FanExpo 2012: J. Michael Straczynski & Eduardo Risso to Amaze and Astonish with BEFORE WATCHMEN: MOLOCH

Time for a little more insight about the devil you know.

During today’s DC Entertainment-All Access panel at Fan Expo in Toronto, the publisher announced a new addition to the Before Watchmen line. In the two issue Before Watchmen: Moloch, writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Eduardo Risso will amaze and astonish with the origins of Edward William Jacobi. Just who is Moloch the Mystic, and how did his own fate entwine itself so inextricably with that of the Minutemen?

Here’s our first look at the first issue, due out in November. Is this a young Edward Jocobi’s first encounter with the mystic arts?

Joining the roster of seven mini-series, BEFORE WATCHMEN: MOLOCH will be written by current BW: NITE OWL, BW: DR. MANHATTAN and upcoming SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE Vol. 2 writer J. Michael Straczynski with art by Eduardo Risso (SPACEMAN and 100 BULLETS).

If you don’t know who Moloch is, he’s a villian in the Watchmen universe. In fact, you may have recently seen a glimpse or two of him in BW: COMEDIAN or BW: OZYMANDIAS. And now, you’re about to learn a lot more.

BEFORE WATCHMEN: MOLOCH #1 will be on sale November 7 and issue #2 will be available December 26.


  1. Really? Moloch? Really?

  2. They should just make this a ongoing series with multiple characters from the WM universe done by different creators every couple of months.

  3. Maybe it’s about his time as the star of “Max Headroom.”

  4. JMS has been awful so far on the Before Watchmen books. The only reason I might read this is for the Risso art.

  5. i’m down for the Risso art and JMS has done well with his BW books.

    • Agreed. And Sitara, you were right, re-read Rorschach #1 and it was damn near perfect. Was surprised Ron and Conor didn’t like JMS’s Dr Manhatten #1 too much, I thought it was brilliant

  6. Interesting. Normally when I think of Risso I don’t think of a book about a magician. Seems like Risso would be perfect for the Comedian or Rorschach mini.

    Still, I’ve heard mostly good things on JMS’s minis so if anything it is another trade wait for me. I’m just shocked JMS is actually adding to his pile of current work rather then leaving them.

  7. I’m waiting for “Before Watchmen: Bernard”.

  8. This gives me hope for “Before Watchmen: Bubastis”!

  9. Fingers crossed for Before Watchmen: Two German Shepherds!

  10. Also, apparently Bill Sienkiewicz is going to take over for Nite Owl. Not sure if his style matches Joe’s but I’m sure he’s going to do a great job to honor him.

  11. In spite of the naysayers, I’m enjoying the Before Watchmen series so far and I look forward to this new addition.

  12. You know, this sounds kinda cool actually. The idea of a book about magic is intriguing to me, especially after how cool Smoke and Mirrors from IDW has been.

  13. Really? What’s next – Before Before Watchmen?

  14. This is actually the Before Watchmen series I am most interested in. I think Moloch is a character we know very little about, yet the little that we do know is very intriguing. Seems like the perfect character to flesh out with one of these minis.

  15. Before Watchmen: one more money grab.


  16. “if you don’t know who moloch is, he’s a villain in the watchmen universe”. How about “if you don’t know who moloch is, you should probably read watchmen”

  17. Before Watchmen: A Sandwich

  18. Before Watchmen: Richard Nixon

  19. LOL Alan Moore – best one yet – good one Jason