BREAKING: Marvel’s 2012 Event is The Avengers vs. The X-Men

USA Today has the scoop on today’s big Marvel Comics announcement: their tent pole event for 2012 is a 12 issue bi-weekly series called:

Avengers vs. X-Men.

It will be written by the so-called “Marvel Architects”: Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman and Matt Fraction. As for artists, the teaser image below lists Olivier Coipel, John Romita Jr., and one of the Kubert brothers (probably Adam).

The series begins with a zero issue in March and then kicks off in earnest in April 2012. Here’s how the story is described:

[The story] begins [in April 2012] with an extinction-level event barreling its way toward Earth, namely the cosmic entity of death and rebirth known as the Phoenix Force. It’s looking for a new host who will possess all of its power, which may or may not be the mutant teenager Hope Summers.

Cyclops, Wolverine, Magneto and the other X-Men want to protect her and prepare her if she’s to be the new Phoenix. Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and their fellow Avengers want her handed over to them so they can figure out what to do with her and keep the world safe from a potentially fiery fate.

Suffice it to say, tensions ā€” and fisticuffs ā€” arise.

It’s always Jean’s fault, isn’t it?

More on this story as information presents itself.


  1. I can’t wait to see how the Soviet Super Soldiers and Dr. Druid factor into this.

  2. “which may or may not be the mutant teenager Hope Summers.”

    My favorite line of the article šŸ™‚

  3. They’re letting Fraction near another event?

  4. zzzZZZzzz

  5. Too soon.

  6. Five writers??? Too many cooks are going to spoil this soup.

    I was expecting something much more interesting from Marvel at this point, especially in response to DC’s recent surge.

  7. Sounds like a proxy battle between Disney and NewsCorp!

  8. So is X-Sanction just a prelude to this, or unrelated?


  10. Kinda reminds me of Children’s Crusade to an extent, more in the fact that both of the Avengers and the X-Men will be arguing/fighting over some great powered hero that had caused problems in the past (Scarlet Witch/Phoenix).

    Those folks just can’t stop getting at each others throats eh?

    • I was thinking the same thing. Tired of Marvel….

    • I predict that the Phoenix Force is actually heading for Scarlett Witch, who will end the mini-series with a reboot of Marvel’s product line, an initiative that Marvel will brand as the “New Universe,” and all but two books will feature Wolverine, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and/or Captain America. The unexpected critical darling of the line will be the horror series “Dr. Druid,” written by indie-comics star Joe Hill. It will be cancelled after eight issues. Mark Waid’s “Daredevil” will be untouched by the “re-envisioning,” because even Perlmutter doesn’t hate /every/ beautiful thing.

  11. So in terms so writing duties, I guess this is going to be a bit like 52, where there was no head writer but instead a combined braintrust? I hope it’s that way, since it seems a little more favorable than having something like Aaron writing issue 1, Hickman writing issue 2, etc. Wouldn’t seem to be too consistent that way.

    • Unfortunately, on other sites, it is being described as the latter option. I agree about the consistency aspect, kinda strange to set up a big event in this manner.

      If I hear good things, I will pick it up, but I think this is gonna be a pass for the ‘too many cooks’ reason.

  12. I wonder if this ties into Cable coming back in the X-Sanction. I love the idea of the X-Men versus the Avengers but I can do without The Phoenix. I’d rather see Cable comeback overrun with the Techno Organic virus and have Ultron control Cable and have the X-Men and Avengers fight and/or team-up.


  14. This could be fun or it could be waaaay too many cooks in the kitchen. Iron Chef with everyone working on the same meal. I dunno how that would work. =p

  15. “You all loved Civil War, right?”

    Well, yeah, but that had a better creative team behind it. Millar can be over the top, but he writes good events.

    Bendis? A spotty record at best. And his work on Avengers has been going downhill, as evidenced by sliding sales. (Also note that he plans on launching a THIRD Avengers title while this event is going on…)

    Fraction? His Uncanny X-Men run was pretty bad, and his only experience on events books was Fear Itself, the worst-reviewed event in years.

    Brubaker? No experience on events. His Uncanny X-Men run was one of the worst X-runs of the last decade.

    Aaron? He’s doing okay on X-series so far, but his only event experience was Schism, which was not good (not horrible, but not good).

    Hickman? He’s never written the X-Men or the Avengers. He’s a great big-idea guy, but his storytelling style is antithetical to events.

    And Marvel’s going to put ALL of these guys on the same event series? I…can’t think of a worse strategy.

    Give me Mark Millar at his most juvenile: I’d take that over the above writing staff any day.

