Join Us in Saying Goodbye to Ron Richards with iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast #370! LIVE!

Ron Richards

Ron Richards; Photo by Roger Chang

If you thought Josh’s tears at the end of episode 369 were bad, you ‘ain’t seen nothing yet! The time has finally come to say goodbye to Ron Richard!

As you probably know, Ron has moved on to join Image Comics as the Director of Business Development, but he’s still got some unfinished business here at iFanboy. This week will see his final Pick of the Week selection followed by his final regular appearance as one of the co-hosts of the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast and we’re going to say our goodbyes in style with a special live streaming broadcast of the show. There will be laughs, there will be tears, and there will be booze fueling both the laughs and the tears.

We will be using Google+ Hangout to capture the video and we will embed a player in this post so that you can watch it here. We will also be embedding a chatroom widget so people can follow along the action. The video will also be available to watch live on on our YouTube page, and that page will also have a chatroom, but we will only be paying attention to the chatroom embedded here.

(And don’t worry, if you can’t watch the live show or if you don’t want to watch the live show, we will of course be releasing the audio version as we normally do on Sunday and an archive of the video will appear on our YouTube page.)

What: iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast #370 – Live!
Where: Here or YouTube
When: Thursday, January 24 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT


  1. my manly man tears will be flowing

  2. After so many years it will be weird saying goodbye. Happy for Ron but sad to see him go.

  3. Avatar photo Jacen Chris (@jcbhatestweeter) says:

    Conor, what are we drinking?!

  4. Still can’t believe this is happening. We’re going to miss you, Ron.

  5. Darn it.

  6. I’m glad Ron gets a going away pick and episode. I hope I can watch live, but that’s my wife’s birthday. Therefore, watching Ron’s last episode may result in my death. Choices…

  7. I don’t wanna miss this, will i be able to watch it on my iPad?

  8. I won’t be able to make it, dudes. Have fun and say goodbye for me.

  9. As long as Conor’s drunk, Josh cries and Ron picks Young Avengers #1 I’m there! Please can Ron come back for Josh’s Hellblazer #300 meltdown?

  10. Wow, Image comics have just hired one heckuva director.

    Watching Ron, Connor & Josh’s videos on Youtube is why I came to this site in the first place. Ron is a smart guy, knows his stuff and seems like a nice bloke in the videos as well. Image have done very well indeed.

    Sadly, iFanboy’s loss is Image’s gain, but still, best of luck to you, Ron.

  11. I love that the first item that came up for me under “You might like” was the Top 5 Times The Sentry Ran Away Crying. Nice.

  12. No. No. No. No. No. Nope. No. Not happening. It’s my view of the world and I say no. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to watch the latest iFanboy video on Revision3. Carry on.

  13. Due to time differences, I usually miss the live shows you guys do (2am in this case, for example), but for this I might just stay up past my bedtime.

  14. Congratulations, and I feel like the picture of Sad Ron that keeps coming up in the “you might like” bar at the bottom of the pages, so sad to see Ron go, but I’m excited about Paul, and Ron’s new venture. Image is in such a great place now with so many fascinating books, and I hope Ron finds as welcoming a home there as the one he’s made for so many at iFanboy.

  15. Hate to miss this but getting up at 3AM in Belgium is a bit much, I guess…

  16. I’ve never commented before but for this I feel the need to write one. Must say I’m very happy for Ron, he deserves that job at Image. His cheerfulness will be missed.


    This year I went to the NYC Comic Con. It was my very first even though I’ve been a comics guy since 1963. Yep… you read correct. I am 55 years old with a collection going back to childhood. My point is that I could not wait to meet the iFanBoy guys. I found the booth late in the afternoon and there they were. Ron, Josh and Connor. Well Ron was the most outgoing, engaging and plain old friendly of the gang and as we are chatting he asks iif I know who Jason Aaron is. Good gosh.. who doesn’t, I even had a book I was hoping he would sign for me but I never found him. I tell this to Ron and he says… “well he’s standing right behind me, would you like me to introduce him”. Next thing I know we’re all laughing and chatting, Jason introduces his lovely wife to me and as I noticed Jason has some tattoos, I remove my shirt to show him him my super-hero tattoo collage (a whole back piece). His wife jumps in and starts taking photos. All I’m saying is Ron is the most hospitable guy you’d ever meet (the heart of the iFanBoy bunch) and he will me missed VERY, VERY much. Wishing you so many good things in your career move, thank you for everything.

    • “Ron is the most outgoing, engaging and plain old friendliest of the gang…” Then who are WE left with?

      “Ron is the most hospitable guy you’d ever meet (the heart of the iFanboy bunch)”… How will WE be treated by those other guys? At first I was just glad for Richards moving on to bigger and better things, but now I am sad that he’s leaving.

