The Best Avengers Fan (and Pro Fan) Re-Designs

Marvel’s The Avengers is one of the few movies that I have seen people lining up for at midnight — for the DVD. The fan response to this movie has been overwhelming, with huge obsessive communities loving Loki and watching and re-watching the movie. Hopefully, the awesome dialogue and excellent character development that only Joss Whedon could accomplish will bring in a whole slew of new comic book readers. That alone could be the most fantastic thing that Marvel’s The Avengers has brought us – but it’s also delivered a whole slew of really incredible fan art.

One of my favorite aspects of the fan art is the re-designs. It’s an accepted part of comic books that characters get make overs once in awhile, but when fans (and some pros acting as fans) take over this responsibility and allow their creativity to run wild without anyone else telling them what they can and can’t do, amazing things happen. Here are some of the fantastic re-designs that this fan favorite movie has inspired.


Iron Man

By Dean Trippe


By Yanni Davros




By Ming Doyle


By Glenn Brando Rivera


Black Widow

By Zachary Sterling




By Stuart Immonen


By Glenn Brando Rivera


The Hulk

By Neko Kawai


By Gary Pope




Captain America

By Ross Radke


By Vass





By Chris Fason




By J Evan



By Jayson Weidel




By Kevin Roberts



By Kelsey Michele




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  1. All of the designs by Durrrrian is AWESOME.

  2. That Zachary Sterling Black Widow is awesome.

  3. LOVE Thor by Kevin Robert.s. That is what Thor is supposed to look like!

  4. Just goes to show that the designs at the moment are in the hands of the right people at Marvel. While some of these are fun, non of them really work in practice in the Marvel universe.

  5. Zachary Sterling’s Black Widow is gorgeous!

  6. I know
    a Web with a contest for the best redesing monthly.
    Are there any more like this one out there?

    awaiting for some information.


  7. Jordan Gibson’s been posting a bunch of great redesigns on tumblr ( Check out his Hawkeye (

  8. That J Evan’s Hawkeye is how the animated cartoons should look like. Do that with the new Avengers cartoon and I will be more than happy.

  9. So we all know that Stuat Immonen’s Black Widow is Elsa Bloodstone in cosplay, right?

    Also, does Yanni Davros’s Iron Man look like the Cerberus troops from Mass Effect 3 or do I just have video games on the mind?

  10. Ultimate Captain America wouldn’t be caught dead with a beret on

  11. I like that thor with the furry sleeve things, it’s a callback to his first movie appearance in The Incredible Hulk TV movie!!

  12. The hulk ones remind me of a green bane and zangief.

  13. I like how Stuart Immonen’s Black Widow is just NextWAVE Elsa Bloodstone, only in black.

  14. Isn’t that middle Black Widow image, the Immonen one, Elsa Bloodstone. As he drew her in NextWave?

  15. they should do a classic or vintage redesigns section with grey hulk or recent favorite ronin