DC Relaunch: Top 5 Books Conor is Looking Forward To

This week marks the beginning of the biggest story in comic books in years: DC Comics’ audacious relaunch of their entire line of superhero books. The old universe ends with Flashpoint #5 and the new DC Universe begins with Justice League #1, both in stores on Wednesday. It’s certainly an exciting time to be a comic book fan.

With all the new books and creators in mind, Monday through Thursday of this week the iFanboy editorial staff will present to you the Top 5 DC Books that we’re looking forward to. I’m kicking things off.

The Top 5 DC Relaunch Books That I’m Looking Forward To

Justice League

1. Justice League – It’s been 11 years since the Justice League had a book that was both excellent and a significant force in the marketplace. That’s way too long for what should be DC Comics’ flagship title. Can Geoff Johns and Jim Lee bring the book back to prominence with this title that focuses on the formation of the Justice League and is set in the new DC Universe’s past? I want this book to work more than anything. I need it to work.

2. Batman – The good news is that despite the title change and the new compressed timeline in the new DC Universe, writer Scott Snyder is going to continue with the characters and themes that he began to explore in Detective Comics, which was was one of the best sustained runs on a Batman book in recent memory.

3. Action Comics – Grant Morrison is taking Superman back to his 1930s champion of the people roots and I could not be more excited. And I am especially excited after reading Morrison’s in-depth thoughts on the Man of Steel in Supergods. This could actually turn out to be something that comics always promise but rarely deliver: a genuinely fresh and different take on an icon. Plus, this one takes place even further in the past than Justice League. I love that.

4. Wonder Woman – Man, wouldn’t it be great if there was an excellent Wonder Woman comic book? Like, not just one that is good but one that had people talking and became a genuine must-read for people other than the hardcore Wonder Woman fan? If a Wonder Woman comic book drawn by Cliff Chiang can’t become that book that I might start to believe that it will never happen for Princess Diana.

5. Aquaman – For much of the early part of my comic book reading adult life Aquaman was one of the best books out there. But much like JLA never recovering from Grant Morrison’s departure, Aquaman never rebounded from the loss of writer Peter David. Enter Geoff Johns who looks to do to King Arthur what he did with Hal Jordan and Barry Allen: bring him back and revitalize him for a modern audience. Throw in Ivan Reis on art and this Aquaman fan could not be happier. (Unless Topo shows up.)

And just for fun…

6-10. The Flash, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Justice League Dark, All-Star Western


  1. Looking forward to the same things. Just in a slightly different order.
    Maybe add detective.

    I is excited

  2. You are 4 out of 5 with me Conor, the only book I won’t be getting from your selection will be Wonder Woman. I’ve never read Aquaman but I figured Johns is so good and I love Reis’s artwork so much that’d I’d give the book a try. Batman, Justice League and Action Comics are must-buys, although I’ll see what Morrison is doing with issue 1 before I commit to getting Action every month. It’s worth a try at least.

  3. I was planning on picking up those top five already, as well as the next three. Not sure about Justice League Dark or All-Star Western, but a Conor endorsement has me at least thinking about giving them a chance.

  4. Thanks for the Aquaman love.

  5. I would switch Wonder Woman with Justice League Dark, but besides that yeah I completely agree with this ranking of excitement for the new DCU.

  6. So whats a good jumping on point for the new 52 books? i kid i kid.

    My only concern with the Snyder Batman, is that he’s going to take it further into this dark and serious place instead of the fun superhero place.

    I’m excited for Justice League Dark and Swamp thing. The Morrison Superman has me intrigued but its Morrison so it might be tricky for me to get into.

    • Good one.

    • You say “further into dark and serious” like its a bad thing? Personally I think that is exactly what Batman should be. Leave the Superhero fun stuff for Justice League and Batman & Robin. So far in his very short comics career – “IN SNYDER I TRUST”

    • There’s a Batman book for every taste. That’s why there’s 50 Batman books.

    • For me its a bad thing. i wrote about it on last week’s letters column. Batman and Detective comics were my favorite character/titles growing up, but i haven’t found a contemporary version of him that i actually enjoy reading for more than an issue or two. I’ve found they all take themselves so seriously and really focus on reminding me how f@cked up and ugly the world is, which is NOT why i read superhero comics. I want fun adventures.

