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I have to say the final issue of this arc felt a little flat compared to the previous three, not…

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June 17, 2013 2:52 pm This story arc was my entry into Spider-man. It also gave me an affinity for all of those heroes. Yes, even Darkhawk.
February 12, 2013 10:54 am I don't know who "they" are, but I've never heard anyone talk about peeing on Superman's cape.
November 8, 2012 5:02 pm Time to go back and start re-reading.
October 8, 2012 10:52 am And now I will never be able to picture anyone else as Wonder Woman. Thank you.
September 27, 2012 12:39 pm Zachary Sterling's Black Widow is gorgeous!
December 18, 2010 10:35 pm Matt- Will we ever have another full episode of you on the Best Show? Thanks.
September 22, 2010 3:19 pm *529
September 22, 2010 3:18 pm Ordered up through #129, then I'm out. Sad day.