    • I haven’t enjoyed any Marvel event half as much as I enjoyed Civil War. I agree, bring back some outside talent (Millar would be cool) to write the next Marvel event.

      With so many “architects” working in the “House of Ideas” these days, I don’t think it’s safe to live in. šŸ™‚

    • Hasn’t Millar “retired” from writing for Marvel?

    • @Blargo

      I think being retired in comics has as much longevity as a “dead” character. It’s not always that long before either resurfaces, IMO.

    • Around the time Millar broke away from Morrison, he started believing he was really clever, so the end result was the excruciatingly terrible writing that was Civil War.

    • …….

    • Civil War was ok but it always seems that the build up and concept of Marvel Events is so much better than the actual result. Cicil War and Secret Invasion for instance. Frankly relying on Jeph Loeb as the build up is just a terrible terrible idea. He killed the Ultimate universe with his build-up and event that was Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum and I wasn’t a big fan of his Red Hulk work. Ideally they should just lock him in a room with Tim Sale for the rest of his life so some quality work can come out of him again. The concept is an interesting one in terms of a returning Phoenix Force and a possible Richard Rider return has me excited but battling for the soul of the X-Kids didn’t really work in Schism so I’m a little bit worried that they’re going back to that well again.

    • Right on.. whedon.

  16. Wow, very interesting. Most of my favorite marvel books have been cancelled, and now the X-Men will be drawn into a big Marvel Crossover. Sounds very likely I’ll be dropping the X-books pretty soon (Fear Itself ruined every book it touched; fool me once, shame on Marvel, fool me twice…)

    • you should read Journey into Mystery.

    • I am; and Thunderbolts and Avengers Academy. I used to routinely get 10+ Marvel books a month; I stayed on books like Journey into Mystery and Avengers Academy because they were at least OK, while dropping books like Iron Man. The point is, Fear Itself seeped into every book I was reading (except maybe FF) and one month Juggernaut was the threat in four books in 3 different cities.

      It ended up completely derailing most books, and ruined all of them for me because the entire storyline was something I didn’t care about and it just made me angrier each month. Crossover’s may be a part of comics we are supposed to accept, but I’ve had enough of this garbage.

    • understood.

  17. To some earlier posts, I’m betting this does flow out of X-Sanction (given Cable’s connections to Hope) and the end of Children’s Crusade (especially if Wanda keeps giving mutant powers back). And I’m sure Captain America and Iron Man aren’t too geeked about Cyclops’ “Extinction Team” either.

    So I can definitely see the signposts that lead to this.

    I’m hoping (in vain probably) that this will have a single artist. I liked Schism, but the rotating art teams didn’t do it for me.

    And to all the premature naysayers: give it a rest. You have months to hate on this book. Don’t burn out on the first day.

    • You’re last sentence sums it all up. It doesn’t have the name Jeph Loeb on it, so we can at least play the waiting game for more info before we start the hate engines up, right?

      (I kid, Loeb. Poking fun at my own fanboy-retard-hate.)

  18. Updated with teaser image and artists.

  19. Given the different artist and writers, I’m really interested to hear how they plan on structuring this. As people have pointed out, there are different ways that they could do it, some which have worked better than others in the past. Not that they couldn’t make it work (or fail) in any way they approach it. No matter what, they’ve got my interest for the time being.

  20. Now that we have an announcement, I want to rescind my previous comment hoping for a single artist.

    As long as Adam Kubert can finish all his art (unlike his work on Schism), the art team sounds killer. I also forgot (ignored) the fact that this is a 12 issue series, so I’m curious how the art chores will break out. Each guy has a 4 issue arc? A rotation? Scene-by-scene?

    I know I’m really dreaming here, but could this possibly be $2.99?

    • You were never going to get a single artist on a 12 issue bi-weekly series. Unless you wanted Bagley.

      Very, very doubtful on the price.

    • Yeah, when I hoped for one artist, I wasn’t taking the whole “12 issues, biweekly” thing seriously. At all.

      I think it’s interesting that so many people are ragging on the concept. Sure, the title makes you think it’s just going to be a big dumb fight…but look at those writers. How many of them are really known for writing slugfests?

      I’m really pleased to see Marvel testing out a “writer’s room” approach (if that’s what this is) on an event book. I didn’t totally hate Fear Itself, but I think it definitely provided some evidence that a single writer on an line-wide event book might not be such a hot idea.

  21. this is the same beginning as House of M, right?

  22. “Avengers want her handed over to them so they can figure out what to do with her”

    Seriously, this is what they’re going to fight over? How about this Avengers: figure out what you’re going to do with her BEFORE you piss of the other powers. Oh, wait, if they did that there’s be no comic.

    Never seen this formula before.