      I’ll give the new one a try and see what happens. its just kinda bumming me out that when i came back into comics a few years back, i wanted to see what Batman was up to, and since then, i’ve found very little enjoyment out of a character i’ve loved since i was like 10. I guess i’m no longer a Batman person. =(

      glad most everyone else enjoys em though.

    • Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    • I think his interview from comic-con said that his Batman run was going to be more epic in scale. I read this as more traditional action hero than dark brooding detective.

    • yeah i think i read that too….i dunno..i’ll believe it when i see it.

      @resurrectionflan–thats the issue, its either rated R or G. nothing in between.

  7. I think people are going to love Azz on Wonder Woman. His women of 100 bullets fame are some fantastic characters. Strong, smart, and not afraid of using violence. This’ll no doubt show in the pages of WW.
    This might actually make me forgive them for what happened to Rucka on this title.

  8. As well as the mainstream DC goodness I’m looking forward to Paul Cornell’s two eclectic books – Stormwatch & Demon Knights.

  9. I am very curious about seeing what they are going to do with Batgirl, Nightwing, and Supergirl. But most excited about JLA, JSA, and Action

  10. I am looking forward to Action Comics. The idea of it looks promising. Is this the follow-up series to Project Superman?

  11. I’m really looking forward to the art in the Wonder Woman book and the writing in Action Comics. I expect Batman to be the total package. This is an exciting time to a comic book fan.

  12. Don’t think that I can narrow it down to five but here are the books that I am most looking forward to: Justice League, JLI, Nightwing, Birds of Prey, Batman, Aquaman, Batgirl and Stormwatch.

  13. I’m not sure why, but I never cared much for the whole “Clark learning to use his powers” thing. I tried to watch Smallville, too, and just couldn’t get into it. Since Grant Morrison is about 50/50 with me, I think I’ll wait on Action Comics. If the iFanboys are really loving it after a few months, maybe this will be my first foray into digital comics, after the price has come down a bit.

  14. Mine are as follows (Btw this is going to be the first time ive tried reading a bunch of DC Titles, im pretty excited)

    1.Batman (Snyder plus Batman = Greatness)
    2. Justice League (Jim Lee better do an extensive run on this)
    3. Swamp Thing (Horror Awesomeness)
    4.Justice League Dark ( Such a cool concept hope it pays off)
    5. Action Comics ( Ive never liked Superman have only read a handful of issues should be intresting)

    Also am grabbing for the curiosity i have of these titles: Frankenstein Agent Of Shade, Animal Man, Grifter, DCU Presents

  15. JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    I’ve been under the assumption that Morrison’s run on Action Comics would only be set in the past for the first 6 or 12 issues. Basically, just a story arc or two and then jump back into the timeline of the rest of the DCU. Suddenly, I’m wondering if this story will stretch on for years, all of it set in the past at the beginnings of Superman’s career. That interests me greatly. Here’s hoping that’s what happens. I’d love to see a truly epic, stand-alone story for Superman.

  16. I must say Conor out of all the iFanboy guys I feel you and I have very similar tastes. I am with you on all of them except Aquaman & The Flash. However I have never been a fan of either of those characters. If the buzz is big for either of those by the second arc, maybe I’ll give them a shot. As always, great stuff.

  17. I’m kind of ambivalent about Justice League, honestly… but I like your take on it, Conor. For me, that’s Justice League Dark — I NEED it to work, as it has that assortment of offbeat characters that could very easily fail spectacularly — but if Milligan can make it work, it could be AWESOME… and tailor-made for my sensibilities.

    Action and Wonder Woman and Batman are the iconic books I’m excited about.

    But my real interest lies in the DARK and EDGE books. Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Demon Knights, Stormwatch, Grifter… all intrigue me more than anything else in the line-up.

    • I’m pulling hard for the dark and edge book, too. I’d love to see these nontraditional books take off.

      I’m oddly excited about Grifter. I know very little about the character, but he has me interested.

    • Me too! I know the guy that’s writing wrote that Jake Ellis series that Ron’s been raving about and Cafu is a pretty snazzy artist.

  18. I’ll be reading all 5 of those as well, Conor. I would say 4/5 are ones I am really looking forward to. Action I will read, but I’m not chomping at the bit for it as much as for some others.

    I plan to buy most, if not all, of the #1’s I get in paper format. Then, some may switch over to digital, depending on how many I HAVE to read vs. how many additional ones I would LIKE to read. I might be a cheapskate and run a month behind on the digitals to save a buck per book.

