C2E2 2012: Fraction & Aja Let Fly with New HAWKEYE Solo Series

We get the feeling archery’s gonna be huge at camp this summer.

Today during Marvel’s Cup o’ Joe panel at Chicago’s C2E2, the publisher announced a new ongoing series for the character they’re calling the breakout star of Marvel’s The Avengers. Matt Fraction and David Aja, who previously jammed on The Immortal Iron Fist ongoing, turn their attention to former carny Clint Barton.

Hawkeye #1 debuts in August. And it’ll look something like this:

The series’ premise suggests a street-level focus, with Barton and his new “protege” the Young Avenger Kate Bishop traversing the back alleys of the Marvel Universe, protecting the weak from injustice. The duo will encounter new and classic archer nemeses as they defend those lost souls who may have slipped under the Avengers’ radar.

We quiver with anticipation.

You tell us. Bullseye? Or back to the fletcher’s?


  1. Hmmm. All though I’ve fallen off the Fraction wagon, I will have to check this out for the Aja art alone.

    • Agreed. At this point I’ll pick up anything with Aja’s name on it. And who knows, maybe Fraction will rediscover what made The Immortal Iron Fist so good.

  2. Tremendous art & design work on those covers. Maybe it’ll finally be a Hawkeye series with some legs…

    • I don’t know about that first cover, it’s a bit muddled. The second is strong though

    • Don’t agree. That first cover is quality and with almost 1/3 of it white I don’t see how it is muddled.

    • My degree in design and 5 years experience in the industry is telling that those lilac concentric circles (which look like they belong on a femine hygiene product) detract from the diagonal leading line created by the building’s edge which should highlight the figure of Hawkeye. The purple of Hawkeyes costume could have been a strong singular element but is lost with all the other shitty tones of purple (it’s a pretty gross palette)

      Lastly, in first year uni, we were told straight up that placing random coloured circles in a design is for hacks

    • haha, okay.

      I agree with a lot of what you say.

      But not muddled.

      I still like the cover.

    • Just because someone has a degree in something doesn’t make them an expert… Like wise with the experience… And especially from someone quoting fluff from a prof from first year… Yikes. All design is subjective, when it comes to being good or bad..

    • Alright, mate, if you say so

    • filippod filippod (@filippodee) says:

      Now that you made me notice I do agree that the cover would look even better without the bottom left circles.

    • For the record, I do agree with you… It just irks the **** out of me when people tout that type of validation, instead of just saying a clear criticism of it… Good critism, is good critism… Nobody cares if you’ve spent thousands of dollars for a piece of paper that’s says you’re an “export”.

    • Are you a fan of the Khmer Rogue too, greyrobot? They had very similar ideas about education

    • Khmer Rouge, lol, its not communist to say someones not an expert cause they have a degree or piece of paper saying they are. That “expert” and all the people who he\she learned from along the way all had they’re own opinions too, experts can be bias and wrong as well as the next guy…..passing tests and graduating just means you’ve succeeded in a faculty’s requirements to be considered an expert.

    • @JSAkid: You’ve got the wrong idea. Read up about what the Khmer Rogue did to educators in Cambodia then come back and tell me I’m right

    • it seems like some people think that a cover’s quality can be decided by science. It’s not a matter of fact. The cover can’t be wrong or right. I personally like it and while it could be better I’m not im not gonna take someone else’s artwork and pick and choose which parts should be kept and which should be fixed. It wouldn’t be their art anymore, and it certainly wouldn’t be mine.

  3. I bet Josh is excited as am I!

  4. Wow. Can’t wait.

  5. Anyone but Fraction and I’d be into this – it’s Defenders all over again. I just can’t get into his work.

  6. Speaking of Fraction and the Defenders, what’s up with that series? Did it get cancelled? I tried looking on the Marvel website and wasn’t able to find anything about upcoming issues (though that might have to do with how glitchy their release calendar is).

  7. Definitely a Hawkeye fan but how long will it last is always the question!

    • Exactly. Last few Hawkeye solo ventures went south very quickly. I give this maybe eight issues, and will likely buy the first four that are drawn by Aja (I am betting thy sub in some other artist around issue five)

    • Sorry @Deanbitterman, I have to disagree with you. I thought Jim McCann’s run on Hawkeye was fantastic. Very underrated.

