Blake Lively is Carol Ferris in Green Lantern Movie

The coveted spot for Hal Jordan's lady love Carol Ferris has been filled by Gossip Girl cast member, Blake Lively.  My first thought was that she might be a bit young, but apparently, the Green Lantern filmmakers were impressed enough to offer her the spot.

As for my part, when she showed up on Saturday Night Live last month, I literally had no idea who she was; the first time that had every happened to me with an SNL guest.  But apparently the kids like her.

Star Sapphire, anyone?



  1. Well….Carol can be a bit of a bitch sometimes, right?

  2. When I saw where they got her from, I figured Ron would be the one to break the news. He’s on some sort of gossip girl message boards, or something like that, right?

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Does seem kinda young. I see her more as a Wonder Girl, but who knows. 

  4. She better not have blond hair as Carol Ferris!!!!!!

  5. @zoom: Or what? You won’t see the movie?

  6. This doesn’t disappoint me nearly as much as Ryan Reynold’s being in it, but then again, I have no idea who she is.

  7. I know her from Accepted, I had no idea she was still around. 

  8. As a lifelong GL fan, I’m probably feeling the same nervousness that Iron Man fans felt when that movie started production ("Please don’t suck! Please don’t suck!"). Blond Carol or no, I’ll be there opening day – hell, first in line no matter what. It’s GL. Support your local Green Lantern…

    Looks like I’d better hustle to finish up my GL collection in the meantime. Only 14 more issues to go!

  9. Thought her SNL was awful, but that might not have been entirely her fault…..

  10. I’ve liked her since traveling pants bthose long legs are quite something! It’s all good, I’ll be paying to see this no matter what the reviews says.

    Poopooers are out!

  11. As a gossip girl fan im stoked!

  12. @TeleCarlos – now I recognize her! I remember her from that clip they played on The Soup with Lively talking about Gossip Girl while America Ferrera from Ugly Betty is rolling her eyes at the camera.

  13. It really doesn’t matter whos in this movie for me. I’m going to go see it just like I did with the first x-men, spider-man, FF, daredevil and all those other superhero movies.


  14. This is going to suck.  Carol Ferris is supposed to be gutsy, sophisticated, and hot.  Not blonde, bimbotic, and dramatically useless.  This is just bad.  I can think of 25 other actresses that would’ve been a better pick.  This is just their attempt to make it accessible to the tweens and make more money.  Like comic book movie have had problems making money!!

  15. She’s hot fellas, that’s all that counts!  Nah jk.

  16. @marshak75 why don’t you tell us what you really think.

  17. Deffiantly skewing young with this cast.  ill deffiantly give the girl a chance at least.  not entirely optimistic but i’m not gonna cry about it.

  18. I think she could look the part if she dyed her hair. I’m on the fence about her acting ability though. Hope she’ll surprise us in a good way.

  19. Honestly, what the hell does it matter what color hair she has?

  20. This is only one pic and very likely a "Gossip Girl" one so we shouldn’t judge her entire acting ability on it.

    I don’t think she looks too young and besides isn’t Carol Ferris meant to be quite young anyway? It’s not like Ryan Reynolds is a 40-something greying actor. The finished product is the only thing we can rightly judge this decision by. To make bold "I’m not gonna see this cause it sucks" statements is really just silly.

  21. Ok. Lets all simmer down. I have a feeling that this role will probably be eye candy, and not central to the plot. At least in the first movie anyways. Think of her more as Gwyneth as Pepper Potts, than Kidder as Lois.

    I can see this movie being.

    Kid Hal – "Wow! Look at Dad flying! Thats so cool! I wanna be like him! Wow look at dad crashing!!! This is going to have a very formative influence in my life. Oh! And my dad’s boss has an icky girl daughter. Wow. Mom really doesnt want me to be a pilot like dad now that he died!"

    Grown up Hal – "Mom hates the fact that I am a pilot.  My brothers are dicks! Its funny how I ended up working for the same company dad did. Man the bosses daughter is HOT! Wait you say your name in Abin Sur and you arent from aroud here?"

    GL Hal – "Holy Crap this ring rules! I cant believe I am going out with the boss! Me and this guy Sinestro are going to be BFF’s forever! Hope everything stays cool!"

  22. I can see this as a Fantastic Four type disaster. The producers are making so many wrong moves. 

  23. @josh We’re a fucking fickle bunch sometimes.