  19. Mine are definitely:

    1. Batman – loved Snyder on Detective, will miss Jock, but Capullo’s no slouch, just different.
    2. Demon Knights – I think this idea is great, and glad DC is trying out quirkier titles like this. I just hope it gets to stick around.
    3. Justice League Dark – The idea of Constantine in the DCU has me intrigued.
    4. Swamp Thing – I’m very interested in Snyder’s take, as I have only read Moore’s run.
    5. Animal Man – While I like Sweet Tooth, I have to say the art is pulling me into this one. I’ve only read Morrison’s run, so this should be interesting.

    Others of interest: Wonder Woman – because I think Azz is one of the best writers, Aquaman – because I’ve always liked the character and he finally seems to be getting some love, and Justice League – because when Jim Lee draws, you pay attention.

  20. Totally agree that Wonder Woman needs to be a book people read and talk about. Same obviously for JLA. That is a no-brainer. I think that book will be just fine due to it’s creative team and it being used as the center of the new DCU. WW on the other hand, I fear that even if it’s great, it won’t get the attention it deserves.

  21. Conor, how will you be picking up your top 5? Print or Digital?

  22. My top 5:
    JL Dark
    Frankstein Agent of Shade
    Swamp Thing
    Demon Knights
    Blue Beetle/All star Western

    Ok, so with the tie its more like 6.

    Is Justice League #1 going to be Digital on Wednesday?

    • You know, I’m looking forward to Blue Beetle as well. I know the artist will be pretty swell, so even if the writing isn’t great, it should be pretty. Bedard’s a pro, so it should be a good read as well.

    • All books are same day digital including Justice League.

  23. Action comics is the number one book for me, I love Morrison and think that he may be the perfect talent for this book. I am also right beside you with aquaman, that book was top of my pile for so long but the last number of years all I could do was look back and think of what was.
    3/ Swampthing (see Aquaman)
    4/ Grifter ( I have no idea what to expect from this book so that’s why it rates so high for me)
    5/ All star western ( did you see the splash page of Gotham?)

    The only reason Batman is not there is because I know what to expect from that book, which is pure brilliance, so it doesn’t have me as excited.

  24. Johns has done Justice League before. I hope it’s better. (I think it was with Eagelstrom, whom I like more than Lee).

    • I’m pretty sure you’re thinking of Justice Society of America.

    • Johns wrote JSA with Eaglesham. The crossover that happened with the JLA in those early issues were co-plotted with Brad Meltzer. To my recollection, he’s never written them on his own (unless you count whatever time he spent with the characters during Blackest Night).

    • Johns cowrote five issues of JLA with Allen Heinberg right before Infinite Crisis started. It served as a prelude to that event.

  25. Woahhhhh no StormWatch in the top 10? I call shenanigans

  26. I think my Top 5 is a bit different:

    Action Comics
    Swamp Thing
    Frankenstein: Agent of Shade
    All-Star Western
    Demon Knights (Paul Cornell doing more British heroes…especialy Etrigan = Awesome)

    Batman is at like 5.1 but I’m excited for the “newness” that these titles will provide in my regular super hero diet. If only you could fit 6 things into Top 5 lists.

    (6-10: Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Catwoman, Batwoman)

  27. my top five are
    Action Comics
    Justice League
    The Flash

  28. I haven’t done weeklies in three years. I’m going to check out JLA. It SHOULD be a great book, yet never is. If Johns and Lee can’t do it, nobody can.

    Still, trying to figure out where the DC continuity is right now is starting to give me a headache. For example, with Green Lantern alone: is the only book Hal Jordan will be in “Justice League”? Have we rebooted to the point where Sinestro never went evil? How far in the past is “Justice League” set? Did Hal Jordan ever die and come back? Is the whole universe “Ultimized” or just select corners of it?

    I don’t know if I can process all of this, nor if I want to make the effort. Will this simplify things or overcomplicate them?

    I guess we’ll wait for the books to see. Oh, well. As long as good artists and good writers tell good stories using good art and good dialogue, things should be okay. I just don’t want to sit around having to figure out what back story exists and what back story doesn’t, and what all the back story is at all, in order to make all this work in my brain.

    • The Green Lantern books aren’t being touched by the reboot. Hal at this time is no longer a Green Lantern. Sinestro was given a new green ring.

