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iFanboy #180 – Josh’s Comic Shelves, iFanboy Membership Grand Prize, and Judge Dredd

Show Notes

It’s time for another Anthology episode! This week, we return to Josh’s shelves to see what has changed since he’s had a baby (well, his wife had the baby), we talk about iFanboy Memberships and check out some Giveaway prizes, and it’s time to learn a bit about a character unfamiliar to a lot of the Western comic book audience: Judge Dredd.

Return To Josh’s (New) Shelves

On an old iFanboy Mini episode, Josh took viewers on a tour of his comic shelves, and showed what was there, and how it was (or wasn’t) organized. A couple of years later, and with one baby sized-change, Josh checks in with an update on the current state of his comics and graphic novels. Take the tour through the shelves of a guy who lives comics. Watch out for the dog.

iFanboy Memberships & The Grand Prize Giveaway: Conor’s Mystery Long Box

Conor talks a bit about iFanboy Memberships and why they’re so important. Plus, he shows off some of the great giveaway prizes that are available to iFanboy Members in the next month. The grand prize? One of Conor’s long boxes. Get a glimpse of the contents here!

Character To Watch: Judge Dredd

With the announcement of a new movie starring Karl Urban, Ron says that that Judge Dredd is the new Character To Watch! He’s even got a Judge Dredd book suggestion for you to check out, just in case you’re an American who has never read an issue of 2000AD.


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  1. Just want to thank you for really pushing the Dredd/2000AD stuff out there. It’s criminally underated, and truthfully, we have problems getting people in the UK to put down their super hero comics and give it a go. I know there is being a big push by Rebellion to release trades in the US, and your efforts coupled with the movie shoudl really get the comic noticed, so thanks again.

    I’m not sure about their availabilty in the US but the back issues over here are dirt cheap, the first 2 issues alone go for about a hundred or so quid each, but you could get the other 1988 for about the same price. I recently  bought about 1000 for £50 and the qaulity of the art in paticular is just phenomenal. 

     Other Dredd characters to look out for, who I’d love to see you guys to do some reviews on are Zombo which is getting a simulataneous US UK release on haloween. He’s basically a house trained super zombie, with a strange sense of manners.

    Strontium Dog; a mutant bounty, his world is very spaghetti western influenced.

    Slaine: A celtic barbarian, the early stuff is beutifully illustrated, and Mills tells it in a very unique manner.




  2. So, just out of curoisity, is the childbirth book on the last shelf an OGN?

  3. Sigh, I say. SIGH!

  4. @Josh YOU OWN US WAR MACHINE IN TRADE? WHY? haha I’m joke but still why its only good as firewood

  5. @ron Stop playing you know you love Sly Stallone yelling "I’M AM….THE LAWW!"

  6. Impressive book collection and nice shelving! I Hope my new home office will be as cool when i’m done with it. 

    I’d love to give JudgeDredd a real try. My only experience with the character is the Sly Stalone movie (if i could give out half stars on netflix i would) and the crossover OGN with Batman.  

  7. I want to win a membership prize . . . I want that longbox.

    Actually, I’ll take anything. I just want to feel like a winner.

  8. Does anybody know what’s included in the other judge dredd book: "Judge Dredd: Case File 01"? Is this a collection of the earlier works from the beginning?

    Here’s the amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Judge-Dredd-Case-Files-01/dp/1906735875/ref=pd_bxgy_b_text_c


  9. I love how George is just leading the way like a tour guide!

    @Conor-Sweet long box but methinks there is a huge gap in that box! Are you holding out on us?While I’m not a member, I did donate can you throw those of us a bone?(Sentry Fallen Son?)

  10. @dukealoops – I swear, it was a gift.

  11. Josh, are the Powers hardcovers good — design wise?  I was thinking of picking them up, but I’ve read that a chunk of the art/word balloons on each page is lost in the gutters.

  12. They’re not great in that way. But I like them anyway.

  13. @josh It looks like you hid Freddie & Me behind the cupboards, what’s wrong you two aren’t friends anymore?

  14. I might have put it there before we were friends.

    Either that, or it’s just where random softcover indie trades ended up.