  24. For some reason I had confused her with her costar Leighton Meester.  This kinda works as much of Carol’s personality is built around not only being a woman in a position of power in man’s field but being a young woman in a position of power in a man’s field. So it actually makes a lot of sense for them to skew kinda young; she’s the Rachel Menken of the DCU.

  25. Ive never seen her in Gossip Girl, so I cant really judge the lady’s acting. But then again, Gossip Girl isnt really a platform for showing off great acting ability. So who knows, she may be able to pull this off.


    Also, we dont know in the movie if Carol owns the airfield yet, right? For all we know, her dad may own it. That would make alot of sense.

  26. PS – Ryan Reynolds is 10 years older than her, so thats not much of a stretch at all

  27. I have no idea who this is. Like josh I was confused on who she was and what she did when she was on SNL. Can’t really judge till we see footage.

  28. Hair matters to some because every time the person comes onto screen it can pull you out of the experience. If you are recreating a person fictional or otherwise they should have some resemblance or be able to fudge the resemblance or if they are really good redefine the role so that previous interpretations are defined by her.

    Comics can be forgiving though since so many artists have changed up the character or tweaked it. I hope Blake is good, don’t know her from anything, I would’ve hoped they would pick someone I knew but as always, wait and see. Then again someone I don’t know doesn’t draw any expectations so she has more of a chance to win me over.

  29. I also feel like if some "nerd approved" actress like Zooey Deschanel had been cast we wouldn’t be hearing this crap but then I remember people would complain about anything.

  30. 99.9999% of the viewing public don’t know who Carol Ferris is. Before a few years ago, most current comic book readers didn’t know either.

  31. zooey deschanel…. ah!

  32. Man, comics fans suck! I hope most people can reserve judgement until they actually see the movie – or at least wait for a trailer!

  33. Not really stoked about this casting choice. Anne Hathaway would be spot on, IMHO.

  34. I really just can’t stand Lively, so I’m a bit disappointed. I like Reynolds though, so I’m still excited for this. To be honest, while I doubt any age has ever actually been mentioned, I think Carol was always supposed to be a little older than Hal. Though over the years this has surely changed. Honestly, I’ve always associated Sandra Bullock with the role in my mind.  Think we just have Green Lantern: The Proposal? 😉

  35. Meh could be better could be worse guess we wont know until we watch the movie. In my opinion though the other girl on gosip girl looks more the part.

  36. @Josh It matters because Carol Ferris is a Jackie and Hal is a Marilyn. (Note: I don’t really think it matters.)

  37. Its not like this girl is on Megan Fox levels of crappy acting…RIGHT?!

  38. I’m willing to give her a chance…but only because I hope to see her in the star sapphire costume in a sequel…those legs… 😛

  39. "99.9999%"

    Yeah but we’re comic book geeks on a comic book website. Talking about what we like is 50% of what we do, the other 50% is talking about what we don’t like. 

    Anne Hathaway would have been nice, not a big fan of Zooey for Carol, not strait laced enough. Rachel McAdams I think would have been my choice I’ve liked her since the Notebook she’s as strong on the screen as Reynolds.

  40. One day someone’s gonna be able to harness geeks’ ability to simultaneously love and hate a thing.

  41. I dont mind her. Shes god damn hot. And Reynolds is good. Thought he was very good in Adventure land. I guess it all depends on the script really.

    It could be a lot worse. It could be Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart

  42. @heroville See also sports fan.

  43. @Heroville and on that day the heavens shall quake for judgement shall be at hand.

  44. @Crucio – I’m saying they’re not making a movie to please comic book fans. And also, not all comic book fans care about every detail being the same as the source material, which is by the way, wildy varied over the decades.

    But if they don’t have a ridiculous racist stereotype of Pieface, then I’m gonna be angry.

    I don’t know squat about this actress, but if the reason for not liking this casting is hair color, well, that’s some short-sightedness right there.

  45. Seriously, why are talking about this

  46. Never heard of her. Hot chick in movie, check. I heard the filming was rumored to start in March in New Orleans.  

  47. I would rather have seen Anne Hathaway, not for the hair, but because she can pull off the feisty spirit. Rachel Weisz might have been good, too; she has the action background and has already acted opposite Reynolds.  I don’t think age will be relevant; since characters are essentially ageless, anyone who’s not a toddler or a geriatric could play the role.  But let’s give the girl a chance.  I thought she did a pretty good job in the Tiger Woods sketch on SNL, essentially a part conveyed in body language.  