    • I actually liked the artist rotations on Iron Fist. It usually fit the story they were trying to tell. Hopefully they can find a way to work them organically into the story.

  8. Not a Hawkeye fan and I’ve never read a comic drawn by Aja, But I Gota say the cover art is really cool.

  9. I would buy Fraction and Aja illustrating insurance pamphlets. Iron Fist was one of the most underrated series of the last decade because of these guys.

  10. Assuming this book’s quality is similar to Immortal Iron Fist, all of Hawkeye’s fans will be heard yelling:

    “Just like this! Just like thissssss……!”


  11. So does that mean there’s a Black Widow book coming out soon or will she at least get shared billing on Winter Soldier?

    • I like all three of them together like in widowmaker. I think this book will be good and wonder if it’ll be a 2.99 or 3.99 title?

  12. Aja = Instant buy. A bit cautious because of Fraction, but here’s hoping to a return to Immortal Iron Fist form.

  13. Fraction and Aja were great together on Iron First. If this is anything like that, I’m interested.

  14. While I readily admit Fear Itself was a mess, Fraction brings strong writing to Invincible Iron Man and The Mighty Thor. The last issue of Defenders was quality too with the Dr. Strange focus.

    I’m excited for this.

  15. The creative team sounds good. Aja is a sure thing. Fraction not as much but I’m loving The Defenders right now.

    I typically don’t care for Hawkeye (or his new costume) but we’ll see if they’ve found a good enough angle for him to support a solo series.

  16. I’m ready to try out anything Aja is drawing.

  17. Glad to see they’re partnering him with Hawkingbird. If a Hawkeye solo book is gonna work he’s gonna need a good supporting cast.

  18. First Iron Man, then Thor, Iron First, Doctor Strange and now Hawkeye. Another favorite character written by Fraction (Sigh).

  19. I know ‘Fraction’ is the third word used in this article. But I swear that:

    The covers reminded me of Hickman
    Considering he did the Ultimate character first, Marvel would give Hickman a shot at this.

    David Aja is hard to resist but I will not be fooled with Matt Fraction. Again if this was Hickman AND he had Aja on board then this would be a no brainier. But I have no intention of being disappointed here.

    Also, what chances does this book have? I don’t see Jeremy Renner getting that big of press for being Hawkeye in the movie and I doubt it will make newbies want to go out and buy this. Call me skeptical or negative as you always do, but I like to think I’m being realistic here.

    • A lot of Hickman’s recent comments make it sound like he’s moving away from Marvel work post-AVX. We know SHIELD is wrapping up soon, he’s leaving Ultimates this summer and Fantastic Four later this year. And his only new projects we know of are his Image books.

      And I think this book has some decent chances (as much as any new title in this market). Fraction says this will have a gritty, 70s crime movie vibe, which I think is right up his alley. He also says he’s going to focus on 1-2 issues stories, which is something I’m definitely favoring these days. My only unanswered question is price — at $2.99 I think this is a book people (me, at least) will give a shot. At $3.99, it’s probably a harder sell.

    • On Wordballoon Hickman always sounds like he has a lot to say about his Marvel situation that he ain’t saying. Has for the last two or three interviews. Always weirds me out.

    • yeah he’s been talking about his contract ending with Marvel for quite a while now on WB interviews. He reminds me of a pro athlete headed for free agency who has no intention of resigning with his current team, but can’t just come out and say that. I could be wrong, but thats what i keep hearing as subtext.

      One thing we know….he can probably write his own ticket at marvel or anywhere else at this point.

    • @everyone: Well I wouldn’t be surprised if Hickman left Marvel all together. Marvel hasn’t done much to advertise a lot of his work yet he’s considered an ‘Architect’. SHIELD is an absolute failure and I don’t see it coming out any time soon (especially since Bleeding Cool has the July solicitations for Marvel and SHIELD is not on the list). His Fantastic Four run has been outstanding but other then Storm dying Marvel has barely advertised it properly….and that’s about it isn’t it?

      I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years Robert Kirkman goes fully into Television and Hickman takes over as ‘the face’ of the company.

  20. I just wonder if this will be a 2.99 or 3.99 book.
    Honestly, I just can’t figure out Marvel’s pricing. At first I thought the rule was “A-list characters are 3.99” but then Moon Knight was a 3.99 book, so that theory was shot. Then I thought maybe the rule was “Marvel Architect books are 3.99” but Brubaker’s Winter Soldier was 2.99. So I have no bloody clue.

