iFanboy Upstarts: Ethan Wright

Most of the artists we’ve featured here on iFanboy Upstarts are in the beginning stages of their career, doing eye-catching work on lower-tier titles as they make their case to be recognized by fans and editors. But this week’s selection is someone whose first professional comics work isn’t coming until June, but his cover and online samples drew me in enough to consider him a contender for a career in comics.

Hailing from Michigan, artist Ethan Wright has been chomping at the bit to get his start in comics, and he’s finally doing that next month when Bluewater’s Juliet miniseries starts. The series, based on the character Juliet from William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, is a female-fronted story of Juliet flung 500 years into her future, fighting monsters and someone close to her heart. Wright came to this after years of submissions and contest entries. Wright has entered contests such as Top Cow’s The Darkness #100 contest, Frank Cho’s 50-Girls-50 Artist Search and others and now finally with Bluewater is getting his shot.

Although his professional career is just getting started, Wright has tinges of top artists in his style from the composition work of David Mack to the illustrative work of Jim Cheung mixed with Mike Oeming — a unique pairing. When Juliet debuts in June, I imagine the series will show him growing by leaps and bounds as he gets into the groove drawing a monthly comic.

But what do you think? He’s new, young and fresh. Where could you see him going in comics?



  1. reminiscent of steve pugh

  2. Pretty damn good, look forward to seeing more.

  3. Love the Conan art and I would love to see him doing some more Conan books. Another mini-series or some short pieces in the Robert E. Howard anthology that Dark Horse releases quarterly or so?

  4. Wow, impressive work! Love his Conan pages, and his version of Wonder Woman definitely caught my eye. Great stuff!

  5. hey that’s awesome! Took notice of Ethan a year or so ago on the Comic Geek Speak forums, doing that Thor sketch among others. Definitely the upstart artist I wanted to contact more than any other to sketch some stuff for my stories, glad he got the Bluewater gig though, maybe a Bluewater comic worth reading for once?

  6. Reminds me a bit of Alex Maleev.

  7. Definitely cool stuff. Though one nitpick, mastering the art of drawing breasts in all positions is a big thing, Ivy lying on her back there just isn’t solid enough lying down breast realism for me folks.

    Also interesting seeing the Frost Giant stuff and thinking on how the story Nord art of those scenes used in the books. The Darkness bit is probably the best fit I’d say.