Young Justice – S01E02 – Independence Day, Part Two

It's part two of the reairing of the pilot movie, "Independence Day"!


I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I’ll start record it tonight but plan on watching the new episodes in real time next week. Tonight the animated Ricky Gervais Show on HBO will have my attention.

  2. the REAL new episode is next week but i am so happy about this show. i hope it continues to be so good.

  3. I love the whole package of Aqualad; the look, the voice, his attitude, everything.  

  4. This I’m looking forward… instead of artemis why not put WonderGirl… I think she’s earned a title in TV

  5. UK: When ? Channel? Help ?
    PS _ Loving Brave & Bold new season – Which DC characters AREN’T in it ?

  6. has superman shown up in the series yet??

  7. @avejman  In both episodes.

  8. @drunkyoda  i think i heard something about her rights being tied up or something

  9. @wangman31888  yeah they where all tied up , but that was recently resolved so maybe by next season, funny thing is that Wonder Woman is in the second episode, so not sure what the problem was, I think since they where throwing anything related to earth Prime out anyway , why not have Mia Derdan take up the mantel of Speedy and Have Roy move on to Red Arrow, makes alot more sense then Artemis, which i think is an odd and lame choice.