iFanboy Upstarts: Logan Faerber

Comics aren’t all about drawing the most toned muscles and most realistic characters.Some artists veer away from the house styles of Marvel and DC and make a name for being different and true to themselves. People like Skottie Young and Sergio Aragones made their name in part because they were so different from the traditional “mainstream” superhero artists, and its broadened the perceptions — and acceptances — of both fans and editors. This week’s iFanboy Upstarts isn’t someone you’ll see drawing Avengers vs. X-Men or the next DC New 52, and that’s okay. Although maybe they should.

Boston-based artist Logan Faerber is a 2010 graduate of that city’s Montserrat College of Art, and ut those skills to good use as he jumped into the work of freelance illustration. Faerber’s contributed one-off art pieces for magazines, newspapers and art shows,  but all the while he’s been developing his comic ambitions into comics reality. In 2011 he drew the one-shot comic The Couch, and he’s currently working on a six-issue series with Austin Wilson titled Re-pro-duct. The first issue debuted at Heroes Con earlier this year, and new issues are being worked on, and should be available soon.

Faerber’s work is a mixture of Jeffrey Brown and Paul Pope, with an inky brush style mixed with some skilled talents when it comes to doing art digitally.


  1. Paul Pope or Jeff Lemire meets Darwin Cooke!?!?!
    Very cool stuff!

  2. I like this. A lot. Lemire was the first person I thought of. Looking forward to more. Has anyone checked out Re-pro-duct? I’m curious to know how it is.

  3. First two sketches reminded me of Rafael Grampa.
    But as I went down, especially in the gray tone stuff, it was more of a Jeffrey Brown