First Look at X-Men: First Class

Are you like me and keep forgetting that X-Men: First Class is coming out this year in theaters? If so, then you may want to take notice. Earlier today, The Daily Blam posted the first image of the cast of the upcoming movie X-Men: First Class, in costume.  Our pal Rich over at Bleeding Cool just posted the same pic minus the big ol' watermark:


So what have we got here? There's the blue and yellow X-Men uniforms (so to speak), a very scantily clad January Jones as Emma Frost, and shadowy Beast.  Who else is in this photo? Post your best guesses below in the comments!


  1. Oh look, they’re starting to acknowledge that this movie exists.

  2. L-R: Magneto (Fassbender), Moira McTaggart (Rose Byrne), Emma/January, ????, Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Alex Summers???, ????, Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), McAvoy (Xavier)

  3. Oh, I think the girl next to Mystique is the female Angel.

  4. … Satan?

  5. Red dude is nightcrawler’s father

  6. Oh… the red guy is Azazel isn’t he?

  7. It’s Azazel (sp?) he is Nightcrawlers father.

  8. Behind Emma/January is Jason Flemyng as Azazel and behind Mystique is Angel Salvadore played by Zoe Kravitz

  9. That’s not Kevin Bacon, is it?

  10. Bacon is playing Sebastian Shaw I beleive.

  11. Now, for real, is that a costume on JJ or did they just photoshop her body and a cape onto a Victoria’s Secret ad?

    Come to think of it, they might not have even had to photoshop the cape.

  12. Are they all about to jump out of a plane?

  13. This looks kinda stinky.

  14. The gent behind Angel Salvadore is Alex Summers/Havok played by Lucas Till; according to IMDB.

    Ray Wise and Oliver Platt are also in it.  Neat!

  15. i can already tell its going to be worse than the last stand loll

  16. I’m very surprised at how shoddy this looks.  It looks like something from Smallville.  What’s the budget for this thing?

  17. After X-Men 3 and Wolverine, 2 movie clusterf****, I have very low expectations for this one, especially after reading this ( – SPOILERS, or not). It’s gonna be worth the admission for January Jones in revealing clothes, I guess.

  18. I’m assuming Platt will play the Beast…That just seems like a no-brainer.  Is Bacon even in this pic??  That is a some kind of White Queen outfit…beware the parental flags….hummmunahumunahhhummmmana….

    Ray Wise makes anything better.

  19. I usually try to be pretty possitive about things like this when I haven’t seen the movie yet, but this looks kind of terrible.

  20. From left to right:  Magnet, Moira McTaggert, Emma Frost, Azazel, Beast, Alex Summers, Angel Salvatore, Mystique, Charles Xavier

  21. I don’t know what you guys are complaining about. This looks like it will be as awesome as that Generation X television movie.

  22. Ooops…i forgot about that doofy kid from “About a Boy” playing Beast.  I guess Platt will play that guy from Hellfire that Wolverine comes back and whoomps on in the comics..

  23. It’s Matthew Vaughn directing. Guy’s never made a bad movie.


  25. I really liked the kid playing Beast in the British Skins.

  26. Vaughn of Kick-Ass did this? This can’t be! 

  27. It looks like it would be called X-Men the musical. Something about the costumes and the make up looks far too campy. Straight to dvd movie possible. I like how mystique is literally the same costume but different actress.

  28. not going to see this movie…how do we get alex summer before scott..

  29. @kaydawg25  I think Alex is a more compelling character.  Aside from what Matt Fraction has been doing with him recently, Scott Summers has been cardboard for years.

  30. @conor he’s never made a film with Fox overlording the project

  31. It’s funny that January Jones will have to try harder to make Emma Frost likable than she will to make her cold and bitchy, considering that anyone who watches Mad Men already loves to hate her. Every time I see her I just wanna cheat on her.

  32. @conor There’s always a first time for everything lol

  33. Based on that single solitary picture and no other information – WORST.  MOVIE.  EVER.

  34. @conor  apparantly you missed stardust.

  35. @Goaduk  I did not. It was great.

  36. im unimpressed, and i try to not to be negative like this on here.  Ill wait on the trailer for an official responce

  37. I think the movie’s going to be good, but I’m probably not going to like it. I just have a weird feeling that the plot’s going to be weird.

