VIDEO: Avengers vs. X-Men: War Journals, Ep. 1 & A Glimpse into the Marvel Retreat!

MTV Geek is running a series of videos detailing the goings on behind-the-scenes with Marvel Comics’ big summer event – Avengers vs. X-Men.

In their first episode, they scored a major coup: not only did they get their cameras into the notoriously camera shy Marvel offices (trust us) but they were allowed to film the legendary Marvel Retreat for Avengers vs. X-Men, meetings that Marvel has previously guarded with an intensity usually seen in Soviet era Eastern Bloc governments.

It’s a brief glimpse, but it’s a glimpse none-the-less.

You know, call me crazy, but I’m really looking forward to this event. It seems like it could be fun.

I hope it’s fun.

I want to believe.

We’ll find out this Wednesday when the event kicks off in earnest with Avengers vs. X-Men #1.


  1. Cool video! For some reason, I’d always imagined the retreats as being a little more intimate than what we see here.

    I actually re-read House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion and Siege over the weekend (main series only), and I think it’s kind of tempered my enthusiasm for AVX a little (House of M and Seige read pretty well on their own, Civil War and Secret Invasion are almost incomprehensible).

    I still believe, good or bad, AVX will be something different with the bi-weekly schedule and shifting creative teams, and I really like how all the creators involved have seemed to acknowledge that they don’t want to do a stereotypical event series.

    Does anyone know if these episodes will accompany each issue, or will they be weekly?

    • i think hope summers will die but than come back to life…….i also think when hope dies she would meet jean grey…i also think hope will be scott’s and jean’s child

      the signs are there: phoenix force comes mostly for grey/summers host
      hopes “mom” was a FIREfighter….who kind of looked like jean
      hope used powers before she became a mutant such as telekinisis and telepathy
      hope was born in alaska….so was cyclops
      hope doesnt like emma frost like jean…….hope once told emma to leave her alone or she will turn her into cinders
      hope told emma “well then, little spirit. PREPARE.” just like jean told that to frost
      hope wears green and yellow colors like jean and looks like her
      the x-men live on what used to be astroyed M where jean dead in grants story

      FYI: hope is my favorite character…i liked the generation hope series
      peace out signed HOPE FOR THE FUTURE

  2. Well produced segment. Definitely sells the event.
    Will give issue 1 a read.

  3. I don’t know about making me want to read AvX…but this video reaaaaally makes me wish I could work for Marvel.

  4. You know, I might actually read AvX. Haven’t read a good hero-on-hero tussle in awhile. It would also be the first event that I follow in issues. Could be an interesting experiment. (And I can always drop it if I don’t like it).

  5. I’m with Conor. I want to believe.

  6. I must be crazy too.

  7. At first, I was kinda meh on the whole thing, especially after getting burnt on FI. But as the months gone by, found more information(like Bendis only writing up to 3 of the 12 issues), I’ve got more and more excited about this, and damnit, now I want to read it! Plus, 3 of the books I regularly read are tie-ins for the event, so I might as well.


  8. A credible conflict has been set up between the Avengers and X-Men in that the two teams would likely disagree about how to handle the return of the Phoenix Force. The X-Men will win this fight because Marvel ain’t bringing back the Phoenix without having it stick around for a while to figure into future stories. The only way that happens is if the X-Men win. I hope there are not gratuitous deaths in this crossover. Good story telling makes a story arc memorable or classic, not the death or deaths involved.

  9. Have to say that I love the murals on the walls of Marvel’s offices.

  10. This is great!
    I will eagerly be waiting for the next ep.

  11. Man that shot of the retreat, lot of white dudes. Like, all of them. Really hammers it home.

  12. read issue#1…it was…meh…AR stuff is all gimmicky but you get to see sketches(spoilers?) of some panels…honestly the reason behind the conflict is too thin…for it to be an actual major crossover event compared to civil war

  13. I always had a picture of the Marvel retreat taking place in some kind of buddist monk garden, with all the writers sitting cross-legged facing eachother and surrounded by flowing water.

    Maybe that’s just me, though.