In June SPIDER-MEN #1 Make Things Plural

A little while back, we were shown a vague teaser for something called Spider-Men. I pictured a reality show I’m in no way interested, but apparently, it has something to do with the Marvel characters.

Now, there’s more news.


Let us take a moment to reflect on this information.

1. Brian Michael Bendis has never written regular Marvel Universe Spider-Man outside of Avengers books, events, and Daredevil.

2. Sara Pichelli is primarily known for working with Bendis on Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe.

3. The press release states that “history will be made for the Marvel Universe” as opposed to one that is Ultimate, perhaps?

4. Jim Cheung is very good at art.

5. It’s just two dudes.

6. It’s possible Peter Parker could return and pal around with Mile Morales, but that’s what they want you to believe.

7. Frequently in the past, what they wanted us to believe, and what actually happened were one in the same.

8. I forget what 8 was for.

9. That is definitely the Ultimate Spider-Man art team, Ponsor included.

10. We require more information.

They have basically asked you to speculate, so go nuts with that.


  1. Speculation go!

    Miles becomes more acquainted with Pete’s legacy or Spider-Woman gets a sex change.

  2. Marvel finally ends the “these two worlds will never meet” rule and Miles meets regular MU Peter Parker…

    • Seems like a good possibility.

      What I would almost like to see happen more is something another poster (name long forgotten or I’d give him credit) had suggested in lieu of One More Day; Utimate Peter Parker Spider-Man ends up in the regular Marvel U while the original Marvel U Spidey disappears.

      Young, unmarried Spider-Man. No Mephisto. Sounded good to me. Even more so now that Miles is in the Ultimate Universe.

    • That’s what I was thinking. It seems like the best way for Miles to meet his predecessor without overturning Ultimate Peter’s death, plus the idea sounds like a fanfic from ten years ago. I’m excited!

      Not being sarcastic, I actually am looking forward to this story.

  3. Ultimate Clone Saga II / Ultimate Spider-Island

  4. I was talking about this on Wednesday in my shop! In the latest issue of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, someone asked about Peter Parker being resurrected on the letters page. The response was a “not gonna happen” but then they said “have you seen our Spider-Men teaser?”

  5. When I started reading this post, I did not expect a Violent Femmes reference. The fact that I found one was… quite wonderful.

  6. Sadly i am somewhat intrested in this even though i feel i shouldnt be…. My love for Spiderman trumps all

  7. Dear sweet baby Jesus!!! Are they really going to bring back Peter AND have him partner up with my newly appreciated Miles?

    This breaks so many Ultimate Universe rules but to be honest, for once I truly just don’t give a fuck because this would be awesome!

  8. I believe the correct plural is “Spiders-Man.”

  9. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Aren’t there two Spider-Mans in the regular Marvel universe? Both Peter and the Scarlet Spider. Couldn’t this just be the two of them having an adventure together? Why are we assuming that the Ultimate version of Spider-Man has anything to do with this announcement?

    • I think because of the team around the announcement. It seems like it would have to be a big deal in the Spider Universe and just having a team up with the Scarlet Spider, in my opinion, doesn’t feel as big.

  10. Far too little information to even have a credible theory…..but the spider that bit Miles was #42

    …so there are at least 41 other genetically altered spiders conceivably out there in the Ultimate Universe.

  11. It’s the long lost story of how a group of Spider powered men, or “Spider-Men” ran an ad agency in the sixties. Lot’s of smoking, drinking, swinging (on webs and otherwise). I can’t wait.

  12. I love this article. It’s like Josh was writing his heart out and like everyone else got disinterested as he tried to elaborate further….Not a knock I just love this was written.

    Seriously though it seems like Marvel is in a lose-lose situation here. If it’s:

    1) 616 and Ultimate Spider-Men teaming up people will think it’s lame.

    2) If Ultimate Peter Parker comes back then people will complain.

    3) If it’s anything else then it’s just another lame marketing ploy by Marvel.

    The evolution of our interest in these ‘cryptic’ Marvel teasers is that we get bored by it more and more as time goes on.

    • Pretty spot on in the numbering bit.

    • I’m guessing #3 is it. Cryptic teasers are always a good way to get people talking. We should find out what its all about resonably soon since this starts in June, and I’m sure they’ll announce it before they release the June solicits.

  13. So much for the idea that Bendis might start writing a character or team that he hasn’t already written for the last decade after he leaves avengers… Seriously, how utterly boring.

    • Who’s to say he won’t? He’s been doing Ultimate Spider-Man since issue #1 and still has found time to write Daredevil, then one, and then two, Avengers books, two company-wide event books, and his (ever increasing) creator-owned work. I think he’ll find some room in his schedule for this and something else too when he wraps up his Avengers run.

    • I’m not sure if his creator-owned work REALLY counts as “ever-increasing”, since often he seems to add one new title to the mix and then continue to not progress any of them.

      Which, now that I’ve written it out, would indeed be ever-increasing in the worst possible way.

  14. I’ve started writing in the comments box about ten times now. I guess I just have no idea what to think about this. My inclination is that I should be worried, but I hope I’m wrong.

    • Well with the resurrections galore lately in Ultimate X-Men I’ve been in a pretty irate mood when it came to the Ultimate U. However, I’d very much accept this one time if it gives us a Peter and Miles team-up.

    • Gods, the Ultimate universe is such a mess outside of Ultimate Spidey. But I have a sinking feeling Ultimate Peter’s absence is only going to last a short time.

  15. To be honest they basically had me with “Sara Pichelli”.

  16. I am thinking maybe there will be a regular 616 Marvel U version of Miles Morales? Just a thought 😉

    • I was thinking that might be it too.