    • I am hoping that the devil is in the details. I will not shoot them down for their ideas now, as it is a marketing elevator pitch to explain an event. And say what you will, those cats they listed there in the writing credits can do a nuanced story when they want to.

      As to the Avengers’ motivations, I expect that the reasoning will be told convincingly. That is unless you want to make Captain America a permanent dick who never learns his lesson (I am thinking Mutant Registration Act), And seeing that small, quiet movie they have launching next year… I am guessing they will. Though watching it go horribly wrong will be entertaining in its own right.

    • You’re right. The copy is weak but that’s probably USA Today’s doing.
      I this is comics – more show, less tell.

  23. I would have loved to see Remender on this, big ideas and emotional connections are his forte. I am not a large fan of the Xbooks anymore, but I really like his XForce work. My $0.02, is that I think it is time Jean Grey comes back and add a much needed dimension to the unification of the Xmen Schism. I am paying only half attention to this at best, but bring back Jean would yield 1 years worth of emotional ripples that would be felt across all the Xbooks.

  24. Whoever wins, we lose.

  25. I hate you all.

    • Seriously?

      If I saw an advertisement for a movie that had 5 directors, or a book with 5 authors, I would have the same reservations. I even remember, and correct me if I am wrong, you complaining about the extra artists on a recent Action Comics issue. Maybe you were complaining about Rags having to rush it, but without page credits, it is just as likely that it was another artist (Rick Bryant, I believe).

    • @MisterJ: Multiple writers seemed to work out okay for 52… and just about every TV show ever aired.

      (It worked out less okay for COUNTDOWN but that was more about the creators than the concept.)

    • So Marvel continues to announce these things months in advance, do you expect people ton continue to react with cautious optimism? At some point you get burned enough that optimism just doesn’t make sense.

      Especially while the Fear Itself event (one that lots and LOTS of people seemed to not like) is still in fallout mode.

      Two of the creators wrote pretty poorly received X-Men runs, one has never written the Avengers OR the X-Men and one already wrote an event about the X-Men and Avengers coming to odds over a supremely powerful mutant.

      Oh and the precursor for this seems to be a mini-series written by Jeph Loeb

      I genuinely hope everyone who reads this will enjoy it, there’s a lot of people in this thread who seem pretty excited and I hope it pays off for them, but if Marvel doesn’t want people talking about and hypothesizing about these events (sometimes negatively) they shouldn’t announce them months in advance.

    • I believe your 52 analogy is inaccurate. If I remember correctly, 52 had different bits written by different authors in the same comic (Morrison doing the space opera part, for example). This event, according to other sites, is going to have rotating authors each writing different issues. I would argue that this is materially different.

      As far as TV goes, and I am admittedly no network insider, but don’t they bang out the major plot points for the episode/story arc in the big writers room, then one writer does the heavy lifting for the dialogue? If so, I would argue that the TV analogy is inaccurate as well. The multiple people in the writers room are like having multiple editors, which is something that I wouldn’t quibble against.

      Now, if this is going to be vignette style, like Four Rooms for example, I would have no problem with rotating writers and I would be excited for it, but that is not the information being given.

    • @MisterJ: 52 was extremely collaborative. Do you think the writers didn’t talk and work together? They did. Television shows are all written differently but, some shows excepted, it’s the very definition of collaborative.

    • @Conor: Assuming arguendo, that 52 did work in the manner that you say, it still does not address the initial problem that many have; having rotating authors each writing different issues, and presumably, a different ‘voice’ to each chapter of the story. As such, even giving you everything that you want from your 52 example, it is not analogous.

      And television is also much more episodic in nature and not serial. Some shows excepted, of course. I did not bring up TV in my first post for that very reason.

    • @MisterJ: TV is relevant because it’s a popular entertainment medium that is written by a group. Only in comic books is that idea deemed bizarre and as a negative. (And I watch tons of episodic serialized television. My DVR is full of them. And they’re written in groups.)

      Actually, the more I think about it, the more this event sounds exactly like a television writer set-up.

    • @Conor: I won’t argue that it sounds exactly like a TV set up. My argument is that TV is not relevant because it is different by nature. As you admit, TV is episodic. By definition it is more loosely connected than a serial type of entertainment like a book series (comic or novel). My point is that books are (generally) serial and not episodic.

      And you are not correct in saying ‘only in comic books is that idea deemed bizarre and as a negative.’ Would you imagine that all the Potter fans would have been overjoyed to have someone other than Rowling telling Harry’s story? And I am sure that the same goes for all the ‘Twihards, and the followers of the Bourne or Jack Ryan series.

