes I am glad to see Ray Plamer.

  74. The Mystery Girl looks like Savant to me. Zealot’s sister from Alan Moore’s run on WildCATS. Kinda makes sense sense since Johns loves using his toys. I alsways really liked that character too 

  75. I’ll I wanna know is, What is Superman’s new power set? He’s never really had need for “armor” so does the new suit mean he’s less powerful somehow? Has he lost is “aura of invincibility”?

    I need answers damnit!! =)

  76. @DaveWielgosz  I agree, Zealot

  77. I would love for it to be Zealot, because interaction between her and Wonder Woman would be interesting.

  78. kahones- Sure he’s usually invulnerable but how often has he been zapped by a power draining ray
    Or transported to a planet with a red sun? Kind of makes sense he would take some precautions.

  79. Some mentioned that they’re not going to age well. Pretty sure at least Supermans design is Image from the 1990s they’ve already aged. His old suit was fine. I do like Wonder Woman’s clothes though.

  80. Batman’s hands look like he has those Wolverine Claw openings. Except four of em.

  81. Maybe I’m on my own here but I get the feeling that maybe (aside from the big 7) this isn’t a JLA roster at all. Seeing as how many of the people here have their own books and the fact that Deadman specifically will be part of Justice League Dark, it seems like overkill to include him on this team as well. I saw this and figured it may just be a DC Universe promo poster. I can be (and most likely am) wrong about this but…

  82. Could be Donna Troy, revamped/revived.  Could be Talia Al Ghul?  Could be new version of Hawkgirl.

  83. Is it me or does Superman’s costume look like armour? Why would Supes need something like that. Otherwise, everything looks good… so far….?

  84. Jroukno- you are a great driver right? You never get in an accident
    So why do you drive a car with an airbag?
    just in case.

  85. For me personally, this dampens my enthusiasm in the book. I prefer team books with smaller casts. I guess I was hoping for just the main guys (and not cyborg but J’onn instead). For a little while at least. Let me get to know the main team first before bringing in everybody and their uncle.

  86. @Heroville – Secret? I would love that so much.

    I think all of these costume designs look fantastic. I mean, it’s Jim Lee, so you wouldn’t expect much less. But I think they all look great. 

  87. That Cyborg design sure is ugly, Even still, its an improvement over the VERY 70’s looking old design.

  88. I think Cyborg looks badass.

  89. Good call on Dove in a new costume or Deathstrokes daughter,looks like the girls hair is pink like from,Gen13 (weren’t they Wildstorm?). Superman does look young, I was gonna say that he looks like a Teen Titan. I love the new Wonder Woman makeover since JMS short lived run also dig the tweeks to Batman’s suit, notably the belt design, going with shorter batmask ears and the boots, also like that he kept the knuckle pads that we’ve being seeing since Batman Inc and The Dark Knight, I think that was Finch’s touch, unless it was something Morrison thought of in Return of Bruce Wayne but haven’t read that, but the torso armor effect looks like the same definition as on Supes. Assuming thats Bruce, I love that he went back to black bat symbol and got a modified yellow belt for some color. Flash and everyone else looks tight with minor changes. Still don’t see Cyborg as one of the frontline but maybe after Flashpoint that changes. Love that The Atom is in there with the rest of a great expanded lineup, looking forward to it.

  90. @JNewcomb:  I think (while feel the same about MM>Cyborg) that the main team in the frontline is who we will see the most and the others will just be popping in at random. Personally, I’ve seen plenty of the classic usual JLA lineup and welcome mixing it up and I know the JLA wasn’t the classic lineup for awhile now but only read a couple issues of it and enjoyed it. I think this book will be good but like you prefer a smaller solid cast that we get to know really well.

  91. Looks like Power Girl to me.

  92. Cool art.

  93. I’m not digging on the armored look that Supes and Bats have.  I’m ok with it not being tights, but I just really don’t like the how shiny and metalic they look.  How are they even functional?  I guess it won’t matter because not every artist will draw all of the seams and armor lines, so eventually, they’ll probably smooth out.

  94. Y’know, Thor doesn’t *need* armor either. Who knows, it could be some kind of traditional Kryptonian garb he wears in memory of his dead world. Or they could never explain it at all. I just want Clark to really start paying attention to all those sick days HR has to explain.

  95. Zealot would be a great fit since Grifter’s showing up in his own book. I always liked their dynamic(immortal demigod with long lived super soldier). Also a great foil for Wonder Woman.

  96. The costumes looks great but y do they Batman and Superman’s costume look like there armor plated

  97. I think some people need to chill out about the armored look.  These designs will evolve over time just like every other version.  Since when do comic book artists pay any attention to what has gone before them?  They all add their own nuances to each costume.  They always have.  These designs will each have at least small differences a year from now.  And even if they don’t, it could be worse.  I’ll take armor plated Supes over red/blue or mullet Supes any day.

  98. How ’bout Auquamans sloppy beach dude hairdoo with the Quint-esque sideburns.  I dig all this. 

  99. Not to be that guy, but I’d rather Wally West and Ryan Choi be in this instead of Barry Allen. I also prefer Kyle Rayner over Hal, but I can deal with him

  100. I don’t hate the new costume designs…except Wonder Woman’s. It’s not a bad costume it’s just not Wonder Woman. Superman’s costume makes no sense. Why armor? I like all the seams and textural details but these will be difficult to draw consistantly and in different action poses. I suspect lesser artists will butcher the details. Can’t put my finger on it but Superman’s belt and boots look wrong. Maybe it’s the color. I think the belt would look better in black or yellow. Or better yet no belt at all. It’s unecessary.

    Mystery girl? I hope it’s Power Girl but I’m sure that’s wrong.

  101. Thrilled to see The Atom in the line-up. He’s easily my favorite second-tier character in the DCU. Here’s hoping he gets his own book, or at least a few arcs in “DCU presents”!

  102. Digging the finalized Wonder woman costume. Adding the obvious boots and tweaking the leggings fixes the ‘original’ version’s warmup leggings look. Which I was willing to put up with for the overall costume’s awesomeness; but the changes are definitely happy making. Plus replacing gold with silver really works for me. Standing next to several other people, all rocking gold accents/armor/etc makes her really stand out.

  103. @oldmanlogan88  I really, really want to read a series featuring a character called DeathStork now. Maybe something Redwall/NIMH inspired; but with super heroes. 

  104. Mystery girl could be Maxima from the 90’s Action Comics days (George Perez run).  Only say this because she looks like a red head to me…and red eyes…and red skin…why is that?

    For her image see Action Comics #651.