TRAILER: Your First Full Look at ‘Dredd’

Just last week we got our first still picture look at Dredd, the forgotten comic book film of 2012. Well, now we’ve got a trailer!

And the most important thing you need to know about it? Judge Dredd says, “I am the law!” I love that they aren’t trying to run from that “iconic” line, but reclaim it and own it.

Dredd hits theaters September 21.


  1. Pleasantly surprised. Will have to wait until it comes out to see if it’s good.

  2. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Ah, man. This looks fun as hell.

  3. Technically he says “I’m the law” in this one. Ha, hey close enough.

    This movie looks great. It’s going for a more sparse minimalist take on the dystopian future, which in some ways is more “realistic”. But on the other hand this movie includes Cassandra Anderson (the blonde Judge), who has psychic powers. As long as her being psychic is part of the movie, which I’m assuming it will be, I’ve got zero complaints.

    Looks freakin’ excellent! Badass.

  4. Looks awesome, but the basic plot seems very similar to The Raid. Coincidental, I’m sure, since they were made very close together.

    • Over on the official Dredd forums that’s become a pet peeve. Ha, not to insult you personally, but it’s just such a funny cliche, really lots of people are mentioning the Raid. It’s like people have such a short term memory, just…. ha yeah.

      Anyways, Dredd was in production before The Raid. And, well, Die Hard? Assault on Precinct 13? Rio Bravo? Cops have been trapped in a location with endless baddies many a time.

    • It doesn’t just have a similar plot. There are lines and shots that are eerily similar. I’m going to take a bet the real difference is going to be the quality of the execution and let me tell you, “The Raid” is a tough act to follow.

      This is one of the reasons why I wish they went with a story tailored to the character of Dredd instead of using him as a cypher for “Futuristic Badass Cop A.”

    • It is not, by any means, a bad thing, and like I said, purely coincidental. But it was the fact it’s in a tower block specifically that brought The Raid to mind, as opposed to your other examples. It’s just a bit of bad luck they came out so close.

    • I also wonder if whoever cut the trailer was trying to evoke “The Raid” since it was kind of an international sensation.

  5. Oh snap! That looks great. This movie is definitely on my radar now.

  6. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Serious question to anyone with a Dredd user icon. Does Dredd have monitors inside the helmet to address the peripheral vision problem?

    I need to rectify this Dredd shaped hole in my reading history.

    • Ha, nope. But the thing about that critisism is imagine my avatar but with everything below the nose piece colored red as well. Then he’d have eye-holes still larger than many masked superheroes. His eyes have more room to see than Batman, even. =P

      And well, ha realism is massively overrated.

    • Nope. He has to give the perps some chance! 😉

  7. Adaptation of UK’s Judge Dredd with Karl Urban and Lena Headey? Did anyone else expect this film to sound alot more… British? I would hope with the success of films like Sherlock Holmes, studios would think we could handle the accents.

  8. At the tender age of 11 I bought 2000AD issue 2 and encountered Dredd for the first time and have enjoyed his many exploits and the amazing world of Mega City 1 over the last 35 years. I have to say that this trailer leaves me totally and utterly cold. Considering the vast amount of potential storylines they could have used it’s a shame that this seems to be just another shoot ’em up with a crazed villain in a big ol’ building which really, is such an old and over-done storyline (Die Hard, anyone). I’m totally underwhelmed by this and only great, great reviews will make me consider going to see it. 🙁

    • First of all, a salute to you for being a fan of Dredd when it began! That’s awesome.

      I agree that there are tons of crazy and interesting places to take a Dredd movie, John Wagner has done it all in the book. But on the other hand, Dredd often does find himself in an action/thriller-ish scenario in the comics too, like in the movie here.

      Plus, well, there’s always Anderson, what with her psychic abilities there could be more hear than meets the eye. Plus, wishful thinking, maybe a teaser ending hinting at a menace from another dimension? Could happen.

    • Speaking of great reviews, John Wagner himself gave a glowing one.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean, but, sadly Sly’s version was so bad, that there is no way a movie company is going to sink the kind of dough needed to realise that on a property that flopped quite so spectacularly.

