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iFanboy Mini #139 – Josh’s Comic Book Shelves

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan breaks convention and takes you on a quick tour of his comic book holdings. There is no order. There is no reason. Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick don’t know how he can find anything at all. But you asked, so Josh shows you that there are comics everywhere in his domicile.


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  1. Yay! Ollie’s back!

  2. Not self-indulgent at all.  The whole conceit of the podcast is that 3 people sit around and talk about what they read this week, with one choosing the pick of the week.  Obviously, your listeners want to hear what it is you’re reading.  Storage is an integral part of the classic comic fan experience.  In fact, I now demand to see everyone else’s storage areas as well! 

  3. Good Show. Yeah, now I want to see Conor’s storage unit of comics and stuff.

  4. Gregory Crewdson, very classy.

  5. Was that U.S. War Machine on your shelf? U.S. War Machine by Chuck Austen? I thought I was the only one who bought that trade. For good or for bad why haven’t you talked about that book during the podcast? Is it because the mention of "Chuck Austen" sends Ron into an X-Men rant? Hmmm? 

  6. What do you do with the issues once they are read? Do you store them somewhere, or do you get rid of the issues and buy the trade once it comes out?

  7. Good lord, there is no order at all! You werent kidden with the summary Josh. 🙂

    But nice to see what you have both on comics and other stuff you have. Why do I have a feeling though Ron and Conor are like people with OCD when it comes to ordering and storing their stuff? Still great show, and yay for the dog! We need to see more of him.

  8. I’m not going to be able to play this video show before I leave for Baltimore ComicCon, but I can see your capture, and I love the look of your shelves.  And as an old-school GL/GA fan, I particularly love those action figures.  Beta Ray Bill is not too shabby either.

  9. Dude, Josh, I notice a Star Wars Lego theme, but I also notice another problem you might have… Josh I think you might be a [Dramatic Soap Music]Hal Jordan Slut[Dramatic Soap Music]

  10. Josh is very self-conscious.  

    You gotta relax, man.  You’re the host of a video podcast.  Don’t worry about hamming it up every now and then.  It’s like a Matt Murdoch level Catholic guilt on display, geez.  


  11. Josh,

    I have a very important question for you:  Does your wife have a sister (or alternatively, are you a shitty husband)?

    stuclach (the "s" is for sexy)

  12. A really fun episode.  I may have to show this to my fiance to prove that my comics would stop taking over her space if we just had a house with lots of shelves.

  13. haha, that was some good stuff.  I love your dog by the way.  And Beta Ray Bill is increadibly shiny!  Do you polish him every day?

  14. Hey, I have that same lego AT-ST on my shelf!

  15. I think I’d go insane if my stuff was spread out all over the place in no order like that.

  16. Hide Josh. Your wife will most definietely kill you if she sees this.

  17. I noticed a Joseph Campbell book on your shelf. Are you a fan of his work? I ask because i’m studying him in one of my Lit classes and I’m finding him extremely fascinating.

    Man thats alot of comics. I hope someday my shelves are overflowing as well.

  18. LMAO. Best mini ever. And not at all self indulgent. 😛

  19. wow…thanks for sharing about your shelves, but I must say that I would be in big trouble with my wife if i made available to the internet a video of our home without cleaning first…you’re bold, man

  20. OMG It’s Batman!

  21. Josh, you are the coolest. Looks just like my home office, thanks for the validation of my chaos!

  22. Thanks for the help Josh.

    I think I can make my way around the place in the dark now and grab what I need from the shelf.


    Did I just possibly incriminate myself?

  23. Tim the Enchanter.  Nice.

  24. How do you cope. there was no order, personally i do alphabetical by publsiher. Im jealous though my mrs hates comics. I couldn’t leave a weeks stack around she would try and burn them. She HATES it which is hard when I buy 10 books a week and maybe a trade. eek.

    good mini lets see the other fanboys shelves

  25. Meh, don’t think of it as self indulgent.  I mean, when one comic fan goes to another comic fan’s house, isn’t there some inevitable library perusal?  Heck, not just comic fans, this happens between readers, period.  

    You guys cultivate a friendly atmosphere with your website.  Just think of it as a way to show a bunch of pals your shelves all at once.  Heck, why not do a picture-post thread on the boards?


    Great vid as always.   

  26. Great video. Hope to see Ron and Conner’s shelves soon.

  27. You know, I find myself wondering if viewers wanted to see how you keep your comics stored around your house or more like how you organized all of your massive volume of single issues. I, for one, was quite disturbed to see Josh’s unmade bed. Gods are not supposed to have human frailties and now you’ve gone and ruined the illusion.

    Seriously, stop worrying about self-indulgence. At this point, just accept that iFanboy has pushed you guys into celebrity status. People just wanna get all up in your personal biz-ness just to try to feel closer to the folks they idolize. Let’s all just take a deep breath and repeat after me: "iFanboy hosts are just normal people". No? Yeah, I can’t help being obsessed either. When you gonna put your underwear up on ebay, Conor?

  28. Why was there a CALIFORNIA licence plate on the shelf behind the picture of you and your wife?

  29. I lived in California for 8 years, and those are my old plates.

    Just for the record, my wife wasn’t at all upset, because she’s awesome.  What sort of controlling harpies did you poor bastards marry anyway?  😉

  30. Oh, hey, that’s just what my collection would look like if i had more shelves instead of just stacks.  Also, if I had a better collection.  Also, George Clooney-the-dog cameo, for the win.

    Nice mini — sorry you’re discontinuing them, though I understand how it is.  

  31. Oh, darn!  I thought I found a clue to big secret from the end of episode #150 "the email show".  You know, when you didn’t answer my question 🙂  Just kidding around.

  32. I smell a "Where’s Waldo"-type challenge in the making? I.e., who can find _____ in the video of Josh’s apartment? C’mon everybody! Pick something obscure and challenge the rest of us to find it!

  33. I think that was a great idea, you should have thought of that sooner.

  34. awesome!

  35. This was the best mini episode of all!!

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