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iFanboy – Episode #219 – BBQ & E-Mail

Show Notes

After missing last summer because of scheduling conflicts, iFanboy is back celebrating summer with grilled meat and comic book talk! It's the fourth annual iFanboy Fourth of July meat and viewer e-mail celebration! You all wrote in wanting answers and here are the lucky few who made the cut:

  • Joshua asks about Young Justice (the cartoon) and wants to know if Marvel is anti-side kick and if the iFanboys like side kicks.
  • Scott wants to know which milestone issues are the iFanboys' favorites.
  • Russ wants to know what the iFanboys would do to entertain themselves on the long flight to Oa and if The Flash would kill people when he punches them.
  • Eric send the iFanboys down a rabbit hole when he asks who they would put on their Super Mount Rushmore.
  • Flemin's brother reads comics, just not the comics that Flemin' wants him to read. Plus he needs some trade paperback recommendations that he can give to friends to get them into comics.
  • Megan wants the iFanboys to list their Top Five On-Going Series.

Fire up the grill, slip on your "Kiss the Chef" apron, grab some comics, and join iFanboy as they attempt to successfully answer viewer mail while cooking loads of meat on the grill as they battle a very uncooperative wind situation.


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Doing the podcast is fun and all, but let's be honest, listening to the 3 of us talk to each other can get repetitive, so we look to you, the iFanboy listeners to participate in the podcast! "How can I get in on the fun?" you may ask yourself, well here's how:

  • E-Mail us at contact@ifanboy.com with any questions, comments or anything that may be on your mind.

Please don't forget to leave your name and where you're writing from and each week, we'll pick the best e-mails to include on the podcast!


  1. Thursday Thursday says:

    Can’t wait to watch this when I get home. Easily my favorite video show of the year.

  2. Loser13 Loser13 says:

    everything looked really good and those were the slowest end credits ever. great job guys and thanks to Josh for writing my back, i will have a question soon. thanks again you guys 

  3. edward says:

    what about a gym episode. “here’s an email… and remember to focus on the upper leg, it’s a large muscle group and a production area of hormones which lead to greater growth… my five favourite books are.. Core strength is important in long distance running, do at least 8 minutes of various core exercises after completing a run.”

  4. SpiderTitan SpiderTitan says:

    My Top 5 would be Criminal: Last of the Innocents, Ultimate Spider-man, Punisher Max, Sixth Gun & Uncanny X-Men

  5. Cooper Cooper says:

    Love the BBQ shows, even though they make me so hungry.

    The Mount Rushmore question was great! Although I interpreted it as “in continuity” monuments – no way that wall-crawling menace and that mass murdering mutant would be up there if that’s the case! 

  6. redlibertyx redlibertyx says:

    Yay BBQ episode!

  7. natethegreat natethegreat says:

    My five favourite books are

    1. Ultimate Spider-Man

    2. Batman Incorporated

    3. Detective Comics

    4. Amazing Spider-Man

    5. Batman Beyond

    Honorable Mention: The Avengers

  8. TomE TomE says:

    Man, this was an extra fun one. Had a laughing fit when Ron said “You’re a big Dick guy!” :)

    Also, I would watch the shit out of iFanboy cooking show.

  9. oblivious247 says:

    My Marvel Rushmore would replace Wolverine with Iron Man.

    My top 5 books right now are

    1. Detective Comics (words cannot describe how much I love this book)

    2. Walking Dead

    3. Wolverine

    4. Invincible

    5. Morning Glories

    I’m enjoyed Gillen on Uncanny X-Men but it’s too early for me to put it in my top 5.

  10. finbarbat finbarbat says:

    Hey fellas, thanks for answering my question about GL and Flash powers. I like the idea of relaxing in a barcalounger or flying in a bed through space for those 11 hours…but in an anti gravity environment, wouldn’t that be pointless?

  11. RahUniQue RahUniQue says:

    ” You’re a bid Dick guy. “


  12. RahUniQue RahUniQue says:

    Ron you need tongs. TONGS!

  13. RahUniQue RahUniQue says:

    That grill looks crowded.
    Why not a Prequel Rushmore? lol Jar Jar, Amidala, Jake Lloyd & Nute Gunray.

  14. redlibertyx redlibertyx says:

    @RahUniQue No Darth Maul?

