Exclusive: SPIDER-MEN #1 Variant Cover by Humberto Ramos

You thought they’d never get together. Not because they’re from different different sides of the tracks, no, but rather, they come from separate dimensions, and editorial mandates said it was never going to happen. Like Chekov’s gun though, when you say something will never happen, especially in comics, it’s going to happen.

“Miles, meet Peter. No, not that Peter. The other one. Yes, we know it’s very complicated. How old are you anyway? Really? Wow.”

Here’s the variant cover for Spider-Men #1 by Humberto Ramos. Some guy in some shop somewhere is going to pay a lot of money for this, provided it doesn’t get banged up in shipping from Diamond, which can happen I’m told.

Relevant details abound!

SPIDER-MEN #1 (APR120603)
Variant Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS
FOC – 5/21/12, ON-SALE 6/13/12


  1. Highly doubt this mini will affect either USM or ASM in any way.
    What it could do–and what it is clearly striving to do–is further legitimize the character of Miles Morales as a worthy heir to the Spider-Man name.
    Plus, it’ll almost definitely be beautifully illustrated with a touching script by Bendis. I trust this duo to make this a great mini.

    For those who have either been apprehensive about Miles Morales or for those who have (understandably) just recently tried out Ultimate Spidey since Miles took over: this crossover mini is really a worthwhile story idea (but again, only if it doesn’t really affect either Spidey universe–which it clearly won’t)

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Well, there’s this from a previous article:

      “It’s only five issues, but the encounter will resonate. As Senior Editor Mark Paniccia teases, ‘…if you think everything is going to be put nice and tidily back in the toy box, think again.'”

    • Well I hope it will “resonate” in that it will further legitimize Miles as a character and heir to the title. But I’m not sure I want this to affect anything other than Miles’ journey.
      I’m willing to give this the benefit of the doubt because I still believe that this event will be focused on further developing Miles Morales rather than any permanent link between these unique universes. But of course, I could just as easily be wrong–as pointed out by Mark Paniccia’s comments.

    • Per Conor’s quote from a previous conversation,

      “…I can see a reader being taken in by the marketing and expecting something that isn’t going to happen. But if it’s not your first rodeo and you still expect everything to change after a big event then the fault is on the reader for not understanding how things work in mainstream comics. Change is always promised, change is (almost) never delivered.

  2. Still not buying it.

  3. Do folks really not trust Bendis with USM???
    Moreover, are USM fans really not willing to give this the benefit of the doubt?
    Regardless of what a marvel editor WHO ISN’T EVEN ONE OF THE CREATORS ON THIS MINI said ten years ago, perhaps ten years of consistently awesome USM stories ought to give readers reason to mix at least a little optimism into their apprehension?

    • Well, not everyone thinks USM has been consistently awesome. Different strokes yo.

    • I am inclined to give Bendis the benefit of the doubt more often than not on anything USM. His entire run has been pretty great. The thing that worries me about this is that Miles is simply too young in age and in his career to be going on a cross-dimensional adventure. He has gone through a whopping one and a half story arcs, both of which simply allowed him to dip his toe into the super hero community. I don’t want to see him switch dimensions because it would either cause him to mature faster than the story should allow at this point, or this journey won’t see him mature at all, just ignoring the dimension hopping. These Ultimate books early on are supposed to have a greater level of “reality” and alternate realities is a bigger jump of believability than super level humans, for me.
      Again, I have a fair amount of faith in Bendis’ ability to tell a USM story so I think/hope that at the end of the story MIles will
      1) not remember having the journey but gain a powerful lesson in responsibility from it somehow
      2) “wake up” thinking it was an incredibly inspiring dream
      or even better I think it would be cool if 616 Peter is actually teaming up with a grown up version of Miles. Think about it. Ultimate Peter died when he was what? 20? 616 Peter is at least 5-10 years older than that. I think it would be cool if we learned the Ultimate universe we’re reading about is actually 5-10 years behind the 616 universe allowing us to see a team-up between Peter and a glimpse of what kind of Spider-Man Miles will become in several years.

      – Sorry, I realize I rambled far too long.

    • Ultimate Peter was 17 when he died if i remember correctly

  4. Still buying it

  5. This seems like something DC used to do all the time…

  6. Didn’t think that was what Chekov’s Gun meant? Which was clearly the main point of this article

    • If you introduce a gun in act 1, it better be fired in act 3. Or rather, if you introduce an alternate reality superhuman in comics, he better meet up with his primary reality self in said comics.

    • Josh doesn’t spell it out directly, but I think it still works. Saying “NEVER!” when it comes to comics is equivalent to showing a gun in the first act. At some point, for whatever reason, someone’s going to “pull the trigger” on whatever idea was “never” going to happen.

    • @ KenOchalek – Jason Todd is a great example of this. After he died, Denny O’Niel is quoted on the BACK OF THE TRADE “It would be a really sleazy stunt to ever bring him back”, Well, what happened?

    • Oh yeah, comics has so many examples of this. Winter Soldier, Phoenix, Gwen Stacey, and time a company claims that “dead means dead”… you get it.

    • I make you work for it.

    • And would any of us really have learned a lesson today if we didn’t have to work for it?

      (cue the: ‘The More You Know!’ NBC rainbow-star)

    • Well Joey Q did say that if they ever did this then Marvel has officially run out of ideas.

      So of course I will take that literally.

      “Marvel: The House of Ideas 1939-2012”

    • Depending on how well the series goes, instead of Chekov’s Gun, we may be discussing Murphy’s Law.

  7. Enough with the “Chekov’s Gun” debate. Chekov carried a phaser, not a gun. Stupids.

  8. I hope the fans dig it, but this bad boy is not for me. I like the cover though.

  9. The tagline should be “twice the power, twice the responsibility”.

  10. I’m really excited about it but i see most people aren’t and we all know why “coughs””(racists)” but I’m definitely going to love this book due to my love for spider-man and the ongoing ultimate spider-man Go Bendis!!! Go Sara!!! and definitely GO MILES!!!!!.

  11. I was really hoping they’d introduce a version of Miles into the 616 Marvel U, but oh well maybe someday 🙂

    And yes, I’ll be picking this up.

  12. Meh I could care less about anything Ultimate these days…

  13. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I love Spider-man. I love the Morales USM. I love Pichelli. I love what Bendis did on the new USM run so far. Still I don’t feel compelled to make room on my pull list for this and I can’t afford more. It’s even double shipping…

  14. My local comic book store probably isn’t going to get this cover, but I want it soo bad.

  15. After coming back to comics last Fall with the New 52 reboot, and sampling a bit of all offerings, as enticing as this mini sounds, I can’t jump into this, nor any mini series for that matter. I got a handful of minis early on and the stories were ok, but nothing that made me want to collect the issues when I know a trade is coming out afterwards. Count me in the ‘tradewaiters gonna wait’ club. It’d take some very compelling factors for me to jump into a mini series, or perhaps a bonus, like collect all 5 and you’ll receive a voucher code for an exclusive MU toy….hmm…

  16. Sayyyy, what exactly is Spider-Miles crawling on?

    • I had to go back and look, and as far as I can tell nothing. Also how come the 11 year old miles is a big as the 20 something peter?

    • he’s dangling from whatever that tunnel is and hasn’t landed yet OR that was supposed to be a surface he was crawling down, but they put that bus in to get a sense of movement. almost two different picture. EXTREMELY excited about this. I’m hoping we get some reminiscing via Aunt May and Gwen which shows some Ultimate Pete too!

  17. I think I’ll probably be buying this. USM has been consistently average so far for me, but I do have confidence in Bendis + Pichelli that this’ll be good.