iFanboy Upstarts: Daniel Irizarri

In the past, iFanboy Upstarts has shown creators whose published comics experience ranges from years toiling away in the indies to people just a few issues into their comics career. But this time out, we’re showing you someone who’s never had a printed comic before. But heĀ  might after this feature.

24 year old Puerto Rican artist Daniel Irizarri spends his days working as an illustrator for a Puerto Rican university, but his nights and offdays are spent doing a prodigious amount of commissions, fan-art and creator-owned projects. Although Irizarri has yet to see his work in a printed, published comic book, he self-published his first creator-owned miniseries Mecha-Reign on his DeviantArt page and is a regular contributor to CBR’s Comic Should Be Good blog as well as the superhero fashion redesign site Project: Rooftop. The 24 year old is currently working on a new series titled Renegade Sex Machine that he plans to pitch to North American publishers later this year.

Despite Irizarri’s relatively short comics resume, this artist has shown an amazing versatility in his work. From fan-art comics to his own creations and even the illustrations he does in his day job at a college, this guy looks like a comics star waiting to happen. His style is reminiscent to people like Chris Burnham (Batman, Incorporated) or Nate Bellegarde, and the fact that he colors his own work and does so in a uniquely vibrant color palette gives his work a signature flair.





  1. Wow, awesome artist!!

  2. Oh Howling Basterds, how badly I want you to be a series lol : )

  3. Good one! Those hammer hits look painful!

  4. Howling Basterds and the Hipsters for Hire were definitely my favorites! Loved it

  5. The man has talent. I’m diggin that Vampire Hunter D vs Blade.

  6. Is there a link to the neon spidey piece thumbnail on the homepage? I’d like to see the rest of that.

  7. That Fantomex is a really lovely tribute, but everything here is so beautiful!