FIRST LOOK: Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Here's your first look at Andrew Garfield in the Spider-Man costume, courtesy of an unexpected Columbia Pictures press release!

Photo: John Schwartzman

Awesome. He really looks great. I really like how thin and lanky he is.


  1. Woah!

  2. It looks fantastic! Love the mixed-media approach to the “fabrics” of the suit. Curious to see the direction they go with the mask.

  3. Those gloves are… something.

  4. Holy crap he’s skinny! But that suit looks pretty damn awesome! If they ultimate this up I will be pretty happy with it. 

  5. Love it! I feel like he has a better Spider-Man body type than Toby did, too. I am becoming more excited about this as time goes on.

  6. Nice. I like it!  the “glove” parts look updated, and the spider logo. Curious to see it complete.

    Some nice reveals today with this, a new shot of Evans as Cap, and the shots of Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander (yeah, yeah, not comics related, but it really is a kind of “costume”).

  7. Love the suit… it looks awesome!!!

  8. It looks like something he could actually have made.

  9. This looks fantastic!

  10. I love the fact that they made it look different from the original Spider-Man trilogy, but still made sure the costume said Spider-Man. To be honest I was hoping for the little web cape.

  11. The textures on the suit are amazing. Really digging this look. Loved the pictures of him and Emma Stone you guys posted the other day.

  12. his head is huge.

  13. I had very little interest in this until this picture.  All I have to say is wow. 

  14. WOW! JUST WOW!

  15. Not crazy about the gloves (more from an amateur seamstress standpoint then any real design quibbles), and the general material looks maybe too futuristic for a guy who made his own costume? I dunno, is this sort of fabric easy to come by? If so, I need to start designing my own vigilante suit.

    Otherwise, it looks good. He definitely looks like Bagley/Immonen/LaFuente drew him (definite plus).

  16. Andrew. Garfield. Is awesome. Lets hope marvel don’t Mess this up.

  17. Bill Sienkiewicz draws Ultimate Spider-Man. Love. It.

  18. Anorexic Spider-Man. Interesting take. He can binge and purge with Mary Jane between modeling gigs.

  19. Looks great!

  20. He looks fantastic.  not entirely sold on the costume but I’ll reserve judgement for the time being.

    it’s funny when people see someone with a healthy body weight they say things like “anorexic”  oh wait it’s not funny at all.

  21. I’m curious to see if they go with the web-from-his-actual-wrists approach (like the most recent movies) or the if they go with the web-shooter approach. 

  22. Spidey’s costum is perfect! They shouldn’t change it.

  23. I love the logo integration!

  24. How is he “anorexic” in the least? Garfield is a naturally wire-y looking guy. My buddy david has the exact same body type and he eats twice as much as I do. There are even obviously muscles under the suit. 

  25. Perfect. This movie is going to be great.

  26. Y’know Peter is pretty effing skinny, especially back when he was in high school. Look at Ultimate Spider-Man or the early issues of Amazing, skinny guy for sure but he could still lift a car over his head. I really hope they play up the strength in this movie because thats one of the things i loved about spider-man as a kid. he looked like a normal guy but he was strong enough to go one on one with Ben Grimm

  27. wow!

  28. Look at his wrists! Looks like mechanical shooters!

  29. @OttoBott  I totally agree.  I think it looks great, but I’m curious as to how they’ll go about explaining his ability to have made it himself.

    Maybe a “Batman Begins” dort of thing?  Those two lines coming off of the spider legs look like paint drips.

  30. That photo smacks of Garfield having the mask off half the time he’s fighting just like they had Toby do in Spidey 3 so Sony can get their money’s worth..

  31. This photo smacks of…being a single production photo…

  32. @OttoBott  Haha. Thank you! Never understand how people can assume so many things from a single still.

  33. @OttoBott 

    I’m just sayin’. It is Sony after all. The only time they did right by the character was when Raimi had carte blanche making Spider-Man 2.

  34. @jig. Why assume that Sony would have Garfield without his mask on that much. He’s not really a big name yet. He’s only had 1 big movie at this point. I’d can the cynicism until we at least see a trailer.

  35. @Jig  Yeah, you can totally tell how the fights are gonna be filmed from this one photograph.