    • @MisterJ: That was actually a typo. I meant serialized, not episodic. It’s relevant because it’s the same set-up: a group of people writing a serialized story.

      As for books, they aren’t usually written by groups/teams. Comics have a history of being written by groups/teams.


    • HAHA-That’s too funny-I pay the guy a compliment and you delete it but he say he hates everybody and it stay. You guys are silly:)

    • @Conor: I will not argue that there is some serializing on TV, but the overwhelming majority is episodic.

      But fine, let’s look at some of the more serialized TV. Can we agree that the Whedonverse is probably one of the least episodic/most serialized sets of shows on TV? (within each show, obviously) Whedon has a rabid cult following and is fluent in the ‘language’ of film, TV, and comics, and when he took some of his properties to comics, he was given near carte blanche on many of his products. And when he did so, even he did not have multiple writers on the same book. There is a clear demonstration of the difference between the two mediums by someone who has handled both extensively.

      As to comics having a history of being written by groups, I am completely unaware of this being a prolific aspect of the medium. Nearly every comic that I have seen in the last near 30 years of on and off reading has had only one writer. Where is your evidence of this? (note; that is an honest question, there is no snark intended)

      Also, how come you get an edit function? Privileges of ownership? (also no snark here)

    • @MisterJ: Your example is one book (and not a very good one for most of its run, at that). That doesn’t apply to entire mediums, even if the person behind the book has worked in TV. There are really bad TV shows out there written by groups. If I applied that to the entire medium then I would say that no TV shows should be written by groups. Some things are successful and some are not and the relative successes in various specific instances cannot be applied to every instance. My point is that just because a comic book series is written by a group does not mean, by necessity, that it will be bad. If there were no comic books written by more than one person then you might have a an argument, but clearly this is not the case.

      The history of comic books shows that there have been many books written by more than one person. You don’t even have to go very far beyond books in the last month to find teams like Brubaker & Andreyko, Didio & Giffen, Giffen & Jurgens, Abnett & Lanning, Simone & Van Sciver. Or a little bit further back to Brubaker & Fraction, Giffen & DeMatteis, Waid & Augustyn, Morrison & Millar, Brubaker & Rucka. Or even further back to Lee & Kirby, Lee & Ditko, Simon & Kirby. Sure, writing teams have usually been pairs, but it’s not totally unheard of to have more than two people, and two people is still a team of more than one writer.

      Editing comes with privilege of ownership and administration.

  26. Is that teaser image by Jim Cheung, because it is fantastic. I wish he was one of the artists working on this, he woud have been perfect.

  27. The premise posted here reminds me a lot of House of M. I get a feeling this will end with Hope saying “No more Avengers.”

  28. Clearly Marvel announced this today because they’re scared of Riley Rossmo’s new Image book, Rebel Blood!

  29. Clearly, this will be about the execution, and I will check it out. But, I wonder if in the attempt to hype it they don’t give too much away. I don’t even mean spoilers, but just regular plot points. They’ve given us much more than a setup here. I hope this means there’s a whole lot of unexpected twists in there.

  30. i want avengers academy vs wolverine and the x-men (spoiler: wolverine wins)

  31. Its going to be ok everybody. No lifes will be ruined.

    Oh and this could end up being a great story.

  32. I’ve really got my fingers crossed here. This is the natural progression for X story lines since M-Day.

    I refuse to look at this negatively. Almost all of the writers involved have proven themselves to me when writing X books. (And I have faith in Bendis and Hickman) ESPECIALLY, if Brubaker and Fraction get to play off of each other. Their fall of the Shi’ar Empire arc a few years back is one of my favorite EVER.

    To me this feels like a TRUE all encompassing Marvel event. I mean the fucking Phoenix is at the center of it. What larger threat “that single superhero can withstand” could you ask for?

  33. The tag-line should read, “Who needs enemies with friends like these?”…and thats just with the writers! Haaay-oooo

  34. I propose Marvel focuses on cute; Arf-engers vs X-Kitties: Cuteness Invasion!

  35. My favorite part is the fact a simple disagreement between who gets to protect Hope turns into Civil War again. Why not just join forces and protect her as a whole instead of fighting between yourselves and leaving Hope there while the threat looms?

    Then again, if they did that, no comic.

    • I’m betting that there’ll be less fighting and more teaming up between the Avengers and X-Men by the early-middle of this series. That’s just my guess though. Considering Children’s Crusade, House of M, and even the amount of issues and bi-weeklyness of the series, I can’t see how they could be beating each other the whole time. I’m sure It will end up less about Avengers vs. X-Men and more about saving the universe.