  38. @Goaduk  Stardust was great. I’m not an x-fan, but I will be watching this

  39. So I thought this was going to be a re-boot, but after seeing Mystique, I guess it’s just a prequel. That’s too bad.

  40. Matthew Vaughn gives me reason to have faith in this film. This photo, on the other hand, does not.

  41. @THEBRODYMAN  They’ve been upfront about it being a prequel to the Singer films since the beginning.

  42. I don’t see anyone but January Jones….

  43. Help me out. X-perts. Was Mystique ever a uniform wearing member of the team? Her wearing the uniform just looks odd to me.

  44. guaranteed stinker

  45. Amen Connor, Stardust fans represent. Seriously, I do not get what everybody is complaining about. I’d take these of over the leather fetishists outfits any day of the week. Matthew Vaughn is the man who took one of my least favorite comics of all time, Kick-Ass, and turned it into one of my top ten films for 2010. A man who can do that, is a man who I have no problem keeping the faith for.

  46. Red dude is definitely Sinestro. 

  47. Mystique has definitely been on the X-Men and fairly recently.  i think she basically just wore a white outfit with an X on it, but the X-Men havent’ been that uniform-oriented in general.

  48. @Conor  Now that I think about it, maybe I did know that, cause I remember talk of continuity with different characters and how it wouldn’t make much sense if say a young Wolverine were to show up. I blame the head cold I have right now.

  49. @ohcaroline – Thanks. I was always under the impression that she mostly played that side-switching middle ground. Then again, I’m not exactly versed in X-lore. One other question. What was her character’s origin? As a goody or baddy?

  50. Mystique first appeared as a villain but that’s true of many Marvel characters (Rogue, Emma Frost, Hawkeye. . .)  

  51. I wish I was smart enough to gauge whether a movie is worth seeing by one picture.

  52. This is going to be one of the best casted terrible, terrible movies ever.  I love so many people in this film, I love the concept of the film and it makes me so so sad how little Fox apparently cares about this one.

  53. This movie would have been so much better had if actually focused on the original FIRST CLASS. And especially if it cut ties with the previous films. But no, Fox has to keep it’s license, so we get yet another over-crowded mess.

    I still have faith that Vaughn can do good. But overall, I really, really wish Marvel could get the property away from Fox. Fox to keep the rights has to make a new movie every couple years. And given their track record, all I can see is diminishing efforts for years to come. Same with the F4 films and Spider-Man, I fear that these studios are going to inundate us with so many mediocre to crappy films over the coming years, that the only way Marvel will every be able to get the rights back will be after they’ve been driven in the ground. And by that point, nobody, us fanboys included, will want to see anymore.

  54. @j206  “This movie would have been…”

    That doesn’t even make sense. The movie “isn’t” yet.

  55. God damn, I’m not seeing a single rational opinion here. They are all based on one picture and no video or actual viewing of the movie. At least wait until a trailer, I mean come one: “@Grandturk  Based on that single solitary picture and no other information – WORST.  MOVIE.  EVER.” Really?! The worst movie ever? Based on a picture? Man, I thought people here would be willing to give this a more fair chance.

  56. Interesting. I see enough to like and enough to loathe in this picture to keep me vaguely interested. JJ looks fantastic as Emma, and I’m always happy to see Havok in anything. But then there’s Azazl up there and, well, that’s just a story that should have never been mentioned ever again. (Though seeing as how Havok and Azazl were in the same arc in the comics, perhaps this will mean a guest appearance by Iceman-made-with-Havok-urine.)

  57. @ – True, Josh. Very true.

    I guess I was referring to the “vision” of the film. More so than the actual finished product. For all any of us know, this movie could be fantastic. I was more talking about the perceived continued Fox approach of “Put 20 characters on the poster. Show all the crazy mutants. People will eat that crap up.” As I already stated, Vaughn alone gives me hope. I am not dismissing this movie’s potential by any means. More so just what this promo shot represents.

    It’s the same reason people are hopeful about the Aronofsky Wolverine. If he does end up getting the creative control we all hope he does. You know that it will be about story first and foremost. Not a matter of “How many characters can we sell toys of?” I myself, and many others, are getting tired of the bloated casts, cameos for the sake of cameos, and other factors taking precedent over the story being told. It’s not just a superhero thing. Same goes for all movies or stories. Focus on the story and main characters. Keep it simple, stupid. It works.

