Miles Morales Meets the Other Peter Parker in Marvel’s SPIDER-MEN

This June two realities and the wall-crawlers who protect them will collide in Marvel Comics’ Spider-Men, a five part mini-series from Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli.


Together again...for the first time.


You’ve seen the silhouettes. Now we can confirm their identities. And it’s the most ambitious combination possible. Peter Parker of the mainstream Marvel U and Mile Morales of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. It’s more than the ultimate team-up. It’s the reality-bending Ultimate/Amazing Team-Up.

How will Miles react to meeting another Peter Parker, the image and likeness of his late inspiration? How will Peter react to his own legacy playing out in a strange new reality?

It’s only five issues, butย the encounter will resonate. As Senior Editor Mark Paniccia teases, “…if you think everything is going to be put nice and tidily back in the toy box, think again.”

As for the parameters of this story:

SPIDER-MEN will feature the Ultimate Universe incarnations of Aunt May and Gwen Stacy, a guest appearance from the Ultimates, and some surprising villains from both sides of the divide. But in the end, the focus will remain on Peter, Miles, and what this meeting means to both.

Peter meets Miles in Spider-Men #1 on June 13th, celebrating the 50th birthday of Spider-Man.



  1. does anyone else think their heads look pasted on?

    Also, the secret plan to replace the Marvel U with the Ultimate U has finally come to fruitiion ZOMG!!!!!!

  2. Not sure how to feel about this at all. The premise leaves me a little cold but I feel I should give these creators the benefit of the doubt based on their past work.

  3. I hope they just make out. Giving comic fans a very awkward feeling. “Wait, they finally brought the universes together for this? What!?”

  4. I don’t want to be negative after knowing so little but my first thought was: NO. I like that the “616” and Ultimate universes are distinct. Besides it’s not like DC’s Earth-2 where there has always been this Multiverse concept. The Ultimate Universe was designed not as an alternate universe within the Marvel U but rather as a re-imagining of the same characters and concepts for more modern sensibilities.

    I hope this is a great event but I am very nervous that they are going to somehow ruin the great work that Slott and Bendis are doing independently on their Spider-man books.

    • Except Marvel has had a multiverse of infinite amounts for a very long time (1976, shown in Captain Britain).

      Ultimate universe is just one more verse in the Marvel U. Hell the Ultimate Line has been mixed up with the Hyperion reboot line before “Ultimate Supreme” crossover which took Nick Fury out of the universe for a bit. I’m also pretty sure the Ultimate U was seen in Exiles, the multiverse hopping team book.

    • @PotatoPope: And Wolverine dreamed about Ultimate Wolverine.

    • I did forget the Captain Britain stuff; that’s fair. I’m still not sure about the relevance of that Multiverse existing with the Ultimate Universe. It always felt qualitatively different than the Age of Apocalypse for example.

      @Conor Kilpatrick I didn’t know about the Wolverine/ Ultimate Wolverine thing. How descript was it? Was it a major story element or an easter egg?

    • @Andrew: It happened in 2007 in WOLVERINE #50. If I recall correctly, Wolverine dreamed a sort of recap of his life and it ended with the scene from ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS HULK where Hulk rips Wolverine in half. He woke up screaming and then wondered why he didn’t recognize that costume he was wearing.

    • captamerica101 captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

      also, the marvel zombies first showed up in ultimate ff and have since shown that they are part of the multiverse as well.

  5. I’m glad I haven’t made my pre-orders yet. I purposefully waited to get more info on this. Smart move.

    I know this will have it’s audience and that’s cool, but it ain’t for me. That Pichelli art will be swell though.

  6. I am worried this will be the gateway to merge the two universes. I really like them staying separate.

  7. The universes should stay separate and that’s it.

  8. I’m not worried about anything, at all, because i have no control over any of this, at all.

    Also, This looks super fun. I’m excited for Peter to see the Ultimate Universe and especially for him to meet that universe’s May and Gwen.

    • Yea, I don’t understand the worry. Why worry about a story where you only know 3 details and the creators involved? If you know yourself enough to make purchasing decisions off that much, that’s awesome, but there is no use projecting hypotheticals onto a story you have no control over.

    • For real. They’re gonna do what they want anyway and we can only vote with our wallets. Worrying about it is a waste of time. when the comic hits the shelves either buy it or don’t

    • People are worried because they’re emotionally invested in the characters and the universes they inhabit. They care.

    • Bendis hasn’t let me down with these characters yet. Why start worrying now?

    • If you don’t buy it or don’t like it, then it didn’t happen (make your own continuity 101). What’s there to worry about beyond that, other than wasting money? The stories you do like are still there.

      Maybe you want to keep reading Miles’ and can judge with the few details we do know that there are things worth worrying about in your Miles reading future. I could kinda see that. To that I’d say give it a shot and then learn your lesson or not (judge, be overjoyed or complain) when things actually start happening (Wait, this is Bendis, nothing will happen. Rimshot!).

