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It’s Official: Ivan Reis To Replace Jim Lee as JUSTICE LEAGUE Artist With #15

It was probably the book he was born to draw.

Superman & Wonder Woman Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G in JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 and Beyond

Bracer yourself for a Super smooch! Additional reporting by Snapper Carr.

iFlashback! July 30th, 2003

Big week for comics this week nine years ago. Flash hits a milestone. Batman digs up a grave stone. Thor carries a big stone (It’s a hammer).

iFlashback! June 25th, 2003

Some really cool comics came out nine years ago. Jim Lee! Garth Ennis! Warren Ellis! Geoff Johns and more!

Remake & Reboot: Wildcats

This cat still has a few of its nine lives left to live.

Are There Any Superstar Comic Artists Left?

Who puts butts in seats just by showing up?

Comic Book Casting: The DEATHBLOW Movie

More than the sum of his blood-soaked parts.

iFlashback! April 30th, 2003

Did you know they made comics all the way back in 2003? Take a gander at some of those comics from the dark ages before we had smart phones and sham-wows.

Weekly Sketch Up – 04.13.2012

This one is delightfully all over the map.

Earth Two: Jim Lee Saves His Best Superman Design for an Alternate Reality

The latest fashions from the House of El.