  18. Bad enough hearing Josh’s tears in audio, now seeing everyone in video cry is gonna be heartbreaking. Good luck at Image Ron!

  19. Dang it! It’s gonna be the middle of the night for me. If it were on a weekend, I’d totally stay up and get weepy with the rest of you.

  20. Ok,what is his going away gift? Most companies give a watch for years of dedicated service.I say we all chip in for an original art page from Alan Davis (Uncanny X-men of course) or Paul Smith’s Kitty Pride
    “Professor Xavier is a jerk!” page!!

  21. Really gonna miss Ron. He always made me laugh and I loved his positive and upbeat attitude.
    Good luck at your new position Ron! Do the iFanboy proud!

  22. There’s no *way* I’m missing this!

  23. Go work for Image, man. Gonna miss ya.


  24. I just realised… one day there will be iFanboy users who have no idea who Ron Richards is. That makes me even sadder.

  25. First Peter Parker and now THIS! I am outraged!

  26. As with last time I have to that, if you can, you should download the YouTube app on PS3 and you’ll be able to watch the show live on your big screen.

  27. Who will replace Ron? Without Ron who will provide the positive X-Men reviews?

  28. Is there a betting book on what Ron’s last pick will be?

    Uncanny X-Force #1
    Avengers #3
    Stumptown #5

  29. I’ll be here. With a six pack and possibly bells on. Definitely a six pack.

    Wouldn’t miss it. I’ve never done one of these so hopefully my technologically challenged brain can handle it.

  30. Ughhh..

    Kitty Pride is leaving the x-men, Taco the league, Wally the Justice League…

    I’ve been on board pre-video podcasts, and iFanboy is truly losing the heart of the trinity.

  31. Gah! Gonna try so damn hard to get on this. I don’t wanna miss Ron’s final episode….but work is gonna make this difficult. I will try and drink at least for Ron’s honor.

  32. will prepare my booze as well…this is one of those cant miss alcohol romps.cheers!

  33. What if Ron got his next 400 paychecks by tomorrow? Save the Goondocks!

  34. As someone proud to say that I’ve been a paying member for several years now, I’m really excited for everyone involved. More importantly, I mean EVERYONE. You all are doing a fantastic job here. This isn’t a funeral that’s about to happen. It’s a freakin’ celebration! I can’t thank you guys enough for being the “everything about comics” that gives me the perfect fix every week.
    I’m pulling out the 12 year rum for this sucker. You deserve it. My belly will accept on your behalf.

    • I need to add – At 6pm PST, my kids are going to think something strange is happening when Dad is ignoring them and they see that there is a bottle of “something dangerous” sitting on the desktop so close to the computer and keyboard. “Mom! Dad is breaking the rules!” (Section 12 b. paragraph 4 – punishable by stink eye followed by no electronic devices for 48 hours) I hope I don’t get caught, but so worth it.

  35. Congrats to Ron! Sounds like a great opportunity. Will miss him around here.

  36. Sorry to see you go Ron, I was wondering if you had a pick of all your pick of he weeks over he years? Is there one issue of one comic hat stood above all others?
    Best of luck in the new job

  37. Since Ron is going to Image, it’s only fair to bring Rob Liefeld as his replacement to Ifanboy. Just saying.

    This is bittersweet.

    Good Luck Ron.

  38. One more day.

  39. This is going to be one for the ages. If you guys all start crying, I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold back. I’m a sucker for sap.

    Knew this day was coming back a couple years ago during Emerald City when I was chatting with Ron while he watched Rick Remender’s booth. As we were talking, none other than Robert Kirkman interrupted to speak with Ron. It was clear the dude ranked high with the folks at Image. lol. Best of luck, Mr. Richards. Thanks for everything. Hope you are able to make an appearance every now and again on the ol’ POW podcast. Cheers!

  40. So glad Im off Thursday!

  41. Congratulations Ron! Bon voyage! Does this mean you get to drive that Walking Dead car you showed us at ComiCon? You will be missed, but iFanboy will live on. Thank you.

  42. My time zones are all screwed up! I’m in Chicago, would it be 7pm here?

  43. Fair winds and following seas.

  44. Noooo Roooooooooonnnnn!!!!!!!!
    Sad that due to geography i won’t be able to listen and watch live, really sad, i would love to be there (i may sneak on for a bit) Will this be available later on the video podcast? (sorry if this has been answered already)
    I was wondering if Ron will pop back in for the Special edition movies shows, that is neutral thing and no bias can be claimed.
    Have a great show, sad sad day but onwards and upwards, the future looks bright.
    I was just listening to an old podcast, the one where someone attacks Ron for not picking Batman knight of vengeance issue 2. I loved the grace with which Ron responded and also the solidarity of the brothers three in circling the wagons. Everything that is great about ifanboy was right there. even more poignant as this was the comic i got in my welcome pack.
    Thanks Ron for everything, to all of you, have a great show.

