FIRST LOOK: Chris Evans as Captain America

ComicBookMovie has a grainy shot from this week's Entertainment Weekly showing Chris Evans on set in full Captain America costume!

Here's a better look:

I like it a lot. It looks functional while still very much evoking "Captain America". This was going to be the hardest costume to translate to screen without it looking completely hokey and I think they've done a good job making it work.


  1. I don’t dig the chin strap, but overall I’m pretty satisfied.

  2. Preparing for people to lose their shit about this, even though it looks great.

  3. O Captain, my Captain.

    I think it looks ace.

  4. I’d prefer no wing decals on the helmet but this is good.

  5. Love it

  6. stoked, this looks good–nothing will please everybody, I think, I kinda like the chin strap, it will be interesting to see how it move when he talks.

    I like the baddies in the back, too! 

  7. I can say this, I would not want to fight a guy who looked like that. That costume looks tough as nails and he looks perfect holding the shield

  8. My favorite part is the red straps that happen to coincide with the white around his abdomen so it looks like the flag but its just a functional part of the costume. The whole thing is genius and it’ll look even better when its on film with the right lighting.

  9. I thought he looked the part with the helmet off, but it’s not working for me here…can’ explain why? He looks quite boyish, perhaps? Doesn’t look hard enough? Can’t put my finger on it. 

  10. @BenBugenig  I didn’t notice that until you said something.  

    I will say he’s certainly beefed up for the role and looks great in the costume.  Let’s see how he play’s a straight hero as opposed to the comic relief.

  11. love the belt as well

  12. What do you think those guys in the back are? Mannikins with prototype costumes?

  13. It looks like the 90s ‘Straps & Lots of em’ era is in full force here.

  14. does this mean Chris Evans is 100% portraying Cap?

  15. The dudes in the background look like the guys on the big bad’s ship from Last Starfighter.  This costume looks solid.   

  16. not to sound crass but… mama likey!

  17. I hadn’t been real excited to see this movie, until now. Wow.

  18. I wish the colors were a little more muted (but maybe with the final film treatment they will be), and I’m not sure about the texture/Liefeld shapes on his abs and arms. Still, we’re 2 for 2 today. I’m really excited to see the trailer.

  19. Looks nice. It’s a wise choice to go functional with this one. This could’ve looked downright ridiculous if not translated correctly. My favorite part about it is that helmet.

  20. @iiiplace  …you serious?

  21. @BenBugenig  Wow, I thought the same thing about the straps. It looks very functional and designed for realistic use. Kudos to the designer. I don’t love the helmet, but I don’t hate it either. Can’t wait for this movie!

  22. Evans looks great as Cap , i really think they nailed the costume perfectly , and I think he looks alot better then AG in spidermans costume, which is good but this looks amazing

  23. I agree, It looks alot like the ultimate version which I believe it is very realistic and fuctional… the guys look very futuristic for WW2, this may be from the Avengers movie

  24. @drunkyoda  It’s not – it’s from CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. You can see it in the caption. We’ve seen these guys before. I think they’re Hydra agents.

  25. This looks awesome!!!!

  26. I like it. It looks real good. Especially for what could have been a disaster. The only thing I’m not a fan of are the bullet hole/scorch marks on the shield. They’ve appeared in more than one shot now and I keep noticing them first thing first. The pants do seem kind of… puffy though. All around, nice costume. Looking foward to this film.

  27. EeeeeeeeeeK!

  28. great stuff!
    I really like that the blue portion is more of a padding that is strapped down over a simple white undershirt.  The straps all around make it so much more realistic, i mean how hard must it be to get into that form fitting spider-man constume, this is more of a one size fits all, just tighten to fit idea, which i dig.  I hope they don’t change too much for future films.

  29. @conor – I’m belive this will be the first Captain America worth watching, the previous made me wanna scratch my eyes out. The only problem is that the Hydra agents seem out of place for the era, if they did something like what they did in The Ultimates #1 or the outfits of the actual hydra it wouldn’t be out of place. Why is it that Hollywood goes for the futuristic costumes always?