    • I’ll be very curious to see his reaction to Aunt May, since his version of Aunt May no longer knows the truth since his deal with the devil. Also, will Peter learn that Gwen is actually Carnage (sorta) and Spider-Woman is his clone?

      Lots of potential dramatic moments here not only for Miles, but for Peter as well… I’m definitely willing to give Bendis a shot to do right by this crossover.

  9. Oh! what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive!

  10. I’m CERTAIN that when the Ultimate line started Jemas or someone like that said that if they ever had the Ultimate U and the 616 cross over they’d have run out of ideas. Just saying…

  11. Bendis won’t rest until he kills off every version of Peter Parker!!!

    i kid, i kid…or?

    I kinda like that the universes are separate….hope they don’t blend too much into one thing.

  12. I think this could be very interesting, I do hope the story actually has an effect in both worlds without actually blending two.

  13. I’m too old. I can remember back when they swore they would never, ever, ever do this. That’s not to say it doesn’t sound fun, mind you.

    • I think this sounds like a stone-cold gas and am genuinely excited to see what comes of it. That said, I’m pretty sure Bendis was on Word Balloon just within the last few months saying this would never happen. Of course, if you aren’t ready to let the cat out of the bag and don’t want to tip your hand, what else do you say? Although I’ve read and enjoyed the entire Ultimate Spider-Man run I don’t think I’ve ever loved it the way I’ve been loving on it since Miles came on the scene. Couple that with my long-running desire to see Bendis write more of Petey 616 and it sounds like this fanboy’s dream come true.

  14. Im very excited about this. I live Miles and he could seriously use the advice of Peter Parker on what this whole web slinging is all about. Plus their powers are different so you can have a lot of fun with that.

  15. “Joe Quesada has reiterated his earlier claim that the two universes will not cross over as that would signify that Marvel had ‘officially run out of ideas’. “

  16. *Yawn* I’ll stick to reading ASM, AvSM and SS and gladly dismiss this cross-over.

  17. I never knew that I wanted this story until now. And now, I really want it.


  18. im up for this i like bendis and spiderman is my fave character. not realy into miles morales as yet but its only 8 issues into the new ultimate series but peter parker umm ya im there.

  19. ugh,This is why Marvel and DC books have become almost non-existent in the books I’m picking up. I guess they really have run out of ideas.

  20. brettthemonster brettthemonster (@brettthemonster) says:

    This might end up being a total waste of time since it is only a 5 issue mini and I doubt that it will end up effecting either universe in a real way, but I am a sucker for this stuff I am sure I will at least pick up the first issue.

  21. I’m really surprised that Marvel hasn’t done this sooner, and on a grander scale (like the Ultimates vs the Avengers or something). I do like the single points of contact from each representative universes, so hopefully there can be good reflections of the universe characterizations through the eyes of both the strange Spider-Men.

  22. Totally called it.


  23. My take away? Holy crap, Spidey is 50?!

  24. Here’s what annoys me and I’m not even a fan of the book I’m about to mention:

    Why does Bendis and Pichelli get to do the entire crossover? Hasn’t Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos, and Stefano Castelli done a lengthy run on Amazing Spider-Man? Shouldn’t they get a say or some type of contribution to this? Why does it have to be a separate mini-series? Couldn’t they do a crossover in ASM and USM to get more people to read?

    It’s stuff like that that really questions what Marvel is thinking about financially when it comes to these big stories. They could save a lot of time and money if they just crossover within the two books rather then waste time making a new book out of this. Plus it feels like a big ‘Fuck You’ to Slott and the others if they don’t get to help with this really big crossover. I know Bendis writes Spider-Man in New and THE Avengers but it feels silly not to have someone from ASM to write or draw alongside the USM team.

    • This sounds like more of an Ultimate Spider-Man story with 616 Peter Parker guest starring. Since it’s a USM story mostly, it’s pretty par the course that they’d have the USM team working on it.

    • Yeah but the big selling point is that 616 Spider-Man is going to crossover. So again, shouldn’t someone from ASM help and should it just be a title crossover instead of a separate event crossover?

    • Because people constantly bitch about crossovers! Including you!

    • Well that answers none of the questions I gave you.

      So like Marvel, you can’t answer them.

    • It’s Marvel trying something different. People don’t like crossovers where they have to buy a book they don’t normally buy? They’re trying something different. Can’t say that Marvel doesn’t somewhat listen to feedback.

