BREAKING: TUDORS Star Henry Cavill is Your New SUPERMAN

Big news out of on a Sunday!

Warner Brothers announced today that English actor Henry Cavill, best known as Charles Brandon on Showtime's The Tudors, will don the primary colors of Zack Snyder's Superman: Man of Steel.


Cavill, 27, also appeared in Matthew Vaughn's Stardust in the role of Humphrey. Coincidentally, his Tudors season one co-star Callum Blue played Zod on TV's Smallville.

Later this year, you'll see him take down the Minotaur as Theseus in Immortals.

It just so happens that I started watching The Tudors quite recently. Cavill commands a powerful presence as Henry VIII's friend and advisor (at one point the King gets mad at him for marrying his sister without asking permission and they arm wrestle to see if he's allowed back to court; he wins!). He's more handsome than anyone has any right to be, and exhibits just the kind of gravitas you'd want from a Superman. It's very early, but on paper, this seems like an inspired choice.

For anyone less familiar with the actor, here's video of an interview he took part in for Tudors supplemental material. In it, he is wearing armor. Which is sort of hilarious. Thoughtful dude, with the grace for Superman and the humility for Clark Kent. Warning: history spoilers. 




And here's an acting scene from season two. It has a peacock in it!




Superman: Man of Steel is slated to hit theaters in December 2012. 


  1. Superman can be a brit. Who Knew?

  2. I can’t believe how insanely active Facebook and Twitter feeds are with this.  Actually… of course I can, it’s bloody Superman.

    My good lady is a big fan of The Tudors and vouches for him.  I can certainly picture him in the suit.

  3. very cool. man that took a lot less time than the brandon routh casting. that took forever

  4. next up, what will the suit look like.

  5. I’m pretty happy with this, he’s not someone we’ve seen around too much and this will probably define his career. So long as his acting holds up and we don’t have a singer disaster again I’m looking forward to this.

  6. ok this is pretty exciting.

  7. Ah! So much potential for this film. I think this is a pretty inspired pick. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed about the whole movie.

  8. And you know what sucks about this… it’s coming December 2012.

  9. I have never seen The Tudors, but I know Cavill from a little movie called ‘I Capture the Castle’ (also starred the great Bill Nighy) where he plays. . . a naive farmboy who goes off to America to be in movies because he’s so good looking.  I like to think he could eventually have been cast as Superman.

  10. meh. i liked Brandon Routh. he was a good Superman in a boring film.

  11. Hmm, excellent actor and I’m willing to go out on a limb and say he’ll look damn good in tights….I approve!

  12. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @RahUniQue  He was very good, but not the only actor who can take the role. It’s perfectly understandable that WB wants to distance itself from Returns given the public perception. The easiest way to do that is to offer a new Superman to show it’s a new direction. 

  13. Ages ago I said he’d make a great Superman, and apparently, I think like Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. Who knew?

  14. When I saw this headline I thought it was the main actor in Tudors and thought “What the #*$%!”, but this guy seems visually acceptable.  I have no clue as to his acting chops.  I’m more curious about who’ll play Lois Lane, as I’ve yet to see a film version of her that I think is spot on.  Margot Kidder wasn’t very attractive, but had the attitude right, whereas Kate Bosworth was attractive, but didn’t nail Lois’ personality.  Erica Durance on Smallville is the kind of woman that should be sought for this flick.

  15. Sigh. Couldn’t they find a Kryptonian actor?

  16. @RapidEyeMovement  Agreed. Hollywood needs to get over itself. It’s 2011 people!

  17. @REM, sadly, they are all dead.

  18. I would really like to understand why anyone would find Routh to be anything other than off-off broadway calibre.

    I’m serious-  break it down for me.  I would appreciate it.

  19. This guy did such a good job in The Tudors.  I thought he should’ve been the star actually.  I can’t wait to see this version of the man of steel.

  20. Didn’t the Mayans predict the world to end December 2012?

  21. Hayden christen has a twin?

  22. Good choice. Could have been much worse from the look of the other candidates, like that guy from True Blood.

  23. haven’t watched enough Tudors to remember his acting abilities but i remember that show is so well done across the board i’m sure he’ll be good. I can see him as Superman. 

    I still think that Jon Hamm would have been perfect for the role and if they ever do a golden age throwback version he should be the man.  

  24. I’m really optimistic about this time around. I won’t speculate about the final product, but as an actor myself I can say this with confidence: Henry Cavill will be the most skilled actor to wear the cape to date. You simply cannot fuck with the english when it comes to the craft.

  25. Seems decent enough, still to young in my opinion. Why does Superman have to be in his twenties…I think the better characterizations would be in his late 30s and early 40s. Reeve did that age (late 20s) and did it perfectly (twice). I think people need to do vignettes from different stages of his career.

