Henry Cavill Talks Superman on ‘The Tonight Show’

Last night, new Superman actor Henry Cavill sat down with Jay Leno to promote his new film Immortals, but first they chatted a bit about Man of Steel.

In part one, Cavill talks about his background and is otherwise generally very charming. Superman talk begins at the 02:48 mark. They discuss the new costume and the audition process:

Part two continues the Superman talk with a very brief discussion of the physical regimen required to become Superman. (Most of part two is about Immortals.):

Man of Steel is directed by Zack Snyder and is scheduled to be released in 2013.


  1. Seriously. I forgot Jay Leno exists.

  2. Lawdy, that’s one awful costume. Bring back the red undies!

  3. Is it just me, or does he look like he has to poo?

  4. Costume looks great, he looks exactly like a Michael Turner drawing come to life. Can’t wait for the movie. Great special effects and understanding from Snyder and Nolan will make sure that the human story/character arc remains.

  5. he sounds way smart than Brandon routh

  6. Good costume other than the rubber bullshit, but it’s the same color as the suit so it doesn’t stick out all that much.

  7. That is one form fitting suiting. From the thumbnail I thought it was painted on.

  8. Minus the briefs or at least a belt (as in the current comics) the costume just looks bland. Maybe if it was at least a brighter blue and the “S” symbol darker it might work better.

    • I have the strange feeling all of the colors are going to be ‘pumped up’ by the time we all get to see the feature.
      Post production, and all.

  9. I feel the sudden urge to lift weights…

  10. Casting and costume do not look very good to me. I really want this film to be awesome, but I think we may have another Green Lantern situation on our hands.

    • Its very unlikely that this will be another green lantern. Its written by David Goyer the writer of Batman begins and Dark Knight as well as Blade 1 and 2. He knows superheros. Green Lantern was written by 2 or more TV writers (mostly shows ive never heard of). That doesnt compare.
      and Also apart from the excellent Tim Robbins ….. and the sometimes amusing Ryan Reynolds… who was in green lantern?.
      Superman is staring a guy that did great staring on a showtime series… The excellent Amy Adams.. the always competent Russel Crowe… how bout Lawrence fishburn and Diane Lane not too shabby. And i mean Kevin Costner catches some flack but hes a better performer than Blake Lively.. although ill give you.. that she’s better looking.
      Anyway i feel your GLantern pain.. but have some faith in David Goyer.. and maybe have some faith in Snyder who also knows comics.. can you say watchmen and 300. hell dawn of the dead was great too. The green lantern director could have and should have been better but he was working with inferior product. Snyder wont be.
      In the end if you like superman the comic character (which i dont).. but if you do.. youll probably like this movie.. and I assume i probably will too.. although my crystal ball hasnt come in the mail yet.. .. so i cant be 100 percent sure yet…

    • “The excellent Amy Adams.. the always competent Russel Crowe… how bout Lawrence fishburn and Diane Lane not too shabby. ”

      This is the problem I have with the film. Individually, all these actors are fantastic, but its such a random mishmash that I don’t see how they’ll work in a film together. Like they were chosen simply to draw peoples attention, not because they’re suitable for the film. It was the same way with Watchmen; the actors performed their parts well enough(minus a dud or two), but the chemistry and tension between characters that was apparent in the comic felt lost in the movie.

    • Dude, you’re giving Goyer way too much credit. Yeah he wrote Blade 1 and 2 which were fun films, but were they well written? NO WAY. Also, dont forget he also wrote(and even directed) Blade 3. And he gets too much credit for Nolans Batman films, he co wrote the screenplay for Batman Begins(which is a solid but not great film) but only helped with the initial treatment of Dark Knight, not the actual script.

      I’m excited for this movie, Snyder gets a lot of undeserving shit but the dude is talented, he’ll definitely deliver an amazingly beautiful looking film that will more than likely some some of the most kick ass action scenes we’ve ever seen. And I have no doubt about the cast, they’re all pros at what they do. Again, its Goyers script that I’m worried about, because even the best acting and visual eye candy can’t save a bad script.

    • Dark knight.. your not giving Goyer enough credit as far as im concerned. And anyway i was comparing Green Lantern’s TV writers to David Goyer. I wasnt saying that Goyer is the best in the business. While Blade trinity was awful.. i feel that was mostly because of Wesley Snipes personal problems (hes in jail if you havent heard).. and the always awful Jessica Biel. On the other hand for me whether its film, comics, or novels.. entertainment edges out artfulness as for what i think is important… so in that case Blade 1 and 2 did it for me. Fun films must mean they were at least pretty well written.. If they werent pretty well written they wouldnt be fun.
      I mean lets look at this from a different perspective … your raging on Goyer and defending Snyder.. i could say the same about Snyder’s owl movie and the critically destroyed sucker punch.. but I know better. Not everything needs to be artful and we dont have to nit pick everything. Goyer and Snyder are talented..not perfect.. but talented…. lets leave it that.
      I will finish by typing that i was just comparing the Green Lantern film to the upcoming Superman film… and I think you would agree that there is no comparison in the cast and crew.