  58. Fox will find a way to screw this up. Oh wait. They already did!  It was rushed into production.

  59. And for the record, the “WORST MOVIE EVER”, “Worse than X-3” people are spouting nonsense. My overall reservations about studio controlled superhero films aside. It’s absolutely absurd to make such judgments or proclamations. Although such silliness is what the internet is based around. 😉

  60. I’m having flashbacks to when people freaked out at the first pictures of the cast of the first X-Men movie.

  61. Am i missing a link where i can go watch the whole movie??.  I am uninterested in all of these charecters. If you are gonna tie yourself to continuity use some of the established good chars.

  62. This is stupid, but, assuming the X-Men films and the last Wolverine movie are in the same universe, isn’t it odd that Frost was a pre-teen in the Wolvie Origin movie and Prof. X was same ol’ Pat Stewart, but in this she’s drasticaly older and Xavier much younger? It won’t ruin my enjoyment or anything, just an observation that *slightly* irked me. Maybe they’ll explain it in the film.

  63. @ fnord – Yeah, that’s a factor in this for me as well.

    Yet again, I’ll qualify my fears with saying that Matthew Vaughn’s involvement is the one thing causing me to hold onto hope. And that I’ll wait to see the film before making judgment. Just so I don’t get cast into the thoughtless “WORST MOVIE EVER” bitching for the sake of bitching crowd.

    But if Vaughn counts as a PRO that the film has going for it. On the side of CON’s I’d list the overcrowded cast and Fox rushing the movie into production so it could keep ahold of it’s precious rights.

    Maybe Vaughn can pull a rabbit out of his hat, and make a great film under a very rushed schedule. If so, that’s all the more reason to really respect the guy. But when you’re casting less than a year before a film comes out. I have a hard time feeling like the creative process was all that careful and gone about with craft first and foremost in mind.

    It’s no different than a comic book. I’d much rather have to wait for a top notch book with a great story and beautiful art, as opposed to immediately getting a book with poor writing and rushed art.

    That’s all I’m saying. The process that has proceeded this film hasn’t exactly what you’d call been ideal artistic circumstances. That isn’t to say that the movie will suck or be bad. But it’s also not reason to get your hopes too high.

  64. Stardust was an awesome movie. Who knew so many people had a personal vendetta against fun. =p

    Its amazing how many snap judgements about the quality of a movie/director can be made from one composited press release photo. 

  65. This looks kind of dreadful. The guy playing Magneto looks like a young Dr. Baltar. I’ll classify it as wait and see but, I can’t imagine it’s going to get any better once you have these bland looking people spouting equally banal language. What’s kind of disappointing though is the “You’re not allowed to have an opinion about this picture – meant to get people talking and interested in the film – if it’s negative” atmosphere of tis thread. People have been drawing conclusions about their interest and the inherant quality of things based on still pictures, posters, etc for ages. 

  66. if this film is in the same continuity as the others, then it doesn’t make much sense? looks alright to me though, and most of the key players working on this film have good track records, so i’m looking forward to this! not too happy about the look of beast, kinda looks like it’s a blue version of the one from ‘beauty and the beast’, but maybe that’s what they’re going for?

  67. I’ll say this. And this is on a total lark, having not seen anything besides this photo. I think most fans are going to be pleased with the film. For the main reason that X-3 has lowered the bar for suck so low that I don’t see any way that Matthew Vaughn will be able to not easily hurdle it. Never underestimate the power of lowered expectations.

  68. Besides Azazel being their who was a part of THE worst Uncanny X-Men story of all time(Draco) I have high hopes for this. Vaughn is a great director and I don’t think he’d put his heart in to something bad.

    Also, apparently this is a photo that wasn’t suppose to be leaked and we should be getting something better soon. Just some food for thought. 

  69. betty draper is pretty.

  70. Wow, this is a lot of negativity from a promotional picture. Seriously, can’y anyone wait for a trailer before pre-judging things anymore! Yeesh.

  71. “Stardust” was awesome.

    So… Beast is older than Xavier, and Alex is older than Scott?

    Silly movie continuity, giving me a headache… 

  72. So much attention is given to directors in movies as to the worthiness of film’s potential. When for whatever reason, the people who actually write the movie’s story, plot, and script get little to no attention.

    Like with Michel Gondry with The Green Hornet proved (imo, at least). You can have a great director. But if the screenplay isn’t there, it’s hard for even the most talented director to make chicken cordon bleu out of chicken crap. Coming from the comic book world, we see how vital the writer of the story is. Yet many utterly ignore them when it comes to movies.