  15. RahUniQue RahUniQue says:

    My top five favorite

    1. Thunderbolts

    2. Ultimate Spider-man

    3. Avengers

    4. Sixth Gun

    5.  Avengers Academy

  16. RahUniQue RahUniQue says:

    @redlibertyx  lol i was going with subversive apathy. Darth Maul was actually cool.

  17. wangman31888 wangman31888 says:

    Lol, wouldn’t call it an “annual” bbq show, but so glad that it’s back!

  18. I remember reading somewhere that Stan Lee disliked the idea of teen sidekicks, and that’s why Marvel has so few. Might be true, might not.

    Great episode! Got me really hungry.

  19. Mykey Mykey says:

    Hey it’s my birthday and this video is the perfect gift!

  20. convoy83 convoy83 says:

    I was hoping josh would have said the sixth gun in his top 5 books when he was struggling with his list

  21. sunhero sunhero says:

    my top five:

    walking dead
    batman inc.

  22. MoniBolis MoniBolis says:

    Now I’m hungry

  23. Batcommander says:

    These are my favorite. Look forward to seeing if Josh talks about how the sugars come together and how that’s what tastes good about barbecue.

  24. usagi usagi says:

    Two things:

    1) If you’re going to talk about Young Justice could you please ask folks at DC/CN when we’re going to see new episodes again ?

    2) For the love of god, close the lid on that barbecue! Please, you’re letting the heat escape – you’re not trying to heat all of Long Island, you’re just trying to cook some meat. This is why the BBQ has a lid in the first place.

    From the fine folks at Weber:

  25. Josh Flanagan josh (@jaflanagan) says:

    @usagi  It’s showbiz!

  26. usagi usagi says:

    @josh This must be how doctors feel watching ‘House’. :)

  27. PotatoPope PotatoPope says:

    The BBQ eps. always make me wish for a video version of “A Taste of Comics.”

  28. Ilash Ilash says:

    Yay, always love these episodes! Even if they always make me hungry.

    As far as great milestone issues, nothing beats The Flash 100 (vol. 2) for me. The oversized climax of Terminal Velocity, does it get any better?

  29. Ilash Ilash says:

    And, boy, that was some Star Wards nerdiness right there!

    But, yes, I did get all the references…

  30. excalipoor excalipoor says:

    The whole british people still thinks comics is a childish thing reminds me of the host dissing a contestant who reads the sandman series. I embeded the clip on blog last year. http://excalipoor.posterous.com/sandman-mastermind-quiz

  31. ericmci ericmci says:

    Good episode.

    That was just what I wanted from the rushmore question-
    And Wolverine is totally Teddy Roosevelt!

  32. boosebaster boosebaster says:

    Yeah these are the best episodes the guys do, the whole Rushmore bit was superb.

    I went through and watched the old ones recently to remind myself which sauces they recommend as I’m going to be a lot of BBQing later in the summer – got myself some “Bone Suckin’ Sauce” as a result so I’m looking forward to that.

    However I’m buggered if I can work out where I can get hold of some of this Italian Sweet Sausage Ron does every year. 

  33. RahUniQue RahUniQue says:

    @convoy83  So did I. I just read the first two volumes of Sixth Gun and it was awesome!!

  34. ChrisG ChrisG says:

    Wish I lived where summer meant long-sleeve shirts and sweaters.

  35. bhannaoh bhannaoh says:

    Josh, totally agree on the Hot Dogs, but you got to have the Bertmans Stadium Mustard.

  36. WheelHands WheelHands says:

    Great show fellas. My first BBQ show and I really enjoyed it. But goddamn you for making me watch the entire end-credits waiting for something to happen, when all it did was make me hungry. Actually, maybe I should blame the Marvel movies for that reaction.

  37. Ilash Ilash says:

    @ChrisG  Haha! I was thinking the same thing!

  38. CronyC CronyC says:

    I can see Jesse Custer being on Vertigo Mount Rushmore but I would replace him with Spider Jerusalem simply because it would look better.

    My Top 5

    1. Scalped
    2. Detective Comics
    3. Walking Dead
    4. Sweet Tooth
    5. Punisher Max

  39. srh1son srh1son says:

    That was a good Kitty Pryde impression, Ron.