  26. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Crucio  Cavill will likely be 28 during filming. So he’ll be older than Reeves was when he did the first two. 

  27. Alison Brie.

  28. @OhCaroline Yes, please.

  29. He certainly looks the part.

  30. Off Topic: this is the same actor that Stephanie Meyer imagined as Edward Cullen when she wrote Twilight.  Sorry for mentioning Twilight here on this website.  

  31. @lifesend  I’ve been beating the drum for Rashida Jones as Lois.

  32. im cool with this

  33. comparable ages reeves and cavill.

  34. The casting makes perfect sense. As Clark he can fake a Midwestern twang, and as Kal El he can work his British lilt. It’s a (well known) fact that Kryptonians speaking English sound as if they came from the UK.

    Ugh… I just realized how nerdy that sounded.
    But just right for an iFanboy.

  35. I haven’t seen him in anything so I’ll give him the benefit of doubt but still, he’s no Brandon Routh.

  36. I’ve…never heard of him. Though, he has a nice tough, yet kind look for Superman. I’ll be interested in how he’ll look as Clark Ken.

  37. Thank You Notes:
    Thank you Paul for using my all time favorite Alex Ross Superman poster as the “this is what we’re shooting for” image next to Cavill’s Tudors photo. I think Zack Snyder has come as damn close to the next Man of Steel as he could for the years to come!

  38. No arguments. @CaeuZokul Love it. Brando had an accent that was at least somewhat stuck up, and maybe even Euro.

  39. So people are ok with a British dude playing Superman but not a British dude playing Captain America? I still think Daniel Craig would have been great as Cap.

  40. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @THX7168  I don’t care where an actor comes from. At all. That said, Daniel Crais is way, way too old for that part. 

  41. I’ll never understand what everyones obsession with Jon Hamm playing Superman is. To me the dude is WAY better suited to play Bruce Wayne. Seriously, if Christian Bale decided to drop out of Dark Knight Rises and Nolan cast Jon Hamm, I’d consider that an upgrade.

  42. I’ve always liked Henry as an actor and he’s very handsome so I’m all right with the casting.  Honestly, I can never figure out why people get so vitriolic about these sorts of things.  

  43. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. But what is the obsession with UK actors of late? In just comic book properties from the last half year or so alone, we have Spider-man, Superman, Rick from TWD, Kick Ass, and pretty much all of the X-Men in the new film. Oh, and I didn’t even think of Christian Bale as Batman.

    I can’t speak to Cavill as I’ve never seen him. I’m sure he can do a fine enough job. Just a shame IMO, as I thought Brandon Routh did a really good job. I get that they want to give this movie and future franchise it’s own identity. But still. Lame.

  44. And just for the record. I’m not one of those people who cares if what country an actor comes from. As long as they can do an accent that isn’t distracting, it’s all good. I just find it odd how Hollywood and TV have both fallen head over heels for Brit actors doing American accents the last few years. It’s at a point where it’s seemingly 50-50. Are British actors really THAT amazing that they’re taking just about every American accent role in this country? AGAIN, nothing wrong with it if they’re truly the best. I just get the vibe sometimes that they wow casting agents with their seemingly classy Britishness. That they come off more talented due to the casting people thinking they’re all classically trained or something. Or is it just that they’re unknown over here, and the studios are looking for people to market as “new”? I dunno. I’m just trying to make sense of why it is that 75% of casting we hear about these days is some new British dude.

  45. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @j206  The first line in your second comment does not match the rest of your rant. You’re making a lot of caustic assumptions. 

  46. Isn’t Anne Hathaway already cast as Lois?

  47. I’m not capable of understanding a mindset that complains about British actors being cast in ANYTHING.  

  48. @Paul – I believe that second line to be true. If they do a good job, awesome. I won’t complain about said actor being from Iceland if he is a good actor and doesn’t have a distracting accent. But I don’t think that opinion precludes me from also finding this overwhelming trend to be a bit note worthy. This sort of casting is happening more and more for a reason. There is nothing wrong with realizing such a trend and still being fine with an actor in a specific role if he does a good enough job.

    I’m just mentioning this because it is in fact a rather big trend. And one that doesn’t always work out. Have you seen The Cape? It’s got an Australian dude as it’s lead who does one crappy accent. Doesn’t help that the show is bad. Even with TWD, which I like and think Andrew Lincoln is a more than a capable enough actor. But his accent goes in an out at times. They really shouldn’t have made him try the Southern accent. That didn’t help any.

