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That’s Inappropriate

Won’t somebody please think of the children?

Top 5: Comics Within Comics

These comics are meta. Super-meta. Meta-meta. Top Five Meta.

Weekly Sketch Up – 09.14.2012

Some ladies, some adventure, and some sweet Adam Strange.

FanExpo 2012: J. Michael Straczynski & Eduardo Risso to Amaze and Astonish with BEFORE WATCHMEN: MOLOCH

One last trick up his sleeve.

“It’s Just Comics”

The passing of Joe Kubert should have been an opportunity to pause and reflect on the loss of a wonderful man of legendary talent. Sadly,it also revealed a more frustrating side of comic fandom.

I Need A Hero, Or Do I?

Is heroing really the right thing to do? And if so, why?

COMIC BOOK JOB EVALUATIONS – Before Watchmen Edition: Rorschach

Let’s dive into the writing career of Rorschach before DC comics does in Before Watchmen.


You thought the Rorschach Toaster was bad? Wait til you get a load of these…

Watchmen Toast

It could win him back, on the off chance that Alan Moore really likes toast

The Comics Canon

Which books are required reading? Also: Preacher is messed up.