    • How about this for an answer, Bendis has been writing the 616 Peter in New Avengers and various crossovers for 7 years. He’s been writing Ultimate Spider-Man and that universe for 12. So as far as experience goes you couldn’t ask for a better writer. Also who’s to say Dan Slott wasn’t consulted on this. Just because he’s not writing it doesn’t mean he didn’t give input. If you follow Slott on Twitter you know that This Ends of the Earth arc has been keeping him busy for the last year. Maybe he didn’t want to stretch himself too thin on Spidey.

      “Don’t assume, because it makes an asshole out of you.”
      -Cleon Salmon

    • 1. Slott is busy enough as it is, writing 2 issues of ASM a month, with the occasional one-shot on the side(USM TV show comic, AVSM #8, etc). He doesn’t have time to be co-writing another book on top of his workload

      2. Slott and his fellow writers/artists have their own 50th Anniversary stories to tell. Slott/Ramos has a 50th Anniversary special coming up, and Avenging Spider-Man is doing a 50th Anniversary story as well.

      3. Slott’s ASM is pretty stacked right now. Ends of the Earth and the fall-out from that, their own 50th anniversary special, the big Lizard story, return of the Hobgoblin, and the build-up to #700. A five-issue crossover just isn’t in the plans

      So ya know, several reasons

    • Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      If Slott were writing this by himself without Bendis’ involvement, I can guarantee you wouldn’t have complained about it at all because you don’t like Bendis.

    • maybe that was the creative team that came up with the idea and pitched it successfully? Isn’t that how things work?

    • @Jeremy you made me chuckle when you listed Slott’s workload.. cause we all know Bendis has an empty plate ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • @Jeremy: Well if we go by that logic then Bendis wouldn’t be doing this. Cause somehow he has the capacity to do 5-7 books a month. Maybe ASM is a lot to handle but it’s the only book Slott is working on so I can’t imagine why he couldn’t have at least some say in the process.

      @Wally: Considering Bendis is an ‘Architect’ I’m inclined to agree with that notion.

      @Paul: That’s not true at all. I actually like Ultimate Spider-Man and I’ve gone on record saying the new direction with Miles has been fun. So if it was announced as Slott doing all of the work then I’d question it because Bendis has been the USM writer forever. I don’t know why it’s so silly to think both writers couldn’t help with this event.

      @Roi: Yes calling me an asshole is real constructive conversation.

    • Could it be that this is just Bendis’ story? It seems pretty straight forward. What is odd to me is that someone one assert that someone else is getting an “Fuck you” simply because they are not writing it. This line of reasoning makes absolutely no sense. It’s like saying Slott and Greg Land should have been involved in Jason Aaron’s “Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine” simply because they were also working on books with those characters.

    • @TNC Who said I was trying to be constructive? Also that quote was from a Broken Lizard movie and was meant in jest. The rest of my response however was not. Nice to see you focused on the important part Mike.

    • Not anybody works at the same rate, Chris. I’ve been following his run since the beginning, and it keeps him very busy.

      I’m…really not seeing the issue here? Bendis is doing a story, Slott is doing his own story, AVSM is doing his own story. Hopefully that means we get 3 different great Spider-Man stories celebrating his 50th Anniversary.

      I don’t know, I think sometimes people just try to find a nit to pick about.

    • I can’t… I don’t even…

      You’re annoyed that Bendis is writing a story he presumably came up with? That makes no sense at all.

    • ^ YES!
      I like the way you think! Somebody write this man a big fat check.

    • Ha ha.

  25. This will still not convince me to buy any book with anyone but Peter as Spider-man.

    • Sean: Maybe *you’re* perfect right now. Maybe you don’t wanna ruin that. I think that’s a super philosophy, Will; that way you can go through your entire life without ever having to really know anybody…

      Will: …You ever think about gettin’ remarried?

      Sean: My wife’s dead.

      Will: Hence the word: remarried.

      Sean: She’s dead.

      Will: Yeah, well, I think that’s a super philosophy, Sean. I mean, that way you could actually go through the rest of your life without ever really knowing anybody.

      Sean: Time’s up.

    • 616 Spidey isn’t dead though, Will Hunting.

    • Retainer!!

    • The retainer scene might be Afflecks best moment

    • You! Ya Suspect!!

  26. I wonder if we will see the 616 counterpart for Miles. Now that would be pretty interesting.

  27. has been calling it Earth-1610 for a while. So they always left a door open here and there. Didn’t the Marvel Zombies sort-of crossover into 616 in an X-Men title, making the Ultimate U already a kind connected-in-law to 616?

    • Zombies thing is tricky. It was introduced by Millar I believe in UFF which was so popular it spanned into its own various series and really became its own thing. So it kinda has roots in UU as a concept but the continuation of that germ of an idea (in a separate ‘continuity’ if you like) goes far beyond. So not really sure if that is an example of things being inter-connected. Not saying you’re wrong I’m just genuinely not sure how that stands as an example.