    So who wrote the script for First Class? Just looked it up. We got a few people with writing credits.  But IMDB lists Jane Goldman & Ashley Miller as the primary writers. Just going with that for now. Goldman has writing credits for Kick-Ass and some UK tv show. Miller wrote Agent Cody Banks and has written on tv shows such as Fringe, Terminator: Sarah Connor Cronicles, and Andromeda. Interesting to note that she also has a main writing credit for Thor. Also interesting to note is a seemingly lesser writing credit goes to Josh Schwartz, the creator of Chuck & The OC.

    Anyway. Just thought I’d throw that out there. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine with all films that directors get just about 100% creative credit for a film’s success or failure. When in reality it’s a much more collaborative effort.

  73. I’m totally unfamiliar with the “First Class” concept, and I’m not a member of the Ron Richards Continuity Cops, but how are these characters all roughly the same age?  At the very least, shouldn’t Beast, Emma Frost, and Alex Summers be considerably younger than Magneto and Xavier?

  74. @j206  Film is a director’s medium. It’s television that’s a writer’s medium. In a lot of cases, writers aren’t even allowed on the film set. (Not in this case, Vaughn appears to have a good working relationship with Goldman.) There’s a reason why film directors get most of the attention.

  75. @themanagement  This has nothing to do with the comics. It’s the Fox X-Men film continuity.

  76. I guess this film is set in the 1960s?  According to Wikipedia, there are also a ton of other mutants listed, Banshee, Riptide… Looks like it’s going to be chock full of mutants.  Hopefully it will be chock full of story and other good stuff too.

  77. @conor – Yeah, I am entirely aware of the differenes between television and movies. (Personal aside, I’m much more the movie and tv fan than I am comic book.) And yes, there is a reason that film directors get all the attention. It’s not an easy job taking all the moving pieces and making everything work. There is a huge visionary aspect in play.

    But at the same time, the writing is still integral in making a quality film. Yeah, there’s writer/director types who take more of an auteur approach. And same exists in tv (most hbo shows, for example). But there are A LOT of cases in hollywood where the director is as only good as his script. I wouldn’t put Vaughn in that camp by any means, however.

    Of course what sets apart the good directors from the mediocre to bad is one’s ability to make due with a lesser script. But my point still remains, screenwriters don’t get the attention they deserve when giving credit to a film’s creators. Most people act as if a movie with a dumb to bad plot is the director’s fault. Just a pet peeve of mine. And I wasn’t saying that Vaughn shouldn’t inspire hope for this film. He certainly does. Very much so. Just that there are other creative varibles at play.

    A good podcast to check out if people are interested in film is Creative Screenwriting. It’s a series of Q&A’s with screenwriters of current movies. The host can be a tad on the annoying side, IMO. But you get a really good insight into a creative process of films that most people never think about.

  78. Wow the costume work looks fantastic & Beast looks spectacular! Really stoked for this movie to come out soon! Please let their be a trailer soon!!!

  79. I dunno guys, this looks like its going to be a lot of fun

  80. So are we guessing that the Azazel dude is the main villain? Is he somehow going to play a role in turning Magneto? Trying to figure out who the ultimate big bad in the film is going to be. I could see a case where Magneto for the most part is good, but with his dark bubbling to the surface during the film. And Azazel being the main source of evil for the X-Men to overcome. It’s a prequel, so I’m guessing for the time being that it’s not a case of Xavier and Mags immediately going to battle.

  81. @j206  I think Kevin Bacon and the Hellfire club are the main baddies

  82. Question: And I’m not being snarky here. Does anyone know how they’re going to handle the absence of Scott and Jean? If this is Fox X-Men continuity, they did show them in the flashback montage in the first movie. Though they were much older than any of the students pictured here. I may have just answered my own question. Were Scott and Jean not members of the Fox continuity’s first class? They certainly implied that they were.

  83. @RoiVampire – Dur!!! Forgot about them. So how’s Azazel factor in? Stictly to provide an origin for Nightcrawler?

    @ed209AF – I can’t exactly explain as I don’t recall all the crazy things that have happened over the course of all the movies. But I do remember a young Cyclops being shown in high school in Wolverine Origins. That movie was in the 80’s, right? So if this is in the 60’s or 70’s, I guess he wouldn’t be old enough or even born. Silly continuity.