    • True. Kind of like Civil War I suppose. But the real question is how many times do 2 teams have to go head to head over a 3rd party before people get bored. It’s been going on for a while so maybe never, but count me un-interested.

  36. Not really interested in the X-Men on a whole and the return of the Phoenix Force doesn’t get me all that excited. I’m sure, like any event, some will love it, some will like it, and some will hate it. Excited for the folks that are excited, but I’m probably going to pass on it. Which is fine and my wallet thanks me for.

  37. Never before have I seen such little optimism and lack of interest in a Marvel event…..and count me as one of those detractors!

    Good lord does this sound so numbingly boring! Avengers vs X-Men? Seriously? That’s the best story they could come up with? Yet ANOTHER big event where the heroes have to fight each other for the sake of humanity? How about they actually pool in their resources and finally finish the fucking Pheonix Force for good!? But no, this event sounds like the big muscled idiot heroes go head first once again without thinking clearly.

    I have no doubt this is going to look good. But I’m tired of Bendis and Fraction and even if the other “architects” are involved I have no doubt those two will be the head writers of this whole project. What sucks is that most (not all) are going to eat this up and it’ll sell well enough for Marvel to think it’ll be a success.

    Count me out and I pray that the good books like Fantastic Four/FF, JIM, T-Bolts, and Daredevil are not affected by this at all.

  38. I’m happy there isn’t a Luke Cage in that image. It would just feel really out of character. Still, Spidey is in there, so are we to assume that the New Avengers are in on this? I’m note even sure I remember who’s on which team.

    Also, I’d think between Wolverine, Beast and Storm, they’d be able to diffuse it before it got that far.

  39. I know the blurb says “Cyclops, Wolverine, Magneto and the other X-Men want to protect her and prepare her” but it looks like Beast and Wolverine are attacking other X-Men in that picture. Is it because they’re Avengers also or are Wolverine’s X-Men teaming up with the Avengers?

    Is this the end of the Schism already?

    • I was wondering that too. It would be interesting if that was the case but it could just be an oversite on Marvels part. I guess it’s possible that they’ve commissioned this piece and the artist had no idea of the events plot outline or that he/she was just having some fun of their own with the image. Like the way in which comic book covers often have nothing to do with the actual content of the book.

  40. X-Children’s Crusade?

  41. Ever since reading Days of Future Past I’ve wondered where the Avengers were when the Sentinels came to exact genocide on mutants.

    There are plenty of moments like that in Marvel’s history (or possible futures) that make a case for an underlying tension between these two factions.

    So maybe this event will key in on these tensions and make for fun read.

    There. Happy? Something positive šŸ™‚

  42. Thankfully I’m not reading any of the X or A flagship titles and will be able to escape much of this “event” unscathed as I did Fear Itself – only got roped into the Inv Iron Man, Heroes for Hire, Uncanny X-Force and Deadpool – and the Deadpool Fear Itself mini was absolutely F’n fantastic.

    • The Fear Itself tie-ins I read ranged from passable to actually good (Avengers Academy in particuar probably had its best arc). I felt no need to read Fear Itself… itself – and I didn’t. I hope this one will be as skippable as Fear Itself

  43. “The series begins with a zero issue in March”. Noo Marvel! You are doing it wrong! It should start with # minus 1.1!

  44. Also, I sincerely hope this story has one moment where Cap’s shield throwing goes up against Cyclops’s oft forgotten unerring geometry sense.

    • Finally something that has me somewhat excited for this event. A good old fashioned geometry-off. Real men solve their problems with math.

      …or alcohol.

  45. Maybe Hope will actually end up being important?

  46. My roommate and I have been discussing this ever since the X-men split in schism. Who would win between cyclops’ team and the avengers? this is going to be great

  47. What the hell no Remender? Or maybe he is the wild card since he does both uncanny x-force and secret avengers?

  48. Deep breaths, everybody. Everything’s going to be just fine.

  49. So they reboot Un X-men and start Wol and X-Men just to throw them all into a big 12 issue event. That’s kinda a big FU to the newer readers. I wish Marvel would take more time and flesh out these titles for at least a year before they plan these big silly knockout fest. I know it’s different but they they just did Ultimates vs Ult X-Men recently why go with that same premise. Can’t Un X-Men have a self contained 12 iss arc about Phoenix without it involving the Avengers. I wounder who they’re going to kill off then have a point one issue saying it never happened. Well I hope it doesn’t effect X-Force too much because I do not want to have to drop it.

    • I don’t think this will be affecting Wolverine and the X-Men. Seems like Logan will be on the Avengers side for this one since he’s the only character from Aaron’s X-Men book on the teaser

    • Comic reading 101: You don’t HAVE to read everything.

