iFanboy Upstarts: Travel Foreman

It seems every day that a new comic creator steps up and blows away readers with their work. Whether it be a brash newcomer knocking it out of the park on day one or someone who’s spent years in the industry but is changing up their game, comics is one of the most innovative mediums around. And amongst the thousands of comic creators working today, there’s a few that have all the talent in the world but are waiting for the world to take notice.

In this week’s edition of iFanboy Upstarts, we’re focusing on artist Travel Foreman. Foreman got his start in 2004 inside Com.X’s series Cla$$war after original artist Trevor Hairsine got snapped up by Marvel Comics. But no sooner did Foreman’s first issue come out did Marvel come a-knocking for him too, swooping in with an exclusive deal that gave him a three-issue story inside X-Men Unlimited and the six-issue Doctor Spectrum series with J. Michael Straczynski protégé Sara Barnes. Although those comics sold, it wasn’t until his work on Ares in 2006 with writer Michael Avon Oeming did Foreman first shine for the mainstream audience. Foreman followed that up in the pages of The Immortal Iron Fist where he took over from David Aja and penciled a majority of that book’s issues from 2007-2009. However, after that run, Foreman became a relative recluse when it comes to comic shelves, doing a couple covers each year while working on his long-held creator-owned anthology series Zeurst. He popped up recently at DC doing some fill-in pages on the “Sorcerer Kings” arc inside Superman/Batman, but that was a last minute fill-in with no idea of what comes next.

With imagination on par with James Jean, rendering ability akin to Travis Charest, and dynamism like Lienil Yu, whenever and wherever Travel Foreman decides to show up next could be ground zero a major comics showcase.









  1. love love love that second piece

  2. Gorgeous work! He’s like the love child of Stewart Immonen and Leinil Yu.

  3. I see a touch of Travis Charest as well.

  4. His Iron Fist stuff stands on it’s own, but my fave work of his was Countdown Presents, The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Son.  In fact, that issue continues to be one of my all-time faves overall as well.

  5. Ugh. I hate that Loki cover. Way to bright and filled with too much images to understand what is going on.

    The rest of the stuff looks pretty good though. 

  6. very nice work. 

    @TheNextChampion  –i disagree. Its more abstract than literal so i think its ok taht its not an instant read. The type on the cover is quite poorly handled. Can’t read most of it.  

  7. I really love the covers he’s been doing for Superman/Batman.  I think he also did some stuff in the “Kung Fu” Superman story.

  8. Ok how’s he a upstart he’s been in it for years?

  9. @nastysnow  It took Bendis 10 years to break in. If most people don’t know the artist, they count.

  10. Great call by editors to focus on Foreman. Like so many people, I’m already late to the Travel Foreman show, and I’m as excited by the work as my first encounters with Mignola, Macfarlane, and Jae Lee. TF looks like a major talent, and the jawdropping work on Animal Man may be proof…can’t wait to read the complete run on BoP. Would love to see TF get a long run on a Batman title, Swamp Thing or jump back on Animal Man. If he were paired with Morrison or another major writer…..

    Any word on a move after BoP?