Weekly Sketch Up – 09.14.2012

Hellboy by David Peterson

Adventure Time by Alex Robinson

Thanos by Michael Walsh

Silk Spectre by Dennis Calero

Satana by Matteo Scalera

Havok and Polaris by Phil Noto

Deadpool by Rich Ellis

Adam Strange by Chris Burnham


  1. Great. Now I want a Havok an Polaris comic. Although its been nice having them back in X-Factor where they belong.

  2. Burnham’s Adam Strange looks awesome. DC really needs to make a new Adam Strange book if they can do Phantom Strager I’m sure he would work I would reaD the shit out of it.

  3. So have the iFanboys agreed that Chris Burnham should also draw all comics? Because I’m pretty convinced of that myself. I really want a Morrison/Burnham Adam Strange comic now. Morrison hasn’t written him, has he? That’s just wrong.

    • Actually, i think he has written him. He was a main part of the year long 52 series and Morrison was one of the few writers who worked on that series. So i think he receives partial credit for that.

      But dear god yes! DC, we need an Adam Strange comic to fill that fear agent sized hole in our hearts. You better get crackin’!

    • I completely forgot about that. Do we know for sure that it was Morrison who was writing the Adam Strange parts? For the most part, actually, I don’t know who wrote what in 52, except for Rucka on the Question/Batwoman stuff.

    • I think a good creative team for Adam Strange would Be Paul Pope and Chris Burnham, Pope’s AS stuff in Wensday Comics where good like to see him write more of the charcter.

  4. Noto is so gooooooooddddd!

  5. Love the Burnham piece. Very Tony Moore Fear Agent-esque.

  6. Especially if you’re a Yulia Nova fan… *innocent whistling*

  7. can’t wait to see Burnham do some other titles for DC. With Morrison leaving, Chris could go to any character!

  8. Havok and Polaris is so freaking good.

  9. Adam Strange FTW.

  10. Thanks to Darwyn Cooke, everytime I see Phil Noto’s work I just want to see him do a James Bond comic based off the books.

  11. Morrison did an Adam Strange story in the Strange Adventures one-shot commemorating Julius Schwartz a few years back.

  12. Like everybody else that Burnham Adam Strange is amazing……Honorable mention to that Satana piece by Scalera its pretty amazing too.

  13. I wish I could get that Adventure Time piece for my son…

  14. Maybe because I got a great sketch from yesterday at the con in Montreal but Matteo’s work is killer. I also have to say what a really nice person to speak with, he loves working with Remender!

  15. Really like the Burnham and Scalera pieces.