  84. ok my two sense is this , as far as the picture goes , Beast looks horrible imo , Frost looks great mystique looks , good yet if Azazel looks like he does im calling him a dirty old man cause she looks like 12, the rest are indistinguishable from anyone unless you know who is playing who, Im just let down by the photo , just as I am let down by the story details that have been leaked out, I am a fan of Vaughns, I hope this does nt turn out to be a big steaming pile, however its not looking good, and as far as jumping to conclusions, please it doesnt take a trailer or a sneak peek to determine weather or not something is going to be to YOUR INDIVIDUAL LIKING , SO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM COMMENTING ON MY CHOICE TO see it or not see it. That said I have been a fan and a collector of xmen comics since issue 180 of the uncanny xmen, Ive bought and read almost every off shoot series they have come up with. So saying that I think I have every right to complain about how the characters that I grew up with are handled. I can live with alternate storylines and all that , this isnt about that its about respecting the characters, and I honestly beleive that Fox does not respect them. That said i didnt  go or buy Wolverine when it came out and I will not be seeing this as well.  I want them back in marvels hands and the only way that happens is for people not to go see it. If its great fine I’ll be the first to say I take everything back and I was wrong but Im not to worried about that happening.

  85. @j206: Right, but Emma was in Origins too and she was Scott’s age. Plus, Xavier in Origins is like Star Trek: Next Gen age. So either they’re ignoring Wolverine: Origins (not the worst idea), or they’re hoping we forgot about it (wish I could). So thanks for answering, but does anyone else have another theory? I seem to remember reading how they were planning on explaining it, but I can’t remember where.

  86. @ohcaroline  Did you see her outfit for the Golden Globes? Wow, I SERIOUSLY doubt it’s Photoshop

  87. oh yeah and whats with the straps are they wearing back packs over their scuba gear, lol sorry had to say it and Azazels hair helmet would give Trump a run for his money, and please somebody give beast some meow mix he looks hungry , lmao Oh yeah and just to throw this out there look at Angel, now cut her hair short and look at her uniform , can you say WASP !!!!!!!

  88. Maybe it’s Dark Beast and not Hank? It would account for the shadowy picture and angry look, and for him being older than Xavier when he’s a former student in X3.

  89. @conor  You took the words out of my mouth.  He hasn’t made a film that I haven’t loved.  I don’t expect this to be any different.

  90. “Based on this picture I know the story will suck”

    Please people wait for the trailer at least


  91. I thought everyone was kidding when they said “Nightcrawler’s Dad.”

    Awesome. A Chuck Austen creation is making it’s way to the big screen. Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome.

  92. This should be the theme song: 

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  93. Costumes don’t look any better or worse than in the previous movies.

     I can’t wait to see another Matthew Vaughn directed film! Plus another x-men movie that might be good!

  94. As a marketing shot, a single frame intended to create interest, I find the posing, some of the make-up, and the costumes to be a bit cheesy at first glance. And while that’s not a conclusive indicator of quality, it’s not a good sign either. It looks low budget, and I think that if they don’t have a stronger marketing investment this film will not be able to compete with the other comicbook movies hitting theaters this year.

  95. The character in Wolverine Origins that many assumed was Emma Frost was never identified by name.

  96. I love this… LOVE it. Can’t wait, get me in line. I’ve been waiting for someone to fix the Ratnerization of the X-men — I just hope Laura Shuler Donner doesn’t screw this up.

  97. @iFanboy MTV Splashpage says the photo is a fake, not an authorized image from Fox.

    That being said, there may be some truth in this photo. 

  98. @WeaklyRoll It doesn’t say it’s a fake it says it’s unauthorized. The fact that the studio is sending out C&Ds means it’s real.

  99. Not gonna watch it! X-men movies have always sucked! Yes even the first one!

  100. This is a serious, non-rhetorical question to which I would legitimately like a straight answer to better understand people:

    Why would you open an article about a movie you don’t care about, then log in and take the time to post that you don’t care about it?

  101. @jimski I think people want their opinion heard and potentially would like to sway people to their side as well. Sometimes they just want a soapbox to stand on and yell about nothing in particular and this happened to light their fire.

    I feel like we’ve gotten so annoyed at people disliking things for no discernable reason (which is frustrating, yes) that we feel like we have to be positive about EVERYTHING. Let’s not go too far in the other direction. Hating without explanation is a pain, but it’s okay to dislike things guys. Especially if you have rationale. It’s kind of what makes conversations interesting and not just big masturbatory fests of positivity.

    @Conor et al. There’s other things that may make a person not have a lot of anticipation for this film other than the picture. This is just the first thing that’s been shown; therefore, the first forum in awhile to be able to talk about the film. 