    • I don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule. Marvel is definitely experimenting with it. Moon Knight was likely $3.99 because of Bendis and Maleev. I’d love to check out Hawkeye and Captain Marvel this summer, but not for $3.99.

  21. Love Hawkeye don’t know if theres room on my bull list. Might have to get rid ot Ux-men been lacking so far anyways.

  22. I feel like Fraction now has a stigma after Fear Itself that makes people treat him as if he one of the worst writers out there. Other than Fear Itself, I don’t think he has written another book that has been a train wreck. I think people quickly forget about his work on Immortal Iron First, Invincible Iron Man, The Order, Thor, , Casanova, and much more. While some of these books have detractors (I’m looking at you Uncanny), most of these runs have been some of Marvels best books. I have faith that Hawkeye can be the same

    • Iron Man had a strong initial run.
      But it’s a train wreck now.
      Entire issues of nothing but AA meetings- creations name Detroit Steele.
      And one of the smartest men in the marvel u who can’t figure out how to make an electric car.
      Iron Fist and The Order were great- but that’s before he became an “architect” I think that was the worst thing
      that could have happened to his career. It’s messed with his head.

    • @Fett02 Agreed and point by @TomSwift is exactly why people are forgetting how good Fraction is. I think Hawkeye is just what he needs to regain his insight for good storytelling.

  23. filippod filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I like how the costume looks like ordinary clothes.

    • Yeah, I like the idea that he’s just running around in a normal shirt. Hawkeye in high tech armor has never felt quite right to me. (and yes, I’m a fan of his original costume.)

    • Curious what they’re going to do with Kate’s costume. Hopefully something similar to what Clint is sporting on these covers.

  24. Wow, am I excited for this. Seem people may think Fraction is the wrong choice for this, but looking back at the Young Avengers Presents series, Fraction had one of the best outings on the Hawkeye issue. He gets Kate Bishop and I feel like Cint Barton will come pretty naturally for him. It doesn’t hurt that he’s paired with Aja and Hollingsworth. I know people have soured a bit on Fraction, but I think he shines on solo books as opposed to his team work. Iron Fist, Invincible Iron Man, Mighty Thor and obviously Cassanova are testaments to this. (Even if I can’t stand the art on Iron Man)

    Not to mention, Greren Arrow fans should probably keep an eye on this book if they don’t like the direction he’s taken in the new 52. A bowman stalking the streets with a young protege under his wing? Sounds a bit familiar.

  25. Well considering it’s been years since Fraction has done anything good, I’m afraid I’ll pass on this.

    Really wish they’d have stuck Aja with someone worth reading, because he is amazing.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, this team did great things with Iron Fist and I do love that book… but that doesn’t mean this will be as good as Iron Fist. Iron Fist was YEARS and YEARS ago. Hell, when Invincible Iron Man was good, it was YEARS ago. The Order? The long long ago. I even gave Defenders a shot because I didn’t think Fear Itself was terrible… big mistake. These people are in different places in their work and their lives and thinking that lightning will be caught in a bottle again just because they’re working together seems fantastical and unrealistic. We’ve seen what time does to some these dudes, and in Fractions case it hasn’t been pretty at all.

    • This reads like somebody who has not read Casanova: Avataria, one of the best comic books being released today.

    • Yeesh, you make it sounds like 4 years is ancient history.

      Me, I’ve always been hot and cold with Fraction. Early on in his writing career I liked Five Fists or Science but could never get into Casanova. I liked The Order and Iron Fist but dropped his Punisher run. I couldn’t get on board with his X-Men but enjoyed the first Iron Man collection I read. Never read his Thor or Fear Itself (for the best, I’m sure). Now The Defenders is one of my favorite books.

      So I don’t think it’s that he was once awesome and now he sucks. He’s just always a little different and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I do remember he said he switched from full script to Marvel style for The Defenders. I hope he sticks with that for Hawkeye because it seems to be working for my tastes.

    • Ok fine this might not be as good as iron fist, but then again IT CAN be, we haven’t seen anything yet besides covers.

      Why do you doubt what you do not know?