  48. I honestly didn’t think she was that bad on SNL She really commited to all the stuff on there. Gossip Girl is kind of a guilty pleasure and I find myself watching it if it’s on tv.

    @fnord what other wrong moves are the producers making? I am getting excited for this. 

  49. @Prax: If it was Sandra Bollock, I would rather eat my own gentlemen vegtables then see her in another movie.

  50. My fiance watches Gossip Girl.  Blake Lively is pretty much a charisma-black-hole on that show.  Her acting style seems to just be reading lines dead pan.  I would think this casting pretty much means that Carol Ferris will be a non-factor in the movie, possibly damsel in distress.

  51. @reg5000  I watched her on SNL ….which sucked.  i watched her in Accepted….which sucked.  I didn’t see the Sisterhood or Gossip Girl…because they suck.  I also don’t text my BFF and bedazzle my phone so that’s why Lively sucks.  I really hope she pulls a Dougray Scott and gets injured or something so some other actress can take the role.  Morena Baccarin, Olivia Wilde or Kristina Hendricks anyone??

  52. @Josh: True enough and I did say that the alternating  artists and writers over the decades has led to wide variations of character interpretation, somethings are always consistent and matter and some are consistent and don’t matter, Jean Grey and MJs hair probably matter Carol Ferris’ maybe not as much. I also never said that she should be rejected due to hair colour, those who have commented for the most part hope she ends up with Black hair and have no idea who she is. 

    Those who do know who she is seem to be ragging on her acting chops, I’m hoping she’s being under estimated. 

    Personally I pray they change the Uniform, particularly the white gloves. I’m confident they will. My other big thing is I want this to be good enough that they do a bunch of them and no body mentions Green Lantern in the same breath as Elektra or Catwoman.

  53. Im 37, and I go out w/ girls that are way younger than me. Not exclusively but, just saying. Screw if she’s younger or whatevs… Guys, Im gonna teach u all a lesson, Golden Age style: everything sucks! Deal w it, or hurry up and put that gun in yo mou… Mmm, sorry, Im out of line and place here, I should respect the few sanctuaries were whinnines is allowed.

    OT again. Im excited! I hope its good. To see a cool, real GL costume and flying around in space should be cool. Neat if they can squeeze a few scenes of diferent aliens that belong to the corps, especially a dolphin one. The thought of alien corps really appeals to me. Like the ones in JJ’s Star Trek. When is JJ gonna direct a costumed hero movie? He could reboot Sups! Im onn a JJ crush right now, anything he shits is gold to me. Prediction: BKV will not just writing anymore in the next decade. He’s in Abrams camp and will be herded along, all the way behind the cameras. Yes, I would kiss his bald headed noggin! He could be the breakout star of the next decade. At least that’s my dream.

    Love u all freaks!  ; )

     Life is good fellas! Or maybe Im easily ecxited! 

  54. It’s far more important that they do a faithful interpretation of Carol, otherwise why have her in the movie? The hair isn’t important in and of itself but it is representative of whether they’re going to intrpret the character faithfully. Like with keanu in Constantine.

  55. Doesn’t alot of this movie take place in space?  So who really cares about Carol she probably won’t be in the movie much.  I think next to Reynolds she’ll be great.  And if she sucks hopefully they’ll replace her faster then you can say Terrance Howard

  56. don’t get to caught up in the details, it’s going to make it that much harder to actually enjoy the movie. 

  57. I can honestly say I had no idea who Blake lively was but when I told my sister she was going to be in the Green Lantern Movie she kinda freaked out – In a good way.

  58. I have to say this. Everyone is harping on how they’re going to ruin her character or aren’t going to be faithful to her character, but I haven’t seen a lot of posts actually stating what her character is other than "strong woman." Anyone care to elaborate? I’ve read the current GL run from zero and I’d argue Johns hasn’t done a whole lot to define her character, but maybe that’s just me. 

    @markshark – "Carol Ferris is supposed to be gutsy, sophisticated, and hot.  Not blonde, bimbotic, and dramatically useless." I’m really not sure what you mean by "dramatically useless." You mean Liveley’s acting ability, or how useful Carol is in the story? You certainly can’t be judging the latter since you haven’t seen a script or the movie yet.

    I feel like the companies should stop giving announcements and previews of movies, all people ever do is bitch. 

  59. @Anson17 – I have to disagree that Johns hasn’t done much to develop her. I feel in secret origin especially he fleshed out her character a lot and her relationship with Hal and her father.

