Young Justice – S01E01 – Independence Day, Part One

Young Justice begins in earnest tonight with the re-airing of the pilot movie "Independence Day" as a two part opening episode. (Part two will air next week.) While I'm disappointed that I won't get something totally new tonight, I am looking forward to getting back into the show by rewatching the pilot because it was super awesome.


I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. It really was a strong pilot.  Hope the quality level continues going forward.

  2. I’m also disappointed that it won’t be brand new for another two weeks but the pilot was great so I’m sure I’ll be watching again.

  3. Yes! I am recording it in HD!

  4. i love this show cannot why until the new episode on the 21st

  5. Damn, I was so excited thinking it was a new episode. Now I must wait another two weeks? /facepalm

  6. This is good for me since I didn’t get to see the original pilot.

  7. I’d forgotten when the show was coming back. Been watching the pilot over and over again since it first aired. The writing is just so damned sublime in it. Very happy to be getting more!

  8. Very much enjoyed.

  9. This was lovely

  10. Thanks iFanboy for giving us a heads up on these comic related TV premieres. I’d miss a lot of these shows otherwise. I loved the original Young Justice hour-long pilot, so good that it got me to pick up the latest run of Teen Titans which has also been fantastic.

  11. Man, this show is gonna be killer when it really gets rolling. Love love LOVE that pilot. Of course, the re-prints of classic YJ comics that the show’s encouraging are also a big plus.

  12. Phew…missed this thinking it was a new ep.  I wouldn’t have even known it aired if I didn’t stop by the site.

  13. I’m just happy this intro theme song is a lot better than the lame one for the new Avengers series.

  14. It was really good, not as good as Marvel’s AVENGERS: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes but it’s close.

    Plus it isn’t a good animated TV show unless it has an awful opening theme tune, that then gets lodged in your brain… The worrrrlldddss about to breakk…

    Look forward to seeing more though!

    Always we will fight as one! AVENGERS ASSEMBLE hahaha oh god why

  15. @TheGoose  

    Same here.  I was worried I’d missed the chance to see it since CN doesn’t seem to be into re-airing things much.

    This looks to be another great DC animated show.

  16. Wish they would have stck tgo the cannon , but it was a fun watch, hopefully we will be getting some other characters adde don and some more familiar bad guys that stay true to their origins and are not created for the show like Block Buster and the new guy for the new episode coming, Mr Twist. with the amount of established bad guys why cant they just use them. I absolutely love what they are doing with The Avengers that it makes Young Justice look just mediocore at best. its ashame cause it does have some great characters and I would have loved to seen them in a more true the books adaption.

  17. @LocoLobo73  What canon? This isn’t the comics, it’s a cartoon. It’s its own thing.

  18. @locolobo73 I think mr. twist is supposed to be a version of mr. twister, the original teen titans first opponent in the comics.

  19. @conor  yeah and so is nt The Avengers but they still manage to honor the characters and the cannon is it an exact representation of the original, no , and i wouldnt want it as such , but when you completely change a character and use his name , then how are we suppose to know who they are talking about. My son is 11 and is really starting to become intrested in comics, however when he watches young justice and then starts reading on the internet about the characters and they are not even close , he wants to know why, but the kid is becoming a regular Marvel maniac because of the Avengers, and that atleast is close to the cannon.

  20. @LocoLobo73  The only thing that matters is telling the best story possible. I wouldn’t want the cartoon, or the movies or any other adaptations beholden to the comics.

  21. @conor  whats your favorite book, now imagine that Hollywood decided to make a movie about that book, then changed everything in that book and made the movie, example “Along Came a Spider” an Alex Cross Novel, by James Patterson , The book is nt even recognizable , and the movie IMO sucked . The Novel is a best seller and it was made a movie cause some thought it was great in its original format, so if it aint broke , dont fix it.  i think when you play with other peoples toys you should respect them, otherwise make your own toys and creat your own world to play in. Its amazing when we had shows in the 80’s that where cool and original character wise. Let them do that , its not like they cant be successful, look at Ben 10, Tower Prep, and Generator Rex they do fine.  Its fine to take liberties but the core has to stay the same , change a character from black to white, male to female, fine but dont change it so much that you dont recognize the porduct, other wise its not the product anymore its something else, so call it something else.

  22. @LocoLobo73  Obviously, we don’t agree. Listen to any of the podcasts I’ve done on the DC Animated Original Movies or the movie podcasts where I’ve talked extensively about ho when you adapt a story from one medium to another things have to change. And that’s beside the fact that this cartoon isn’t adapting a story it’s adapting a concept and characters. Batman is my favorite comic book character and the Batman (and his world) in the Tim Burton Batman movies, the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, the Adma West Batman show/movie, and Batman: The Animated Series are all completely different and all completely wonderful in their own ways. These charaters have existed for decades and they have changed and been shaped to fit the timees and the creators vision more times than we can count, and that’s just in the comics. There is no one or nothing about YOUNG JUSTICE that I do not recognize as being true to the spirit of the Teen Titans from the comic books. I’d say that from a spirit-of-the-comic book angle, this is an amazingly faithful adaptation.

  23. @conor  honestly , conner its been a really slow day at work today so I needed something to pass the time, but overall I do disagree and mainly because everything you just said supports what I said everything that you mentioned prior , the movies and the show have been true to the Characters if not the storyline, and i dont care about the story lines , also you cant make the statement about it being faithful, this is not the Titans, this is Young Justice. First off The Teen Titans was Dicks Team, Young Justice was Tim’s team, and thats just for starters. and other then they have Kid Flash, Aqua lad, and Robin, how is it faithful in anyway. the Titans didnt have a trainer, and didnt report to anyone, That being said I like the ties to the league, I Like the characters for most parts , i dont like the liberites they are taking with the other aspects of the show, it like me telling everyone else you are not conner anymore you are now dubbed Joe. what is the point of it there is nt any , i can understand the copyright stuff that often cause things to change , fine , but to do it just to do , dumb. Listen Modernize, update, retcon it but jeez , why make one character another , that’s like if they take The DARK KNIGHT Rises and  they where to take Hugo strange and combine him with the Riddler , thats just stupid

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