      Justice League is 5 years in the past.

      Hal is going to be in Green Lantern just without a ring. Trying to figure out his life now that he’s no longer GL.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “Ultimized” though.

    • Don’t worry, be happy.

  29. Only post-reboot books I’m picking up in issues are Batwoman, Stormwatch and Resurrection man. I’ll probably be buying Action Comics and Batman in trade.

  30. I am definitely picking up Animal Man and Swamp Thing. I am considering Batman, Storm Watch, Justice League Dark. I am kind of tempted to pick up JLA just around all the hooplah. I’m kind of surprised Lee’s name still carries that kind of weight.

  31. 1. Action- I have a feeling this is going to the best book of the bunch if the art can remain consistent.
    2. All Star Western- Jonah + Moritat <3
    3. JL Dark- love the concept, hope Milligan can make this fun.
    4. Stormwatch- like the Justice League, these characters haven't been good in a while, excited to see what Cornell can do.
    5. Justice League- not as excited as most, but with these creators, you gotta be at least a little interested.

  32. Has anybody at DC said anything about there being a guaranteed issue run for the new 52 books? How soon will they be dropping low selling books? I’d hope they give all of the books at least 10 or so issues. That might be asking a bit much in today’s market. But I fear that there might be some quality books that get lost in the shuffle in favor of the big name stuff. This already happens on a normal basis. But could be even more jarring during 52 new books all launching months apart.

    • I’ve heard the stories are typically around 5 or 6 issues. So I’d assume they’d give them that long before cutting them.

    • There’s no clear answer on this one because they’re not sure which books will sell well vs. ones that won’t. For all we know, they’ll all be hits. DC tends to stick with titles that aren’t selling well longer than Marvel, so I would guess some will stick around for a little while. They also have more new titles dropping in October and November to supplement the line, most likely in case something is not selling well.

  33. I’d have a hard time solidifying my own top 5. There is too much in this relaunch I’m looking forward to. Connor’s top 6 are the same big name superhero books I’m looking forward to most (particularly Morrison’s Action Comics). However, the Dark and Wildstorm-Edge books are the ones I really want to read because they scratch an itch that’s sometimes neglected.

    I just hope I can get my pull list down to a reasonable level by the end of the year. I’ve got 23 of the new DC books pulled for September and there are maybe a dozen more on my radar I might check out. Damn you, DC!

    • i’m in the same place as you. I’m really overwhelmed by the floodt of these books. There is no way i can afford the time/money to buy and read all of these in addition to stuff i’m already getting.

  34. It’s amazing how many books (at least for me) can be described with the phrase “it never recovered from the departure of peter David.”

    My top 5 Most Excited For:

    1- Action Comics

    2- Justice League

    3- Wonder Woman

    4- Mr. Terrific

    5- Hawk and Dove

    • Wow! Mr. Terrific? I didn’t expect to see that one on anybody’s top 5 list.

    • I’m really excited for Mr Terrific. Probably top 10 for me. Being a JSA fan, I’m glad to see him get his own book. And with “Karen Starr” set to play a roll in the book… oh hells yeah!

    • @AquaPimp82

      I actually know practically nothing about Mr. Terrific. But when i read the solicitations for it, something about it just struck a chord with me. Same thing with hawk and Dove. i have practically no exposure to them, but like Mr. Terrific, the concept just appealed to me a lot.

    • Don’t expect to see anybody’s feet in Hawk and Dove

  35. Don’t think Morrison’s Superman is going to work.

    • Could you elaborate on this? What about it makes you think it won’t work?

      I’ve never been into Superman but this books sounds really interesting to me. It seems to be a very new take on the character from what I’ve heard. Plus, All-Star Superman was amazing so Morrison seems to have a pretty good grasp of the character.

    • Well that’s just it- to me it doesn’t sound like a new take at all.
      It sounds like the original take.
      And while All Star was obviously great it was something new.
      Superman walking the country was horrid- but the one thing that I did like was the non nationalistic Superman
      That had potential. Sure it would ruffle all kinds of feathers but I want to see something brand new
      like if a super powered alien landed here today- how would that influence his personality.
      From what I have read so far- this sounds like another run at good ol’ smallville in the city.

    • worked alright the first time 😉

    • It’s going to work for sure! Grant Morrison is one of the most aclaimed people on DC Comics he wrote All Star Superman in wich script is in my opinion the best of the 2000-2010 most great scripts of Superman!!!!