  36. Garfield looks really, really scrawny, which is what I suppose is the Ultimate Spider-Man look they were going for, but still.  He does not look like the masculine, heroic archetype like Chris Evans.  The long, vertical lines of the suit make him look thinner.

  37. Maybe they should rename this film “Spider-Boy?”  Check out those narrow shoulders!  Oi!

  38. @Invasionforce  I’d argue that Spider-man has never looked like the masculine, heroic archetype. Different heroes, different bodies. Peter was always meant to represent the guys who didn’t fit that stereotype. I see it as somewhat of a progressive moment in comics history. 

  39. @Jig  I don’t doubt you’re partially correct. The studios like you to see their actors. Notice how much time Robert Downey Jr. spent with the helmet off in both Iron Man movies.

    It’s not just Sony; it’s how movies tend to work.

  40. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    What Spider-Man comics are you people reading? He’s always been skinny. 

    Looks GREAT!  

  41. Not bad. It’s nice to see a fellow lank get some super-hero screen time. Spidey should be more wirey than muscular. I don’t mind this costume at all. Looks very organic with the blend of textures. Still doesn’t look like something you could make yourself, but who cares.

  42. @PaulMontgomery  For reals.

  43. W-O-W

  44. @PaulMontgomery  As a skinny kid with brown hair (when I had it) and glasses in High School I always liked the Ditko (And Frenz) interpretation of Spider-Man. 
    I think this looks great!

  45. i like the new costume design , and I agree that Spidey has always been lanky, my thing would be this where does one learn to make such a costume , petes a science geek not a tailor and that is some intresting material he has there , looks a little pricey , lol Im only kidding , but seriously did he learn that in home ec, just askin, Conner Im kidding lol,

  46. I’d like to see it in better light. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

  47. I dont know, other than the texturing, it looks pretty similar to the toby maguire suit. Kinda disappointing to me, I would have liked to see a bigger change.

  48. This looks really cool. I feel like the visual designer saw the Spider 2099 Costume and liked look of that and blended it together with the classic costume. Personally, I love the Ben Riley spider-man costume that’s mostly Red on the shoulders and comes to a V shape just above the waist and then is entirely blue with only a few red/web accents on the calf-foot and forearms. Very cool!

  49. This looks like David Lafuente’s Ultimate Spider-Man come to life!!!! So Awesome!!!!

  50. I like the look so far.  I’m glad the web pattern isn’t all “ribbed” like the costume was in the previous movies.  I’m glad he’s lanky.  I’m even more excited about Andrew Garfield’s acting chops.

  51. Yes! He looks exactly what Peter Parker/Spiderman should look like…if Peter Parker has a long neck that is.

  52. Dig it! Still doesn’t look like something he could just sew together.  It’s funny, i’ve grown to have faith in this film…we’ll see!

  53. Soooooooo cooooooool!

  54. How does the hair fit in the costume!? CGI? Practical Effect? I must know!

  55. I really didn’t like the costume at first glance, but I didn’t like the original costume either. I’m sure this one will grow on me like the first one did.

  56. ok… at first I was like…. WTF!!????? but now i’m just wondering what villain could have ripped like that a little of his costume? (you know, the chest is part is kind of riped.. so…) 
    also… i love the backpack deal… and i really really hope it’s just the wrestling outfit… 

  57. I like it. I like spider man very lanky.

  58. I support this costume.

    So pumped for this movie! Only…..a year and half to wait! Wooo!

  59. Those are some long spider-legs

  60. I love it!  I had never heard of Andrew Garfield before this was announced last year, but after the Social Network and Red Riding (go watch it!!), I am thrilled about this movie!  Thin and lanky is totally Ditko and Bagley, my two favorite Spider-Man artists.

  61. He doesn’t look silly like the other guy did. He get’s my vote.

  62. Someone pointed this out on facebook 
    Looks like the tips of possible webshooters to me. 

  63. Lookin good

  64. MacGuire = Romita Sr.’s Peter; Garfield = Ditko’s Peter

  65. While I do think that the new look is cool looking, I am not sure it is for me. I still like the look from the last three movies. I know that they are trying to be different in both style and story, but it will be hard for them to win me over.  I loved the last three so much.  However, I will go see this movie with an open mind. Am I the only one who feels this way?