    As for any “caustic” assumptions. I was just spit-balling theories to try and make sense of the sizeable trend. Not assuming anything to be truth. Never made any accusations. Just trying to think of reasons for it happening so often.

    I get that this is a comic book site. And one where the comment system is predicated on complaining and criticizing. So you guys get conditioned to reading everything in a whiney, snarky tone. But it really does get a bit annoying when everything is taken as such. And yes, I do get the irony of ending my defense of not complaining with an actual complaint. 😉

    PS – Don’t even get me started on Green Lantern being Canadian! 😉

  49. @ohcaroline  Haven’t you seen any movies where British people try to be southern? Disas.

  50. @Resurrection — point taken, however it is funny.

  51. PS — I have been equally unimpressed by plenty of people from New Jersey trying to be Southern.

  52. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @j206  I say caustic because I have friends who work in casting, and to suggest that they could be outwitted by a “seemingly classy” English accent might be more than a little insulting. Then again, they might just laugh at the notion. Either way, I think your lengthy comment comes off as a little paranoid. Is it a prevalent trend? Absolutely. Are there articles circulating around it? Absolutely. Do I think it’s a problem? Not in the least. It’s an “Oh, huh.” level revelation. Britain, Australia, and Canada have produced a very large percentage of Hollywood royalty. It’s nothing even remotely new. It’s not even that interesting because it makes perfect sense. They speak English. It’s not like there are less American born actors getting jobs either. Britain has a great tradition and culture for acting, so they get parts in things, which are often American things because America, as it turns out, is the country that makes a lot of movies. The backlash makes about as much sense as someone saying, “Damn, have you seen all the Californian actors getting parts lately? Spider-Man isn’t from California!” 

  53. Hamm for Batman in The Dark Knight Returns in a couple years.

  54. He did excellent in Tudors, hope the best for him as Superman

  55. Never hears of the man, never saw a single thing he’s worked in.

    I’ll wait for trailers to give any definitive thoughts on the casting.

  56. I liked him on the Tudors, and I’m excited for him as Superman. I’m ready for a new Superman movie already!

  57. Are there articles circulating around it? Absolutely. Do I think it’s a problem? Not in the least. It’s an “Oh, huh.” level revelation.”

    Then why are we having this back and forth? That is my opinion ENTIRELY. Sorry I’m not as succinct and pointed as you, Paul. Trust me, wish I was.

    And my “outwitting” casting agents remark was more so a silly analogy to American girls falling for guys with foreign accents. Wasn’t saying that they are stupid. Really though. I wish you could have read the tone my post was intended with. There was absolutely no outrage in there at all. I guess I don’t read all the casting insider articles and industry stuff. To me, it’s not as obvious a thing. So I made the comment.

    Alright, I’m done. Said my piece. Not a fan of being miscast with my opinions. Especially when I for the most part share the same opinions as the person calling me out. It causes obvious defensiveness. Hope all is understood. PEACE.

  58. @DarkKnightDetective  –i’m a big fan of the Alex Ross portrayal of Superman and i think Hamm would be a great fit. Also i don’t really see him as a young 20 something but a bit older. Plus, Hamm is just a damn good actor. He can do dramatic and he’s pretty good with a comedic timing. 

    Agreed he would make a good Bruce Wayne

  59. @PaulM: Yeah, I phrased my first post badly, My point being that Reeve did it and they should aim at a different stage in Clark Kent’s life.

    I was rooting for someone older, I fear they’ll do an origin story when they go young, but that’s an assumption and I’m sure the movie will be good and entertaining, I hope it will be the greatest Superman movie yet. 

  60. @PaulMontgomery: I don’t know if the British thing is strictly a comment on “American jobs for American actors” or some protectionist nonsense as much as it is the fatigue many audience members suffer from hearing many a fine Brit and Aussie actor slog poorly through what they (and, most likely, L.A. based dialogue coaches) think is an American accent. Much as I love Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts, and even Aaron Johnson, there is only one Christian Bale and his particular ability to dissolve vocally into a role.

  61. @WilliamKScurryJr –yeah but just imagine the great youtube clips that would come of some obscure rural congressman/woman on some talking head political show going on about how the studio hates America and its an evil Socialist Agenda cause they cast a foreigner as Superman….and then the hilarity that would ensue when Colbert and SNL and everyone else parodies said clips???………….lets make that happen please. =)

  62. @wally: Future talking-point in the making, eh?