  36. In the hype of the new DC Reboot I may have accidentally requested to subscribe to too many DC comics than I can afford including my current Marvel comics and also Invincible and Walking Dead and recently the newly relaunch of Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutles.

  37. Conor’s top five would have been grabbing regardless. I have a different take on the top five, books I’m looking forward to that I didn’t even know I wanted. I’m looking forward to StormWatch, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, JL Dark, and Action Comics (last but not least).

  38. Anybody plaining on getting all 52?

    • Me! I’m all in. I want this to work, so I’m supporting it as much as I can. I plan on doing the DCBS deals until they dry up, then switching to digital for the titles I want to continue to follow.

    • I ordered all 52 #1s from DCBS but I’m cutting down after the first issues.

  39. I got a question for those of you who are planning on purchasing all 52 new titles. How many issues are you going to give a book before you drop it? I liked how Ron and Conor had their system for deciding on which Flashpoint tie-in’s to keep going with. Does anyone here have a similar plan of attack on this massive deluge of new books? It’s not going to be cheap. So I’m guessing people are going to have to cut down on the number of books they’re getting at some point.

  40. My top 5 are:

    1. Justice League
    2. Green Lantern (and all other GL related books, although I’m least excited for New Guardians)
    3. Aquaman
    4. Batman
    5. The Flash

    6-10: JLI, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Blackhawks, and a tie between Grifter and Batgirl.

    Overall I’m excited for a bunch of the books though. I made my possible monthly pull-list and I have 22 of the books on there… I ordered all 52 #1s though so I’m making my final decision after I read all of those.

  41. Conor, You’re going with the big names aren’t you. But I can’t say anything. I’m grabbing each of the books in your top five.

    5 Others I’m really pumped for:
    1. Grifter
    2. Deathstroke
    3. Batwing
    4. Nightwing
    5. The Savage Hawkman

  42. 1. Batwoman
    2. Swamp Thing
    3. Frankenstein
    4. Justice League Dark
    5. Animal Man

    Very excited for Batman with Snyder as well, but since that really is a continuation of the Detective run… I’m more excited about getting these new-New titles.

    I’m also doing “The Full 52” the first month. I want to give everything a fair shot to wow me. Plus, I really want to support DC in this endeavor. Granted, this will probably dwindle down to 10 or so titles in month number two… but at least I will be putting my money where my mouth is. I fully support the reboot.

  43. Disqualifying Action Comics and Wonder Woman, I feel like those are givens unless there is a specific dislike of the creators.

    1. Animal Man
    2. Men of War (Love the concept and the Derenick samples look interesting)
    3. Stormwatch
    4. Swamp Thing
    5. The Flash

  44. What am I most looking forward to? in no order:
    1. Batman — if this only half lives up to expectations, it would still be stellar . . .
    2. Swamp Thing — I’ve always been curious about the character, but never found the right entry point, so here’s my perfect chance. And more Synder, yeah . . .
    3. Stormwatch/Demon Knights — I’m really hoping for at least one strong book from Cornell, and the Demon Knights concept does sound terrific. That said, it would be nice to have a good Martian Manhunter book again (the art should be great at any rate).
    4. Justice League Dark — as others have said previously, I’m really pulling for the Dark brand to deliever. For whatever reason, I get more excited about this titile the closer we get to the launch. Figures that it doesn’t come out ’til the last week . . .
    5. Animal Man — I’ve been mixed on the writer, but am such a fan of the character . . .
    Also excited about: Catwoman (really want to see her in a great series again), JLI (more Booster via Jurgens? sounds good), Resurrection Man, and Batgirl (very curious to see how they do this), Would like to get Wonder Woman, Blue Beetle and Batwoman as well, but it’ll be a budget issue in the end. Same goes with Action, which, honestly, I keep thinking I “should” try without being able to create much excitement. Same goes for the main Justice League book as well. . .

  45. My top 5 are

    1. Action Comics
    2. Wonder Woman
    3. Swamp Thing
    4. Justice League Dark
    5. Demon Knights

    Although becasue i wait for trade, all of these are contingent on reviews and vibe.

    I may pick up Justice League but i’m kinda sick of Geoff Johns. I dumped GL after Blackest Night because each issue gave me a headache with all the gobbledegook, endless characters and re-reading the entire run made me wonder what the hell I/people see in it aside from the cool idea of the Corps (but less cool with the passing of time).