     Obviously people shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions on very little knowlege but she doesn’t seem especially appropriate and does seem like a bit of a studio pick to appeal to a wider audience. Hopefully she does end up being right for the part too.

  60. @britishnightwing – I’ll give you Secret Origin. I don’t know if I feel he’s done much with her other than that. Not trying to troll, just noticed all these posts complaining about ruining her character without defining her character.

  61. O_o pretty ladie 

  62. Even though shes smokin hot, I can’t get past the fact that shes only 22! I’m older than her and that just isnt right for Carol. This is kind of like when Kate Bosworth was cast as Lois Lane. However, I am willing to give Martin Campbell the benefit of the doubt that she can hopefully pull it off.

    Also, for those complaining about her being blonde, there is such a thing as hair dye.

  63. This whole thread cracks me up and frustrates me at the same time.

  64. Age doesn’t bother, hair doesn’t really bother me either. She has to be able to pull a no nonsense business woman, who has to deal with a bunch of flight jocks that continually underestimate her. 

    She can’t be flirty or vapid. I don’t know Blake, I hope she’s good, if she’s not good, maybe they can replace her with Maggie Gyllenhaal in the second movie, kill her off, get snubbed for an Oscar despite being the best movie of that year and then be brought up in a thread to replace the actress they miscast in the Flash Movie.

  65. Not one single frame of film has been shot and we’re already wishing physical harm for an actress who would like to work? Yikes…

  66. @Crucio… You actually think Dark Knight deserved best picture and that Gyllenhall deserved best actress? Also, unless you know her, I think it’s stupid to refer to her as Blake. 

  67. Debate don’t argue. You want to attach each other, go somewhere else.

  68. Attack.

    If you can attach to each other, well, that would be awesome.

  69. @Josh, we are not some sort of Transformers (as far as I know.) Attachment seems like a no go at this point.

  70. In Justice League: The New Frontier Hal does remark that Carol Ferris seems too young to be running an air base.  I think this casting could really work.  Lively can play sophisticated really well, so playing a confident woman in charge of an air base wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.  I always thought she was older than 22 anyways.

  71. @Anson: That entire paragraph was me be facetious. I will say that Dark Knight was equal to a nomination for Best Movie. Slum Dog Millionaire may have been the better movie, they both would have made my top 5 for that year. Maggie as much as I do like her, I don’t think the role was significant enough for a nomination.

    I’m not picking a nit Anson, but I am curious what the logic is that using her first name is bad but using her last name is good. If it’s a societal thing, cool, I didn’t know. Using first names is a way of showing acceptance, calling someone Mr. Ms. Dr. etc. creates an envelope that is exclusive rather then inclusive. Probably differences in social rearing, but me calling you Chris and you calling me Brad is a sign of attachment and acceptance. I attach you!

    What really invigorates me for this movie is that the director Martin Campbell has done my two favorite movies for the last 2 James Bonds, Casino Royale and GoldenEye. Martin has done some bad movies also but hope springs eternal.

    Just checked out the writers…I’m less invigorated now. 

  72. @Crucio… Those are me and my brother’s names, no joke. To be fair, it’s just a pet peeve of mine. I had a friend who referred to obama as Barack throughout the entirety of the election and it just seemed a little ridiculous to me, since it’s not lik ehe was her uncle or anything. I see it with writers all the time on this (and other sites) as well. Grant instead of Morrison or Geoff instead of Johns. I just think it’s a respect thing.

    Oh well, guess we’re Attached now. 

  73. Well, she has nice boobs. So there’s that I suppose…

  74. @JJ lol. She does indeed have that going for her.  But so does Pamela Anderson, and I think we can mostly agree that boob size/hotness doesn’t necessarily make a good actress.  I’ll hold my judgements on this until I see the movie.  Actors and actresses that I’ve never heard of have often impressed me more than storied ones in many a movie.  I’ve learned to not pre-judge any movie, unless of course its by a director I generally don’t care for.

    Sidenote: I will be honest though.  I pre-judged Avatar and I was right about my preconceived notions. I walked out after 40 minutes.  It was a Vegas stripper with no personality. Also, if you’ve seen one anti-colonialism movie, you’ve seen them all.

  75. Yeah, I was being ironic.

  76. i figured:)

  77. She’s very striking with Brown hair.

  78. Sean William Scott as Guy Gardner?