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January 19, 2011 9:32 am wow so people are still complaining about other people complaining huh, lol. Here's what i dont get, its ok to compliment but not complain, views are views, and a forum is suppose to be aplace where both sides can be disscussed in a civil manner. Like I stated yeaterday , weather I like something or not shouldnt matter to any of you, im just telling the group my reason for not likeing what im looking at and I give it a fair assement, I think Frost, Mystique, and Azazel look great, The beast looks horrible from the picture they have supplied. The rest of the cast looks pretty unrecognizable for anyone who hasntread the casting info, if I didnt know McAvoy was playing Prof X I wouldnt know who he was, same goes with the rest of the cast, hell Havok looks like Iceman in the pic. That said as bad as X3 and Wolverine was the characters were at least identifiable.
January 18, 2011 7:04 pm oh yeah and whats with the straps are they wearing back packs over their scuba gear, lol sorry had to say it and Azazels hair helmet would give Trump a run for his money, and please somebody give beast some meow mix he looks hungry , lmao Oh yeah and just to throw this out there look at Angel, now cut her hair short and look at her uniform , can you say WASP !!!!!!!
January 18, 2011 6:56 pm ok my two sense is this , as far as the picture goes , Beast looks horrible imo , Frost looks great mystique looks , good yet if Azazel looks like he does im calling him a dirty old man cause she looks like 12, the rest are indistinguishable from anyone unless you know who is playing who, Im just let down by the photo , just as I am let down by the story details that have been leaked out, I am a fan of Vaughns, I hope this does nt turn out to be a big steaming pile, however its not looking good, and as far as jumping to conclusions, please it doesnt take a trailer or a sneak peek to determine weather or not something is going to be to YOUR INDIVIDUAL LIKING , SO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM COMMENTING ON MY CHOICE TO see it or not see it. That said I have been a fan and a collector of xmen comics since issue 180 of the uncanny xmen, Ive bought and read almost every off shoot series they have come up with. So saying that I think I have every right to complain about how the characters that I grew up with are handled. I can live with alternate storylines and all that , this isnt about that its about respecting the characters, and I honestly beleive that Fox does not respect them. That said i didnt  go or buy Wolverine when it came out and I will not be seeing this as well.  I want them back in marvels hands and the only way that happens is for people not to go see it. If its great fine I'll be the first to say I take everything back and I was wrong but Im not to worried about that happening.
January 17, 2011 11:56 am @wangman31888  yeah they where all tied up , but that was recently resolved so maybe by next season, funny thing is that Wonder Woman is in the second episode, so not sure what the problem was, I think since they where throwing anything related to earth Prime out anyway , why not have Mia Derdan take up the mantel of Speedy and Have Roy move on to Red Arrow, makes alot more sense then Artemis, which i think is an odd and lame choice.
January 17, 2011 11:39 am LOL , I love how the heroes, openly admit that they cant stop all of the fighting that is happening all over the globe, i also wish that they would have shown the other heroes from around the world fighting , Loved the Black Knight Cameo, was hoping that we would have seen the Winter Guard and some of the other teams. This show goes great lengths to tell a great story and I love how they complain about the art style, which is very close to DC animated universe style. Which I'll take that comparison any day, considering that it is some of the best comic book animation ever.
January 14, 2011 2:37 pm i thought it has already been said that we are getting the Proto Goblin, and this isnt anything but the real costume, Also if this is Using The Ultimate Spiderman storyline then Peter doesnt actually make the webshooters he finds his fathers design and work on the  webshooters and the webbing it self , he just completes his fathers work on them . If I remember correctly
January 13, 2011 4:58 pm i like the new costume design , and I agree that Spidey has always been lanky, my thing would be this where does one learn to make such a costume , petes a science geek not a tailor and that is some intresting material he has there , looks a little pricey , lol Im only kidding , but seriously did he learn that in home ec, just askin, Conner Im kidding lol,
January 13, 2011 4:46 pm

Evans looks great as Cap , i really think they nailed the costume perfectly , and I think he looks alot better then AG in spidermans costume, which is good but this looks amazing

January 11, 2011 6:18 pm Now that looks like a kick, The character designs are awesome.
January 11, 2011 6:01 pm @conor  honestly , conner its been a really slow day at work today so I needed something to pass the time, but overall I do disagree and mainly because everything you just said supports what I said everything that you mentioned prior , the movies and the show have been true to the Characters if not the storyline, and i dont care about the story lines , also you cant make the statement about it being faithful, this is not the Titans, this is Young Justice. First off The Teen Titans was Dicks Team, Young Justice was Tim's team, and thats just for starters. and other then they have Kid Flash, Aqua lad, and Robin, how is it faithful in anyway. the Titans didnt have a trainer, and didnt report to anyone, That being said I like the ties to the league, I Like the characters for most parts , i dont like the liberites they are taking with the other aspects of the show, it like me telling everyone else you are not conner anymore you are now dubbed Joe. what is the point of it there is nt any , i can understand the copyright stuff that often cause things to change , fine , but to do it just to do , dumb. Listen Modernize, update, retcon it but jeez , why make one character another , that's like if they take The DARK KNIGHT Rises and  they where to take Hugo strange and combine him with the Riddler , thats just stupid