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The fact that I didn’t like the first issue of this series, at all, made me sad.  I’m an old-school New Mutants fan, and every time a similar book about a team of young mutants comes along, I buy in.  New X-Men largely bored me, but I gave this a shot all the same.  More than that, I love Marc Guggenheim.  His Manhunter has been one of my favorite new series in years, so I wanted to love this.  The first issue was so disappointing that I almost gave up on both of them, creator and characters.

I’m glad I didn’t.  The arc is pretty obvious, here.  Even if the foreshadowing is heavy handed, the interactions work and the new characters are being used alongside the old to good effect.  This book won’t change anyone’s life or revolutionize the genre, but it’s mutant teens running around in yellow and blue unitards, getting beaten on before they rally to save the day.  That’s what “New Mutants” is supposed to be, and Guggenheim delivers, finally.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. does anyone else hate the roster of this book?

  2. I tried to like the New X-Men. I gave them a shot. I just don’t get them. Maybe it’s a generational thing. Also, the fact that so few of the original New Mutants – who I really liked a lot – are around today or used much at all, makes me feel like any X-Junior book is doomed to irrelavancy. Now they’re trying to bring these guys back to give the New or Young or Baby X-Men a boost. But I’m not buying.

  3. I actually think the roster is deliberate: they’re all easily manipulated, except Blindfold, and she wasn’t initially invited.  I also think that almost all of the original New Mutants are still around: Cannonball and Wolfsbane graduated to X-Men, Dani and Karma were teachers, Sunspot has been messed up terribly but has interesting hooks, Warlock is in Nova, and Magma hasn’t been this interesting in years.  Really, it’s just Cypher and Magik who are still dead.

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