    • @comic yeah I know that but the only problems these events usual tie in with other comics that are stand alone titles like ie Fear Itself with Thunderbolts, Ghost Rider , Iron Man ect ect ect..

  50. Man, somebody passed around the Haterade before I got here.

    This looks like oodles o’ fun. Remember fun, gang? That’s the point of all this.

  51. Not gonna lie; grinning hard right now. And I’m not that big a fan of either group. Seems like good, ol’-fashioned fun!

  52. Yeah Daredevil is a real shit sandwich.? I think marvel is in a little mini boom at the moment and quietly eking out ahead with Wolverine + X-Men, X-Force, Venom, Thunderbolts, Red Hulk, New Mutants, Ultimate Spider-Man, etc.

  53. I am not really into Phoenix stories but hopefully this will be zany fun.

  54. Boy, “Fear Itself” really did a job you all. Me too! I feel like a battered girlfriend hearing her abusive boyfriend telling her about their vacation plans next summer. “We’re going to have blast, baby!!”

    Seriously, this is a good marketing move by Marvel. “Avengers vs X-Men” is going to draw a lot of looky-loo interest from movie fans.

  55. Gotta agree with Flan, as much as I’ve got no interest in this event there’s a bunch of Marvel books I’m really digging right now.

  56. I was kinda wavering on Uncanny X-Men anyway, but now totally out! šŸ™‚

  57. Why Marvel no put Remender in?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  58. I’m kinda warming up to the idea of this being a “one writer per issue” deal instead of the overall-hivemind driven writing style that 52 was (which is what I would’ve preferred). In the end, this is structured like a crossover between several issues, where all the collaborative parties interact anyway. This is actually something good to come out of the Architects initiative…the increased level of interaction between all these writers will most likely ensure that the overall script isn’t fractured.

  59. Maybe it’s just the Fear Itself talking but this has elicited zero excitement from me. Maybe I’m (finally) over these kinds of things?

  60. When they say 2012’s event do they mean this is the only one in 2012? No? So… fuck them. Tired. Of. Events.

    • Wait, what?!

      I hope I’m misunderstanding your post, but it sounds like you’re trying to hate on Marvel because they didn’t lay out an entire year’s publishing plan for you in one press release? Again, please tell me I’m wrong.

      Now, I’m not calling out zombox specifically, but after reading all the kneejerk negative reactions in this thread, I’m starting to think comics really ARE made for children.

      Orwell was about 20 years off and had the wrong medium of expression…but I think comic book fans on the web are doing a hell of a great job making the Two Minutes Hate a real thing.

    • No. I’m hating on Marvel because I’m sick of events. Is it too much to ask that the damn books can tell their own story for 6 months without being interrupted by the next Event That Changes Everything (Nothing)? Marvel’s steady dedication to interrupting our regularly scheduled story time together for The Next Big Event is driving me off their books.I’ve dropped at least half my Marvel titles over the last year and will probably drop more by the sound of this news article.

    • @zombox i hear you about lots of events, but i disagree with your take on them. there are plenty of books that don’t cross over often (if at all) daredevil avoided fear itself and isn’t an avengers or x-men book. and captain america doesn’t look like it will either. at the same time though, what’s wrong with tie ins? you don’t have to read the crossover to enjoy them and if you really hate them, then just don’t buy the book for those issues and jump back on when the tie-in is done.

    • I am not going to switch to a book just because it isn’t tied in. I want the story with the writer/artist/character teams I am following. I don’t want to read books I am not interested in. I couldn’t care less about Daredevil, never read a single book. I don’t read Spiderman, I read Venom. I don’t read Avengers, I read Thunderbolts. I used to read Iron Man, no more. I used to read Thor, no more. Way back I read X-factor until a Big Event killed that book for over a year. Big Events derail the story in the series in takes over. One reason the X-Men has started to get really good, in addition to generally putting better talent on the book, is that it has been allowed to (mostly) just be the X-men. Not the X-Men guest starring 50 cross overs! I predict that this event derails some, maybe all, of the X-men books for months or even years afterwards.

  61. I was sold when they said a bunch of extremely talented writers would be writing an event with the two biggest superhero teams in comics and the guys who were responsible for Siege, Astonishing Spiderman & Wolverine, and The Avengers would be drawing it.


  62. I am with Flan too.
    The books that are working at Marvel are really knocking it out of the park. I think you can easily add the Wolverine ongoing to that list.

  63. Read all the negative comments here, but never lost my huge, childlike smile. Nothing, not even the Internet, can ruin this for me. This is like Christmas on the Moon while pirates fight a dinosaur with fireworks!