    • Of all the guesses I’ve heard so far, I think this is probably the one I could most stomach.

    • I agree with Dix. all other ideas would probably fall flat. Miles in the 616 could have kept powers from Spider Island and then the 616 gets what many fans have wanted for a while now and that’s a Spiderman who is in high school again.

  17. tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    Can’t wait for the fill in issues drawn by Chris Samnee!

  18. It’s a Tobey Maguire/Andrew Garfield team-up. Obviously.

  19. 2 people who still have their powers left from Spider Island?

  20. I fear that this will be the introduction of a 616 version of Miles rather than the rebirth of the original Ultimate spider-man in which case I could care less. If they bring back ultimate spidey though….thats one more marvel title to add back to my holds.

    • I find that interesting because I would do the exact opposite if they bring back Peter, they’ll betray his effect on other characters and the legacy of exactly why his death hurt so much. it’ll be the sleep and return of Superman all over again but, as far as the story and characters are concerned, it’ll be worse!

    • I don’t understand the need to kill off characters. I have no desire to continue reading a title I already invested 100+ issues on without the character I started reading it for. If it were a team book there’s an argument for killing characters, but when ultimate peter parker left the title so did I and I wont be going back till he does.

  21. I’m desperate for them not to blend Ultimate and 616. I just think it’ll be galling for them to do that after 10+ years of excellent story-telling in the Ultimate U, culminating in Peter’s death and Miles’ appearance.

    • it would be against everything the Ultimate Universe is supposed to be. Combining the two would ruin the concept and overall catharsis of the Ultimate U.

  22. Fool me once… It’s zombies.

  23. I wonder what Marvel would do if they were told they weren’t allowed to use silhouettes for a year?

  24. I’m just worried about Pichelli being spread too thin. We’ve already had a fill-in artist on USM in the short stint she’s had and I worry this project will mean she’s leaving USM, which I’d also hate because I think she’s integral in telling and conveying Miles Morales’ character and world.

  25. If its the Ultimate U I’m hoping it’s a Ben Reilly or Kane character that can pass on some Peter knowledge like Spider-Woman should have already done more of. If they bring back Peter I think they betray the entire concept of the Ultimate U. I’m REALLY hoping in Ulimate Xmen the resurrected characters are Jean using her perception altering psychic powers or that the characters are related to mystique shape shifter character.

    Maybe it will be something lame like a Peter Parker consciousness passed through Osborns gene manipulation and Miles can access Peter kinda like how Luke Skywalker talked to Obi Wan?

    If anything I’m apprehensive and not excited at this point, that’s for sure.

  26. The ghost of Ultimate Peter Parker will appear in the 616 and team up with Peter. Perhaps 616 Peter will find a way to get Ultimate Peter a new body and will have him stay in 616 as the new Ben Reilly? He’ll adopt a new costume and be Spidey’s new sidekick. Aunt May will return to NYC to help take care of the younger Ben?

    Or 616 Peter gets accidentally sent to Ultimate Universe by an experiment by Uatu Jackson and meets Miles and visits the gray of dead Peter.

    Either way this will be tie-in to the Amazing Spider-man movie.

  27. Well Marvel just tweeted that this event is going to ‘change the MARVEL Universe’ forever.

    Hyperbole aside, that tweet tells me something even though it’s vague and just a tweet.

    They way it says ‘Marvel’ universe and not ‘Ultimate’ universe tells me that this is not going to be an Ultimate story. But if it is then I call it that it’s a story about both universes colliding.

    That’s my ‘paranoid conspiracy theory’ for the day.

  28. i think miles is going to pop up in the 616 universe. not travelling from ultimate to 616, but a different miles that was born and raised in 616. maybe peter parker will die in 616 too… THAT would be something that would change the marvel universe…

  29. this is another shining example of why I no longer buy any Marvel books. They have run out of ideas and need to bring back dead characters to cannibalize the existing audience for every dollar they can get.

  30. I think it’s gonna be a Scarlet Spider,Venom,Spiderman team book

  31. Both Bendis and Marvel have shown BMB can and has written any number of books for both regular and Ultimate. Marvel just let him “cancel” Avengers to create yet another version, while he successfully pulled off the character switch of the century (Miles Morales) several months ago. This Spidermen could be ANYTHING. It does sound like some kind of team up book of all guys Spider-related. Sounds like it’ll last 12 issues or less.

    However, my wildest guess? It is indeed a meeting between our Peter Parker and Miles. After all, there IS still a parallel universe in the Marvel world (where Squadron Supreme came from), as well as all those universes where the Reeds used to live. DC used to earn their bread and butter when their main characters traveled back and forth between universes.

    Somehow a gateway is created and the two team-up. They return a year later and the book chronicles what they did while they were away from earth(s).

  32. It could even be something like this:

    I believe that’s 2099, 616, NOIR & Ultimate Spider-Men, iirc.

    There’s also a couple of other candidates, like MVP, unused Jackal clones, 616 Miles Morales, etc.

    If they did a “Spider-Women” title they’d have a good dozen or so.

  33. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I quit reading current Marvel stuff in the early 90’s except for a few trades here and there. I jumped back on board with the Heroic Age and had a lot of fun for the last 2 years, but now I’m starting to grow some fatigue (even if I nonchalantly avoided Fear Itself). The only effect such a teaser has on me is that when the book finally comes out It’ll already be past my interest span.

  34. I hope this is in the Ultimate U only. I really don’t want to read a Bendis book…. especially not a 616 Spiderman book.