  15. Just watched the Shelves segment.

    Cool stuff.

    I got my Wednesday Comics hardcover on top of the shelves in my library holding the roof up.

    Frontal display with 300, Book of Genesis and a Led Zeppelin box set.

    It is actually a great spot for it.

  16. Went back and took a quick glance at the segment.

    You got some ugly shit on top of your shelf on the right side of your desk. There’s like a bin up there and a box. You should see if Wednesday Comics can be displayed up there along with some other pretty oversized and gangly books.

    Now that you got a kid, that might be a good place for Lost Girls as well (well out of reach/if you got that).

  17. Thanx so much for the Judge Dredd Mega City Masters reference!  I wanted to try jumping into Dredd a while ago but had no idea where to jump in at!  I’m definitely gonna pick that up.  I hope it has more references to other Judge Dredd shit I should be looking into.  I’m all caught up on Batman and Green Lantern (Corps too) so I need a new project. I was thinking about jumping into Xmen for awhile but Judge Dredd might be more fun…

  18. @scorpion That’s frighteningly thorough of you…

  19. hahaha, yeah I felt a bit like a stalker

    or an interior designer.

    Now that I think about it, where is that copy of Lost Girls, Josh? I know you got one.

  20. You want to get us a bigger apartment, I can give you my paypal account. In the meantime, worry about your own ugly shit.

  21. Sorry Josh . . . I didn’t mean to offend.

    I think you had space next to the bin . . .

    The office looked really cool.

    I can imagine you typing your disgust at me sitting in that chair.

    Seriously though, I apologize. It was a bad choice of words.

  22. Bad choice of words is an understatement. I didn’t mean it mean. It was just an informally casual throwaway phrase that I should have had more tact before posting.

  23. It’s always nice to see how others store their comics. My wife and I are doing a bit of house hunting these days. Whenever we enter an open house, my mind immediately turns to figuring out what walls can support all the bookshelves we’ll have to get to house all the trades/hardcovers I own. So, thanks for showing off your neat shelving units.

    Two quick questions, Josh. 1) What was the Fawlty Towers baggie(?) by your copy of PETER & MAX and ESSEX COUNTY? 2) And where do you store your single issues? Do you keep long boxes somewhere hidden away in closets?

    Oh, and your dog was adorable. He seemed so excited to be walking with you around the place. 

  24. Wow. Josh has a really nice place. 

  25. The dog cameo made the episode.

  26. @ jackietam yes the Dredd Case Files are reprints of all the Dredd stories from the beginning. Like most series JD tooktime to hit its stride – I’d suggest Mega city Masters is the best way in to Dredd for a ‘newb’ – the Case Files are for when you get hooked.

    Anyway Ron thanks so much for covering this.



  27. Several somewhat instrusive comments on here.  It’s kind of weird.

  28. I’ve got 2 short Drawerboxes next to my desk for recent issues, and some longboxes stuffed under the bed and in a closet. A bunch of other longboxes are stored at a relative’s. I honestly don’t really want them anymore, outside of one or two boxes worth.

    If you’re doing anything vaguely interesting, the dog will never be more than 18 inches away.

  29. Great show guys. Great to see Dredd getting a push here. I actually sent an email to the guys a couple weeks back about 2000AD and made some recommendations on what books to look at. I’m gonna paste in the list of books I recommended here in case anyone wants to give them a try.

