Henry Cavill’s Superman Just Wants His Kids Back

The movie rumor site, Just Jared posted a bunch of photos of our new Man of Steel, Henry Cavill, the 1st Duke of Suffolk, flexing and trashing punks (maybe firefighters) on the set.

In case you ever wondered if he could fill out the physical requirements, as you have wondered with such man meat cases as Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth before him, you will see what can only be described as a beautiful man, yet one who instantly brought to mind Thomas Jane on Arrested Development.

That second shot brings a lot of Wolverine to mind.

If this spate of high end superhero movies have taught me nothing it’s that the apex of male fitness is a tough mountain to climb. Marvel and DC will now have to contend with the responsibility of generations of young men with poor body images. Boy, I’ve really spent a lot of time on that aspect, haven’t I. Then again, look at the dude.

I gotta go… not eat some carbs.


  1. Apparently, in this movie, he gets his pants from the Used Hulk Pants Store.

    “Hulk say half off all chinos!”

  2. any day that starts wirth an Arrested Development reference can’t go that badly, right . . .? 🙂

  3. Could it be that this will the Superman thing that answers my life-long question of how does Superman shave?

  4. So is he just doing this movie so that he can make the edgier drug film that he actually wants to make.

  5. If Henry Cavill can’t convince the world of Superman’s awesome awesomeness, then it’s a lost cause….Mmmmmm

  6. These images gives me the thought that Superman has been in captivity like in Flashpoint and escapes and raises Hell on anybody and everybody.

  7. I need to get my ass to the gym. Immediately.

  8. Is this like that Justice League episode where Supes is roaming around on future Earth after Vandal Savage turned the sun red?? It looks like Conor is going to get his wish and Supes is finally going to “get mad”.

  9. Thank God.

  10. I’m Tom Jane

  11. Nice reminder that I’m a fat lump of shit.

  12. Then start working out people. Its not that hard. I gained vegan powers too!

  13. Of course this entire scene is in Matrix style slo mo