  102. @Jimski – I don’t know if we want to know the answer. Psycho-analyzing people on message boards is WAY too scary a venture.

  103. I’ll keep adding to the fire I guess.

    This photo of the characters does nothing for me. We can complain till the cows come home whether it’s a prequel or a reboot; but this looks so much like a new property then anything from the previous films. At the end of the day, I just don’t see myself wanting to see this film.

    Sure it might be a bit of an overreaction but damnit I’ve been disappointed with X-3 and Wolverine Origins. Don’t I have the right to say that I have no desire to see this? If you didn’t want me or others to comment then maybe you should’ve disabled the comments for this article. 

  104. Whether or not it’s a legit picture, if the studio doesn’t want it out there, that suggests it might not be the quality they were aiming for.  

  105. Here’s something that bugs me, and I know this is gonna be a total fan nitpick. BUT:

    Why is Magneto and Xavier wearing the team costumes? I don’t think I ever saw any continuity of the team where they essentially wore the ‘Field’ uniform when I fight was going down. I mean it might be badass to see Xavier knock some heads. But that really doesn’t fit the character at all from the rest of films if this is in continuity. 

  106. @Jimski  So, new to the internet, yeah? :/

  107. I just realized who Emma Frost is dressed like

  108. @Heroville  I’m ok with that.

  109. If you have no desire to see the movie, that’s great. I had no desire to see Speed Racer. When Speed Racer discussions popped up, guess what I said on them? CAN YOU GUESS?: nothing. Because I didn’t care. If you comment– I don’t know how to tell you this– you care. At least a little. You do too have any interest in seeing the movie. I am sorry to break it to you like this. Enjoy ranting about how you have no intention of seeing it; I look forward to reading your review-comment after you watch it six months from now. Excelsior!

  110. The best thing about this is that the only way to prove me wrong is to never post again.

  111. @Jimski: It’s a good thing you don’t do any type of opinions or sarcastic/negative comments on any website you’re on.

  112. @TheNextChampion  Yeah, that’s not what he’s talking about.

  113. To paraphare Alec Guinness – who is the bigger troll? the movie troll or the troll that bitches about movie trolls?  

  114. *paraphrase 

  115. @edward  The movie troll. The other one isn’t a troll at all.

  116. So I’m a troll, yet the man who works for your site is the one who derailed this topic?

  117. Oh, man. Always fun to watch people take comments personally. 😉 

    Haters gonna hate (people are going to do the ridiculous thing and judge a movie off of one still image)

    While other people will always complain about it. I’m siding with the “don’t complain about it” camp. It’s less destructive.

    If you’re going to critique something, critique the image. It doesn’t actually tell you anything about the script or the finished product. Go ahead and say you don’t like the look of the costumes or the weird Azazel makeup. You can even go so far as to say you don’t like a certain character, but saying that this movie is going to be horrible or saying things like “this could have been so good” is ridiculous. Like Josh said, it “isn’t” yet. 

  118. @Anson17: I never said the film was going to be horrible because of this image. At the end of the day though, it does nothing for me and I would like to see more (like a trailer) to get any hopes up.

    This could wind up to be a pretty great film and shock all of us. Just, again, this image does nothing for me.

  119. @TheNextChampion  I didn’t say you did. See what I mean about people taking things personally? 😉 I was being vague on purpose. 

  120. McAvoy looks more like a young Jason Isaacs in this photo. It took me forever to figure out who he looked like. Definitely not a young Patrick Stewart. He’s like a little, brown-haired Lucius Malfoy.

  121. Really? People are hating this on the one picture? It’s like 50 said “If they gonna hate then let them hate and watch the money pile up!”

  122. Man, leave it up to a leaked image of an X-Men movie to get everyone all wild. Seriously, it’s a shitty still image that wasn’t even supposed to be leak. How can anyone be like OH THAT SUCKS! There is some decent talent behind this film. Can we wait for a trailer before we start moaning and groaning? Seriously, I think the costumes look pretty good. The only complaint, again, I have is Azazel being in this because Draco sucks hard as hell.

    So yeah. Writing off a film based on an image is like writing off a book based on one sentence. 

  123. totally intentional and real. “Leaked Images” are integral parts of WOM marketing campaigns and are basically free media buys that do a lot to get the core audience buzzing about a project while its still in production. The legal C&D’s are all part of the illusion..Its all calculated, scheduled and planned.

    This stuff is all so early in the process you can’t really draw much from one early image. Chillax.  