    1. Judge Dredd: America
    America and it’s two sequels are in this collection. The first story has been consistently voted as the best Judge Dredd story ever since it was first published in 1990 in the first issue of the Judge Dredd Megazine. It uses Dredd in what I think is the best way – as a force of nature or a secondary character that impacts the lives of more ordinary citizens. America tells the story of two childhood sweethearts as they grow up in the harsh environment of Mega-City 1 showing all the good and bad that happens to them along the way. It’s a true tearjerker and worthy of any bookshelf. Written by Dredd creator John Wagner (History of Violence) and illustrated by Colin McNeil, who provides the best work of an amazing career that’s spanned decades.
    2. Devlin Waugh: Swimming In Blood
    Devlin Waugh is a good example of the "Judge from elsewhere" story that often crops up in 2000AD. In this case the Judge is a homosexual exorcist judge from the Vatican who is sent into an underwater prison complex to combat a plague of vampirism. It has Sean Phillip’s best ever work, which is all beautifully hand-painted by him, and is written by a writer called John Smith, who if he had gotten the breaks could have been the more extreme and out-there version of Grant Morrison. Devlin Waugh was the only character to beat Dredd as the most popular character in the Judge Dredd Megazine’s reader’s poll, an amazing feat that only shows how impressive this series was. 
    3. The Complete Ballad of Halo Jones
    Halo Jones is a series by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson and is in my mind (and the minds of a huge amount of 2000AD readers) one of his best works. It tells the story of Halo Jones from her origins in a housing project to the part she plays in an interstellar war. It has a similar story to Martha Washington but is vastly superior. Halo Jones was commissioned for 2000AD to give it a better gender balance and she’s without a doubt one of the most fully-formed every-woman comicbook characters every created.
    4. Shimura
    Written by Robbie Morrison, with what I’m pretty sure is Frank Quitely’s first published work, it tells the story of a Japanese Judge who goes ronin. There’s a huge amount collected in this trade but the first two stories are where you’ll get the most enjoyment.
    5. Slaine – The Horned God
    This is the best Slaine story out there and is the highpoint of Simon Bisleys career. Amazing painted artwork and a great script by 2000AD founder Pat Mills. Slaine is an Irish warrior who worships the Earth Godess. Really good barbarian fiction that any fan of Conan should enjoy.
    6. Nemesis The Warlock
    This is the first of three books that contain the entire Nemesis saga. Written by Pat Mills, most of the art is by Kevin O’Neill with some by Bryan Talbot (Of Granville fame). Nemesis tells the story of a chaos-loving alien out to free Earth from a cruel dictator named Torquemada. 


  30. And I just signed up for a yearly membership. After all the enjoyment I’ve gotten from the site it was long overdue! 

  31. I actually got US War Machine as a gift. I actually thought it was probably the best comic Chuck Austen ever wrote(which I suppose isn’t saying much).

  32. Compared to later stuff he did, it wasn’t that bad. All digital. That was new.

  33. Ok, we’ve seen Conor’s storage unit, Josh’s miles and piles o’ trades & HC’s. Now it’s your turn Ron! We need a guided tour of your stash! BTW, I guarantee half of us have sloppy stacks somewhere in our homes!

  34. Love me some Judge Dredd – picked up the Masters collection that Ron mentioned using your Amazon link.

     I noticed no outtakes from Josh in the end credits – is he just too professional and never screws up? 😉

  35. You’ve got some nice stuff, Josh. Oh and the comics were cool too. When do we see the rest of the place?

  36. Josh, can i come over for dinner sometime? 

  37. From reading the last few comments of this thread, I have to admit: Josh was right. We are voyeuristic perverts..

  38. Love these anthology episodes.

    For the record, I’m from the UK and I didn’t realise that Judge Dredd was that big of a deal. I am intruiged now though…

  39. It’s refreshing to see the yanks actually giving Dredd and 2000ad the time of day. I’ve literally grown up with the publication and it’s the most creative, clever and genre defying comic I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. My heart always sinks when peoples only exposure to the character is the Stallone film, which was a horrendous mess.

    One point I have to make is that 2000 ad is an anthology comic, but most of the other stories aren’t set in Dredds universe. The stories are immensely varied, from the brutal Celtic myth of Slaine, to the far future swashbuckling adventures of Nikolai Dante. There is literally a story for everyone, and 2000 ad really delivers on sheer creativity.

    One last point, but how could you not mention Alan Moore in your list of creators who originated in the pages of 2000ad? He seems to be worshipped as a god over in the states, and was producing outstanding work well before making his move to America. Check out The Balled of Halo Jones, arguably his best story (even better then watchmen, at least in my opinion) for proof.

    Splundig Vur Thrigg!

  40. @ElectricGel: Great comment. Got the first five Nikolai Dante collections at the top of my to-read pile, and just started the first one last night. I had forgotten how good it was.

  41. Fuck Yeah!!!  I won the mystery longbox!!!

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