TEASER: Posters for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

In the last few days, two teaser posters for to highly anticipated films have been released. The first, comes courtesy of Warner Bros.:

The second comes from SuperHeroHype:

Both use a similarly bleak black and white style and both have me unbelievably excited for next summer!


  1. Cool posters but someone should really tell Sony that spider-Man’s origin has been told several times already.

  2. Love the snow in the Batman one and the lack of costume in the Spider-Man one. Damn these are both great

  3. I’ve been struck speechless by how awesome these are.

  4. These are fun posters, and the Spiderman especially is pretty cool. Even though the “shadow that shows duality” is literally the most overused visual trope in commercial art, it still makes for an interesting teaser.

  5. Looks like Bane broke Batman…’s cowl. Good thing he’s got spares.

  6. Is Batman the Phantom of the Opera? Is that how the legend ends, with a different one beginning?

  7. The Dark Knight one is riveting. And maybe I need to see a larger version of the Spiderman teaser poster, but Spiderman himself in the poster reminds me of a Robot Chicken doll. With that said, loved the concept of both posters and very excited for both movies.

    BQ: Has anyone in the iFanboy Nation catch the 6 min Dark Knight Rises IMAX Preview?

  8. Now, the Academy Awards whole “nominate 10 films for Best Picture so popular movies get nominated and people watch the awards ceremony” scheme hasn’t resulted in a major summer blockbuster winning Best Picture yet, but between these two films and The Avengers, I think a comic book movies has a pretty solid shot of pulling it off.

    • They recently changed the rues. There now can be UP TO 10 nominees. It allows them to go with less if there aren’t enough deserving films in their opinion.

  9. So I’m assuming Batman did get his back broken in this movie.

  10. God, next year’s going to be insane!!!

  11. I still have no idea how Nolan is going to close this trilogy out. It all could very well be a massive tease; but the hints keep coming that he may very well kill Batman at the end of this. I strongly doubt it’s going to happen because of WB/DC….But imagine if Nolan had the balls to do that.

  12. Like I tweeted the other day, if I was diagnosed with a terminal disease tomorrow, I would hold on until The Dark Knight Rises.

    On the other hand, the new Spiderman looks totally derivative and boring, not very excited for that one

    • The story looks very much “we’ve already done this” (based only on what I’ve read and that teaser), but I’m excited to see actually talented actors portraying the characters I love. The only loses, from where I stand, are JK Simmons and Rosemary Harris.