  30. High pitched squeal of joy! Im pathethic but fuck it!

  31. Looks good to me.

  32. Cool beans.

  33. don’t have any isues with the costume, but that dude has a small head. it’s like they put the head of a six year old on the body of a superhero and thats with the helmet on.

  34. @drunkyoda  it’s not out of place, its our current era.

  35. @ed209AF – Isn’t it gonna be in WW2???

  36. I think parts of it will be WW2 (in fact I’m positive!) and parts of it will be current day.

  37. I think it’s looks pretty awesome.  

  38. Me thinks it looks good!!

  39. @drunkyoda  this still is from now, or atleast thats the way i took it. after he comes to our time.

  40. I think it looks friggin awesome and will definitely see this film– but there is a part of me that is still waiting for Chris to shout “FLAME ON!”

  41. this looks great.  as mentioned before, the red vertical straps are genius.  I like how the chin strap protects his ears and is brown…blends in.  But if he fights with his chin strap unbuckled John Wayne style, I’ll throw a fit.

  42. Looks great! At first I think the fabric and style looked too modern, but then I remembered that Jack kirby had futuristic uniforms and weapons all the time when he was drawing the stories also set in the 40s. If it’s good enough for The King, it’s good enough for the movie going masses of 2011!  So says I!

    Plus, as several people have pointed out, this could easily be from the modern part of the movie.  Still, I’ve made my declaration based on one fuzzy photo and that’s the way I likes it. 

  43. The more I see from this, the more excited I become. There is also a part of me that is VERY worried. As fans go, I am an “All in” Cap fan. He’s the guy. THE Superhero for me. Imagine a guy that knows about the most singular BADASS car that had ever had wheels on it. Then imagine he’s been telling people about this car, and raving about it for years. Then imagine someone taking it out for it’s very first test laps in front of the world, and then crashing it into the wall on the first turn. That’s what I am worried about. This movie crashing into the wall on the first turn.

  44. Cap seems to have quite the package.

  45. Its alright. I want to see it in action

  46. Yeah those are Hydra agents. I believe the Cosmic Cube is involved so the possibilities for them looking like that are endless.

  47. Not bad. Not bad at all.

  48. I like the helmet. Looks good so far.

  49. Ultimate Cap all the way!

  50. Looks great!

  51. thought you all hated the 90s pouches and what not???   

    kinda getting sick of the everything needs to be leather thing movies keep doing,  looks great though!    

  52. Marvel has put up the actual full image. It looks pretty good.

  53. I think the diffrence between Liefeld pouches and the pouches here is that A.) Cap is a soldier who would be behind enemy lines a lot and would want some pouches for tools and food and B.) the pouches are reasonably sized and placed, not really tiny and strapped around his thighs.

  54. i hate that this looks like ultimate cap… but on the other hand i really don’t see any other way this costume could’ve come out looking un-corny.

  55. No-one has mentioned this but Cap is packin’ heat!

  56. @conor  i just cant get into these guys being hydra. thats the one thing that kinda worries me. super excited about the red skull and cosmic cube though.

  57. @Brandino  hes holding it for bucky.

  58. @azrael1981  @Brandino  I presume you guys are talking about his gun…?

  59. Did Cap carry a gun in WWII? I think he did, but i could be wrong.

  60. @ed209AF  In Ed Brubaker’s flashback stories he did.

  61. I’m glad that Johnston and the design team went with a more fatigue style Cap suit then a skin tight spandex style.  It looks almost realistic enough to be something an American military PR guy would come up with to create a hero for the US to get behind in WWII. And it’s also a great starting point for a modern redesign by Tony Stark/Shield for the Avengers movie.  I also think Chris Evans is going to surprise people with his portrayal of Steve Rogers. (fingers crossed) 

  62. Like it, wish it had the goggles from the Ultimate ww2 cap design.