    But, hey, if seeing superheroes fight ain’t you’re thing, then that’s okay. Wait…

  64. Wow books not even out and there are already negative comments. People are commenting that there are too many chefs in the kitchen, i use too be a cook, how do you think a kitchen is ran? if the chefs can come together and work as a team the meal will be fantastic, if not to the trash bin it goes, but lets not judge the meal before we taste it. I for one enjoyed Fear-Itself, and i know i speak from a minority perspective, but i am excited for this event and hope that Marvel will deliver a remarkable Avengers/X men event.

  65. someone should start an ifanboy marvel announcement drinking game:

    complain about price TAKE A DRINK
    burnt out from events TAKE A DRINK
    snarky comment from (fill in blank poster of your choice) TAKE A DRINK
    bash an architect TAKE A DRINK
    “this is why i dont read much marvel (but will read every press release) TAKE A DRINK
    people complaining about the compaining TAKE A DRINK
    people complaining about complaining about the compaining TAKE A DRINK
    “this is what’s wrong with comics” TAKE A DRINK
    “this should be day and date digital for 99 cents TAKE A DRINK
    talk about how DC/image is kicking their ass TAKE A DRINK
    complain about brevoorts unprofessional behavior TAKE A DRINK

    youre slipping on a few ifanbase, how the hell am i supposed to get drunk?

  66. Certainly gets people talking doesn’t it. It’s happening so i guess you just have to live with it. Hope it’s cool.
    I do miss the old days when you just had great stories because that is what they were meant to be doing. I think they should wait to announce these as it really does feel like Fear itself just finished.
    It’s the Defenders i feel sorry for.
    Next year they should do the Non event, that will be the event, don’t tell us and throw in an event or don’t. We will all be reading every title trying to spot it, see if they can sneak it past us. Wow don’t tell anyone, it’s mine.
    Until that happens, make mine Marvel…DC, Image Dark Horse etc etc.
    Gotta love the comics, they make things good šŸ™‚
    I don’t think i had a point.

    • You may not have had a point, but you made me think of something.

      As much as people dislike a December announcement of an event that starts in March/April (when it feels like Fear Itself only *just* ended), the fact is that Marvel has to announce this now because of the direct market three-months in advance preorder nonsense.

      If they didn’t announce this now, we’d all find out about it when the March solicitations get released in a week or so.

  67. Wow … I mean … wow … how … underwhelming … like … YAWN!!!

    Please, Marvel, PLEASE just keep hands off my lone favorite Marvel book … LEAVE X-FACTOR ALONE on this!!!

    Looks like the brain juice at Marvel has seriously run dry. It took five writers plus an editorial staff to dream up this idea?

    Wow …

  68. I’m not going to complain about this until February.

  69. You mean Cable doesn’t kill them? Aww…

  70. So are Wolverine, Beast and Storm going to fight themselves?

  71. Count me in with Flan, as well. DC stunt marketing be damned. Marvel has more quality books out right now, IMHO. They might not be their flagship titles. And Fear Itself has sadly overshadowed the immense amount of 2nd tier quality of Marvel U. But they are more A quality Marvel books at the moment, as far as I’m concerned. DC has a few good ones too that I’m digging. But beyond the top few, a ton of mediocrity. It’s funny how overall opinion feel hook, line, and sinker for the New 52 campaign. It just shows that comics fans on the whole, sadly are more about style, than substance. Just my own opinion on the matter. You may disagree with me. But anybody who tries saying that Marvel isn’t putting out any good books right now CLEARLY isn’t paying attention.

  72. Geez guys. I’m all for initial gut reactions and impressions. But some of you go way too far in the dismissive and authoritative blanket statements on crap that you haven’t read. IMHO, one of the most ignorant and foolish comments that can be made on a comic book website. Dismissing books and projects upon announcement. Sure, you can say that something doesn’t sound like your sort of thing. But seriously, y’all. The level of smug, pompous, fanboy snark in this thread is just gross. And if we’re going to play Josh’s game, rather creepy. šŸ˜›

    • @j206 I think people are still jaded about Fear Itself. The fact that fraction is attach to another big event book even in a smaller capacity seems kinda crazy IMHO. Your right in the fact that it is way too early to tell if this is going to be a disaster IMHO like Fear Itself and we should wait until we pass judgement. I personal like hearing the views of others even if it’s negative. I’m starting to notice tho the same people in these threads that are so pro Marvel or pro the views of iFANBOY writers that they will attack and lose their shit if anyone dares disagrees. These teaser are to me just like watching movie previews were as a audience we judge by the content and/or director if it’s going to good. If I heard a new Micheal Bay movie was coming out I would roll my eyes and say it’s going to be shit just based on my personal feelings of his previous work . So I don’t think people on the board are being creepy. They’re just voicing their views of said event based on what Marvel has been putting out lately in their humble opinions . So maybe we can stop referring to people as creepy or children or you hate them cause their views don’t match your own.