    I didn’t mind Superman origins but there is something about Johns’ plotting leaves me cold. Bendis’ plotting can leave me cold as well but at least his dialogue is funny and there is something that passes as characterisation.

    basically I wouldn’t go near Aquaman with a 10 foot pole.

    I didn’t include Batman becasue it is like it is not being rebooted.

  46. Well, they weren’t in the top five, but I was still glad to see a place of honor reserved for Animal Man and Swamp Thing in the top 10.

    Now I just need to recruit a few more Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E buyers…

  47. I’m getting all of the Bat-family books minus Batwing, Catwoman, and Birds of Prey. Im especially psyched for Batman, Nightwing, and Batgirl! Love Snyder, intrigued by Higgins, and love “Babs”!

  48. Oh, and my top five:

    1) Batman. It’s Bruce Wayne, written by Scott Snyder. This is a recipe for win. Plus, Batman rocks.
    2) Animal Man. This book looks sick, twisted, and altogether scary. Sounds like fun.
    3) Frankenstein. Every time I read the solicits for this book, I feel more and more like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.
    4) Swamp Thing. Scott Snyder again, and the character is just different enough to make me care.
    5) Captain Atom. Not a J.T. Krul fan (yet), but this sounds like sci-fi fun, and I’m loving me some sci-fi.

    6-10: Aquaman, GL: New Guardians, Nightwing, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman

  49. Let’s see I’m getting 12 NDCU books….top five might be a bit tough but….

    5) Batman and Robin. Tomasi and Gleason are back! All you need to see if their first run on the title to be pumped for this.

    4) Swamp Thing. The only Swamp Thing comic I ever read was that one prelude of a new run by Brian K. Vaughn and the obvious classic run by Alan Moore. Snyder’s ramblings on twitter made me more excited then ever for this book and the little glimpses of art by Paquette make me even more excited.

    3) DCU Presents. It’s the title that no one seems to be talking about. It’s basically the new version of ‘Brave and the Bold’ and I’m intrigued by the Deadman story. Once it’s over though we’ll get a new cast of characters and (possibly, not sure) a new creative team for the story. That sounds exciting enough for me.

    2) Action Comics. Grant Morrison….That’s all that needs to be said honestly.

    1) Batman. Again, Snyder’s ramblings on twitter made this ‘the’ must have book right now. He’s cleverly laying out hints on twitter too about how all of his recent Bat stories connect to this new run. That and Greg Capullo’s art is slowly getting on my good side the more preview art is shown.

    I’m excited for all the books at the end of the day. But I have a sneaking suspicion that, somehow, I had to drop most of these books in the future these 5 would still be in my pull list.

  50. aqua man looks like it should kick ass, i’m excited for the reboot

  51. No Superman?!? this is at the top of my list.

    What are these time lines you speak of? future, past? which ones will be the mainstream with occasional tie-ins from other DC books?

  52. My top 5 is;
    1] Animal Man, this just looks cool and i realy like travel foremans art.

    2] Bat Woman, i’ve been waiting forever for this so i hope it’s worth the wait.

    3]Frankenstein, Agent Of S.H.A.D.E, interested to see where this goes.

    4]Blue Beetle, i love this character for whatever reason so i’m in.

    5]I,Vampire, I think this actually looks good, i’m also prepared to only get like a few issues then it being cancelled.

    Also realy looking forward to Hawkman, who i could never get into with all the convolted history. Same as Firestorm, i hope they’re alot better than most people are thinking they will be.

  53. i actually want the same books in the same order

  54. This midnight is JL #1 Guys! I’m very excited I still Can’t Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also this Is my list of the Top 5 New 52 Comics that i will be getting!
    1: Batman
    2:Detective Comics
    3:Batman The Dark Knight
    4:Justice League
    5:Batman & Robin

  55. This midnight is JL #1 Guys! I’m very excited I still Can’t Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also this Is my list of the Top 5 New 52 Comics that i will be getting!
    Detective Comics
    Batman The Dark Knight
    Justice League
    Batman And Robin

  56. Surprised Catwoman isn’t in your top relaunch top 10, especially since you guys really dug Power Girl (#22 pick of the week), and in some ways this book is the spiritual successor. Only perhaps better!