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Full disclosure: I read Avengers Academy, Runaways, Young Avengers, Young Allies, New Mutants, Darkhawk, X-23 and Drax the Destroyer. I…

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This may be among the most boring comics I have ever read. Nothing interesting happened, and the characters weren’t interesting…

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I know that the iFanboys didn’t think much of this series, but for me it was just about perfect. It…

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September 20, 2013 2:26 pm It was a great bit, but I don't know why it has to be Vader. I figured it was a Death Star Intern, someone whose job was to take staff photos and turn them into a yearbook/ website. The kind of person who just had a job on the Death Star because it would look good on a college application, and whose Dad knew somebody in Death Star human resources. Somebody with hopes and dreams, who loved puppies and was looking forward to going to a state school on Tatooine. Somebody who died a fiery death because of Luke Skywalker. That's who took those pictures, I think.
September 2, 2013 4:14 pm I remember when iFanboy was a barebones website housing an awesome podcast, and the only "features" on the podcast were the reviews, listener e-mail and the occasional voice-mail ("Darrell, stalking the streets of New York"). I remember when we called Connor "Hunter" for a while, and then stopped, and when the listeners did the podcast intro. It has been a pleasure watching the labor of love grow into a site that I visit every day. I'm especially going to miss the "Panel of the Week" and "Weekly Sketch-up" articles; there is nothing quite like them at any other site I know of. Even though I almost never agreed with him, I'll miss Jimski's pieces, because he's considered, witty, and there is nothing else like him, anywhere. There are a lot of comic book websites, but none of them had the level of quality that this community does. I never came away feeling like I shouldn't have read the comments. I'll still look forward to the podcast, just like in the old days when you guys kept me company when I was stuck in traffic on the 405. I'll miss some of the user reviews, and the PotW percentages. Since there won't be a forum to say it, I wish you guys the best with the families and careers and actual lives that you will now get to spend time with. Thanks for letting random strangers feel like a part of your worlds, for a while.
June 24, 2013 9:26 pm @IthoSapien Please don't wish writing at DC on anyone. That's not nice. I mean, I'm not Gaiman's biggest fan (although my 16-year-old self was), but I wouldn't wish that on my least favorite writer, at this point. I'd give this a B+, too. I had a lot of fun reading it, and never deluded myself into thinking that it would "change everything ever." I don't *need* events to "matter," just to be "fun." This was, and it gave us glimpses of awesome throughout. Would it have been better if it had been given twice as much room to breathe? Maybe. Or maybe it would have been a bloated mess a la "Fear Itself."
May 17, 2013 6:29 pm I love the Mamet letter. I wish it wasn't written in the style of an eighth-grader, but once you get past the grammar issues and yelling case, he makes the same points every scriptwriting teacher everywhere makes, including Bendis himself. "1) WHO WANTS WHAT? 2) WHAT HAPPENS IF HER DON’T GET IT? 3) WHY NOW?" In Mametcase: WOLVERINE AND SUE STORM. IF HER DON'T GET IT, EVERYONE DIE. (I feel like Drunk Hulk, now.) NOW BECAUSE EVERYONE DEAD NOW. In fact, using these as a guide, there is tension in every single scene in this book. There isn't a single scene where you can't tell who wants what, what the stakes are and what the occasion is. Open to any scene in the last eight issues and ask these questions. Solid answers, every time. "ANY TIME TWO CHARACTERS ARE TALKING ABOUT A THIRD, THE SCENE IS A CROCK OF SHIT. ANY TIME ANY CHARACTER IS SAYING TO ANOTHER “AS YOU KNOW”, THAT IS, TELLING ANOTHER CHARACTER WHAT YOU, THE WRITER, NEED THE AUDIENCE TO KNOW, THE SCENE IS A CROCK OF SHIT." If anything, there isn't enough talking in AoU. Issue 1: Hawkguy rescues a guy, but no one says anything about anything. Issue 2: Black Widow and Moon Knight do stuff, and spend just a little time talking about who Nick Fury is. I could go on. They don't break Mamet's rules, at all. The *only* place Mamet's rules get broken is in this issue, when the characters are talking about Crappy Defenders' World, and then only twice: when Frost reminds Stark about Latveria and when Captain Marvel gives Steve Fury crap about being there. I'll grant you this: this issue would have been made *much* better by a tie-in that set the stage for Crappy Defenders' World. That would have been cool. Otherwise, if you think this series breaks Mamet's rules, you read a different series than I did.
May 17, 2013 6:17 pm I know there are bad reviews, and maybe it's not for everyone, but I'm so invested in this series that I read it in the car outside the store. Will all the major developments get reset at the end? Of course! If they didn't, we'd have no more Marvel comics. They'd be down to one series, a buddy-cop drama across space-time starring Sue Richards and Wolverine. Actually, that would be kind of awesome. Still, that's not going to happen, so (as with all comics) the question isn't "will it get fixed" but "HOW will it get fixed." The story of how is why we buy the second-act treadmill that it mainstream super-hero comics. If that's not your thing, you have the wrong hobby. I hear knitting is nice, and you can trust that your threads will get resolved.
May 17, 2013 6:09 pm That's probably your store. Let the owner know they need to steam-clean the carpets to get the smell out and try sniffing the book at home. It actually smells like newsprint and sweet-@$$ storytelling. Don't sniff too closely, though. You'll get papercuts on your nose. Ow.
May 17, 2013 6:04 pm Easy: he stopped being a professional killer and became a professional teacher. That'll grey ya right up, trust me.
May 17, 2013 5:59 pm That said, I wish Robinson all the best. I hope to see more of his creator-owned work, now that the leg-irons have been cut.
May 17, 2013 5:53 pm I'd lay money on Brian Azzarello being next out the door. He's a veteran, writing the last excellent book at DC, which exists largely on its own. As soon as editorial notices how good it is, he's out the door. They have a line to kill, and they're not going to let a single good writer stand in their way.
May 9, 2013 2:18 pm There's your problem: that's what network execs want to watch (or worse, think we want to watch), so smart, funny shows that have quality writing don't get picked up. Maybe they're right, people keep tuning in to Two and a Half Men...