  124. It’s not the picture they wanted us to see. Given the talent involved this has got a better chance than average of being fantastic. Is anybody really going to let continuity spoil what’s probably going to be a great time? Let the thing stand on it’s own.

  125. I do not uderstand this; is disliking something, and expressing that dislike not allowed? I do not understand how disliking the movie based on the image any different than posting ‘So stoked’ based on the (arguably dubious) credits of the film.

    Jane Goldman only knows how to write first arcs. I do not have any hope for the movie. The action scenes might be good, so at least it would be worth watching with fast forward, like Kick-ass.

  126. @muddi900 I’m with Conor. Vaughan has yet to make a bad movie. I’ve got somewhat high hopes for this one.

  127. How can a thread about a silly looking image of a bunch of mutants from what is likely intended to be a fairly silly film devolve into this?  This is one of the best communities on the web.  This shouldn’t happen.

    I’d still really like to know what the budget is for this film. 

  128. The Emma Frost costume means I’m in!

  129. I don’t understand what’s happening here. What are people seeing here that’s so awful. It’s a bunch of faces. Is the script hidden in that image somewhere?

  130. @josh  If you play the image backwards and synch it up with ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ it says ‘This movie will suuuuuck.’  I thought you were cool enough to realize that :-/.

  131. wow so people are still complaining about other people complaining huh, lol. Here’s what i dont get, its ok to compliment but not complain, views are views, and a forum is suppose to be aplace where both sides can be disscussed in a civil manner. Like I stated yeaterday , weather I like something or not shouldnt matter to any of you, im just telling the group my reason for not likeing what im looking at and I give it a fair assement, I think Frost, Mystique, and Azazel look great, The beast looks horrible from the picture they have supplied. The rest of the cast looks pretty unrecognizable for anyone who hasntread the casting info, if I didnt know McAvoy was playing Prof X I wouldnt know who he was, same goes with the rest of the cast, hell Havok looks like Iceman in the pic. That said as bad as X3 and Wolverine was the characters were at least identifiable.

  132. @josh  —the complete screenplay as well as a hidden link for the trailer is hidden in the meta data for the image. DUH. 

  133. I have the feeling I know where the filmmakers are going with the story.  This minor character of Azazel is trapped in the Brimstone dimension, and the X-Men encounter the Hellfire Club, so Azazel is the demonic mutant running or pulling the strings of the Hellfire Club.  That’s OK.  What disturbs me is that continuity appears to be thrown out the window.  Emma, and Havok are the same age as Xavier, Mystique and Magneto.  Unless the film jumps around in time, this rules out a future relationship between Emma and Scott, unless Scott is a gerontophile, and Havok might be Scott’s father or granddad, but certainly not his brother.  I like the inclusion of the female Angel (created by Grant Morrison) who has insect like wings and pukes acid.  That should be very visual. 

  134. @conor apologizes. I had read on a number of other sites that called it a fake and just posted the link they referred to, only skimming it myself. Bad reporting on my part, so I apologize. And yes a C&D order generally provides a glimmer of truth in the product, this photo may very well be a photo shopped version of publicity stills that someone had taken; or it could have been exactly as @Wally stated; planned.

  135. January Jones looks incredibly HOT! Movie universe is separate from comic book universe. I’m open to the movie.

  136. @LocoLobo73  Both sides are stupid, it is akin to making a judgment about a book based on a word that you have not even confirmed is being used in the book.  But to see to get context go ree-check the thread to see the ratio between the number of people who are saying positive things about the movie versus the number who are saying negative things about the movie.  It is far skewed towards the negative for an untenable reason.

  137. Mark my words, Stardust will be this generation’s Princess Bride.

  138. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The Princess Bride is this generation’s Princess Bride, but I digress. 

  139. @josh  I agree. I really don’t get it either.


    And for the record. I’d just stumbled upon this the other week. I by no means pulled this out of some crazy nerd memory. lol. Heck, I didn’t read you guys til a couple years back. But the point remains. You gotta respect that Flanagan. Dude if anything, is damn consistent.

  141. Forgot to say that I fully support Josh’s soap box 100%. Not just online or in comics. But life in general. It’s very easy to get sucked into being negative about everything, when all around you is the same. Sure, bitching about comics or movies is harmless. But it takes a toll once that persona consumes one and becomes their view on life. As someone who has struggled with depression here and there. I can fully say that life is better when you aren’t always focusing on the bad or crap. The internet is a dangerous tool in this regard. We need more bastions of hope and positivity out there. Way to go Flanagan. Not to kiss ass too much. As you at a time were more than a sourpuss about comic books.  But it’s nice to know we can count on a spirited, uplifting column from you every 10 years or so. 😉 Cheers.