    • First of all. The creepy comment was a joke. Sorry if the tongue sticking out face wasn’t obvious.

      Secondly, Really? You’re going to defend a bunch of people freaking out saying stuff sucks that hasn’t even come out? Really now. I’m all for opinions. But this sort of nonsense doesn’t fall under such a category. Sorry if that sounds mean. But really now, I’m the one calling for sensibility. Not some smart ass telling peole they suck. Let’s not try to flip the close-minded, knee jerk comments around as “humble”. I’m not referring to anyone here who is speaking with thoughtfulness or humility. There’s a bunch of others.

    • And when did I say I hated anyone? Jeez, dude. I’m all for you having a differing opinon than me. That’s rad. But I’m not cool with you twisting my words in such an extreme manner. Come on, bro.

      All I was saying was people should wait to react so harshly. Give your initial opinion, cool. But save the extreme pronouncements and death sentences for after you actually read it. Is that a crazy thing to ask? Maybe so to an internet msg board.

    • @j206 Actually the reference of I hate everybody and people are acting like children were just from the dumb shit I read from other posted. I’m sorry I lumped in that catergory it wasn’t my intentions. I still think people should be able to express there feelings even in hind sight of a project not relased yet based on previous work by said company or characters even it’s with a simple it going to suck. Thats all man-wasn’t trying to dis

    • Iā€™m starting to notice tho the same people in these threads that are so anti- EVERYTHING or pro NEGATIVITY they will complain and lose their shit if anyone dares disagrees.

  73. I’m gonna get this. Just letting everyone know!

  74. The reaction was memetic, to say the least. Worse than the supposed *haters* are the dismissive *hater haters*. I guess just because this is just text on a screen, means it’s not real.

  75. I’m in, for the big, flashy marvel book.
    Can’t help myself.
    Whats gonna happen with storm, beast, & wolverine?

    • My thoughts exactly.
      Also the possibility of a Hulk vs Colossus with the power of Juggernaut…. unstoppable force meets unmovable object, that is a fight I have been wanting to see for a LOOOONG time.

  76. Im just putting this out there. Negativity is pointless (and apparently at an all time high). Don’t pre order it, you’ve done your job. move along.

  77. Scarlet Witch: “No more continuity!” *reboot follows

  78. i predict this is when theyll bring jean back.or wanda.or thor.or….aw,nevermind.

  79. I’m cool with people hating on this book. Just means that there will be more copies for me to buy and enjoy.

  80. Sounds interesting, it’ll def pull in readers who can easily jump onto something like this.

  81. If this event does not work out well, who gets the A-X?

  82. Well, there’s another year of Marvel’s core titles that I will be tuning out.

  83. i think this officially puts the nail in the coffin and after 30 years will be done with Marvel. These “architects” have built nothing but big stinking outhouses attached to the House of Ideas. I’ll sit quietly in the corner and read old comics, thanks.

  84. What a bunch of whiners. Its unreal how quickly people will dismiss this stuff. Do you guys just sit around your computers and wait for more comic book news? Because if you EVER did ANYTHING else, these announcements would not affect you so profoundly.

    Personally, I’m excited to see which avenger thinks they can take on Magneto. God, i hope its iron man!

  85. Im looking foward to it but if thor on avengers its not much of a fight I just read fractions galactus seed and thir kicked silver surfur and galactus ass so it would take phoenix to make it fair .i know tge ifanboy page is anti fraction but galactus seed with copiel was a great evenr in the pages of thor far better than fear itself so bring on avengers vs xmen im from new york so in the bart scott voice cant wait

  86. Please, can we just not have events. They are rarely good. What’s so cool about having every corner in the marvel universe connected with every other. Can’t we please just enjoy each of the books on its own terms.

  87. Don’t mean to sound bad but I really do hope this ends in the marvel U being rebooted……..maybe a price drop too?

    • I doubt we’ll get either from this. As much as the presence of the Phoenix force along with the Scarlet Witch potentially being back in play (not to mention Franklin Richards being a little less careful over in FF) could indicate some reality warping, Marvel have pretty clearly said they aren’t rebooting.

      However, I think there is a strong likelihood of some kind of streamlining coming out of AVX. Axel Alonso has said that one side will “win”, so there’s the opportunity for a significant status quo shift. However, so far it seems all the post-event status quos are building blocks to the next event. Maybe this will give us a new baseline for a while?