  63. @WilliamKScurryJr  –24 hr news cycle + slow news day…i could see it happening. =) I would be entertained thoroughly. OHHH if i were only an evil arch-villain media mogul who could control the news…

  64. Can’t say i’ve seen anything he’s ever done. My ‘rents love Tudors, i’ll have to ask them if he is any good.

  65. If Katie Holmes could just repeat her role in Thank you for Smoking she would be the perfect Lois. If only.

  66. Since everyone else seems to be chiming in with their Lois Lane suggestions, I submit to you: Zooey Deschanel.

  67. @RapidEyeMovement  She’s already going to be in the new Spider-Man, isn’t she?

  68. @Heroville  She’s not listed anywhere in the cast for Spider-Man.

    I don’t know if Zooey, as much as I love her, has the right kind of bitchiness that Lois needs, but then again, it is called acting for a reason. She certainly looks the part.

  69. As a life long Superman fan, I’m excited for his interpretation of my favorite fictional character!  I pretty appreciate every iteration for what it was/is and I won’t lie..  I wish Brandon Routh had been given a second chance.  I also wish Tom Welling would have got to try the tights on for a full film.  But those two had there Superman roles (Tom is still in the midst of his happily).  It was clear from the beginning that a reboot by Nolan would never be able to include past actors.

    So as we bid farewell this May to the Superman of the last 10 years in Welling… we meet a new Kal-El that I’m sure will do a great job, just as his predecessors did.

  70. The guy’s a solid actor and he looks the part.  I’m pretty happy with this cast.

    Just hope he do get some pounds on instad of shaping him like a Speedo swimer. 

  71. @RapidEyeMovement  –i don’t think Zooey can be in it, since there won’t be an opportunity for her to sing, act confused, wear ironically mismatched clothing and live in Echo Park…but i guess she could pull it off from a looks perspective. =)

  72. @wallythegreenmonster There are no white people living in Echo Park! 🙂

    @j206 I think you’ve got a point. I have a friend who refuses to watch True Blood because she can hear every fake Southern accent on the show and it grates on her too much. I can certainly hear a lot the bad American accents done by many Brits currently working in TV and movies and I’m no casting agent.

    Anyway, Henry Cavill definitely has the look and I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of him myself. He’s was really good in The Tudors. If he can do a decent American accent, he’ll be golden.

  73. Paul, Saw this article and thought of you. Casting agents talking about the current trend of British/foreign superheroes. Curious as to your thoughts.

  74. @j206  Some fascinating insights in that piece. Thanks for sharing it. The bulk of the article is focused on the boyishness of American males, but I think the real take away is the bit about studios wanting someone unfamiliar. Television stars might be the first choice, as they’re lesser known than film stars. But they also have series commitments. They want someone new to the public at large, but they also want proven talent. So they’re looking at these English-speaking actors from abroad. 

  75. @Paul – Yeah, I’m with you on the ‘unknown’ factor being a big part of the equation. You’re able to sell your movie and hype your talent as an up and coming that nobody has heard of before. That, and I can’t imagine these guys are commanding too huge a price. I highly doubt Chris Hemsworth or Henry Cavill are breaking the studios’ budgets the way even medium sized better known US actors would.

    As I said before. I’m more than cool with an actor from being from wherever as long as he or she is good. It’s just that with any trend, you need to be careful. By the time it becomes widespread to the point where it’s what everyone is doing. That’s when I start to question if it really is a case of getting the best man for the job, or getting the best man who fits the current trend.

    I have no problem if you’re getting the best guy and he just so happens to be British. I do start to worry though that some of these studios are instead getting the best British guy. One example that comes to mind is The Walking Dead. It was rumored to be that the three finalist for the role of Rick were Andrew Lincoln, Johnny Lee Miller, and Jamie Bamber. All three British actors. To me, odds aren’t that they just happened to be the 3 best out of all of American and British actors. Instead, I get a more a vibe that was what they were looking for. I just want nationality or whatever silliness not to factor in the casting process. If the best dude for the role happens to be British, awesome. But I really hope they aren’t all being cast due to a Hollywood trend or fad.

    As for the boyishness of American males and actors. I dunno what to make of that. I do think there might be a small something to the fact that it takes a less ‘manly man’ to go to get into acting in the first place. But are American males really that much more ‘boyish’? Or is it a case of the cute, nerdy leading man being in right now? If Jesse Einsenberg type roles are in, then that’s what actors are going to be currently perceived as. Not sure I exactly buy it. But I do see how in the face of this current trend of Einsenberg’s and Michael Cera’s, how a guy with an English or Australian accent can come across as more mannish or classic. And that takes me back to my quip from the other day about casting directors falling for their charms. 😉 It’s kinda like how women fall for the foreign guy with the rugged good looks and accent. It’s different to what they’re used to on a daily basis, so it’s attractive.

    Either way on any of that stuff. I found the article interesting. There definitely is something at play here. Good or bad. Will be interesting to see how it continues to play out.