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TRAILER: Your First Full Look at ‘Dredd’

He says “I am the law”! He says “I am the law”!

VIDEO: Behind The Scenes of ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – Part One’

“Welcome to hell.”

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Updated with a new teaser trailer!

VIDEO: Avengers Get Disassembled and Animated

Some fan films are just that. Some are this!

VIDEO: Target’s Young Avengers Are Super Adorable

That darn Loki!

TEASER: ‘Beware the Batman’

No matter what series, he’s still got a sweet car.

VIDEO: Batgirl Teaches Batman and Robin About Equal Pay

This is on the US Department of Labor’s official YouTube page!

VIDEO: Avengers vs. X-Men: War Journals, Ep. 1 & A Glimpse into the Marvel Retreat!

Marvel’s going all in with this one.

VIDEO: Behind The Scenes of ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ PLUS: Launch Parties in NYC & LA!

Live in NYC or LA? Meet the people behind the show on Saturday!

Henry Cavill Talks Superman on ‘The Tonight Show’

He’s so charmingly British. And it’s possible that he now lives in Ellen Barkin’s basement.