    • Shoulda put on there that my opinion shouldn’t detract from anyone’s excitement. Tends to curb the backlash. I think it’s cool people are excited about different things and disagree with me. I’ve came to my own conclusions about Fraction in my comic reading experiences, and they’re just that. Mine. They shouldn’t be upsetting to you if you’re excited. I’m one dude. Who cares?

      Casanova has never been for me. I’m not that kind of reader.

      I’ve given Fraction plenty of chances. If I’ve been burned or dropped everything I use to like from him, why would I pick this up on the fact that it could be Iron Fist good? I’ve already been doing that and it wasn’t working out so well for me. That seems like doubting what I do know. If I was arguing character or story choices that we haven’t seen yet, you’d have nailed me, but this is my opinion of a creator’s track record.

      Hey, at least Aja is doing more than a one shot. That’s awesome town right there. Well worth ya’ll’s money.

  26. Was Sorta excited about aja. Ho hum on hawkeye. But give me Kate bishop in a book and I’m in.

  27. Buying this solely for the art, but I did enjoy the Immortal Iron Fist when it was coming out. If they can capture that magic again, this should be a great title. Fraction can be hit or miss for me, so here’s hoping it’s a hit.

  28. My only question is how often is Aja going to be doing the art? Is this like Larocca on Invincible Iron Man where he pencils every issue, or do we have another Incredible Hulk situation where all the advertising is for an artist who’s only ever going to do the first three issues? This is going to have a big impact on whether or not I’ll be getting this series for the long term.

  29. Was just about to say, “Oh this might be interesting” but then I saw Fraction’s name. I don’t think so.

  30. Yes both hawkeyes in one book FINALLY

  31. Im all in.

  32. i love aja i dont get the fraction hate but im not a big hawkeye fan. wish this was the gambit creative team.

    • Umm… have you actually read anything he’s written outside of Iron Man? I’m still trying to recover from Fear Itself’s mental rapage. I can’t even Marvel let him write an event. I’m betting that what he told them it was and what he actually wrote were two completely different things.

    • One bad event does not make a bad writer jonny

    • I never cared for him before hand either. Fear Itself was just what sent me over the edge.

  33. Aja made this happen. Though Fraction’s Iron Man isn’t boring me like it was when he forced Fear Itself on it. Still won’t do Defenders, McKelvie or not, which honestly saddens me too.

  34. YES, hawkeye! pleasedontsuck, pleasedontsuck, pleasedontsuck…

  35. no one’s gonna comment on how hawkeye is holding the bow wrong?
    or do we only do that when actors playing hawkeye hold it wrong?
    seems unfair to give the actor shit and not the penciler.
    just sayin’.

    • Is he holding it wrong?

    • according to a recent article here, yes.

    • I know he is in the film, but I mean on these covers. That second one especially almost seems like a response to those comments about Hawkeye in the film.

    • i don’t know, man. the left hand seems to be improper if i am to believe the previous article’s picture of the olympic archer. you might be right, though.
      honestly, i don’t care. i was poking fun at anyone who might feel compelled to educate us on the right way to hold a bow. i suppose everyone who might, got it out of their systems already. thank goodness. it’s like saying that street thugs shouldn’t hold their guns sideways because they can’t properly aim.

  36. I like the simplicity of how his name appears and think this book will be a good character for that creative team to shine on again.

  37. Fraction was solid on Invincible Iron Man and Larocca’s art is great. I got faith in Fraction on this one, I think its that Geoff Johns taking a chracter that isn’t doing well them boom, fresh start from the shadows and he’s in the spotlight formula thats gonna happen here.

  38. Love Aja. Like Fraction. Could care less about Hawkeye… Magic 8 Ball says…. Pass

  39. Fraction wants to write a 70’s crime drama so he’s going to force it on a character that isn’t built to support that.
    Great cover art but this looks like another guess of Fraction not liking what he’s given and trying to make it into something else entirely.

  40. I’m looking forward to this.

    Fraction writes a slow-burn story sometimes, but almost any volume of Hawkeye is at least a step in the right direction.

    I also don’t see how Hawkeye would be unsuited to a crime story.

    He must do something in between stints watching his friends save the world.

  41. So friggin’ excited. Fraction did write the brain poison that was Fear Itself, not to mention turning Iron Man into a boardroom snoozefest, but Iron Fist and Defenders are both super solid books. Throw in Aja and the Barton/Bishop team-up? Insta-pull.