  66. I like how dark it is; Peter looks defeated but determined.

  67. Not good. The skinny red bit running down the middle makes him look like he’s wearing a man-kini and what’s with all the fussyness around the gloves.

    Really bad.

  68. wow, looking good!

  69. Interesting, but I agree with some of the other posters that it does look a bit too high-speed for someone who shops off the rack.  For me, it really harkens back to the post clone saga suit in the late 90’s and we all know how we felt about that.  Extreme!!!!  Also, it looks like the Dark Knight effect has kicked in and the classic feel of Sam Raimi’s NY has been replaced by Gotham.  Go figure.

  70. Can’t wait what Marc Webb has in store for us.

  71. @Heroville – I like that analogy. Good call. Hope it lives up to that in other dimensions as well.

    This first image is just stupendous… or should I say, AMAZING.


  72. I love the fact that he’s skinny and that they’ve clearly played that aspect up with the costume design.  I am glad they brought back the mechanical webshooters.  I am digging the backpack.  It’s a subtle cue to remind you that he’s a high school kid.  And, lastly, I love the fact that he’s clearly been through a major fight, most likely where there was a fire, hence what looks like smoke stains on the costume.  The way they have “distressed” his costume adds to the level of believability. 

  73. Suprised no one’s commented on the claw marks on his chest. three marks? LIZARD. Bet you. Any takers?

  74. I love the texture of the costume.  Looks fantastic.

  75. @brassai2003 I did… it would be kick ass if the beggining would be a fight with lizard instead of his orgin… and if the costume we see was only the wrestling outfit… because the costme is cool, but i wished they used a moe clasic look… and the lizard id cool too, his not “epic movie” material

  76. i thought it has already been said that we are getting the Proto Goblin, and this isnt anything but the real costume, Also if this is Using The Ultimate Spiderman storyline then Peter doesnt actually make the webshooters he finds his fathers design and work on the  webshooters and the webbing it self , he just completes his fathers work on them . If I remember correctly

  77. Looks VERY good to me. 

    I wonder if those things in his back forearm are web-shooters. 

  78. …back forearm NEAR HIS WRISTS are web-shooters”.

    I do dig the guy is skinny and don’t use horrific muscle suits that makes him look fake. 

  79. For some reason, the red in the middle reminds me of Thomas Jane’s Punisher logo.

  80. I think Garfield looks great as Parker.  

    The suit, though… man.  I think it looks ok, and better than the McGuire suit, but I really wish they could come up with a design that looked good on film _AND_ was true to the the idea that Peter made it.  How could he make that suit? (And WHY would he make something so overly styled?) That said… I get it.  It’s hollywood and the suit must look “cool” and “modern.”

  81. Im pretty sure in Ultimate Spider-Man Pete didn’t make the costume, it was given to him by the wrestling promoter. Maybe they’re going that route.

  82. this is kinda disappointing to me. It doesn’t  look awful by any means, but i was really hoping they’d maintain the classic look WITHOUT the idiotic silver webbiing. He is much better suited  for the role, physically, than toby and i’m also glad to see that. Toby’s girth, for lack of a better word, always bugged me. No pun intended.

  83. I dunno.  I love the design and the effort to modernize it and tweak it a bit to make it interesting.  I could just never get past the overproduced suit that looks like it costs 30,000 dollars to make.  I mean, I dunno, part of the charm of the seventies show was that it looked like (Minus the wrist shooters and belt thingy) that he had sewn that sucker together himself.  And I liked that it fell apart due to the shoddy craftmanship of a teenage boy trying to tailor himself an action suit.  

    With the movie costume, there’s no real sense of that, and it always, while nice looking, takes me out of the story a bit.  I mean, c’mon, he doesn’t have the tech to make webshooter, but, can make an overbudgeted suit?  With raised webs?  C’mon.

    Nonetheless, looking forward to it, and I really am curious if they’ll go Ditko with the mask. 

  84. CONFIRMED:  The silver things on his wrists are webshooters!!!.

    Take a look at this: