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SECOND COMING is nearing it’s end, so you’ll soon get all kinds of info as to what’s coming from Matt Fraction (IRON MAN) and Whilce Portacio (HULK). Here’s something to whet your appetite – Kitty Pryde & Emma Frost’s first encounter since Kitty took her trip in a bullet. Part 3 (of 5)


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  1. I love you, Storm.  I’ve really enjoyed this arc.

  2. @misterckent  ditto!

  3. Second Coming is near its end? Way to milk a successful crossover. Not to mention this is part 3 of 5, so two more months of this story, still.

    Does Gillen start "co-writing" with #531?

  4. Can’t believe they hiked the price after the Heinberg back-up. Kinda bullshit considering the amount of x-books being published. Granted to same thing could be said about the avengers but I find them to be of a higher quality right now than honestly any of the x-books.

  5. I haven’t been loving Portacio on art lately, and I especially haven’t been liking the way he’s been drawing faces. They all seem a bit off, especially when a character reacts to something, and their face doesn’t match the actions.

    Regardless, I have been liking where the story is going. This has been my favorite arc in…god knows how long…probably since Brubaker’s first arc.

  6. 3.99 price tag made this book easier to drop unfortunately

  7. I had to drop this book also. I was soooo disappointed with the art and the writing follows all the characters I hate.

  8. It looked to me like Portacio has trouble keeping up a monthly pace. Each sequential book gets rougher and rougher. He is not a favorite, but the occasional one issue at a time have looked all right. This run has not.

  9. The story is carrying me on this.  I’ve never really cared for Portacio.  But I would kill to have him on X-Factor because I can deal with his art.  I’m still pissed about X-Factor.  I fucking love Peter David, but hate the art enough to where it ruins the story for me.

  10. I’m dropping this book after issue #529.



  11. Is it just me or has every X-Men book come to a screeching hault after Second Coming? I’m about to jump ship all together.

  12. Ordered up through #129, then I’m out. Sad day.

  13. *529

  14. I jumped onto Uncanny at the beginning of this arc because I love Gillen’s work and wanted to get some background on the characters he’ll be using over in Generation Hope. I agree that Portacio’s work the last two issues was a little loose, but I really think he knocked this issue out of the park. The art was really tight. I enjoyed this issue immensely. It would have made my PotW, but I’m really only interested in the Generation Hope stuff and Kitty Pryde. Don’t really know what’s going on with Namor, Emma, or anyone else.

  15. This issue is best described as being mostly made up of b-plot which could have better utilized padding out the previous and forthcoming issues. It wasn’t bad, but it just sort of sat there being a little uninspired. 3/5

  16. I love Iceman trying to get PR for the X-Men.  I love the Emma-Kitty story.  I could care less about the Five Lights, I preferred it when there were "no more mutants".  The art was so-so.

  17. Yes More Iceman please. He is the only one of the original five that has been stagnant and has been characterized as a man-boy since the early 90’s. Time to explore this "potential" everyone has been hinting at. I was always a big fan of Portacio’s art in the past but it seems to me that his style has become less detailed and strangely off as of late. Not the guy I loved on X-Factor and Uncanny back in the day. This is a flagship book and it needs some flagship level art. I know you can do much better Whilce. Love the direction Fraction is going. Wish it were going a bit quicker tho. I’m hoping things pick up once some story points get moved over to Generation Hope. Love the Kitty and Emma stuff. Love Northstar and Dazzler getting some play. They make great BFFs. Here’s looking forward to 529

  18. I opened this up and thought, oh Whilce is bringing his A-game this issue…. Then I got about 8 pages in and it went to hell (right about where Emma Frost turns into a musclebound man). Portacio just can’t do a monthly pace. His pages are screaming rush job to me.

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