  142. This was a pretty average post with a pretty average range of opinions. Methinks tensions are high in the iFanboy offices. It’ll be okay guys, I promise.

  143. @itsbecca  They’re really not. We’re fine. Rampant negativity is high, though.

  144. It’s not just negativity. It’s also rampant cynicism. There’s so much to be cynical about out there in the world, that I think many adopt it as their default reaction. If you don’t get your hopes too high, you won’t be let down. We’re all just a bunch of little kids scared of being disappointed.

  145. @conor but that was my point, it seems pretty average.  In fact over the past few years I think there has been a fairly big “give it a chance before you complain” movement to counteract the pessimism. But it’s not my job to read every bit of it, which is why it doesn’t seem a coincidence that the people commenting about it are the people who write for the site…

  146. Also, this picture was an unofficial image that FOX didn’t want released(probably because it doesn’t look great). 


    The new images are nice. 

  147. @itsbecca  I don’t understand your point. Yeah, we read every bit of it and the reason we said something is because the negativity is rampant. Doesn’t mean we’re all tense or upset. Just disappointed.

  148. What do you know. Actual shots from the film accurately represently the period piece vibe and the characters in a natural setting, looks a whole lot better than poor photoshopping. Who’da thunk it?

  149. Waiting for someone to complain about Kevin Bacon’s sideburns. They clearly should have consulted Ron. 😉

  150. @conor My point is that getting jumpy on anyone with an opinion that isn’t positive isn’t solving the problem, it’s just throwing more whining on the pot. Yeah, it’s annoying when people post indifference or negativity without any rationale, but on the other hand… It’s okay for people to dislike things for a reason. I think there’s PLENTY of reasons to be apprehensive about this film. It’s a reasonable opinion and doesn’t require a witch hunt and… well. I’m being hypocritical as I’m continuing to do to you what you’re doing to them so. Hushing now.

  151. The only thing I’d add is that there definitely is a difference between people replying “This looks like ass!” and “WORSE THAN X3!” and others who come up with actual reasons for why they are less than enthusiastic.

    I’m all for telling off the “WORSE THAN X3” crowd. That kind of crap doesn’t add anything to the discussion and is a waste of all of our time and bandwidth.

    But it’s also unfair to lump in others who actually voice logical reason for their trepidation. I did sense a bit of that happening in the progression of this thread. I think it’s important that we differentiate between the two. And not make people feel like they aren’t allowed to voice their opinion if it is less than positive.

    The internet unfortunately causes people to read everything in black and white. Sadly, there is a lot of extremism out there. But not all of it. It’s important that we notice this fact.

    Rant over. I promise. 😉

    Now what do we think about the new photos released? And does anyone find it rather convenient that they were released the day after that unflattering photo got out? 😛

  152. Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw is some seriously inspired casting. Really digging the 60s vibe. I’m actually pretty pumped for this.

  153. Check out these quotes from Matthew Vaughn regarding the first terrible photo as well as the movie itself:

    “I freaked out on them yesterday. I don’t know where the hell that came from. I don’t think it’s a Fox image. It’s not a pre-approved image. When I found out, I said, what the fuck is this shit, and Fox is running around trying to figure out what happened as well. I agree. It’s like a bad photoshop, which maybe it was by someone. It didn’t reflect the movie. I was shocked when I saw it. I was like ‘Jesus Christ’…”

    “I’m a fan of X-Men. We’re not bastardizing X-Men, I’m trying to get them back to being whole again.”

    “The costumes are blue and yellow as well, because fuck it, lets take it back it the original. Also, by the way, those costumes are hardly in the movie. The main costumes are like these cool 60’s James Bond…”

  154. Another reassuring quote from Vaughn:

    “It’s definitely more serious and more realistic, and I think that’s something that had to happen. That’s my feeling about the world we live in right now. I think the glossy colorful superhero film sorta had its day. I think Batman Begins started it, Dark Knight, dare I say Kick-Ass was fun and it had some real pop to it, but at the same time we grounded it in reality as much as possible. I think that’s what the audience wants. And that why that image is more Fantastic Four than it is X-Men. And I say that with all due respect to the Fantastic Four team. That was then and this is now. It’s a different time. I mean, look at me — I’m not exactly mister light.”