    • captamerica101 captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

      okay, six degrees of the marvel zombies time. 1. the marvel zombies crossed over with the marvel apes in a special. 2. the marvel apes crossed over with the 616 universe in their own mini series. woo! did it in 2. (pauses thoughtfully) why do i own marvel apes?

  28. I’m still a bit baffled by how some folks can’t just chill out. I highly doubt this is going to alter any reader’s enjoyment of either the 616 ASM or the Ultimate Spidey book.
    This is basically an “event” to try to further legitimize Miles Morales as a worthy heir to the “Spider-Man” mantle in the Ultimate universe. That’s literally all there is to this, and it’ll probably be great for Ultimate Spidey fans (judging by the top-tier quality of Ultimate Spidey over the past decade now)

    Miles Morales has proven to be a great character and a character who I honestly believe could very well be an affecting character for many new, young readers. If this “team-up” helps to legitimize the character and bring more eyes to his adventures in USM, I see no reason to complain.

    And for those who are spewing venom at this idea who DON’T even read USM in the first place??? Well… Perhaps you should find a more positive outlet? Perhaps just focus on what you do read and enjoy?

  29. I love bendis writing spidey. And peter is my fave character. Im still getting into miles but ya cant wait

  30. Calling my shot right now-
    Miles to Peter: who would have thought you would grow up to be such a whiny douche. You are so lucky you died young here.
    boo ya!

  31. filippod filippod (@filippodee) says:

    What pisses me off is that they took Pichelli off the USM book to do this. I like some stability in the art dept. of the books I follow but alas it is a thing of the past for Marvel. Other than that I need to cut expenses and any additional book at this point would be too much. I’m still interested because I loved Bendis+Pichelli in USM. If it’s any good I’ll get the Premiere HC or the trade at some point.

  32. People upset about this, chill out. The 616 characters are constantly coming into contact with alternate reality versions of themselves. So what if in this one instance it’s the Ultimate version? It’s one story. It’s not going to drastically change the paradigm of either Marvel world forever or anything. If you don’t want to read it, you don’t have to. If you want a fun little story, here you go. It’s enitrely harmless, IMO.

  33. Of the three main possibilities for what this could have been (the introduction of a 616 miles meets 616 peter, ultimate peter is reborn to meet ultimate miles, or a crossover of ultimate and amazing) this is the one I find absolutley uninteresting.

  34. i’m really disappointed that this doesn’t involve the resurrection of Ultimate Peter Parker.

    • I feel like that would cheapen his death though. I do miss Peter don’t get me wrong but man, that kid went down swinging

    • i feel like we never got the punctuation on his death through a Bendis letter/ afterword. He’s done those for a lot of his big runs, like Daredevil and Alias and even Pulse. Since he didn’t do one for the death of Peter, I feel like there’s still a door open for that. Also that character meant a lot to me personally. He got me into comics, and when BND happened and i dropped Amazing he became my Spider-Man rock to hold onto.

  35. I’m indifferent and won’t be buying this. Just thought I’d let the rest of ya know!

  36. i’m intrigued by this. i wonder how peter would feel, knowing that there’s an alternate universe where he dies and this kid takes over. could lead to some interesting stories for both separate series going forward.

  37. I’m really looking forward to this. There could be some very beautiful moments between Ultimate Aunt May and Peter, where she gets to see what would have happened if he didn’t die. And Peter getting to see Gwen again will be pretty special too. I really hope Bendis takes time to touch on character beats like this.

  38. It should be fun, and there is the novelty aspect and the talent is there and it has the potential to be great fun. Do i wish they were not doing it, yes, but they need to make the cash and will always do this stuff. Don’t think it will merge the two universes, the Ultimate universe is pretty small at the moment and there would be little point. I do think this will spawn an annual crossing of the Us. Coming soon, The Avengers vs The Ultimate Avengers. I am sure you can choose to not read this and it will not affect either Universes much in the short to long term.

  39. Haven’t read any of Miles’ stuff, but been hearing great things about it. I’ve been reading “Amazing” since Spider-island, this seems like a good chance to meet Mr. Morales for me, even if Bendis is not my favourite writer; I dropped The Avengers because of his writing. I know that’s crazy because he’s so popular but that’s just me. Still, I think this could be good, and from the little i’ve seen of Pichelli she is awesome, even more reason to get this.

  40. At least there are no zombies this time.

  41. This and Avengers fighting X-Men is Marvel’s big summer line up, disappointing. Bring back Guardians of the Galaxy and stop giving Bendis as the hyperbole. The only time I currently support Marvel is at the movies, they can’t fuck that up, can they?

  42. Here’s hoping they do some variation of the “mirror routine” a la Looney Tunes, I Love Lucy, Family Guy, etc.

  43. Love AS and US so can’t wait/ Like US a little more but that night because AS is everthing and US has the one book and starting to get his backstory going. Hope there fight at least once to see who would win