iFanboy Upstarts: Kilian Eng

debutart_kilian-eng_17404There’s more than one way to be an artist in comics. While some follow the standard path of blind-submitting to the Big Two or making their name on the independent scene, some artists do comics on their own terms — and do many other things besides comics.

Swedish artist Kilian Eng channels the classic work of artists like Syd Mead and Moebius to create stunning works both post-modern and classical.  Although Eng admires the work of comic art, to date he has only done one comic of his own — a short prestige-format graphic novel titled Syklus with writer Martin Ernstsen. This ultra-rare tome shows the cycle of the ending of the world and a look into what comes next, skirting the lines between surrealism and classic science fiction.

Recently, Portland’s own Floating World Comics published a monograph of Eng’s illustration and graphic design work titled Object 5, and the artist later contributed to the comic stories’ tribute to The Incal. This work potentially foreshadows more work from Eng aimed at American audiences in the future, and is something any fan of art or comics should look for. Eng’s currently working on a follow-up to Syklus along with an animated film project based on his work.


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  1. Clearly Mr. Eng wears his influence on his sleeve. The piece of the two figures floating/ flying towards the pyramids is pure Moebius. Another artist I’d like to see more comic book work from. Love the ARGO movie poster.

  2. Big fan of this dude. Have one of his Dune prints in my living room.

  3. Whoa. This guy is awesome!

  4. : O

  5. Oh man I feel so high after looking at those.

  6. Pretty impressive.. reminds me a little of the prophet art.

  7. Man I love these upstart columns.

  8. That is one amazin art!

  9. Wow, this is totally gorgeous. I am all for Moebius-inspired art! That 9th image, in particular, I could just stare at all day.

  10. Wow. What wonderful, gorgeous stuff here.

    No idea what he could do in comics. But he would be an amazing storyboard, or album, or even movie poster artist.

  11. Anyone here ever read or see the art in Jordorowsky’s Technopriests? If you like Moebius, Humanoids The Incal or any of this stuff here check it out, he’ll, check it out just for the art alone, on Amazon they had an extensive look inside feature for the recently oversized HC collected editions.

  12. This Syklus book hasn’t been published in English, right? Only in Norwegian?

  13. One seems to be able to buy Syklus at http://www.jippicomics.com for about USD 13,00. Not much, but not in ENglish either, I think.

  14. Love this. Beautiful.

  15. Probably the best artist featured so far in this column. I would love to see him given a “Silver Surfer” mini-series.