  45. As a fan of the show, I have a heavy heart. But as a fan of Ron, I am excited for his opportunity.
    Good luck Ron and Good luck Josh and Connor.
    I’ll vomit tears when i listen later, I’m sure.
    I hate goodbyes.

    Perhaps it’s not goodbye; it’s goodnight.

  46. If it wasn’t live at 2am UK time I’d be there! All the best to Ron on a sure-to-be fantastic job and future!

  47. Congrats Ron! Bittersweet for all of us as you will be greatly missed by me. PLEASE promise to comeback and do the whole iFanboy 400th episode. The milestone episodes with the question marathons are my favorite and you have to do those! Good Luck

  48. Smeg, I’ll be working. Hopefully I can catch at least the tail end though.

    Thanks for everything, Ron. iFanboy has made my comics experience much more enjoyable.

    I love how the “You might like” suggestions right now show the “So Sad” episode. The Hot Topic sequence for that had me cracking up. Anyone who has not watched that should go back and do so.

  49. As someone who has never used Google +, what do I have to know/do?

  50. I know the feeling, Ron.

  51. Congrats Ron, we were the only host to read one of my review and an e-mail question on the pick of the week podcost!!! Thank you!!!, for the last 7 years of comic fun all the best!

  52. We’re turning comments off as the Chatroom is now live at the top of the page.

  53. And we’re back with the comments and such.

  54. For a work night, I stayed up way too late and got way too drunk, but thank you. I had a blast. iFanboy will live on!

  55. i gotta say i was pretty emotionally effected by this. end of an era. be well ron.

  56. also paul needs sideburns now

  57. Glad to see Ron repping Jawbreaker for his last show. I will miss his occasional punk rock side commentary for aging hardcore kids like me.

  58. Couldn’t watch this seeing as I’m on my way to a law exam right now and couldn’t stay up late, this’ll be the first thing I do when I get home though!

    Good luck and congrats Paul/Ron

  59. Great show guys ! Great send off for Ron ! Also enjoyed hearing from mark wahlberg

  60. Will the audio version be the full version of the video without the set-up and Josh screwing up the opening

  61. Ron, good luck in all your project. Go on and make image even more awesome!
    I’m a big fan of yours, all the way here from Brazil. God bless you.

  62. Thank you for answering my question. My “5 year old daughter” just turned 7. I went ahead and handed her a copy of Astonishing X-men. I’ll read it with her and we’ll skip the inappropriate parts. I’ll have to pick up Excaliber. Thanks for the suggestion.

  63. Also, I left the chatroom to watch Archer (yes, it’s a cartoon) with my wife (on her birthday). I would’ve like to hang around and finish the show, but I’d rather not go through a divorce right now.

  64. Thank you guys for doing this. You had me up till 6:30 AM.

  65. So if I don’t watch this that means that my favorite podcast will stay just the way it was for all eternity, right?
    But seriously, good luck with your new career, Ron!
    I am curious how the new and remaining ifanboys will work out on the podcast. It is always a very nice weekly companion on my way to work. So even though things will change I want to say thank you to the whole ifanboy crew for giving that to me each week. For free even. Thanks guys.

  66. Had a blast last night and thanks for answering a few of my questions. Now I want a hint about who got banned!

    All the best to you Ron. I think having you back on the movie shows is a great idea, so I hope that works out.

  67. Firefox locked up on me right as you guys were saying your goodbyes, and when I reloaded, everything was over. I got really sad then. I’m not kissing ass when I say it was the same thing I felt seeing Stan Lee have to cancel another con appearance due to health reasons. I’ve been listening for a good little while now, and I appreciate everything over the years. iFanboy has been just as important to my enjoyment of comics as the comics themselves.

    I don’t want to say good luck to Ron, because I know he’ll succeed. I’m looking forward to new shows with Paul.

    Going to shut up now, as I’m bad with words and I’m getting choked up.

  68. I just finished watching the show (all three hours of it) and it was a lot of fun. Thanks for all the stories. Good luck Ron.

  69. His name is Ronald Richards.

    Last night was a lot of fun. The best part was after the show. It was really cool listening to you guys reminisce. Thanks for answering my questions. And thanks for inviting us all to be a part of it. We’ll miss ya, Ron. Onwards and upwards.

  70. I found an old iPod this morning and decided to charge it up and give it a play. I found an old iFanboy podcast. It was Ron’s pick of the week for Dynamo 5 issue 7. It kind of bummed me out because Dynamo 5 is gone and so is Ron from this website. Oh comics.