      I’m willing to bet the fact that this is essentially a small ‘all in one location’ movie was one of the main reasons they got the cash to make it – as Dredd fans(I got on at Prog 1, age 4) we all need to check this out legally at the theatre to ensure a bigger, madder, more satirical sequel.

      I’d rather they make this small movie work, and let the masses get to know Dredd properly, and then go all out batshit crazy like the comic was/is.

    • Wagner and Bisley signed my Judgement in Gotham all those years ago, quite a thrill.
      Hi hopes, this trailer is already better than the whole of the Stalone crap heap.
      is the a more anti, anti hero. One issue he is the greatest guy in the world, next one you hate his guts for being a Nazi Bastard.
      Love Anderson almost more that Dredd Glad she is in there.

      Saying that, haven’t read a 2000ad in 10 years. Any suggestions?

      Excited but nervously.

    • Ooh definitely recommend hopping back into Dredd. Especially any Wagner big story arc or event. Origins, Tour of Duty, Mandroid, the current one Day of Chaos, etc.

  9. Avatar photo Jacen Chris (@jcbhatestweeter) says:

    I’m in. Totally in. Looks rad and fun.

  10. Looks smart. I hope it is. If so, I think it will be a hit.

  11. As long as he never takes off his helmet, I’m super down for this.

  12. “To the charge…of betraying your own flesh…guilty! To the charge…of being human…when we could have been GODS!!!!!!!!…guilty!!!”

  13. Possible sleeper hit? Or at least a cult hit? Sometimes great, fun flicks just fly under the radar.
    I’m not big on Judge Dredd, barely remember the Stallone version, but still would rather see this than the new Spidey flick.

  14. i am now ready to see this film

  15. Looks like fun. I’m a big fan of Headey and Urban. Also explosions. I’ll be there opening weekend.

  16. I do hope this film allows Dredd to be the fascist that he is, and there is some satire at work. Looking at this trailer, I’m not sure it’s going to be full on Nazi Dredd. It needs to channel some of Starship Troopers irony.

    • Dredd’s not a fascist. That’s like his entire point. Dredd is harsh, but fair. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you are from, you are all equally beholden to the law.

    • And no one is more beholden to the law, then Dredd himself. He holds himself to the same standard he enforces.

      And that’s why Dredd is not a fascist.

    • I hear you, I hear you, but nobody is going to convince me that Dredd is not a fascistic character.

  17. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    UPDATED with a nicer HD version of the trailer.

  18. I’m in! Looks like a lot of fun.

  19. I’m in – hell, Urban almost made Doom work. Hope it does well.

  20. nice, that looks like a good time

  21. That last frame was kind of Watchmen-esque. Love Olivia Thrilby, but hate her helmet hair. Don’t rookies get a real helmet?

  22. It looks… a generic action movie, if I’m honest. Also they seem to have taken the premise of ‘The Raid’ (or ‘The Raid: Redemption’ in the U.S.) in that a cop has to go through an entire apartment complex to capture/kill a crime syndicate. That and the idea of a ‘slo-mo’ drug is a very contrive way to introduce the bullet time into the movie.

    I’m not sure I’m gonna watch this….Although I like the idea in this trailer that Dredd will not be humanized at all. He’s going to stay in his uniform and be a hardass the entire time. The female rookie seems to be the character that connects to the audience. At least that’s what I got out of this first trailer.

    • Because NOBODY ever did ‘action hero in skyscraper’ before ‘The Raid.

      Fact: Dredd entered production BEFORE The Raid. The Raid just had a shorter development/post-production cycle.

    • 1) You sure can tell a whole lot more about a two hour movie from one two minute trailer than I can.
      2) The idea that the Raid was an original concept is ridiculous. It began production literally years after the Dredd script was finished and I can think of several ‘assault’ movies off the top of my head; Die Hard, Game of Death, there is a sequence in Old Boy that fits this model, and Rio Bravo and Assault on Precinct 13 are the reverse of this model (cops trapped inside rather that doing the assaulting). It is hardly a new genre as Rio Bravo, Game of Death, and Die Hard all predate the Raid by decades. The fact that so many people are bringing up The Raid shows a serious lack of long term memory.

  23. Optimistic for this one.

  24. Looks cool and I love Lena.

  25. Looks like great fun

  26. Man, this trailer did absolutely nothing for me. :/

  27. Sleeper Hit written all over it.