  40. Jeff Reid JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    Ok. All the work that went into the graphics on the Mount Rushmore question? Totally worth it. Loved the segment.

  41. Top five ongoings:

    5) Journey Into Mystery
    4) Detective Comics
    3) Sweet Tooth
    2) FF/Fantastic Four
    1) Chew

    It’ll be fascinating to know what those lists will be like for all of us in a year when the DC Reboot is going. 

  42. Also, hopefully this doesn’t sound weird but, is this Josh’s new house?

  43. Josh Flanagan josh (@jaflanagan) says:

    @TheNextChampion  No.

  44. captbastrd captbastrd says:

    “I mean, like, his name is ‘Oliver’, he’s named after the kid who ruined the Brady Bunch”

    Isn’t… isn’t your kid named Oliver?
    (Please don’t hate me for implying that your son ruined the sitcom of your life)

  45. really fun show. Enjoyed the grillin tips and tricks. Why do you put those sticks in the big sausage coil? Just to make it easy to turn over?

    Lots of good comedy and awkward moments…good for a few chuckles. 

    Loved how Ron dominated the Mt. Rushmore conversations.  

  46. SilverAgeTom SilverAgeTom says:

    My Top 5 Ongoing

    1. FF
    2. Venom
    3. American Vampire
    4. Morning Glories
    5. Walking Dead 

  47. Paul Montgomery PaulMontgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    My Top 5 Ongoings: 

    Detective Comics
    Uncanny X-Force
    The Mighty Thor/Journey Into Mystery (I love them as companion pieces)
    The Sixth Gun 

  48. Paul Montgomery PaulMontgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    WAIT! And Locke & Key. But Locke and Key functions like a series of minis. 

  49. NawidA NawidA says:

    Top 5 ongoings
    Locke and Key
    The Goon
    Batman Inc

  50. mrfrost mrfrost says:

    Great episode. The barbecue shows are awesome!
    My top 5 ongoing would have to be

    Detective Comics
    Uncanny X-Men
    Power Girl

  51. stuclach stuclach says:

    These are some of my favorite episodes. Good stuff.

  52. RobotZombie RobotZombie says:

    Top 5 would have to be:

    Detective Comics
    American Vampire
    Sixth Gun

  53. Top 5 ongoing

    Power Girl (although it’s cancelled)
    Invincible Iron Man

    Is SHIELD an ongoing, or just a series of minis? 

  54. EJ EJ says:

    Love the BBQ show. Glad it’s back this year!

    It’s “sa-brett”, not “saa-brett”. No matter how you pronounce it they pale in comparison to Hummel Brothers hot dogs. The company is based in New Haven but they sell them in some of the grocery stores where I live in Fairfield county. Excellent product. The natural casing gives them the snap a great hot dog should have.

    Great job guys. Looks like you earned the meat-coma! 

  55. diebenny diebenny says:

    How much of the food were you guys able to actually put down?  And were you all uncomfortably full after this feast?  That was a lot for three people.

  56. EJ EJ says:

    All I know is, If you guys would have played “Yakkaty Sax” (The old Benny Hill music) over the credits, it would have been priceless.

  57. pwac pwac says:

    Hulk needs to replace Richards on the Marvel Mount Rushmore – or Thing, because he’s already made or rock.

  58. Anyone else having difficulty with playback? About seven minutes, the audio and video get out of sync, no matter which browser or resolution setting I use.

  59. Josh Flanagan josh (@jaflanagan) says:

    @WilliamKScurryJr  Have you tried just downloading it directly?

  60. YouTube worked just fine… “We’re fine here… How are you?”

  61. stuclach stuclach says:

    I find the ultrafast chewing during the credits positively hypnotizing.

  62. OliverTwist OliverTwist says:

    Top five ongoing:
    5:Bat-man Incorporated
    4:Morning Glories

  63. Top 5 on-going:

    5. Avengers Academy
    4. Heroes For hire
    3. Amazing Spider-Man
    2. Invincible iron Man
    1. FF 

  64. OliverTwist OliverTwist says:

    I could easily swap Walking Dead for Bat-Man inc, but I collect WD in trades.

  65. Rewacthing this, so why not post my top five now?

    Walking Dead
    Super Dinosaur

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